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关于美甲的英语对话-- 19:7:7 关于美甲的英语对话Vocabularymanicurist 修甲师manicure 修指甲pedicure 修脚甲Customer:Hello. I want to know how much it costs to have a manicure and a pedicure? Manicurist:Usually, it’s 60 dollars a manicure and 80 dollars a pedicure, but with this special discount, the total both is only 0 dollars. And you can get them painted as well freeCustomer:That’s nice. I’d like to give it a try. I think I’d like Passion Red pleaseManicurist:All right. Do you want your cuticles cut, too?Customer:NoManicurist:Would you like the shape square or round?Customer:Square, but w ith rounded edges, please(after a while)Manicurist:All right, it’s done. Please follow me to the drying sectionCustomer:How long will it take to get them dry?Manicurist:In about five minutes, you’ll be all setCustomer:I see. Thank you我正在节食-31 :: A:Alison, would you like to have some more?艾莉森,你要再吃一些吗?B:No, thanks. I've had enough.不,谢谢我够了A:Actually you haven't had much.事实上,你吃得不多B:To tell you the truth, I am on a diet.老实告诉你,我正在节食A:That sounds ridiculous. Why?这听起来很荒唐为什么?B:Well, I am gaining weight these days, and I have to watch my calories.额,这些天我的体重增加了,我必须注意卡路里,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 领导者的好习惯Approachability平易近人Great leaders make it clear that they welcome challenges, criticism, and viewpoints other than their own.优秀的领导者会表明他们接受挑战、欢迎批评以及不同的观点ability可靠Great leaders have their followers’backs. They dont try to shift blame, and they dont avoid shame when they fail.优秀的领导者会一路持自己的追随者,他们不会将失败归咎于他人,也不会逃避羞愧A Sense of Purpose目标意识Whereas vision is a clear idea of where youre going, a sense of purpose refers to an understanding of why youre going there.愿景能为你指引方向,目标意识则是指对你出于何种原因选择这个方向的理解People like to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Great leaders give people that feeling.人们通常会感觉自己的作用重大,优秀的领导者会让下属感受到这一点【知识点讲解】Approachability n.可接近,易接近; 可接近性;例句:It embodies three prominent characteristics such as directness, mutuality andapproachability. 其主要特征有三:强调直接性, 注重相互性及动态相遇.Nice voice and normative mandarin, approachability is a plus. 大专以上学历,声音甜美,普通话标准, 具有亲和力.Orange: friendliness, warmth , approachability, energy, playfulness, courage. 橙色: 友善 、 温和 、 亲切 、 活力 、 顽皮 、 勇气.安夏の微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia)安夏个人微信:anxia[本节目属] 5760

Selby said: "I missed too many balls. I had my chances but every credit to Ding - he deserves it."

《绿箭侠第四季:奥利弗将会遇见他的儿子? --9 01:50: 来源: Arrow': Stephen Amell Says ‘Safe Bet’ Oliver Will Meet His Son  《绿箭侠:史蒂芬·阿梅尔打保票奥利弗将会遇见他的儿子  After a notably dark third season, Arrow?is y to make some changes. Not only are they adopting a lighter tone like spinoff series The Flash, but they are focusing on magic and mysticism to further move Arrow away from its more grounded roots. In addition to taking some cues from The Flash, the two shows will continue to crossover through the next season. Considering the incredible success of the previous crossovers, this came as no surprise to fans of the series.  在经历了一个较为黑暗的第三季后,《绿箭侠剧组准备做出一些改变他们不仅会借鉴类似于《闪电侠这样小清新的叙述方式,而且还会聚焦魔法和神秘元素使得《绿箭侠从原有的基础上走的更远除了采用《闪电侠中的一些线索,两部剧集还将在下一季继续进行交汇考虑到之前的交叉集异常成功,粉丝们对接下来还会有交叉集的出现并不感到意外  However, what nobody expected from the crossover was the potential introduction of Connor Hawke – Oliver Queen’s son. During The Flash episode ‘Flash Vs Arrow’, Oliver (Stephen Amell) bumps into an old flame in Central City, a nameless woman portrayed by the actress Anna Hopkins.  然而,令人没有想到的是交叉集竟然是对康纳·霍克--奥利弗·奎恩儿子的潜在介绍在《闪电侠 'flash VS Arrow'(S1E8)那集中, 奥利弗(史蒂芬·阿梅尔饰)在中心城撞见了旧情人,由安娜·霍普金斯扮演一无名的女士  This character previously showed up in?Arrow?season , claiming to be pregnant with Oliver’s child. Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson), wishing to make the potential problem disappear, pays the woman $ million to leave town ever. After Oliver sees her in Central City, she is shown placing a call to their child (though she never uses the kid’s name).  该角色曾在《绿箭侠第二季中出现过,并声称怀上了奥利弗的孩子茉伊娅·奎恩(苏珊娜·汤普森饰),为了解决孩子的问题,便付两百万美元要这个女人永远离开城市奥利弗在中心城见到她后,她正在和他们的孩子打电话(虽然她没叫孩子的名字)  Fans aren’t the only ones expecting the child to play a role in the series’ future. Stephen Amell recently told Screen Rant that he believes Oliver could – and should meet his son at some point in the future.  粉丝们并不是唯一期望这个孩子未来可以在该剧扮演角色的人史蒂芬·阿梅尔最近告诉Screen Rant说,他相信奥利弗可以也应该能够在未来的某一时刻见到他的儿子  “Me personally being a dad, I would love to see how Oliver interacts with having a kid. Obviously, it would be a different experience from that experience, but I think that storyline deserves further attention. One of the big tenants of Greg Berlanti is you don’t introduce something to the audience, you don’t tease it if you are not going to follow through with it [in] some shape or m. So I think it’s a safe bet that Oliver will find out about his child at some point.”  “我个人作为一个父亲,我很愿意看到奥利弗在有了孩子后怎么去对待此事显然,这将会是种不一样的体验,但我认为故事情节值得进一步关注格雷格·伯兰蒂最大的能耐之一就是他不会直接把东西呈现给观众,如果你不顺着他的某些意象去思考的话,肯定是不能理解他的所以我敢打保票奥利弗将会在某一时刻发现他的孩子  In the comics, Connor Hawke meets his father when he is aly fully grown. Though neither knows they’re related, the two eventually partner up with Connor serving as Oliver’s sidekick. When it’s eventually revealed that Connor is Oliver’s son, Oliver is upset that he is the last person to find out. In his anger, he boldly accepts an undercover assignment to infiltrate a dangerous group of eco-terrorists. When his father is killed on that mission, Connor honors his memory and legacy by taking up the mantle of Green Arrow.  在漫画中,康纳·霍克见到他父亲时已经长大成人啦虽然两人都不知道彼此之间的关系,但二人最终搭档,康纳成为了奥利弗的助手当最终发现康纳是奥利弗的儿子时,奥利弗很受打击他是最后一个知道的一怒之下,他不假思索的接受了渗透到一个恐怖分子的危险组织去做卧底的任务当他父亲在那次任务中牺牲时,康纳继承绿箭侠的衣钵来延续父亲的荣耀  The timeline in Arrow doesn’t allow much room this take on the story (unless the show runs another seasons) but there’s no reason to think the writers won’t put their own spin on the idea. Introducing Connor might be the final piece needed Oliver’s transmation to Green Arrow, a ce true good and a role model his son.  《绿箭侠故事中的时间线没法上演这出戏(除非该剧能再拍季)但没有理由认为作者不会把他们的想法加入其中对康纳的介绍可能是对奥利弗转变为绿箭侠最需要的一部分,作为一个正义的化身与儿子的榜样  That all said, we might have to wait awhile the story to be explored and it’s unlikely that his son will be introduced in the beginning of the new season, considering Oliver isn’t going to be in Central City. In fact, there’s a good chance the storyline will be saved later seasons. However, if we’re going to get any further development on this front, it will likely happen in December when the now annualized FlashArrow crossover occurs.  也就是说,考虑到奥利弗已经不在中心城,他的儿子不可能在新一季的开始就被介绍出场,我们得随着故事情节的展开等上一段时间事实上,这将是为以后几季故事情节做铺垫的一个好机会当然,如果我们想要有更进一步的了解,或许在月份《闪电侠与《绿箭侠的交叉集中能找到  Arrow Season will premiere on October 7th, on The C.W.  《绿箭侠第四季将于年月7日在CW首播 奥利弗 四季 儿子,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Are you clever enough?你够聪明吗?Sleep researchers tend to divide people into twogroups, based on whether they exhibit ;morningness; or;eveningness.; A recent study claims that eveningness is an evolutionary advancement that marks out ;more intelligent individuals.; 睡眠研究者倾向于依人们的表现把人分成两类:“清晨型”和“夜晚型”最近一份研究表明“夜晚型”在进化上是一种高级形式,能标记出“更为聪明的个体” As a study says, infomania is turning out to be agrave problem adult workers. It is a m of distraction caused by theconstant urge to check mails or text messages and in return makes a person neglect almost everything from family to duties. 研究表明,“信息癖”正成为成年人中的严重问题,其表现形式是随时都有看邮件和手机信息的冲动,由此造成精力分散,忽视从家庭到工作等几乎一切事务【知识点讲解】infomania n.信息狂燥,资讯癖例句:Furthermore, infomania is having a negative effect on work colleagues, increasing stre and di enting feelings.此外,信息狂躁对同事也有负面影响,增加他们的压力和敌对情绪Furthermore, infomania is having a negative effect on work colleagues, increasing sspxess and dissenting feelings.此外,信息狂躁对同事也有负面影响,增加他们的压力和敌对情绪更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属未经许可请勿转 566Beyonce Knowles is proud of baby bump

巩俐英文报道 -- :: 来源: 巩俐英文报道Gong Li is a participant at Cannes, but next month, she'll have higher profile role at a film festival closer to home.The Chinese actress will head up the jury at the th annual Shanghai Film Festival, which begins June . She said she agreed to it reluctantly because she fears she may get too emotional."It is a respect to a film, to a piece of art work. However, it can only be given to one person. So when you're judging the award, you feel bad, because I, too, am in the business," she said in a Thursday interview. "So I hope when I'm the president of the jury, I can pull it together and not be so emotional."Here at Cannes, she won't have to deal with such weighty matters. She is a L'Oreal ambassador and also has a film showing out of competition here."Coming Home" rees her with Chinese director Zhang Yimou, with whom she made some of her most notable films like "Raise the Red Lantern," "The Story of Qiu Ju" and "To Live." Gong plays an amnesia patient whose husband returns home after years of being away in prison.Gong said it was one of her most challenging roles: "If everyone can relate to this character, then I would have succeeded as an actor, but it was very very hard to portray."The film premieres at Cannes on Tuesday. 巩俐英文报道关于讨论喜欢歌手的情景对话--5 ::0 关于讨论喜欢歌手的情景对话Eric: Do you like Korean songs?你喜欢韩国歌曲吗?Zicci: Yes, very much. Chae Yeon is my favorite singer.是的,非常喜欢蔡妍是我最喜欢的歌手Eric: Really? How much do you know about her?是吗?那你对她了解多少呢?Zicci: As far as I know, she rose to fame with her hit single "Two of Us" in .据我所知,她在年凭借主打单曲《两个人而成名Eric: That's right. Initially, she was simply viewed as yet another "sexy concept" singer, as many female singers were at that time. However, she had a fairly successful debut. She proved to be a great dancer, and she showed off her vocals in her ballad songs and live permances. That's her specialty.对最初,她被简单地认为是又一个走“性感路线”的歌手,就像当时的很多女歌手那样然而,她首次登台演出就获得了神话般地成功她明了自己是一个非常厉害的舞者,并在民谣和现场表演中展示了她的唱功那就是她的独特之处Zicci: Wow, I didn't expect that you should know so much about her.哇塞,我没想到你竟然对她了解这么多但这并非没有回报的“恋情”法国无声电影《艺术家也将角逐最佳剧情类电影,这部影片好似是给好莱坞的无声时代的一封情书

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