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惠州不孕医院仲恺新区男科专家Just one year after 2014 set a record as the hottest year in the historical record, 2015 is on track to beat it by a substantial margin, possibly signaling a return to a sustained period of rapid global warming.2014年是有历史记录以来最热的年份,仅仅一年后,2015年就显示了大举刷新记录的趋势,这可能预示着我们将回归到全球气温持续急速上升的阶段。The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the American agency that tracks worldwide temperatures, announced Wednesday that last month had been the hottest September on record, and that the January-to-September period had also been the hottest since 1880. Scientists say it is now all but certain that the full year will be the hottest on record, too.美国国家海洋与大气(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)对全球气温进行了追踪,该机构本周三宣布,自1880年有记录以来,上个月是最热的9月,今年1月到9月也比所有往年同期更热,科学家说,现在几乎可以肯定,今年全年将创下最热的新纪录。That means that delegates to a global climate conference scheduled for Paris in early December will almost certainly be convening at a time when climate-related disasters are unfolding around the world, putting them under greater pressure to reach an ambitious deal to limit future emissions and slow the temperature increase.这意味着,全球气候会议今年12月初在巴黎召开期间,与气候有关的灾害几乎肯定正在世界各地徐徐展开,这将让代表们面临更大的压力,要达成一项雄心勃勃的协议,以限制未来的温室气体排放,减缓温度上升的速度。The immediate cause of the record-breaking warmth is a strong El weather pattern, in which the ocean releases immense amounts of heat into the atmosphere. But temperatures this year are running far ahead of those during the last strong El , in 1997 and 1998, and scientists said the record heat would not have occurred without an underlying trend of warming caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases.气温上升破纪录的直接原因,是出现了强烈的厄尔尼诺气候特征,海洋把大量热量释放到大气中。上一次强烈的厄尔尼诺现象出现在1997年和1998年,但今年的气温远高于那次,科学家表示,如果没有人类排放温室气体造成的变暖趋势,这种创纪录的高温原本不会出现。“We have no reason at this point to think that El itself is responding to the forcing from greenhouse gases,” said Richard Seager, a climate scientist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University. “You can think of them as independent and adding to each other.”“目前我们没有理由认为,厄尔尼诺现象本身是在对温室气体的排放做出反应,”哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)拉蒙特-多尔蒂地球观测中心(Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)的气候专家理查德·西格(Richard Seager)说。“你可以把它们看作两个独立因素,互相叠加。”The El phenomenon and the accompanying heat are aly roiling weather patterns worldwide, likely contributing to dry weather and forest fires in Indonesia, to an incipient drought in Australia, and to a developing food emergency across parts of Africa, including a severe drought in Ethiopia. Those effects are likely to intensify in coming months.厄尔尼诺现象及其带来的热度,已经对世界各地的天气规律产生了影响,比如印尼出现干旱,发生了森林火灾,澳大利亚进入早期干旱阶段,在非洲的部分地区,食品紧张状况正在恶化,埃塞俄比亚发生了严重旱灾。这些问题可能会在未来几个月内加剧。Past patterns suggest that El will send unusual amounts of rain and snow to the American Southwest and to California, offering some relief for that parched state but also precipitating floods and mudslides. The California effects are likely to be strongest in the latter part of the winter, experts said.过去的规律表明,厄尔尼诺现象将给美国西南部和加州带来不同寻常的大量雨雪,在一定程度上缓解该州的炎热状况,但也会引发洪水和泥石流。专家说,加州在冬末期间受到的影响可能会最大。Earlier this year, the global warmth contributed to a spring heat wave in India and Pakistan that killed many people, possibly several thousand, with temperatures hitting 118 degrees Fahrenheit in parts of India. The effects on the natural world have been severe as well, with extreme ocean temperatures bleaching coral reefs around the world, and many of them likely to suffer lasting damage.今年早些时候,在全球气温上升的影响下,印度和巴基斯坦遭受热浪袭击,丧生人数可能高达几千,在印度部分地区,气温创下118华氏度(约48摄氏度)的记录。自然界遭受的影响也同样严重,极端海洋温度令世界各地的珊瑚礁发生白化现象,其中很多可能受到了持久性的损害。Forecasters have been issuing warnings about a strong El for many months. The coming few months will test whether governments, and the global relief agencies that support poor countries, have prepared, particularly to provide food relief for hard-hit regions.天气预测者数月来一直发布警告称,将会出现强烈的厄尔尼诺现象。未来几个月将会是一段考验期,考验政府及持贫穷国家的全球救援机构是否已经做好准备,特别是为受灾严重的地方提供粮食救济。“The warning is out,” Dr. Seager said. “The world has had time to plan for this.”“已经发出了警告,”西格士说。“全球有时间做计划。”Though worldwide in scope, El originates in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, when normal weather patterns shift in a way that allows the ocean to release large amounts of stored-up heat into the atmosphere. That perturbs atmospheric waves that can travel thousands of miles, redistributing heat and moisture around the globe.尽管范围涉及全球,厄尔尼诺现象始于热带东太平洋,正常的天气规律发生转变,使得海洋向空气中释放大量储存热量。这扰乱了能够传播数千英里的大气波动,在全球重新分配热量和水分。The effects can be profound, with some research even suggesting that civil wars become more likely in tropical countries when they are under stress from an El .影响可能非常深远,一些研究甚至指出,热带国家受到厄尔尼诺现象带来的压力时,更可能爆发内战。The World Food Program, a ed Nations relief agency, is aly preparing for larger operations across Africa, and appealing for donations. Harvests are down across large swaths of that huge continent, and the number of people going hungry in Ethiopia is likely to be in the millions in coming months, relief groups have estimated.联合国救援机构世界粮食计划署(World Food Program)已经准备在非洲开展更大规模的行动,并呼吁大家捐款。据救援组织估计,非洲大陆大部分区域的收成有所下降,未来几个月,埃塞尔比亚的饥饿人口可能达到数百万。 /201510/405243河源连平县妇幼保健人民男科中医院有泌尿科吗 5.Two eggs a day-one raw and one cooked5.一天两个蛋——一个生的一个熟的When it comes to Emma Morano#39;s secret to longevity, its all about the diet. She was born in 1899 and is the last living European person to have been born in the 1800s.当提到Emma Morano的长寿秘诀时,你会发现全都是关于饮食的。她生于1899年,是世界上最后一个出生在19世纪且还在世的欧洲人。The 115 year old lives in Verbania, Italy, is in pretty good shape for someone who has seen 11 popes come and go. She still spends her days doing housework and cooking. Morano says her diet – including a raw egg every day – has helped her outlive most born in her time. ;For breakfast I eat biscuits with milk or water,; she said. ;Then during the day I eat two eggs – one raw and one cooked – just like the doctor recommended when I was 20 years old. For lunch I#39;ll eat pasta and minced meat then for dinner, I#39;ll have just a glass of milk.; Not exactly an exciting diet, but it#39;s certainly working for Ms. Morano.这位115岁的老人生活在意大利威尔巴尼亚,她仍保持着非常好的身材,这对于已见过11任教皇交替的人来说实属不易。她仍然会花上整天的时间来做家务和下厨。Morano说她的饮食(包括每天一个生鸡蛋)帮助她比与她同一时期出生的人活得更久。;早餐的话,我吃饼干加牛奶或水,;她说道:;白天里,我要吃两个蛋(一个生的,一个熟的),这是我20岁时医生给我的建议。午饭的话,我会吃意大利面,晚上吃肉末,外加一杯牛奶。; 这确实不是一个特别的饮食习惯,但它就是对Mrs.Morano有效。4.Don#39;t get married4.远离婚姻Scotland#39;s oldest resident Jessie Gallan celebrated her 109th birthday in January 2015. Being Scottish, it#39;s rather predictable that one of the reasons she cites for her impressive age is eating plenty of porridge. But that#39;s not her strangest explanation for her place in the centenarian club.苏格兰最长寿的居民Jessie Gallan在2015年一月份庆祝了她的109岁生日。不难想到,作为一名苏格兰人,她保持如此傲人年龄的原因之一便是多喝粥。但这并不是她立身于百岁老人俱乐部的最奇怪的原因。;My secret to a long life has been staying away from men. They#39;re just more trouble than they#39;re worth,; she said in an interview this year. ;I also made sure that I got plenty of exercise, eat a nice warm bowl of porridge every morning and have never gotten married.; Now we all know some people who could do with being single for a while, but a full 109 years is probably a bit much! After all, can life really be appreciated to it#39;s fullest without someone there to enjoy it with you?;我长寿的秘诀就是远离男人。他们太麻烦了,根本不值得。;她在今年的一次采访中如是说道,;我做足量运动,每天早上喝一碗热粥,一辈子没结过婚。; 我们知道,有些人单身一阵子没问题,但足足109年都单身会不会太长了点!毕竟,完全没人陪伴你一起度过的人生真的令人羡慕吗?3.Staying positive and lots of singing3.保持积极放声高歌Christian Mortensen lived in Marin County, CA until the grand age of 115 years old. He was born on Aug. 16 1882, in Skarrup, Denmark and came to the ed States when he was 21. On his 115th birthday in 1998 he was asked about the key to his impressive longevity. His answer s a bit like a ‘good news, bad news#39; rollercoaster. He revealed his secrets as… ;Friends, a good cigar, drinking lots of good water, no alcohol, staying positive and lots of singing will keep you alive for a long time.;.Christian Mortensen居住在加利福尼亚州的马林县,享有115岁高龄。他于1882年8月16日出生在丹麦的Skarrup,在他21岁时搬到了美国。1998年,在他115岁生日会上,他被问及到保持长寿的秘诀时,他透露道:;朋友、一根好的雪茄、喝好水、不沾酒精、保持积极,再放声高歌都会让你活得久。;Mortensen loved cigars and smoked a few per week from around 20 years old until his death. But it seems that staying positive had a great effect on his life, and he kept singing all through until his death in 1998.Mortensen喜爱雪茄,自从20岁左右直到他去世,每周都会抽几根。但似乎保持积极对他的一生有更大的影响,而且他一生都爱唱歌,直到1988年去世。2.;Funche;2.FuncheDon#39;t tell me you don#39;t know what ‘Funche#39; is!不要告诉我你不知道什么叫Funche!Emiliano Mercado del Toro was born in Puerto Rico in 1891, and became the world#39;s oldest living person on December 11, 2006. Although there have been many super centenarians awarded this title at some point in their lives, del Toro was one of the few men to do so. Emiliano credited his long life to Funche, which is a traditional Peurto Rican dish that he ate every day. Consisting of a blend of corn, milk and fish, Funche doesn#39;t sound that appealing to the uninitiated. But if the oldest man in the world consumed the dish daily, then maybe we should be giving it a try. Can we add bacon?Emiliano Mercado del Toro于1891年出生于波多黎各,在2006年12月11日时成为了世上最长寿且还在世的人。尽管也有很多百岁老人荣获过此殊荣,del Toro也是其中之一。Emiliano将自己的长寿归功于Funche,这是一种波多黎各传统食物,他每天都吃。这种食物是由玉米、牛奶和鱼混合而来,Funche对不太熟悉它的人来说并没有太大的吸引力。但如果世上最长寿的人都每日为之着迷的话,那我们也不妨试一试,不过,可以加点培根么?1.Smoke cigars, drink beer and eat greasy food1.抽雪茄,喝啤酒,吃油腻食物Now then, I would suggest this advice be taken with a pinch of salt (pun definitely intended), as all medical advice would suggest you really shouldn#39;t be doing any of these things if your intention is to live beyond 70, never mind 100. But this is the philosophy behind the remarkable John McMorran, who at 113 was America#39;s oldest man before his death in 2003.对于这条建议,我真的只能说太任性了。如果你想活到70岁的话,恐怕所有医嘱都是建议你不要做以上事情中的任何一件,更别说活到100岁了。可这就是John McMorran的人生哲学,他享有113岁高龄,去世于2003年,曾是美国最长寿的人。As well as cigars, beer and greasy foods, McMorran also stresses the importance of staying away from cheap whisky in staying healthy. ;He was never sick,; 35-year-old great-granddaughter Lisa Saxton remarked in 2003. ;He lived a great life. Obviously, he was well put together. He smoked cigars, drank beer and ate greasy food. He was an amazing man.;除了雪茄、啤酒和油腻食物,McMorran同样强调了远离廉价威士忌的重要性。;他从不生病,;35岁的重孙女Lisa Saxton于2003年说道,;他生活过得很好。显然,他总体来说很不错,尽管他抽雪茄、喝啤酒还有吃油腻食物。他是一个了不起的人。;他确实是一位了不起的人,直到死的那刻都以自己的方式活着。An amazing man indeed, living life on his terms right until the end. Advice from our super centenarians varies a lot, and can even be quite contradictory! One thing that most have in common though, is a tendency to avoid stress. Nearly all who were asked reported that being positive or avoiding anxiety in their lives had a positive impact. We really can#39;t know for sure what it is that kept these folks going well beyond 100, but you can bet that for the most part they didn#39;t really worry too much about it.我们的百岁老人给出的建议各有各的不同,有的甚至是完全相反。但是,都有一个相同点,都趋向于避免压力。被采访到的人都指出,在生活中保持积极或者说避免焦虑都会对生活有积极的影响。我们的确不能确认到底是什么使得这些人活到100岁以上,但我们敢打赌说最重要的一点就是不要对生活担心太多。翻译:张洋 前十网 /201511/412575Although resting content with retaining sovereign in the south, rulers of the Eastern Jin did plan to recover the Central Plains in the north.东晋虽然偏安于江南,但历代帝王在位的时候都希望收复北方的国土。Led by the four ranking families of Wang, Xie, Huan and Yu in succession, these southern nobles carried out several expenditures towards the north.其中以王、谢、桓、庾四大家族为主的北伐,在东晋时曾进行过多次。In 311 Zu Ti, a southern gentry-official, once led an expeditionary force to the north and regained the Yellow River valley for a short time. However, Zu Ti died from too much upsetting for being not trusted by the court and left the cause of recovering the north unfinished.公元311年,大将祖逖出兵收复河北,但后因受到朝廷的排斥忧郁而死,最终未能完成统一大业。Afterwards ,most of the gentry-officials in power advocated northern expeditions so as to gain their family prestige. Among them, three northern expeditions led by Huan Wen are the best known.在此之后,当权的士族多标榜北伐以增加门户威望,其中以桓温的三次北伐最为著名。His armies took Luoyang, entered Guanzhong and reached Hebei. But he did not consolidate these victories.他曾经收复洛阳,进入关中,进兵河北,但都未能够巩固北伐成果。In 386, the Former Qin forces marched southward and threatened the Eastern Jin impressively.公元386年,前秦南下,东晋面临空前威胁。In January 382, The King of Former Qin called together his ministers to discuss the expenditure plan to reunify the imperial China.382年(太元七年)一月,前秦苻坚召集群臣商议南伐,准备统一中国。In discussion, Fu Jian insisted the march despite most of his ministers opposed the risking operation.当时,绝大多数人认为不可轻举妄动,但苻坚却坚持己见。In July of the following year, Fu Jian ordered a decisive campaign and started to draft recruits the nationwide.次年七月,苻坚下诏大举伐晋,在全国征兵。In August, Fu Jian set out from Chang an with his infantry force of 600 000 and cavalry force of 270000, in such an impressive strength that it was depicted as uthe initial banners and beats can nearly link to that of the end, and the troops in marching occupy thousands of roads ” All the troops headed for the south.八月,苻坚从长安启程,秦军步兵60万,骑兵27万,“旗鼓相望, 前后千里”,从各地一齐向南进发。In sheer swell, Fu Jian even boasted his men to carry with him the stuffs such as the titles and ranks for the will-be captured Emperor and ministers of the Eastern Jin.这时苻坚非常骄傲,出发前连东晋皇帝、宰相俘虏后的官号、公馆都准备好了。Scared by this threatening pose, the Eastern Jin fell into the state of turmoil.东晋闻苻坚率大军南下,惶恐不安。Nevertheless, Chancellor Xie An devised strategies in great composure by or-dered his one brother Xie Shi to assume the position of chief general to marshal in headquarters and his nephew, Xie Xuan as the vanguard in the battle field. The 80 000 opposing army and 5 000 navies were meeting their enemy in the south.宰相谢安沉着冷静,派弟谢石为大都督,侄子谢玄为前锋,率八万北府兵、水军五千迎战。In October, the vanguard Fu Rong took over Shouchun and entered Luojian (west of Dingyuan, Anhui) and closed off Huai River to block Jin army and the latter had to station in the place 25 miles away from Luojian.十月,前秦先锋苻融攻占寿春,进驻洛涧(安徽定远西),封锁淮水,阻挡晋军前进。晋军被阻,在距洛涧25里的地方驻扎。Informed the facts that the Jin army had merely insufficient supplies , Fu Jian hurried to Shouchun with 8 000 strong crack horsemen and sent the surrendered general of Jin, Zhu Xu to intimidate Xie Shi to give in.当苻竖得知晋军先锋缺乏粮草的情况后,便亲率精骑八千,兼程赶往寿春,并派俘虏的晋将朱序到晋营威胁谢石投降。Devoted to Jin, Zhu Xu told Xie Shi all the confidentials and actual strength of the Former Qin, furthermore, he suggested deboosting the morale of Qin before the main force approaching.朱序不忘故国,见到谢石告诉了秦军的虚实,并劝谢石乘前秦大军未到,挫其锐气,争取全胜。Following Zhu Xu’s advice, a subordinate general Liu Laozhi, led 5000 crack forces to attack the Qin vanguard unit at Luojian at night. The Qin unit suffered 15 000 casualties.谢石采纳朱序的建议,派名将刘牢之率精兵五千渡河夜袭洛涧,歼灭前秦军一万五千。Meanwhile the main force of Xie Shi proceeded along the Huai River, reached at the east bank of Feishui (now Feihe south of Shouxian county, Aihui), facing Qin army.谢石等又率大军沿淮水前进,到淝水(安徽寿县淝河南)东岸与秦军隔河对峙。Seeing from the wall of Shouchun City, Fu Jian and Fu Rong observed that Jin army was well-organized, mistaking the trees on the Bagong Mountain as the armed soldiers, Fu Jian was by all means lost the hold.苻坚听说晋军攻到,便与苻融登上寿春城观看形势,见晋军部伍严整,又望见八公山(安徽寿春北)上的草木,以为皆是晋兵,不免有些惊恐。When asked to move back a little for a decisive battle so that Jin troops could cross the river, Fu Jian agreed, hoping to strike his blow home while the Jin troops were half-way across.谢玄派人要求苻融 把阵地后移,以便晋军渡河决战,苻坚企图在晋军半渡时发动突然袭击,便挥军后撤。Unexpectedly, when the order of withdrawal was given, the Qin troop panicked and ran in confuse with Zhu Xu sping the news that Fu Jian was beaten up.Jumping at the opportunity, the Jin soldiers launched a full-scale offensive attack, and scattered their enemy.不料队伍因此大乱,朱序又在阵后连呼苻坚败了,晋军乘胜追击,驱散敌军。Fu Jian fled, by the time reached Luoyang, his army was down to only a little more than 100000 men.苻坚逃走,到洛阳,检点余众,不过十余万人。The battle of Feishui was Former Qin ’s attempt to reunify the imperial China.淝水之战是前秦企图统一全国的一次战争。Due to the preparation and situation then, the endeavor was premature. Xie Shi and Xie Xuan leading the Beifu troops utterly defeated the Former Qin forces and won a decisive victory at the Battle of Feishui.当时,综合各个方面的情况看,时机和条件显然还不成熟,谢石、谢玄领导的北府军击败了前秦,取得了决定性的胜利。The southern China was shunned from the chaos and wreck so its development continued. But this relief from external threat was followed by a series of internal disturbances.淝水之战后,南方由于战争的胜利,避免了一场大的混乱和破坏,经济文化得以继续发展,同时确定了南北长期对峙的局面。First, Sun En and Lu Xun launched rebellions. Then Huan Xuan won the civil war and usurped the throne.此后,南方由于外乱威胁解除而爆发内战,孙恩、卢循起兵。桓玄在内战中获胜,一度篡晋。Later, General Liu Yu of the Beifu troops suppressed the peasant uprisings and gained prestige through a number of northern expeditions. At last, he established his own state to replace the Eastern Jin.北府兵将领刘裕起兵镇压了农民军,并通过北伐树立威望,最终取代东晋。 /201512/415743惠州包皮手术术式

惠州十大男科医院Historical background : The mid-Ming was faced with the political crisis beause the national defence power was weakening down except for the political corruption ,high centralization of the land, poverty of the people and the country and the rising seriousness of the class contradictions.历史背景:明朝中期面临着政治危机,当时除了统治腐朽、土地高度中、民贫财竭、阶级矛盾日益尖锐外,国防力量也逐渐削弱。The northern Tartars took the chance to aggress and the Japanese pirates troubled the southeast seacoast areas from time to time.北方鞑靼乘机侵扰,倭寇也不断人侵东南沿海。All of these made the governors consider the problem to save the country themselves.这些都迫使统治阶级不得不考虑改革自救的问题。Reform:In the year of 1573, Zhang Juzheng occupied the office of the Chief Minister of the cabinet.改革的内容:1573年,张居正任内阁首辅。He reformed by taking it as the core to strengthen the centralization.他以加强中央集权为中心进行政治改革。In politics, he advocated to bring order into the local administration and cut off the unnecessary officials. In the army, he improved the frontier defense and appointed the strategist Qi Jiguang to guard Jimen and the strategist Li Chengliang to guard Liaodong. He also agreed to trade tea and horses with the Tartars and has the peaceful coexistence. In economy, he measured the land again and clarified the private land that the despots had grabbed for. He invited the water conser-vancy expert Pan Jixun to harness the rivers. He reformed the tax system and advocated the one-whip system.政治方面,澄清吏治,裁减冗员;军事方面,整顿边防,任用军事家戚继光守卫蓟门,李成梁镇守辽东,并与鞑靼进行茶马互市,和平相处;经济方面,丈量土地,清查豪强地主的隐田,聘请水利专家潘季驯主持治河,改革赋役制度,推行鞭法。The importance of the Reform Zhang : Juzheng Reform had improved the financial state of the Ming government and strengthened the frontier defense. The military power had been strengthened as well.改革的作用:张居正改革,改善了明政府的财政状况,明朝北方边防得到巩固,军事力量也有所增强。But the reform annoyed the present interests of the bureaucrats and the landlords and was against seriously by them.由于这次改革触犯了大官僚地主的一些眼前利益,遭到他们的强烈反对。In 1582, Zhang Juzheng died and the reform was stopped at the same time. But the way to collect tax in silver was maintained.1582年,张居正逝世,改革也随之终止,但用银两收税的办法却保留了下来。 /201603/428560河源紫金县看男科怎么样 Not long ago, YouTube star Michelle Phan wowed the beauty products market when she succeeded in setting up a personal cosmetics brand by just uploading makeup tutorials to YouTube. To this day, her success is hailed as a testament to the power of the Internet.不久前,YouTube红人米歇尔·潘震惊了整个美妆市场:她靠着在视频网站YouTube上更新教程成功地建立了自己的化妆品品牌。直至今日,她的成功依然被赞为网络力量的明。Now, thousands of others are trying to emulate Phan in China. They boast huge online following. The ability to transfix eyeballs online, especially on social networking platforms, these days translates to celebrityhood and riches.现在,中国有很多人试图效仿潘。这些人在网上有大量的粉丝。她们在社交网络平台上吸引眼球的能力使得他们成为了网络红人和富人。Such leaders are building up thousands of online communities by sharing knowledge on subjects like fashion, beauty and electronic games or just by producing humorous s. In the process, they make loads of money.这些潮流领导者创建了大量的线上社区,在其中分享如时尚,美容和等不同领域的知识,或者是制作搞笑视频。在这个过程中,他们挣到了很多钱。The list below summarizes the key ways by which such cyber stars grow rich:以下几点能够总结出这些网红们挣钱的诀窍。1.Tips and virtual gifts from fans1.粉丝或打赏或送虚拟礼物Most online platforms have introduced a ;tips; system for fans to give cash to online celebrities. For example, when an online celebrity publishes a fashion-themed article on WeChat, China#39;s most popular instant messaging tool, ers can reward the author with tips ranging from 1 yuan (15 cents) to 256 yuan by using its digital payment tool.多数线上平台都引进了“打赏”系统,方便粉丝给网红们打款。举个例子,当一位网红在中国最流行的即时信息交流平台微信上发表了一篇关于时尚的文章后,读者们可以通过微信的数字付工具用1到256元的赏钱奖励作者。2.Advertising fees from luxury brands2.奢侈品牌广告费Luxury brands such as Channel and Prada are turning to online celebrities for targeted marketing. When releasing latest products, these companies often invite online celebrities to advertise the products on Sina Weibo, China#39;s version of Twitter.奢侈品品牌如香奈儿和普拉达向网红寻求帮助,以进行有针对性的营销。每当有新品发布时,这些公司就会邀请网红在中国版Twitter微上打广告。3.Profits from running online stores3.经营网店获利Setting up a personal fashion brand is the most popular income source for most online celebrities. It is also the stream that pulls in the largest part of their income. One shining example is Zhang Dayi, 28. She has cultivated more than 4 million followers on Sina microblog. By regularly posting her store#39;s fashion items and corresponding links on her Sina microblog account, Zhang successfully converted her online store on marketplace Taobao into a must-visit destination for female online shoppers. Her shop is listed as the second-best store in terms of sales in 2015 on Taobao, the consumer-to-consumer platform of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.对于网红们来说,最普遍的收入来源莫过于建立个人时尚品牌了。这也是她们收入的主要来源。一个引人注目的例子就是28岁的张大奕。她在微上有超过四百万粉丝。张大奕经常在她的微账户上发表店铺时尚单品的链接,这使得她的店铺成为女性在淘宝网红店中必逛的店铺。2015年她的店铺销售量在淘宝(阿里巴巴旗下C2C购物平台)上高居第二。4.Appearance fees4.通告费Internet celebrities no longer limit their commercial activities to the online world. It is increasingly common for companies to pay them to attend offline gatherings like product launches and similar corporate events and celebrations.网红们不仅仅只在线上赚钱。现在也有公司付费邀请网红出席产品发布会,或者类似的合作项目、庆典等线下活动,这一情况已经越来越普遍了。 /201603/432848惠州友好割包皮多少钱

惠州割包皮的费用有哪些If anyone can afford to take the long view on investment, it’s surely the British monarch. Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday passes Queen Victoria as the longest-reigning British head of state, after 63 years on the throne.要说有谁有条件着眼于长线投资的话,那肯定是英国君主了。周三,英国女王伊丽莎白二世(Queen Elizabeth II)超越维多利亚女王(Queen Victoria),成为在位时间最长的英国国家元首,已在位63年。She has seen 13 prime ministers, 12 US presidents and the invention of modern portfolio theory. Her predilection for horseracing is well known. But how’s her investment strategy? She has little choice in asset allocation. The castles, the crowns, the 3,000-carat Cullinan diamond and much else are held in trust, and cannot be rebalanced into equities. Valuation is tough, too, with 17th century royal headwear even less liquid than junk bond ETFs.她见了13位英国首相、12位美国总统以及现代投资组合理论的诞生。她对赛马的嗜好众所周知。但是,她的投资策略是什么?在资产配置上,她没有多少选择余地。城堡、、那枚3000克拉的“库利南”(Cullinan)钻石以及其他很多资产都由信托机构持有,无法调整为股票投资。估值也很困难,那顶17世纪的王室的流动性甚至还不如投资垃圾债券的交易所交易基金(ETF)。Still, the portfolio has a useful bias towards inflation protection, and assets that appeal to the burgeoning super-rich. There is no index of crown jewels, but the sterling gold price has more than doubled in real terms. Diamonds have turned out to be less flashy, lagging inflation.不过,该投资组合存在抵挡通胀的有用偏好,且其中包含着吸引新兴超级富豪阶层的资产。没有关于宝石的指数,但是,实际金价(以英镑计)已经增长超过一倍。钻石的表现反倒没那么亮眼,跑输通胀。The real jewel in the crown may be the Koh-i-Noor, but the shining light of the Queen’s portfolio is the royal art collection.虽然真正的“上的宝石”是那枚光之山钻石(Koh-I-Noor),但是女王的投资组合中最耀眼的宝贝是皇家收藏的艺术品。Art has been one of the better performing assets of the past century, making 3 per cent a year above inflation, well ahead of bonds. According to Christophe Spaenjers, a finance professor at HEC Paris, the price of art at London sales has risen more than 500-fold in nominal terms since 1952, or 20-fold after inflation. Gilts rose five times after inflation, assuming coupons were reinvested.在过去的一个世纪中,艺术品是表现较好的资产之一,剔除通胀每年收益3%,远高于债券。据巴黎高等商学院(HEC Paris)的金融学教授克里斯托夫斯帕杰尔斯(Christophe Spaenjers)表示,自1952年以来,伦敦售出的艺术品的名义价格已经是当初的逾500倍,剔除通胀后的实际价格是当初的逾20倍。同期英国国债剔除通胀后上涨4倍(假设票息被重新投资于英国国债)。Land has done well too. In this case an Englishwoman’s home really is her castle, but the Queen’s bias towards central London luxury housing (Buckingham Palace) has been a clear source of outperformance recently.土地投资收益也不错。常言道,一个英国女人的家就是她的城堡,而女王的家真的是就是城堡。不过女王对伦敦市中心奢侈住宅——白金汉宫(Buckingham Palace)——的偏爱,近来对她的不凡投资收益有突出贡献。British housing has been a very good investment. The price of older houses matched the capital value of shares (not including dividends), rising 127-fold. Property is expensive to manage and much harder to trade than shares, though, and net rental yields, while not reliably measured, have probably been lower than dividends.英国住宅一直是一项非常好的投资。较老住宅的价格上涨不输于股票市值(不包括股息),上涨了126倍。不过,房地产的管理成本昂贵,而且远比股票难以变现,净房租收益率(尽管衡量方法并不可靠)很可能一直低于股息。Overall, the portfolio is far too concentrated in the UK. Britannia no longer rules the waves, and even the most patriotic investors have long since recognised that diversifying risk means holding foreign assets, too — even if these days royals cannot just send in troops to seize them.总的来说,女王的投资组合太过集中于英国。大不列颠已经不再统治海洋,即便是最爱国的投资者,也早已意识到,只有持有一些境外资产才能分散风险——虽然如今英国王室可以派遣军队没收民众资产的日子已一去不返。 /201509/398208 惠州第三人民医院东院区男科预约惠州市包茎包皮



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