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郑大一附院隆胸多少钱郑州第一人民医院光子脱毛手术价钱费用Iron Man 3, Transformers...53. Resident Evil.钢铁侠3,变形金刚……53,生化危机。Really its beginning to be kind of like a world pop and thats what Im looking forward to and thats what Im focusing on these days.确实,这开始变成一种世界流行文化,而这就是我期待的,也是我目前关注的。Theres J-pop, theres K-pop, theres C-pop, and theres like this W-pop, thats kind of starting to emerge.有日流,有韩流,就有华流,还有一个世界流,它们开始融合。Its world pop, and I love that idea. Its not World Music.世界流,我喜欢这个概念。那不是世界音乐。Its not like, there used to be section in HMV called World Music, that was like Ethnomusicology class in college, no, but world pop is more about breaking and tearing down age-old stereotypes, the artificial confines that have kept us apart for way too long.并不是说过去HMV有一块领域叫世界音乐,那像是大学里的音乐民族课,不是的,世界流行音乐更加地打破老旧的刻板印象,打破那种将我们隔开太久的人工界线。Its a melting pot, and its a mosaic that even if we looked up close, wed still see the colours and the flavours of each culture in detail.这是一个大熔炉,是一个马赛克,如果你凑近看,还能从细节上看到,每一种文化的颜色与风味。And where can we go to listen to world pop?我们可以去哪里听世界流行音乐呢?I dont think theres a world pop station or magazine, unfortunately, there are none, there should be.我认为没有一个世界音乐电台或者杂志,很遗憾,没有,我觉得应该要有。But there is the internet, and YouTube has proven to be a driving force for world pop.但是我们有互联网,Youtube已经被明是世界流行音乐的有力传播渠道。Britains Got Talent made Susan Boyle the hottest act in the world, and she achieved that not through the record labels or the networks, but through grassroots sharing.英国达人已经让苏珊·波伊尔成为了世界最热,她成功不是通过唱片公司或广播公司,而是通过草根之间的分享。Gangnam Style is another great example of how that just took over became huge worldwide world pop phenomenon.江南style是另一个世界音乐轰动全球的最佳例子。So world pop also suggests a worldwide pop culture, and something that can be shared by all of us and gives us a lot of common ground.所以要有世界流行音乐,就要有一个世界范围的流行文化,是一种可以被所有人共享的东西,给我们一个共同的领地。So today, whats my call to action?所以今天我要呼吁什么?I want to help improve and promote the cultural exchange between the East and West.我想要加强东西方之间的文化交流。I think I have made that clear, but how?这点已经很清楚了,但是如何做到?I think...you can all become pop singers, really.我认为…你们可以成为流行歌手,真的。I think thats the answer.我认为这就是。No Im just kidding, unless thats what you really want to.不,我是开玩笑,除非你真的想当歌星。201507/385479河南纹眉团购 Almost three weeks ago in Syria, more than 1,000 innocent people-including hundreds of children-were murdered in the worst chemical weapons attack of the 21st century.大约三个星期前,叙利亚包括数百名儿童在内的超过1000名无辜平民被21世纪最严重的化学武器袭击夺去了生命。And the ed States has presented a powerful case to the world that the Syrian government was responsible for this horrific attack on its own people.美国已经向世界严重申明,叙利亚政府必须为此次针对其人民的残忍袭击负责。This was not only a direct attack on human dignity; it is a serious threat to our national security.这不仅是对人的尊严的直接践踏;也是对我们国家安全的严重威胁。Theres a reason governments representing 98 percent of the worlds people have agreed to ban the use of chemical weapons.代表全世界百分之98人口的各国政府赞同禁止使用化学武器有其理由。Not only because they cause death and destruction in the most indiscriminate and inhumane way possible-but because they can also fall into the hands of terrorist groups who wish to do us harm.不仅因为它们以最不分青红皂白的惨无人道的方式造成死亡和破坏—更因为它们若落入恐怖分子之手将危害到我们的安全。Thats why, last weekend, I announced that, as Commander in Chief, I decided that the ed States should take military action against the Syrian regime.这就是上周末作为最高统帅的我宣布决定美国应该对叙利亚政权采取军事行动的原因。This is not a decision I made lightly.这不是我草率做出的决定。Deciding to use military force is the most solemn decision we can make as a nation.决定采取军事行动是我们国家所能采取的唯一措施。As the leader of the worlds oldest Constitutional democracy, I also know that our country will be stronger if we act together, and our actions will be more effective.作为世界上最早大的民主国家领导人,我清楚只要我们团结一致,我们的国家就会更加强大,我们的行动就能更加有效。Thats why I asked Members of Congress to debate this issue and vote on authorizing the use of force.这就是为什么我请求国会对这一提议进行辩论投票,授权采取军事行动的原因。What we re talking about is not an open-ended intervention.我们所说的并非无休止的介入。This would not be another Iraq or Afghanistan.这不会是另一场伊拉克战争或阿富汗战争。There would be no American boots on the ground.美国军人不会踏进叙利亚领土半步。Any action we take would be limited, both in time and scope-designed to deter the Syrian government from gassing its own people again and degrade its ability to do so.我们采取的任何行动无论是在时间上还是地域上都是有限的,目的就是要对叙利亚政府对其人民使用毒气的行为进行打击,并降低其继续使用毒气的能力。I know that the American people are weary after a decade of war, even as the war in Iraq has ended, and the war in Afghanistan is winding down.我也清楚经过10多年的战争洗礼后人民早已感到厌倦,特别是伊拉克战争趋于结束,阿富汗战争也正在结束的过程中。Thats why were not putting our troops in the middle of somebody elses war.这就是为什么我们不把美国部队派遣到他人战场中间的原因。But we are the ed States of America.但作为美利坚合众国的我们。We cannot turn a blind eye to images like the ones weve seen out of Syria.我们不能对我们亲眼所见发生在叙利亚的情况视而不见。Failing to respond to this outrageous attack would increase the risk that chemical weapons could be used again;对这类残暴的攻击袖手旁观会增加他人再次使用化学武器的风险;that they would fall into the hands of terrorists who might use them against us,它们可能落入恐怖分子之手用于攻击我们,and it would send a horrible signal to other nations that there would be no consequences for their use of these weapons.这会对一些国家发出恐怖的信号,就是他们使用化学武器而不受惩罚。All of which would pose a serious threat to our national security.所有这些都会对我们的国家安全造成严重的威胁。Thats why we cant ignore chemical weapons attacks like this one-even if they happen halfway around the world.这就是为什么我们不能无视类似这样的化学武器攻击—尽管它们发生在遥远的地球另一端。And thats why I call on Members of Congress, from both parties, to come together and stand up for the kind of world we want to live in; the kind of world we want to leave our children and future generations.这就是为什么我号召国会的两党议员们为我们生存的世界,为将子孙后代留下的世界团结行动起来的原因。Thank you.谢谢大家。201309/256484巩义市玻尿酸多少钱一支

济源市去痤疮多少钱The decisions we make as consumers affect the lives of ordinary people thousands of miles away, in countries we may never visit.我们作为消费者所做的决定会影响到数千里之外普通人的生活。他们生活在我们可从没有去过的国家。If we buy illegal wildlife products, we are contributing to the extinction of whole species.如果我们购买非法的野生动物制品,我们就是在促成整个物种的灭绝。But there is good news, and if you remember one thing, I want you to remember this: We can win the battle.但是也有好消息,如果你们想要记住一件事,我就希望你们能记住这一点:我们能够赢得这场斗争。Each generation decides what it values.每一代人都可以决定什么事情最重要。Each generation can determine what we consider to be beautiful on the one hand, or unacceptable or immoral on the other.每一代人都可以衡量出一方面什么是美好的,另一方面什么又是不可接受和不道德的。We can act in solidarity with those fighting poaching and trafficking in their communities.我们可以和那些打击偷猎和走私的人们共同行动起来。I am absolutely convinced that China can become a global leader in the protection of wildlife.我完全相信中国可以在保护野生动物方面成为领导者。Your influence in the world means you can change the face of conservation in this century.你们在世界上的影响力意味着你们可以改变这个世纪自然保护的现状。This would be a contribution that would go down in history, one that your great grandchildren would speak of with great pride.这将是一个名垂青史的贡献,你们的子孙说起它的时候都会面带自豪。The greatest inheritance we can pass on to the next generation is a safe and sustainable environment: the priceless endowment of nature.我们可以留给后代最宝贵的遗产就是一个安全和可持续发展的环境,大自然无价的恩赐。Let us not tell our children the sad tale of how we watched as the last elephants, rhinos and tigers died out,让我们不要把悲伤的故事告诉我们的孩子,我们是怎样看着最后的大象、犀牛和老虎死去的。but the inspiring story of how we turned the tide and preserved them for all humanity.但我们要告诉他们振奋的故事,我们怎样逆转潮流为了全人类保护了这些动物。And in so doing, let us show the world that by working together we can stand up to the great challenges our planet and our families will face in the generations to come. xie xie. (thank you)请让我们告诉全世界,通过一起努力我们可以共同面对这个星球和我们的家庭在未来几代将会面临的挑战。谢谢!201601/420937郑州/市中医院激光祛斑手术多少钱 Hi, everybody. 大家好。In my State of the Union Address, I talked about the idea of opportunity for all.在我的国情咨文里,我谈到了为所有人创造机会的理念。Opportunity is the idea at the heart of this country-that no matter who you are or how you started out, with hard work and responsibility, you can get ahead.机会是本国当前的核心理念,无论你是谁,来自哪里,只要你辛勤工作敢于担当,你就可以取得成功。I ran for President to restore that idea, and Im even more passionate about it today. 我正是为了重建这一理念才竞选总统的,今天我对此的与日俱增。Because while our economy has been growing for four years, and those at the top are doing better than ever, average wages have barely budged. 因为经济保持增长已经四年了,成功人士比以前更成功,而平均工资却基本没有变化。Too many Americans are working harder than ever just to get by, let alone get ahead-and thats been true since long before the recession hit.有太多美国人比以前更努力的工作却只能勉强度日,更别说取得成功了,在经济衰退冲击之前,长期以来,现实就是如此。Weve got to reverse those trends. 我们必须改变这一趋势。Weve got to build an economy that works for everyone, not just a fortunate few. 我们的经济必须惠及所有辛勤工作的人们,而不仅仅是富裕的少数人。And the opportunity agenda I laid out last week will help us do that.我上周提出的机会这一施政方案将帮助我们实现这一目标。Its an agenda with four parts. 这一方案包括四个部分。Number one: more new jobs. 第一:更多的就业。Number two: training folks with the skills to fill those jobs. 第二:为大家提供培训以适应这些工作的就业要求。Number three: guaranteeing every child access to a world-class education. 第三:确保每个孩子都能接受世界级的教育。And number four: making sure that hard work pays off, with wages you can live on, savings you can retire on, and health insurance thats there when you need it.第四:确保辛勤付出得到回报,有足够的工资可以生活,退休后有储蓄可以依赖,当你需要的时候有医疗保险的保障。I want to work with Congress on this agenda where I can.我希望与国会在这一事情上尽可能合作。But in this year of action, whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, I will. 但在今年的工作中,无论我能否在立法机构那里取得进展进而为更多美国家庭带来更多机会,我都将全力以赴。Ive got a pen and a phone-a pen to take executive action, and a phone to rally citizens and business leaders who are eager to create new jobs and new opportunities. 我有一笔,一部电话:笔用来签署命令,电话用来倾听期望创造新的就业和新的机遇的公民和企业领导的声音。And weve aly begun.而且我们已经开始这么做了。In Wisconsin, I ordered an across-the-board reform of our training programs to train folks with the skills employers need, and match them to good jobs that need to be filled right now.在威斯康辛,我签署了一项培训计划全面改革的行政命令,用以为人们提供雇主所需技能的培训,让他们现在就具备新工作所需要的能力。In Pittsburgh, I directed the Treasury to create “my-RA,” a new way for working Americans, even if youre not wealthy, to start your own retirement savings.在匹兹堡,我指示财政部设立“我的退休金”计划,这对于美国工薪阶层这是一种新的方式,即便你不富裕,你也可以为你的退休生活开始储蓄。In Maryland, I rallied the leaders of some of Americas biggest tech companies to help us make sure all our kids have access to high-speed internet and up-to-date technology to help them learn the skills they need for the new economy.在马里兰,我召集了全美最大的几家技术企业的领导一起来帮助我们,确保所有的孩子都能接入高速互联网,跟上最新的技术发展,帮助他们掌握新经济所需要的各项技能。And at the White House, I brought together business leaders whove committed to helping more unemployed Americans find work, no matter how long theyve been looking. 在白宫,我找来承诺帮助失业人员找工作的企业领导,无论这些人失业多长时间都要帮助他们。And I directed the federal government to make hiring decisions the same way-based on whether applicants can do the job, not when they last had a job.我还指示联邦政府对招聘规则进行同样的调整,招聘基于应聘者是否适合该工作,而不是他上一份工作是什么时候。So when you hear me talk about using my pen and my phone to make a difference for middle class Americans and those working to get into the middle class, thats what I mean. 我说我要用一笔和一部电话为中产阶级和努力争取成为中产阶级的人们带来改变,就是这个意思。And Im going to keep asking students and parents and business leaders to help-because there are millions of Americans outside Washington who are tired of stale political arguments, y to move this country forward, and determined to restore the founding vision of opportunity for all.我还将继续寻求学生、父母和企业领袖的持,因为还有很多很多身在华盛顿以外的人们厌倦了一成不变的政治争论,他们时刻准备推动这个国家向前发展,对为所有人创造机会这一美好前景充满信心。And so am I. 我也同样如此。Thanks, have a great weekend, and to our Olympians in Sochi, go Team USA!谢谢,祝大家周末愉快。此外也祝参加索契冬奥会的运动员取得好成绩,加油,美国队! 201402/275683许昌/市人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱

郑州/眼部祛皱价格The World Bank Group is an extraordinary organization世界集团是一个非同寻常的机构founded in the 1940s成立于1940年代to rebuild Europe after World War II初衷是在二战之后重建欧洲Over the 66 years of its existence在其存在的66年里it has become the premier development institution in the world它已成为世界上最大的发展机构Just two weeks ago就在两周前The World Bank Group governing body endorsed a target世行理事会批准了一个目标to end extreme poverty by 2030 -- just 17 years from now即 到2030年 从现在起在短短17年时间里终结极度贫困Its the first time in history that weve been able to see the end of poverty我们将看到 贫穷在人类历史上第一次结束Our Governors我们的理事会who are made up of the Ministers of Finance and Development of 188 member countries由188个成员国的财政和发展部长组成also endorsed a goal to boost shared prosperity他们还通过一个目标 就是促进共享繁荣so that the bottom 40% of income earners in our member states使我们成员国里处于收入最底层的40%人口can share in economic growth可以分享经济增长的成果Our Governors also emphasized that prosperity must be shared with future generations我们的理事会还强调 必须让子孙后代共享繁荣which means that we will be leaders in tackling climate change这就意味着我们将在应对气候变化方面发挥领导作用Because we know that climate change has the potential to wipe out因为我们知道气候变化有可能使many of the development gains of the past decades and plunge people back into poverty过去数十年的发展成果毁于一旦 使人民重新陷入贫困201502/361357 郑州妇幼保健医院激光点痣多少钱三门峡市固体硅胶隆鼻价格

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