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2020年01月25日 14:26:54

Park Geun-hye said on Tuesday she was willing to step down as South Korea’s president, asking parliament to come up with a way of ensuring stable regime change amid a corruption scandal that has riveted the nation.朴槿Park Geun-hye)在周二表示愿辞去韩国总统一职,她请求国会想出一个方法,在这场举国关注的腐败丑闻中确保政权平稳更迭。Ms Park said she would step down according to a schedule agreed by lawmakers to minimise a leadership vacuum.朴槿惠表示她将按照国会约定议程辞职,以尽量减少权力真空。I’ll leave everything about my future to parliament, including shortening my term, she said in a televised address. 她在电视讲话中表示:我会把我未来的一切交给国会,包括缩短我的任期。I will step down, according to the schedule and legal procedures agreed by lawmakers for the stable transfer of power.我会按照国会商定的议程和法律程序下台,以平稳移交权力。Her speech comes as she faces mounting public calls to resign a move she has so far resisted, saying most of the influence-peddling allegations involving her close aides have yet to be proved. 在公众不断高涨的辞职呼声下,朴槿惠发表了此番讲话。此前她一直拒绝辞职,表示大部分关于她亲信以权谋私的指控都有待实。Hundreds of thousands of South Koreans have taken to the streets on recent weekends demanding her resignation.最近几个周末,成千上万名韩国人上街游行要求她下台。Even as close aides have been indicted over alleged abuse of power, Ms Park has rejected state prosecutorsrequests to question her over the saga, with her lawyer saying she will comply with a probe by a separate independent counsel.虽然其亲信不断被控滥用权力,但朴槿惠拒绝检察官就该事件向她提出质疑,朴槿惠的律师表示她将遵从独立律师的调查。Prosecutors allege Ms Park allowed her long-time friend Choi Soon-sil to meddle in state affairs extensively and extort funds from top South Korean companies for non-profit foundations controlled by Ms Choi. 韩国检方指控朴槿惠允许她的密友崔顺Choi Soon-sil)大量干涉政府事务,并通过崔顺实控制的非营利基金会向韩国企业巨头索取资金。Ms Park was named as a criminal conspirator in the scheme.朴槿惠被称为该犯罪计划中的共谋者。The latest announcement comes as lawmakers prepare a motion to impeach the president, which could go to a vote as early as Friday. 朴槿惠发表这一最新公告之时,适逢韩国国会准备提交动议弹劾总统,该动议最早可能在本周五举行投票。Even Ms Park’s political allies in the ruling party have called for her to opt for an honorary resignation instead.就连朴槿惠在执政党内的政治盟友也呼吁她选择荣誉辞职。来 /201611/480842上饶市立医院韩式隆鼻多少钱上饶激光祛斑价格横峰县注射丰唇一针多少钱

上饶肿瘤医院整形美容中心上饶纹眼线Theresa May has struck a defiant tone against those seeking to halt or slow down Brexit, urging Europhiles to “accept what the people decided特里Theresa May)对那些寻求阻止或延缓英国退欧的人士作出强硬表态,敦促亲欧者“接受人民的决定”。The prime minister warned that if the government was forced to get parliament’s mandate for triggering Article 50 the mechanism for leaving the EU Britain would end up with a worse deal.英国首相警告称,如果政府被迫在获得议会授权之后才能触发《里斯本条约》第50条——退出欧盟的机制——英国最终会得到更糟糕的退欧安排。The opposition Labour party said on Sunday that it would not “hold upthe Article 50 process.反对党工党周日表示,该党不会“阻止”第50条的进程。Jeremy Corbyn, the leader, suggested in an earlier interview that the party would vote against Mrs May unless she adopted his “Brexit bottom lines including full access to the single market and the protection of workersrights.工党领袖杰里科尔Jeremy Corbyn)在较早前的一次采访中暗示,除非梅采纳了他的“退欧底线”(包括全面保持单一市场准入和保护工人权利),否则工党将投票反对梅。But he later said: “There must be transparency and accountability on Brexit terms. We won’t block Article 50 but will fight for a Brexit that works for Britain.”但他后来表示:“退欧条款必须有透明度和问责机制。我们党不会阻止0条,但会为一个对英国有利的退欧安排而斗争。”Labour and the Lib Dems are expected to work together to put pressure on Mrs May to give more details of her negotiating position, if she is forced to pass legislation allowing her to invoke Article 50.如果梅不得不争取议会通过允许她触发第50条的立法,预计工党和自由民主党将联合起来向梅施压,要求她介绍有关她的谈判立场的更多细节。On the eve of her first major trade trip as prime minister to India Mrs May told MPs and peers who regretted the result of the EU referendum that they had to accept the public’s vote from June.在她作为首相展开首次重大经贸之旅(前往印度)前夕,梅告诉那些对退欧公投结果感到遗憾的上下两院的议员,他们必须接受6月份的投票结果。(上图为梅抵达印度的新德里机场——编者注)High Court judges stunned the government on Thursday by pronouncing that it cannot invoke Article 50 without a vote in parliament, a decision which ministers are trying to overturn in the Supreme Court.英国高等法院法官上周四裁定,政府不能在没有提交议会投票表决的情况下触发第50条,这个裁定震惊了政府。目前部长级官员们正试图在最高法院推翻这一裁定。Mrs May said in a statement on Saturday night that her focus was to get on with delivering Brexit: “The result was clear. It was legitimate,she said.梅在上周六晚发布的一份声明中表示,她的工作重点是完成退欧任务:“结果很清楚。这是合法的,”她说。“We need to turn our minds to how we get the best outcome for our country,the prime minister said.“我们需要把精力转向如何为我国争取最好的结果,”英国首相表示。“That means sticking to our plan and timetable, getting on with the work of developing our negotiating strategy and not putting all our cards on the table that is not in our national interest and it won’t help us get the best deal for Britain.”“这意味着坚守我们的计划和时间表,踏踏实实拟定我们的谈判战略,而不是把我们手上的牌都放在谈判桌上——那不符合我们的国家利益,无助于我们为英国争取最好的安排。”来 /201611/476529Hackers with apparent ties to Russia have conducted a series of cyber attacks on US media outlets including The New York Times, CNN reported Tuesday.美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)上周四报道称,与俄罗斯有明显联系的黑客们对包括《纽约时报》在内的美国媒体实施了一系列的攻击行为。The FBI and other US law enforcement agencies are examining the breaches, US officials told CNN, and investigators believe Russian intelligence is likely to be behind the hacks.美国政府人员在接受CNN采访时表示,美国联邦调查局和其他美国执法机构正在调查这些违法行为,并且调查人员相信黑客背后很可能是俄罗斯情报机构。The FBI did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and a spokeswoman did not confirm the investigation to CNN.美国联邦调查局没有立刻要求俄罗斯方面进行解释,并且一位女发言人也没有向CNN实该调查。According to CNN, investigators think the latest hacks are part of a broader of series of attacks that also targeted Democratic Party organizations.据CNN报道,调查人员认为最新的黑客攻击是范围更大的一系列袭击的一部分,这些袭击目标也包括美国民主党的组织机构。Hillary Clintons campaign has accused Moscow of hacking into Democratic National Committee emails.希拉釷克林顿阵营已经在竞选活动中指责莫斯科政府入侵民主党全国委员会电子邮箱。CNN said Russian hackers are also believed to be attempting cyber attacks on Washingtons many think tanks, which frequently employee former government officials to provide expert analysis on national security issues.CNN报道称,俄罗斯的黑客们也被认为试图对很多华盛顿的智库进行网络攻击,这些智库经常会聘用一些前政府官员对国家安全事务提出专业化的分析。Cyber vulnerabilities have become something of a crisis in the US government.网络漏洞已经成为美国政府的一个危机。Even Americas top cyber snooping organization, the National Security Agency, is in the midst of a hacking scandal in which it appears some of its top secret code was leaked or stolen.甚至美国顶尖网络侦测组织--美国国家安全局,也陷入了窃听丑闻中,它的一些顶级密码似乎也遭到泄露或被盗。来 /201608/463778上饶小腿减肥多少钱WASHINGTON Staring intently at the dual screens inside a flight simulator this month at the University of Pittsburgh, President Obama tapped the controls in front of him, firing faux thrusters as he pretended to maneuver his space shuttle toward the International Space Station. Pulse up. Pulse to the right. Left. Down. Down. Left. Left.华盛顿——本月,在匹茨堡大学(University of Pittsburgh)的一个飞行模拟器里,奥巴马总统专注地盯着两块屏幕,操作着他面前的控制装置,启动模拟推进器。他是在假装操作自己驾驶的航天飞机飞向国际空间站。逐渐向上。向右渐转。左。下。下。左。左。“Uber shuttle,the beaming president told reporters after a brief but successful docking mission, joking that the next market for Uber would be outer space. “In case anyone calls, we’ll be there in five minutes.”“优步飞机,”满脸笑容的总统在结束了短暂但成功的对接任务后对记者说,并开玩笑称优Uber)的下一个市场是外太空。“要是有人叫飞机,我们五分钟后就到。”For nearly eight years, the presidency has been Mr. Obama’s science and technology playground, a place where he sought to become the advocate in chief for industries pushing advanced batteries, powerful medical devices and cutting-edge research.在近八年时间里,总统职位一直是奥巴马的科技游乐场。在这个职位上,他试图成为推行先进的电池、强大的医疗设备和前沿研究的行业的首席倡导者。“I’m a nerd, and I don’t make any apologies for it,Mr. Obama said after his faux shuttle flight. He added: “It’s cool stuff. And it is that thing that sets us apart, that ability to imagine and hypothesize, and then test and figure stuff out, and tinker and make things and make them better, and then break them down and rework them.”“我是个书呆子,对此我没有丝毫的歉意,”奥巴马在模拟飞行结束后说,并接着表示:“这是一件很酷的事情。正是这个东西让我们与众不同,这种想象和假设,然后试验并弄明白,不断修改和发明创造并逐步改善,然后把它们拆散重做。”With less than three months left in his presidency, Mr. Obama is preparing for a life after the White House that will most likely include a close relationship with Silicon Valley. Officials running Mr. Obama’s presidential foundation have made about 10 trips to tech strongholds in California in the past year as they help him plot his next steps.在总统任期只剩下不到三个月的情况下,奥巴马正在为离开白宫后的生活做准备。卸任后的生活极有可能涉及到他与硅谷的亲密关系。过去一年里,奥巴马的总统基金会的负责人前往加利福尼亚州的科技要塞大约十次,帮他部署接下来的步骤。“I wouldn’t be surprised if that was one of the key focus areas for him post-presidency,said Steve Case, a co-founder of AOL.“如果那是他卸任后的重点关注领域之一,我不会惊讶,”美国在AOL)联合创始人史蒂夫#8226;凯斯(Steve Case)说。The path from the Obama White House to the tech giants many of them major political donors to Mr. Obama is aly well worn.从奥巴马领导的白宫到科技巨头——其中很多都是奥巴马重要的政治捐助者——已经是一条老路了。来 /201610/474615上饶去斑多少钱

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