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南昌第一附院双眼皮多少钱抚州南丰县崇仁县乐安县宜黄县做韩式开眼角哪家好Last week I had a disagreement on a matter of principle with a man at work. When I got home, I gave my daughter a blow-by-blow account of the bust-up, expecting her loyal support. Instead she rolled her eyes.前些天,我在工作中跟某人就一个原则性问题吵了一架。回到家,我将吵架的过程一字不落地讲给我闺女听,指望得到她的力挺。不料她翻了个白眼。“Poor X,” she said, siding with my adversary.“对方真可怜,”她说,跟我的对头站在一边。“Poor X?” I repeated, thunderstruck.“真可怜?”我重复道,很是吃惊。“You can be very difficult,” she explained. “I don’t think you realise it.”“你很难搞,”她解释说。“你自己还不觉得。”She is right about the second point. I do not see myself as difficult — I am perfectly reasonable. To check this was the consensus view, the following morning I conducted a survey. I bearded the first colleague I saw and demanded: “Am I difficult?” He looked uncomfortable at being put on the spot when he had barely taken his coat off. “Yes,” he said. I asked three more people. All gave the same answer.她后半句说得没错。我没觉得自己难搞——我明明很讲道理。想看看别人是不是也这么认为,第二天一早我做了个调查。我逮住见到的第一位同事审问:“我难搞吗?”刚脱下外套就被人当面质问让他看起来很尴尬。“是的,”他说。我又问了三个人。他们也都这么回答。Being difficult at work is not generally thought to be a good thing. On Amazon there are 1,387 titles on how to deal with difficult people with titles such as Since Strangling Isn’t an Option. I failed to find a single volume called What to do When the Difficult Person is Me. Or How to be Difficult and Influence People.难搞在工作中通常不是什么好事。亚马逊(Amazon)上有1387本书教人们怎么对付难搞人士,比如《对付难搞人士不用纠结》(Since Strangling Isn’t an Option)。但我却找不出哪怕一本小册子叫做《我很难搞怎么办》(What to do When the Difficult Person is Me)或是《怎样成为有影响力的刺头》(How to be Difficult and Influence People)。As a columnist, being difficult is part of the job — if you do not enjoy sometimes getting up the noses of ers, you are too bland to be any good. Indeed, as a journalist, being personally difficult can serve you rather well. I can think of one or two writers who are so impossible their text is never tampered with. Their words invariably command pride of place because no editor can face the fuss that would result from doing otherwise.作为一个专栏作家,难搞是工作的一部分——要是不喜欢时不时惹恼一下读者,那未免太乏味了而且也写不好专栏。事实上,作为一名记者,个性难搞还能帮上大忙。我能想到一两个作者,他们难搞到极致,所以稿子从来没被修改过。他们写的东西总能登在最好的位置,因为否则的话,由此引发的鸡飞跳没有哪个编辑能招架得住。Being difficult has other advantages too. It means that people tend not to lean on you for small favours. As one of the most important tricks to survival in the corporate world is to avoid grunt work, this makes it a powerful weapon. Being difficult also means you are likely to be better at getting your own way. It is a balancing act — you must be difficult enough to insist that things are done as you see fit, without being so difficult that people refuse to work with you.难搞还有其他好处。比如别人不会拿鸡毛蒜皮的小事找你帮忙。最重要的企业生存法则之一就是要避免吃力不讨好,因此难搞可以说是纵横职场的一大利器。难搞还意味着你更能坚持自我。这是一种微妙的平衡——你得难搞到足以坚持按你的主意办事,但也不能做过头让别人都拒绝和你共事。There are lots of different sorts of difficult. The books list various common varieties, all of which are unattractive: narcissists, psychopaths, victims, gossips, blamers and people who fly off the handle.难搞的人也分很多种。书上列举出一些常见的分类,他们的共性是不讨人喜欢:自恋狂、变态、被害妄想狂、长舌妇、怨妇还有那些脾气火爆的家伙。Yet there is a further sort of difficult that I cannot find in any book, and is not at all unattractive. That is being a woman. Women are far more likely to be called difficult than men. Google reveals twice the matches for “a difficult woman” as for “a difficult man” — and most of the references to difficult men don’t count because they continue with “to pin down”.然而,还有一种人很难搞却没见哪本书提到过,而这些人一点也不讨人厌。那就是女人。人们认为女人的难搞程度远胜于男人。在谷歌(Google)上搜“一个难搞的女人”显示出的结果比“一个难搞的男人”多一倍——而且与难搞的男人相关的搜索结果多数都不能算数,因为这些搜索结果紧接着就是“去搞定”。Equally, most of the people calling women difficult are men. The four colleagues I consulted first thing were all male. Later I put the same question to four FT women. “Not especially,” was the consensus view.与此同时,说女人难搞的大部分人都是男性。我一大早询问的四个同事都是男的。后来我又问了四位FT的女同事。人家就一致认为我“不是特别难搞。”The difficult label is applied to any woman who is sometimes prepared to be contrary, who does not always agree with other people, and who fights her own corner. All of that is vital if you want to get things done or change anything at all. Prime Minister Theresa May, according to former cabinet minister Ken Clarke is a “bloody difficult woman” — and one sincerely hopes he is right, given the size of the challenge that faces her.如果有位女性有时打算反驳别人,或并不总是和大家意见一致,又或者为了自己的立场而抗争,那她就会被贴上难搞的标签。而如果你想做些事或者改变点什么,就必须做以上所有。英国首相特里萨?梅(Theresa May),被英国前内阁大臣肯?克拉克(Ken Clarke)称为一个“难搞得要死的女人”——考虑到首相面临的巨大挑战,本人倒真希望如此。To settle the matter in my case I asked a male colleague who, being thoroughly difficult himself, has never been known to deviate from the truth. “No,” he said. “You aren’t difficult. You are immovable, determined, stubborn and sometimes impossible.”为解决我自己的问题我又问了一位男同事,此人本身就难搞无比,而且讲话总是命中真相。“不,”他说。“你不是难搞。你是顽固、犟筋、死心眼,有时还不可理喻。”All of which makes me long to be merely difficult. Indeed the badge “difficult woman” is one I am inclined to wear with pride. Stripped of baggage, it is a compliment that means “requiring skill to understand”. Proust is more difficult than Enid Blyton.这让我很是希望自己仅仅只是难搞。其实被称作“难搞的女人”让我还挺受用的。除去感情色,这个词本身也是一种恭维,它意味着“人们得有一定水平才能理解我们”。普鲁斯特(Proust)就比伊尼德?布莱顿(Enid Blyton)难以理解得多。There is another point about being difficult. It is a perk that comes with position. When you are junior, being difficult is likely to result in the sack. The more senior you become, the more scope there is for you to be difficult — and more of a call for it, too.关于难搞还有一点。它是地位提升的特权。如果你的职位很低,难搞很有可能导致被炒鱿鱼。而你的职位升得越高,让你发挥难搞的空间也就越大——同时你也越需要变得难搞一些。This summer I will leave journalism and start all over again, training to be a maths teacher. Being difficult with my new colleagues will be out of the question, so I am going to enjoy it to the hilt while I still can.今年夏天,我将告别新闻业重新开始一项新职业,受训成为一名数学老师。我将不得不跟新同事们好好相处,所以我要充分享受自己尚能难搞的时光直到最后一刻。 /201702/492441景德镇第二人民医院祛疤痕多少钱 Despite recent food trends encouraging us to breakfast on protein-rich eggs and sip on green juices, a new review published on recently has attempted to call time on some of the latest food fads and help end the confusion about what is the most nutritionally sound way to reduce heart disease.尽管最近流行的食物趋势鼓励我们早餐要吃富含蛋白质的鸡蛋,再喝杯绿色果汁,但最新发布的一项新报告试图终止一些最近流行的食物潮流,试图让人们不再困惑降低心脏病的最佳营养方式是什么。Carried out by Andrew Freeman, MD, director of cardiovascular prevention and wellness in the division of cardiology at National Jewish Health in Denver, the report examined several recent diet trends, as well as ;hypes and controversies; surrounding nutrition.该报告由医学士安德鲁·弗里曼展开,他同时也是丹弗国家犹太人健康心脏病部门心血管病预防与健康的部门主任,该报告研究了最近流行的几种饮食趋势,同时也研究了;大肆宣传和引人争议;的营养方面。;There is a great amount of misinformation about nutrition fads, including antioxidant pills, juicing and gluten-free diets,; commented Freeman, ;However, there are a number of dietary patterns that have clearly been demonstrated to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, including coronary heart disease.;;关于营养时尚,有大量的错误信息,包括:抗氧化剂丸、果汁和无麸质饮食,;弗里曼道,;然而,有很多饮食习惯已被明可降低患多种慢性疾病的风险,包括冠心病。;After analysing current evidence, the report debunked some of the recent popular food fads, but also found that, ;There is a growing consensus that a predominantly plant-based diet that emphasises green, leafy vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fruit is where the best improvements are seen in heart health.;分析完现有的据后,该报告揭露了最近一些流行的食物趋势,但也发现,;越来越多的人达成这样的共识:强调绿色、绿叶蔬菜、全谷物、豆类和水果为主的饮食在改善心脏健康方面效果最为显著。;Some other key findings from the study on what food fads to avoid - and which food trends to follow - can be found below:研究中一些其它的主要研究结果如下--何种食物趋势该避免以及何种食物趋势该跟随:Eggs鸡蛋Despite previous recommendations, the report advises limiting the amount of eggs in the diet, or any other high cholesterol foods, to as little as possible.撇开先前的建议不谈,报告建议限制饮食中的鸡蛋数量,或是尽可能限制其它高胆固醇食物。Extra-virgin olive oil特级初榨橄榄油It#39;s the most heart-healthy oil concludes the study, but due to its number of calories, consume in moderation.这是本研究得出的最有利于心脏健康的油,但由于其热量高,还是适度摄入为好。Berries浆果Enjoy three times a week for an antioxidant boost, instead of antioxidant dietary supplements. Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest and most beneficial source of antioxidants to reduce heart disease risk, whereas there is no significant evidence that adding supplements into the diet benefits heart health.每周吃三次浆果,而不是吃抗氧化饮食补充剂,可以抗氧化哦。水果和蔬菜才是抗氧化剂最健康、最有利的来源,能降低患心脏病的风险,而且没有明显的据表明在饮食中添加补充剂能有利于心脏健康。Nuts坚果30g of nuts a day can boost heart health, but be careful with the portion size as they are high in calories.每天吃30克坚果能促进心脏健康,但要注意适量,因为坚果的热量很高。Juicing果汁Be careful with this recent food trend. Although the fruits and vegetables in juices are healthy, the process of juicing removes the pulp and increases the calorie concentration, making it easier to consume too many calories without realising.要注意这一最新的食物趋势。尽管水果汁、蔬菜汁十分健康,但制作果汁的过程除去了果汁的果肉且增加了卡路里浓度,因此你很容易在没意识到的情况下摄入过多的卡路里。译文属 /201703/500534Checking your inbox throughout the day for new emails.整天检查你的收件箱是否有新邮件。Scrolling through the endless Facebook feed hoping to find something interesting.为了找到好玩的,不停地刷脸书。Watching cute cat or baby s on youtube whole day.在YouTube上看那些可爱猫咪和小宝宝的视频。Thinking too much about the past or future.对于未来和过去想太多。Making project reports, assignments or presentations just for the sake of it.项目报告、作业或者是演讲稿,只是为了做而做。Whatsapp, Snapchat, Messenger and other similar chatting apps.各种即时聊天软件。Vampire Diaries, Suits, Big Bang Theory and other TV Series.《吸血鬼日记》、《金装律师》、《生活大爆炸》和其他电视剧。Discussing about people rather than ideas.谈论人而不是谈论思想。Making resolutions, To Do Lists and timetables and never following them.总是下决心、做清单和时间表,但是从未遵守过。Making meaningless connections on Facebook or Twitter and calling them friends.在脸书和推特上交一些无谓的朋友。Always following the footsteps of others and never following your heart or passion.总在效仿别人,从不听从自己的内心。Caring about what others might be thinking about you.在意别人怎么看你。Becoming too comfortable with your life and not challenging yourself to become better each day.安于现状,并不挑战自己变得更好。On technology:科技方面:Using an old laptop that takes 3 minutes to boot up whilst you sit there.坐着,去等待一台开机时间3分钟的电脑启动。Using an old smartphone that lags with every function you try and perform.使用功能落后的旧手机。Waiting for your inbox to refresh.等待收件箱更新。The wheel of death on Mac/PC.电脑死机。Watching the word #39;Deepak is typing#39; on Whatsapp on and off for 20 minutes only to receive a 2 line message.在Whatsapp上,花20分钟盯着“Deepak正在输入.....”这几个字,只为了接收两行短消息。Groups on Whatsapp that photobomb you with.各种Whatsapp组团的自拍轰炸。Baby pics.宝贝的照片。Memes.米姆(一种流行的、以衍生方式复制传播的互联网文化基因)。Otherwise:另外:The Facebook Newsfeed.就是脸书上的新闻。On travel:旅行方面:Delays on a tube because of signal failure.由于信号弱导致的视频缓存。A train being cancelled last minute.最后一刻火车被取消。Travelling with a driver who is really slow; like my dad.和一个墨迹的人去旅行,比如说我爸爸。Priority boarding on Ryan Air.瑞恩航班上的优先登机。Traffic; in general.交通阻塞。On people:人方面:Watching someone take 10 minutes to do a task that should take 2 minutes.看一个人用10分钟去做本来两分钟就可以搞定的事。Hearing someone talk about the same problems they were having one year ago; having made zero progress.听别人唠叨一年前遇到、而且目前没有任何进展的问题。Someone telling you about a new idea for a business they have for the 3rd time and yet haven#39;t done anything towards it.一而再再而三地听别人那些从未付诸实践的创业设想。People that repeat stories to you.一遍一遍地给你讲故事的人。On emotions:情绪方面:Dwelling; in general.想来想去,一般而言。Worrying; in general.焦虑,一般而言。Self Pity; in general.自哀自怜,一般而言。Regret; in general.悔恨,一般而言Complaining more than once.不断地抱怨。On work:工作方面:Most meetings.开不完的会。Much of the mandatory training.很多强制性的培训。People pitching to you.向你推销的人。Menial tasks involving admin, spot checking a spsheet and so on.细枝末节的小任务,比如管理工作、查看电子表格等。On the household:家庭方面:Washing dishes for an hour each day to save money because you don#39;t want to buy a dishwasher.为了省下买洗碗机的钱,每天花一个小时洗碗。Twilight.《暮光之城》。Subtitles when watching a movie.看电影时候的字幕。On life:生活方面:Not following your dreams.不坚持你的梦想。Settling.安于现状。Giving up.放弃。On love:爱情方面:Not trying.不尝试。Giving up.放弃。 /201705/509200南昌去除眼角细纹

南昌市第二医院去痣多少钱上饶假体丰胸多少钱 You#39;ve got something new, something edgy and raw ...你身上有新的、个性和原生态的东西……You#39;re perfect for the new Channel campaign!你是我们新频道活动栏目的绝佳人选!If The Elephant Man was around today要是象人(是小说《象人》中的主人公,该人物真实存在于19世纪的伦敦,因为脑袋硕大无比,身体畸形酷似大象而被人称为“象人”)生活在今天的话SCOOP MODELS独家新闻模型 /201611/479215南昌中心医院美容整形科

南昌同济整形整形美容科Men who behave like promiscuous playboys or feel powerful over women are more likely to have mental health problems than men with less sexist attitudes, according to a study released on Monday.11月21日公布的一项研究显示,越是持性别歧视,男性就越容易出现心理健康问题,比如滥交的,或那些认为自己高女性一等的男性。The analysis found links between sexist behavior and mental health issues such as depression and substance abuse, said the study which appeared in the Journal of Counseling Psychology, published by the American Psychological Association. 美国心理协会发表在《咨询心理学杂志》上的研究发现,性别歧视行为和抑郁、药物滥用等心理健康问题存在联系。;Some of these sexist masculine norms, like being a playboy and power over women, aren#39;t just a social injustice but they are also potentially bad for your mental health,; said Joel Wong, an associate professor of counseling psychology at Indiana University Bloomington and lead author of the study. 这项研究的第一作者乔尔#8226;黄是印第安纳大学伯明顿主校区咨询心理学副教授。他说:“寻欢作乐、掌控女性这样典型的男性至上行为不仅仅是社会不公平的问题,也很有可能对心理健康有害。”Its release comes on the heels of the election to the US presidency of Donald Trump, whose comments about women that emerged during the election campaign were condemned by many as sexist and misogynist. 在今年的美国总统竞选活动中,很多人谴责美国当选总统特朗普性别歧视、厌恶女性。这份研究便是在美国大选刚收官后发表的。The research synthesized results of more than 70 US-based studies involving more than 19,000 men over 11 years. 这项研究综合了70多项在美国进行调查的结果,调查对象涉及到11年来的19000名男性。This involved looking at 11 norms generally considered by experts to reflect society#39;s expectations of traditional masculinity including a desire to win, risk-taking and pursuit of status, Wong said. 黄表示,研究着眼于获得专家普遍认可、具备社会传统男子气概的11种行为,包括对胜利的渴望、对冒险的热爱,还有对身份地位的追求。The traits, or norms, most closely linked to mental health problems were playboy behavior, or sexual promiscuity, power over women and self-reliance, he said. 与心理健康问题联系最紧密的表现则为“”的行为,或性关系混乱、控制女性和自恃。;Men who have trouble asking for directions when they#39;re lost, that#39;s a classic example of self-reliance,; Wong said. 黄说:“有些男性迷路后不愿问路,这就是过于依靠自我的典型表现。”Also, men who exhibited those attitudes were also less likely to seek mental health treatment, the study said. 研究还发现,有这些行为表现的男性也基本不会寻求心理健康治疗。;Primacy of work was not significantly associated with any of the mental health-related outcomes,; said Wong in a statement. 黄声称:“‘工作至上’与心理健康问题之间并不存在明显的联系。”;Perhaps this is a reflection of the complexity of work and its implications for well-being. “也许‘工作至上’只是工作复杂性和其对幸福的含义的一种反映。;An excessive focus on work can be harmful to one#39;s health and interpersonal relationships, but work is also a source of meaning for many individuals.; “将过分的精力放在工作上对健康和人际关系都有危害,但对很多人来说,工作也是人生的意义所在。” /201612/481146 I have visited plenty of self improvement blogs and inspirational blogs these past few months and most of them all tell you that you need to wake up and state positive affirmations. When you wake up, you need to think that something great is going to happen today, and that you are going to have a great day. This positive energy is supposed to attract more positivity throughout your day.在最近几个月我访问了不少有关自我提升和自我激励的客。其中大部分都是告诉你要清醒并保持乐观积极的状态。在你醒来的时候,你需要想着美好的事情即将发生,这将会让你拥有非常棒的一天。正能量会在这一天中贯穿累积。So this morning I woke up and decided to give it a whirl. The sun was shining bright through my bedroom window blinds, and it immediately gave me this warm feeling inside.所以今天一早我醒来就想着照着客内容试试吧。从窗帘后面透进来的阳光明媚耀眼,让我即刻感到这中间的暖意。I thought to myself, ;today is going to be a great day. One of the best days ever!;.我想着,今天一定会好,它将会是迄今为止最好的一天。I got out of bed, took my morning shower and began to get dressed. I put on a pair of dress pants I have not warn in a while, followed by my dress shirt and that is when it began.我从床上起来,洗了个澡,然后开始穿衣。我穿上了一条西装裤,没有在意里面有什么,接着穿上了衬衫,发现有点不对劲了。I reached into my left pocket and pulled out what felt like some paper.我摸到左边的裤子口袋,拿出了类似纸张的东西。You know that feeling of finding a bill in your pants and it feels like free money? Because you forgot all about it and assumed you never did?你了解那种从裤子口袋里面找到20美金的感觉么?因为完全忘了就感觉从来就不是你的。I pulled out a 0 bill and a bill in the same pocket. Yes, 0 to start off my day that I forgot I had. It was one of the best feelings and I#39;m sure if someone could have seen the smile on my face they would have understood.在同一个口袋中我拿出了一张100美金和一张50美金。这种感觉不能更好了,如果你能看到我此刻脸上的笑容你就会了解那种感觉。I literally yelled in joy, with my poor puppy looking at me like I was crazy!我忘乎所以的大笑起来,我可怜的小就这么看着我的疯样。Moral of the story, start your morning off thinking you are going to have the best day ever and you just might! I wonder what will happen next :)这个故事告诉你,暗示自己今天会是最棒的一天,那就会如你所愿。我期待着接着将会发生什么:) /201704/504263萍乡点痣多少钱南昌第一人民医院光子脱毛手术多少钱



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