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Time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!What is this formula used for: if you think you know it, shout it out! 这个公式是用来算什么的?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it for temperature conversion, distance conversion, light refraction or buoyancy. You‘ve got three seconds go.是用来换算温度、换算距离、光的折射还是浮力?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!If you multiply degrees Celsius by nine fifths and then add 32, you calculate degrees Fahrenheit. That‘s your answer and that‘s your ;Shoutout.;如果你把摄氏温度乘以五分之九再加32,你算出的是华氏温度。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。It‘s a lot of conversion and fluctuation when measuring the Earth climate. 在计量地球温度时,会用到很多的转换和波动。Warming, cooling, warming again. 升温,降温,又升温。Most folks agree that average temperatures have risen in recent decades. 大多数人同意,最近几年的平均温度上升了。What‘s controversial, whether people are causing it.有争议的是,这到底是不是人类造成的。An international group of climate change scientists says it‘s 95 percent sure humans are to blame, but some say, there‘s still room for doubt.气候变化国际组织的科学家表示,有95%的可能性是人为的原因,但有人说,这仍然有质疑的空间。 /201310/259258。

  • Create an environmentally-friendly office that keeps your life and files organized and manageable.创造环保型办公室,让你的生活和文件井然有序,有条不紊。You Will Need你需要A computer一台电脑An external hard-drive移动硬盘驱动器A scanner扫描仪Fax software传真软件Online storage (optional)网络存储(可选)CD-ROMs (optional)只读光盘存储器(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Back up existing files1.备份现有文件Back up your existing files by saving everything on your hard-drive to an external hard-drive.对现有文件进行备份,将硬盘上所有资料存储在移动硬盘驱动上。If you don’t have an external hard drive, you can use online storage or CD-ROMs.如果没有移动硬盘,可以使用在线存储或者只读光盘存储器。Step 2 Create document folders2.创建文件夹Create document folders with the same titles as those in your filing cabinet.创建与文件柜中名称相同的文件夹。Step 3 Scan hard-copy documents into .doc or .pdf files3.将文件扫描为.doc文档或.pdf文档Scan existing hard-copy documents as .doc or .pdf files and place them in folders.将现有的硬拷贝文件扫描为.doc文档或.pdf文档,存储在文件夹中。Scan only what you’ll need going forward. Many of your old files might never be used, and can be weeded out as new documents come in.只扫描以后可能用到的文件。许多旧文件可能永远也不会再用到,可以为新文件腾出空间。Step 4 Regularly scan new documents4.经常扫描新文件Routinely scan new hard-copy documents that come to your office, and save them to your electronic filing system.经常扫描办公室收到的新的硬拷贝文件,保存在电子文件系统中。Step 5 Install fax software5.安装传真软件Install fax software onto your computer. Generate faxes from your computer, and take incoming faxes electronically.在电脑中安装传真软件。用电脑发出和接收传真。Step 6 Back up regularly6.经常备份Back up your files regularly to an external hard drive, an online internet back-up, or CD-ROM. Initiate nightly automatic backups.经常用移动硬盘,网络存储器或只读光盘存储器备份文件。开启每晚自动备份功能。Did you know? A study has indicated that producing one metric ton of virgin paper in North America produces over four metric tons of carbon dioxide.你知道吗?一项调查显示,北美地区生产1公吨白纸产生超过4公吨二氧化碳。视频听力由。 Article/201312/268194。
  • In Jeet Kune Do, we can sum it up in three important words:simple, direct, and non-classical.截拳道可以总结成三个要点,简单 直接 非传统。By simple, it means the techniques we go for simplicity.It is not adding on but taking away.The less technique you have, the better you are.简单 代表技术简单,不是添加 而是简化,技巧越少 技艺越高。By direct, you don#39;t go things here and there but direct to the point.Non-classical, that means you don#39;t follow the old ways of doing things.It#39;s simple concept, but the theory behind it took Bruce Lee many years to develop.直接 代表不迂回 而是直中要害,非传统 是说不因循守旧 拘泥于老的套路。理念虽然简单 但李小龙却花了很多年发展这个理论Hong Kong in the 1950s was a tough place to grow up.Thousands of Chinese had flooded into the city to escape the communist regime on the mainland,leading to overcrowding and unemployment.上世纪60年代的香港生活环境很艰苦,数以万计的中国人为了逃避共产党从大陆涌向香港导致城市人口过载和大量失业。Youths would organize into gangs to protect themselves and their territory,and the young Bruce Lee was no exception.青年就组成帮会来保护自己和他们的势力范围,年轻的李小龙也不例外。Despite coming from a relatively well-off family,the teenage Bruce Lee was often involved in gang fights.尽管出自优渥家庭,少年时期的李小龙还是经常卷入帮会争斗中。You have one clan against another clan.You have the wing chun clan against the choi lei fut clan.And there was a lot of battles in the streets.经常有门派相争,咏春拳和蔡李佛拳势不两立,大街上打斗随处可见。And, you know, Bruce was very sure of himself and knew he can handle himself,so, you know, the Gongsau matches, which are the roof-top fighting matches, happened a lot,and Bruce Lee was part of that.而小龙对自己很有自信 觉得自己能解决,当时这种讲手 就是所谓的屋顶打斗 屡见不鲜,他自己也常常参与。 Article/201401/273956。
  • Want a look that keeps you both cute and casual? See if a pair of boyfriend jeans is right for you.想要看上去既时尚又休闲?看一下男朋友式牛仔裤是否适合你。You Will Need你需要Boyfriend jeans男朋友式牛仔裤Shoes for the occasion适合场合的鞋子Feminine top有女人味的上衣Steps步骤STEP 1 Get loose1.宽松Shop at vintage stores or thrift shops, or raid your boyfriend#39;s -- or brother#39;s, or dad#39;s -- closet, for a pair of loose and baggy jeans. They should be worn-in and comfortable.在优质的商场或旧货店购买,或者直接搜刮男朋友,兄弟或父亲的衣柜,寻找一条宽松的牛仔裤。应该是穿过的,比较舒。Consider getting a pair of light wash jeans.可以考虑购买一条直筒牛仔裤。STEP 2 Show off your rear2.秀出臀部Pick a pair of boyfriend jeans that are loose, but not so loose that they sag in the rear.选择一条宽松的男友风格牛仔裤,但是不要太宽松,以致臀部下垂。STEP 3 Roll them up3.卷起裤边In warm weather, roll up the cuffs of your boyfriend jeans. They#39;ll keep you cooler and in style.在温暖的天气里,把牛仔裤的裤边卷起。这样会让你更加凉爽,也更加时尚。STEP 4 Select the right rise4.选择低腰还是中腰Select either low-rise or regular rise, based on your body type. If you tend to be more pear-shaped or inverted triangle, go with low-rise. If you have an hourglass body type or a long waist, choose regular rise. Women come in different shapes and sizes, so pick a rise the suits you.根据你的体型选择低腰还是中腰。如果你的体型偏向于梨形或倒三角形,选择低腰裤。如果你的体型是沙漏形或者腰际线比较长,选择常规的中腰裤。女性的身材和尺码不同,所以选择适合自己的类型。STEP 5 Wear with any shoes5.搭配任何鞋子Wear with any shoes you like, whether it be boots, heels, sneakers, flats, or sandals. As long as the shoes match the occasion, they will also match your jeans.搭配任何你喜欢的鞋子,无论是靴子,高跟鞋,拖鞋,平底鞋还是凉鞋。只要鞋子适合你出席的场合,就能搭配你的牛仔裤。STEP 6 Add a feminine top6.有女人味的上衣Complete the look with a cute top or sweater that shows off your curves and balances the whole outfit by making it more feminine.搭配一件可爱的上衣或可以展示你的曲线的羊毛衫,取得平衡效果,让整个造型看上去更加女性化。Levi Strauss first featured jeans made exclusively for women in Vogue magazine in 1935.1935年,李维·斯特劳斯首次在《Vogue饰与美容》杂志上发表了专门为女性设计的牛仔裤。视频听力译文由。 Article/201407/311249。
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