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二年级英语作文:orts meeting --1 01:8:39 来源: last term we had a orts meeting . It has last a day. I think itrsquo fuy, just like a game.First is ruing. And the other part is jumping. The meeting is very exciting. I watched the ruing match, but I didrsquo;t watch the jumping match. What a pity!Ha-ha, I ran with my clamate then. Because I want to cheer them on. But always they ran faster than me long. So I had to try my best to catch them up. Itrsquo a hard work, I think.The match is very fierce. The players are powerful. Who is the best? We gue. All of us hope the wier is our cla. Finally, the best will get congratulatio. And others also will get comt and suort.Oh, I am get something. Bee the match begiing, it is warmth and fragrance doubled and redoubled, all of the pupil and teacher will give ther best wishes to the players in their cla and also the other claes. They are kind people. And the match is the best way to make people haier, stronger, and also make them become more friendly.。

中国春节到了(chinese new year is coming soon) -- ::6 来源: 中国春节到了(chinese new year is coming soon)  chinese new year is coming soon!i'm going to buy some new clothes.  theni'm goingtoput on new clothes.we are going to clean my house .we are going to eat a big dinner .  we are going to get lucky money from our parents and we are going to say thank you .it's going to be lots of fun!。

My Family Members --19 :: 来源: I am student of Southwest Weiyu Middle School. I am in Class Two Grade Six. I’m a girl. I’m twelve years old. I’m tall and thin. I like to sing and dance. I can sing POP music very well. I like to eat meat, because I think it’s very delicious. I’ good at English, because I like it very much. I like to write a composition and I like to many nice books. I think it’s good me. I like drawing, but I can’t draw very well. I like cats very much, but I can’t have them, because my mother doesn’t like them, she think they’re very dirty. I want to travel around the world, but I haven’t enough money. But I’m happy, because I have many friends and a happy family.    My mother is a shop assistant. She’s thirty-six years old. She’s tall and thin too. She’s pretty. Her hair is short and straight. She likes to sing and she likes Zhang Xueyou’s songs and English songs. She likes to eat crabs. She always goes shopping with me. She’s good at Maths. When I have problems with Maths she will help me. She doesn’t like pets; because she thinks they are dirty. I like my mother very much.    My father is a manager. He’s ty-six years old. But he looks like very young and handsome. He always goes to park with me. He likes to smoke. But I think smoke is bad himself. He likes English songs. He’s good at Chinese. He sometimes helps me to write a composition. My father likes pets very much. I like my father very much.    My grandmother and my sister live together. My grandma is sixty-three years old. She’s retiring. My sister is a student of fourteen years old. She has two big eyes and long straight hair. She’s a small famous singer in her city. She likes to sing and dance. She can sing very well. She joins in many competitions and she always be champion.。

赛季(season) -- 1::8 来源: 赛季(season)there are four seasons in the year. spring, summer, fall, and winter,but i like winter best.in winter we can play skiing, play skatting, and bit snow.i and my friend mary, make snowman.i am very happy.winter is very beautiful. so i like winter best. i hope people like winter best.。

home --3 ::5 来源: homei have a warm home, my parents love me, hurt my younger brothers and sisters. my mother, and a hair, put on his shoulders like a star, and her hobby is watching tv, and sometimes touched the tears came, my mother is a kind-hearted woman, they are allowed to tears the wholelove, younger brothers and sisters often do not understand why her mother cried. my father is very concerned about face-saving, because sensitive about one's reputation, often. father's hobby is stock market. very timid younger brother, will be shivering in the dark, sleep and also sleep with my father, his hobby is riding a bicycle! my sister is very cute, you can go to her 51 look really good cute ah! her hobby is dancing! i am a ing fan, a money to buy books, naturally, i love that book! this is my family!!。

《功夫经典台词 -- 3::58 来源:kekenet lt;十二gt;《功夫英汉经典台词: 1. 还有王法吗?还有法律吗?Is there no justice? Is there no law?. 这是一个社会动荡,黑帮横行的年代,其中又以”斧头帮”最令人闻风丧胆.惟独一些连黑帮也没兴趣的贫困社区却可享有暂时的安宁. In a time of social unrest and disorder, the gangs have moved in to consolidate their power. The most feared of them all is the Axe Gang. Only in the poorest districts, which hold no interest the gangs, can people live in peace. 3. 点解霎时间会没水呢?What happened to the water?. 就算杀了一个我,还有千千万万个我You can kill me, but there’ll be thousands more of me. 5. 单挑啊We’ll go one-on-one.6. 自己人啊We’re on the same side!  7. 我不入地狱,谁入地狱?You cannot escape your destiny!8. 警恶惩奸,维护世界和平这个任务就交给你了The duty of upholding world peace and punishing evil will be yours.9. 有钱给钱,没钱收拾包袱,滚!Pay up or pack up!. 记忆是痛苦的根源,你能不记得算是福气了Memories can be painful. To get may be a blessing.. 问君能有几多愁,恰似一江春水向东流All the sadness one can bearDown the river everywhere.. 一曲肝肠断,天涯何处觅知音A song that wrenches the heartO, where do I find a knowing ear?. 后会有期 Till we meet again.. 天下武功,无坚不破,唯快不破In the world of kungfu, speed defines the winner.. 自古正邪不两立The good cannot coexist with the bad. 经典台词 功夫。

岳阳楼英文导游词 --3 :00:7 来源: 岳阳楼英文导游词岳阳楼位于湖南省岳阳市洞庭湖畔,和武汉黄鹤楼、南昌滕王阁一起被列为扬子江三大名塔岳阳楼原本是为了战士休息和站岗而建的,三国时代吴国大将鲁肃于此训练士兵,后来重修以阅兵Good morning! Ladies and gentlemen:      Today we will go and visit the Yueyang Tower, Yueyang Tower lies in the west of Yueyang city, nearby the Dongting Lake, it is listed as three famous towers in the south of Yangtze River, together with Yellow Crane Tower at Wuhan, Hubei province and Tengwang Tower at Nanchang, Jiangxi province.   Yueyang Tower was originally built soldiers to rest on and watch out. In the Three kingdoms Period, Lusu, General of Wu State, trained his soldiers here and then rebuilt it as a tower to review his troops.   In the th year (7 A.C) of Kaiyuan of Tang Dynasty, General Zhangshuo was dispatched to defend at yuezhou and he rebuilt it into a Tower named South Tower, and then Yueyang Tower. In the th year ( A.C) of Qingli of Song Dynasty, Teng Zijing was stationed at Baling Jun, the ancient name of Yueyang city. In the second year, he had the Yueyang Tower repaired and had poems by previous poets inscribed on the walls of the Tower. Fan Zhongyan, a great artist and poet, was invited to write the well-known poem about Yueyang Tower, in his essay which entitled《 A Panegyric of the Yueyang Tower, the two sentences Fan writes :“ Be the first to worry about the troubles across the land, the last to enjoy universal happiness”have thousands of years been a well-ed dictum and made the tower even better known then bee.  The architectural style of Yueyang Tower is quite unique. The main tower is 1.35 meters high with columns, 3 stories, flying eave, helmet roof and wood construction, the helmet-roof of such a large dimension is a rarity among the ancient architectures in China. Entering the tower, you"ll pass the famous couplet: "Dongting is the water of the world, Yueyang is the tower of the world." Moving on, there is a platm (Dianjiang tai) that once functioned as the training ground the navy of Three-Kingdom period general Lusu. To its south is the Huaifu Pavilion in memory of Dufu (7-770AD), who was the famous poet during the Tang dynasty and wrote the famous poem and later died in the city. Stepping out of the Xiaoxiang Door, the Saint Plum Pavilion (Xianmei ting) and the Three Drunkards Pavilion (Sanzui ting) can be seen standing on two sides. In the garden to the north of the tower is the tomb of Xiaoqiao, the wife of Zhouyu, another famous Three-Kingdom general. 岳阳楼 英文 导游词。

This vacations --7 :5:51 来源: In this vacations Igo to travel in some famous places and i go to visit my grandparents in the village.i learn something difenrent.like example:Iknow people work in the village it is so hard and so tired,they are grow the vegetable,rice and something else it is very dificult.。

我最喜欢的人 My Favorite People -- :3: 来源: If anyone ask me who is my favorite people? I wouldtell him my favorite person is my mother. My mother is 5 years old. But I stillcan see how beautiful she is when she is young. She is not too tall, but very thin.Her eyes are black. Her hair is grey and there is several white hair. She lovescooking. She often cooks delicious food me. I love her.如果有人问我谁是我最喜欢的人?我会告诉他我最喜欢的人是我的妈妈我妈妈5岁了但我仍然可以看出她年轻的时候是多么的漂亮她个子不太高,但是很瘦她的眼睛是黑色的她的头发是灰色的,不过已经有一些白头发了她喜欢烹饪她经常为我做美味的食物我爱她。

如何道歉和投诉 --9 19:6:1 来源: 遇到不满意的事情和对待需要投诉时,礼貌地说比较奏效而且有趣的是,你可能先要说SORRY,再提出你的投诉,这样显得很有教养和礼貌,你的问题才会得到更圆满的解决   比如,在商店里,收款员找错了钱,你可以说: "Excuse me, I think you've given me the wrong change"或者 "Sorry, I think this change is wrong. I gave you $, not $."   在酒店里房间的调温器坏了:"Excuse me, but there's a problem with the heating in my room." "Sorry to bother you, but I think there's something wrong with the air-conditioning."   失窃了:"I'm afraid I have to make a complaint. Some money has gone missing from my hotel room."   房间没有整理:"I'm afraid there's a slight problem with my room - the bed hasn't been made."   当人们发现自己错了而道歉,一般都会说SORRY,然后再提出把事情做好的解决办法   比如对应上面对调温器的投诉:"Excuse me, but there's a problem with the heating."   或者 "I'm sorry - I'll get someone to check it you."   或者 "Sorry to hear that - I'll send someone up." 如何 道歉 和。