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2019年11月18日 10:39:27

Iranian FM: 'New Atmosphere' in Nuke Talks伊朗:正研究新的经济鼓励计划  Iran's foreign minister says there is a new atmosphere in talks centered on his country's controversial nuclear program. In remarks to reporters at the ed Nations, Manouchehr Mottaki said there have been "positive and constructive" developments in talks with the six major powers, raising hopes a diplomatic solution could be on the horizon. 伊朗外长穆塔基表示,围绕伊朗有争议的核项目举行的谈判出现新的气氛。穆塔基在联合国对记者说,伊朗跟6个主要国家的谈判出现了“积极和建设性”的进展,从而使人相信有可能通过外交渠道解决伊朗的核项目问题。Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki says his government is reviewing the latest package of trade and economic incentives presented last week by EU policy chief Javier Solana and representatives of five of the six major powers involved in the negotiations.  伊朗外长穆塔基表示,伊朗政府正在认真研究一套新的贸易和经济鼓励计划。这个计划上个星期由欧盟外交政策负责人索拉纳和介入谈判的6个主要大国中的5个国家的代表交给伊朗。He is heard through a translator."These examinations are happening now, and very soon I will respond to the letter given to me by the six foreign ministers and I hope we will be able to enter a new process with a multi-faceted approach in mind," he said. 穆塔基说:“伊朗正在对这项计划进行研究,很快我将对6国外长交给我的这封信做出答复,我希望我们能够本着多元化解决的精神进入新的进程。”Mottaki said the approach adopted by Solana and the delegation, as well as the substance of their talks has paved the way for what he called a "new atmosphere." 穆塔基表示,索拉纳和这个代表团采取的方式以及他们谈话的实质内容为“新的气氛”创造了条件。The six powers - Britain, France, the ed States, Russia, China and Germany - have demanded that Iran suspend uranium enrichment that could be used to fuel a nuclear weapon. Mottaki would not say directly when asked whether Iran has changed its position and would comply.  英国、法国、美国、俄罗斯、中国和德国等6个国家要求伊朗终止可以用作核武器燃料的铀浓缩工作。有记者问,伊朗是否改变了立场,愿意按照6国的要求去做,穆塔基不愿意直接作答。U.S. Ambassador to the ed Nations Zalmay Khalilzad expressed some skepticism as to whether there is a real shift in Iranian policy. 美国常驻联合国代表哈利勒扎德对伊朗是否真地改变了政策表示怀疑。"We will have to wait and see if there is an actual change or is there an effort to sugarcoat a hardline policy, a defiant policy, that has characterized Iran's policy with regard to the demands the world has made, the Security Council has made, repeatedly from Iran, that it should it suspend enrichment and reprocessing activities," he said. 哈利勒扎德说:“我们必须拭目以待,看伊朗是否真地有所改变,还是伊朗只想为它的强硬政策披上一层糖衣,实际上实行挑衅的政策。全世界和联合国安理会要求伊朗终止铀浓缩以及核燃料回收工作,而伊朗的一贯做法是说一套,做一套。”Earlier, President Bush repeated his stance that all options remain on the table regarding Iran, but that he has made it clear to all parties his administration's first preference is to solve this issue diplomatically. But he warned Iran if it does not stop enriching uranium, it will be isolated and suffer economic hardship.  早些时候,美国总统布什重申了他的立场,即对于伊朗问题,所有解决途径都在选择范围之内,不过他同时向所有各方明确表示,美国政府首先要选择通过外交努力解决伊朗问题。但是布什警告伊朗说,如果伊朗不停止铀浓缩,就会受到孤立,并且受到经济制裁。Tehran has rejected accusations that it is working to develop a weapon and says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. 外界指责伊朗正在发展核武器,德黑兰对此予以否认,并表示伊朗的核项目是用于和平目的。200807/43296兴国县城效医院怎么样赣州开发区治疗子宫内膜炎哪家医院好的Host: welcome back, now hold the Grande Cappuccino, the coffee chain Starbucks has been forced to close its branch in Beijing's Forbidden City. The company said the decision to close had been congenial, but since the café opened 7 years ago, it's become the target of an increasingly widesp protest campaign, claiming it tramples over Chinese culture. Here's Harry Fawcett.Harry: Starbucks was here by invitation, the authorities who run the Forbidden City – Beijing's enormous 15th-century imperial palace complex, encouraged the small, almost invisible franchise of the global chain to open in 2000, a sign of a modern outward looking China as it prepared for the Olympics in 2008. But within weeks, the shop was the target of vehement opposition; a blight, it was said, on the Chinese cultural treasure and world heritage site. Tourists too, seemed to find it at best a curiosity.Tourist: it doesn't look like one, I don't see a sign, but large. This is a forbidden green tea cappuccino, and it tastes like, er, ice grass, but you know plasmids so it is just delicious all the same.Harry: the campaign to remove the café took off earlier this year when a blog by influential Chinese newser Rui Chenggang in which he called on Starbucks to pull out was featured heavily in the media. Thousands supported his stands and museum managers eventually bowed to the pressure.Manager: we talked to Starbucks, and they've had some alternative plans, so they agreed to move out of the Forbidden City. Harry: while some visitors today were disappointed to be denied their lattes, others were fully in favor.Visitors: It's better, it's harmed the traditional culture.Visitors: I think it doesn't belong into the Forbidden City. It's not…should not be as commercialized like that. Harry: in fact, commercialization is hardly new here; the for-now locked-up café is aly being made over into one of many souvenir shops on the site. Starbucks says it respects the decision and with more than 250 outlets aly in China, its most important market after the U.S., the company can afford to be sanguine about this one bit of forbidden territory. Host: Harry Fawcett, now tonight…200805/39708赣州仁济男性专科院长是谁

会昌县妇幼保健院TCT的价格兴国县城效医院医生在线咨询to jerk someone around ------ 愚弄(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) To deceive, thwart, or take unfair advantage of someone例句When I arrived at my hotel, the dishonest hotel manager tried to jerk me around by saying that my reservation had been lost and I would have to purchase a more expensive room.当我到达酒店后,阴险的酒店经理想愚弄我,说丢失了我的预订信息,我必须买一间更贵的客房。 /201611/471242赣州市蓉江区医院妇科专家大夫Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 14Despite this enormous flood, the Mediterranean took more than a century to refill. But what is more amazing is that this process of drying and flooding has happened not just once, but possibly ten times. With this flooding 5. 5 million years ago, Europe's southern borders had now taken shape--the final act in the genesis of the continent. A chain of incredible events has shaped Europe during its long and dynamic history. It's a history that's written across the face of this unique continent; a story that began billions of years ago south of the equator and which charts an incredible journey across the face of the globe. The diversity of Europe's landscapes today reflects the changing conditions encountered along the way. Each has left a unique fingerprint on the small but incredibly complex continent. For aeons, the birth of Europe had been driven by geological events, but now a new and different force was destined to shape the land. Two million years ago, Europe's climate spiraled out of control. Temperatures plummeted. Consumed by glaciers, the continent would now be plunged into one of the most extreme eras in its history. The great Ice Ages were on their way.words and expressionsaeon:An indefinitely long period of time; an age.极长的时期;永世also:eonspiral: To take a spiral form or course.用螺旋形形式或路径plummet: To decline suddenly and steeply:骤降,爆跌:突然和大幅度地降低:200809/47729江西赣州仁济医院预约是不是真的

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