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  • Ive spoken about our systems strategy for powering the Extended Enterprise. Now Ill move onto some important software products. HP OpenView is an industry-leading software product that is aimed at helping customers manage their Extended Enterprise — including systems, network, applications, databases, and the Internet. In terms of market share, it is the number one platform for managing distributed environments, and both VAR Business and Information Weak magazines rated it as the best product in its category in 1997. This past year, we made major investments to strengthen HP OpenView in three key areas.我刚才谈到了推动扩展型企业的系统战略。现在我想谈一谈一些重要的软件产品。惠普OpenView是业界处于领先水平的软件产品,旨在帮助客户管理其扩展型企业,其中包括系统、网络、应用程序、数据库和互联网。就市场份额而言,它是管理分布式环境的头号平台,《VAR商业周刊》及《信息周刊》杂志都将其列为1997 年同类产品中最佳的产品。在过去的一年中,我们加大了投资的力度,以加强惠普OpenView 在三大关键领域的地位。The first — the acquisition of a company called PROLIN - was aimed at what were calling service-level management. We want to provide IT administrators with the tools and processes that allow them to contract with their business users for an agreed-upon service level — in terms of things like systems response time and availability. PROLINs suite of software modules report into HP OpenView to physically monitor whether or not IT has met the service-level agreement they made with their business customers and, if not, where the problem lies. We also consult with customers to help them make the process-level changes required to achieve their desired service levels, including operational assessment, planning, design, implementation and training. HP has long been a leader in managing the thousands of PCs that are distributed on our customers desktops. More than 100 customers use our software products and services to manage their desktop systems, and many of them subcontract that management to us.首先是收购PROLIN公司。这一举措旨在提高务级的管理。我们要为IT管理者提供所需的工具和程序,使他们能与商业用户以合同的形式确认务水准,例如系统回应时间和可用性。PROLIN的软件模块套件装入惠普OpenView,以监测IT是否符合他们与商业客户达成的协议。如未达到协议规定的条件,则确定问题何在。我们还为客户提供咨询,帮助他们进行程序级所需的变动,以达到他们需要的务水平,这其中包括操作评估、计划、 设计、执行和培训。长久以来,惠普一直在管理作为客户台式机的数千台PC机方面处于领先的地位。100多家客户在使用我们的软件产品和务来管理他们的桌面系统。他们当中有许多家甚至将该项管理分包给我们。201410/336949。
  • Thank you so much. (Applause.) Thank you. Please have a seat. Well, thank you, everybody. And let me begin by thanking Penny Pritzker for her outstanding leadership. Weve got six Cabinet Secretaries and dozens of U.S. ambassadors here, which should tell you that SelectUSA is a major priority for this administration. Since I was here with you 17 months ago, this gathering has doubled in size. So I want to thank all 2,600 of you – elected officials and local leaders from across this country, and business leaders from around the world – thank you for making this a priority, as well.The fact is theres never been a more exciting time for us to do business together. And today, I want to talk about why America is not only the right place for you to invest, but why America is the safest, strongest, smartest place for you to invest than weve been in a long time.After the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, America is now in the midst of the longest streak of private sector job growth on record – 60 straight months; 12 million new jobs. Businesses in America have added more than 200,000 jobs each month for 12 straight months. Thats the first time thats happened in nearly 40 years.Our unemployment rate has fallen from a peak of 10 percent in to 5.5 percent today. After a decade of outsourcing, were starting to bring good jobs back to America. Over the last five years, manufacturers have added jobs at a rate not seen since the 1980s. In fact, the manufacturing sector is actually growing faster than the rest of the economy. And last week, I announced nearly 0 million in new public and private investment in strengthening American manufacturing.And even though the ed States is aly home to more foreign direct investment than any other country in the world, weve worked hard to address some of the challenges that held us back for too long. Our high school graduation rate is now at an all – time high. More young people are earning their college degrees than ever before. Our energy production is booming, our energy costs are low, our leadership on climate change is restored. On the fiscal front, our deficits have shrunk by two-thirds. Our health care costs are flattening out for the first time in half a century.Over the past six years, weve worked hard to make ourselves a smarter place to invest and to do business than any other country in the world. So weve got a good story to tell. And thats one reason I created Select USA, the first-ever government-wide initiative to encourage more companies from around the world to invest and create jobs right here in the ed States. Weve got a good story to tell, but we want to make sure all of you had a chance to hear it. And the SelectUSA team wakes up every morning with one mission – bringing job – creating investment to the ed States of America. Its a kind of one-stop shop, sort of a match-making service for investment.Economic development organizations from around the country can connect with foreign investors from around the world who are interested in bringing their businesses here. Now, understand a lot of state and local leaders in this room have been working tirelessly for a long time to attract foreign investment. The idea behind SelectUSA is just to make it easier for you to do that, and easier for our international partners to find the best opportunities.201507/384572。
  • My personal connection to Harvard began back in 1964我个人同哈佛的联系始于1964年when I graduated from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore我从约翰霍普金斯大学毕业and matriculated here at the B-School被录取到这里的商学院Youre probably asking yourself or maybe whispering to the person next to you你们或许在想 或是正在同旁边的人窃窃私语说How did he ever get into Harvard Business School他怎么就进入了哈佛商学院particularly since his stellar academic record毕竟他的学术成绩这么出色where he always made the top half of the class possible?总能成为班上排名位于前半部分的学生I have no idea我不知道The only people more surprised than me were my professors比我自己更惊讶的可能就只有我的教授了Anyway, here I am again back in Cambridge无论如何 今天我又回到了剑桥And I have noticed that a few things have changed since I was a student here我注意到 这里同我当学生时有些变化Elsies a sandwich spot I used to love near the Square广场附近我原来很喜欢的Elsie三文治餐厅is now a burrito shop现在成了一家墨西哥卷饼店The Wursthaus which had great beer and sausage原来提供美味啤酒和香肠的Wursthausis now an artisanal gastro-pub, whatever that is现在工艺美味酒吧 我不知道这是什么玩意And the old Holyoke Center is now named the Smith Campus Center原来的霍利奥克中心现在改名叫史密斯校园中心Dont you just hate it when alumni put their names all over everything?你们难道不讨厌校友用自己的名字命名所有东西吗I was thinking about that this morning as I walked into the Bloomberg Center今天早上经过河边的哈佛商学院彭中心时on the Harvard Business School campus across the river我就在想这个问题But the good news is不过也有好消息Harvard remains what it was when I first arrived on campus 50 years ago哈佛保留了五十年前我刚进校时优良传统Americas most prestigious university仍然是美国最具声望的大学And, like other great universities同其它伟大大学一样it lies at the heart of the American experiment in democracy它位于美国民主实验的心脏地带Their purpose is not only to advance knowledge哈佛的目的不只是增进知识but to advance the ideals of our nation还包括增进我们关于国家的理想Great universities are places where people of all backgrounds, holding all beliefs各种背景 各种信仰 探寻各种问题的人pursuing all questions都能在伟大大学中can come to study and debate their ideas freely and openly自由开放地学习知识并探讨想法Today, Id like to talk with you about今天我想和大家谈谈how important it is for that freedom to exist for everyone这种自由对于每个人而言是多么重要no matter how strongly we may disagree with anothers viewpoint无论我们多么强烈反对别人的观点Tolerance for other peoples ideas对他人想法的容忍and the freedom to express your own以及表达自身言论的自由are inseparable values at great universities是伟大大学中不可分割的价值201410/335842。
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