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6.Positive people do not let their fears interfere with their lives!6.乐观人群不会让恐惧打乱自己的生活Positive people have observed that those who are defined and pulled back by their fears never really truly live a full life. While proceeding with appropriate caution, they do not let fear keep them from trying new things. They realize that even failures are necessary steps for a successful life. They have confidence that they can get back up when they are knocked down by life events or their own mistakes, due to a strong belief in their personal resilience.乐观人群明白,那些被恐惧所左右和束缚的人永远无法真正活出自己。他们也会保持适度的谨慎,但绝不会因为恐惧而放弃对新事物的尝试。他们深知,失败也是通向成功的必经之路。他们坚信,哪怕被生活中的挫折或自己犯下的错误所打倒,他们也可以重新站起来,因为他们对于自己的抗击打能力有着强大的信念。7.Positive people smile a lot!7.乐观人群常常微笑When you feel positive on the inside it is like you are smiling from within, and these smiles are contagious. Furthermore, the more others are with positive people, the more they tend to smile too! They see the lightness in life, and have a sense of humor even when it is about themselves. Positive people have a high degree of self-respect, but refuse to take themselves too seriously!如果你感到乐观向上,你也会发自内心地微笑,而且这种微笑是可以感染他人的。和乐观人群相处越久的人也越容易微笑!乐观人群善于发现生活的闪光点,而且富有幽默感,也不介意拿自己开玩笑。他们也有很强的自尊,但不会太把自己当回事儿!8.People who are positive are great communicators.8.乐观人群善于交流They realize that assertive, confident communication is the only way to connect with others in everyday life. They avoid judgmental, angry interchanges, and do not let someone else#39;s blow up give them a reason to react in kind. Rather, they express themselves with tact and finesse. They also refuse to be non-assertive and let people push them around. They refuse to own problems that belong to someone else.乐观人群明白,自信的交流是日常生活中和他人沟通的唯一途径。他们会避免批判性的、愤怒的交谈,也不会因为他人出言不逊就以牙还牙。相反地,他们在自我表达时善于运用机智和策略。他们还充满自信,绝不会人云亦云,也不会亦步亦趋跟着别人犯错误。9.Positive people realize that if you live long enough, there are times for great pain and sadness.9.乐观人群明白,你活得越长,痛苦和悲伤也越多。One of the most common misperceptions about positive people is that to be positive, you must always be happy. This can not be further from the truth. Anyone who has any depth at all is certainly not happy all the time. Being sad, angry, disappointed are all essential emotions in life. How else would you ever develop empathy for others if you lived a life of denial and shallow emotions? Positive people do not run from the gamut of emotions, and accept that part of the healing process is to allow themselves to experience all types of feelings, not only the happy ones. A positive person always holds the hope that there is light at the end of the darkness.9.对乐观人群一个最普遍的误解就是,他们每时每刻都很快乐。这简直大错特错。任何一个头脑正常的人都不可能永远保持快乐。悲伤、愤怒和失望也是生命中不可缺少的情绪。如果你只拥有一些简单肤浅的情绪,如何能做到对他人感同身受呢?乐观人群在面对各种情绪时不会逃避,他们认为情绪上的治愈过程有助于他们体验多种情感,而不仅仅是“快乐”这一种。他们总是相信,黑暗的尽头必定有光明。10.Positive person are empowered people – they refuse to blame others and are not victims in life.10.乐观人群善于掌控自己的人生,他们不会责怪他人,也不会做生活的受害者。Positive people seek the help and support of others who are supportive and safe. They have identified their own basic human rights, and they respect themselves too much to play the part of a victim. There is no place for holding grudges with a positive mindset. Forgiveness helps positive people become better, not bitter.10.乐观人群会向有能力而且可靠的人寻求帮助和持。他们很明确自己的基本人权,而且非常维护自己的尊严,因此绝不会扮演受害者的角色。乐观人群有着积极的心态,绝不会心存怨恨。宽容有助于乐观人群抛弃愁苦,使他们的生活更美好。 /201208/196378这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:有时候,不是讲理的时候;还是用城管的方法,虽然简单粗暴,但是它有效!译者:koogle

Your flight gets canceled and the airline says it doesn#39;t have a seat for you for a full day. But you find another airline has a flight leaving in one hour. What to do?你的航班取消了,航空公司说全天都无法给你安排座位,但是你发现另一家航空公司一小时后有一趟离港的航班,你该怎么办?Beg the airline to send your ticket to its competitor. Do it nicely, because there#39;s no rule that says the airline has to help you.你只能请求航空公司把你的机票转给它的竞争对手。要好好求人家,因为没有一条规定说航空公司必须帮你的忙。How to regulate good service and fair dealings, if at all, has been a quandary for years. But stakes are higher now. The average airline load factor -- the percentage of seats filled -- rose to 82.8% last year, the highest for scheduled air service since 1945. With planes so full, airlines have limited reserve capacity to rebook customers after flights get canceled. Some passengers wait for days to get to destinations.如果航空业规范优质务和公平交易多年来一直是一个让人为难的问题,而现在的风险则更高了。航空公司的平均载客率──座位使用的百分比──去年上升到了82.8%,是1945年以来定期航班载客率的最高水平。由于飞机载客太满,当航班取消之后,航空公司为乘客重新订票的备用票源非常有限。有些乘客等了好几天才到达目的地。The Department of Transportation says over the last four years it has taken a more aggressive stance on passenger rights, pushing through regulations to curb long tarmac delays, increase compensation for ticketed passengers involuntarily bumped from flights and require airlines to always display the full price of airfares, including taxes and fees. Airlines let passengers either cancel or hold a reservation without penalty for 24 hours and reimburse baggage fees if bags are lost, because DOT requires them to.美国交通部(The Department of Transportation)表示,它在过去的四年里为保障乘客的权利采取了更加激进的姿态,通过制定规章来限制长时间的停机坪延误,增加对那些非出于本意而未能上飞机的持票乘客的补偿,并要求航空公司始终明示含税费的全价机票价格。航空公司在24小时内可以允许乘客选择取消或保持预订而不用付违约金,如果行李遗失,航空公司还要赔偿行李费用,因为交通部责令它们这么做。Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who is stepping down after four years, said in an interview he became frustrated with airline service flying between Washington, D.C., and his home state of Illinois, and set out to force improvement. #39;When people are paying a pretty good amount of money to fly, they ought to be given the service they paid for and they ought to be treated with respect and treated like adults,#39; he said.履职四年后即将卸任的交通部长雷#8226;拉胡德(Ray LaHood)在一次采访中说,他本人在华盛顿特区和家乡伊利诺伊州之间往返时的乘机体验,让他对航空务深感不满,于是着手强制整改。他说:“当人们花了可观的一笔钱来坐飞机时,他们应该得到物有所值的务,应该受到尊重,得到一名成年人理应得到的待遇。”The Republican supported passenger-rights legislation every year when he was a U.S. representative, but every attempt in Congress has failed. As DOT secretary, Mr. LaHood grew outraged at passengers stuck on planes for nine-plus hours in deplorable conditions, and pushed through hefty penalties for airlines that keep people on planes longer than three hours without a chance to deplane. The tarmac delay rule has dramatically curbed lengthy strandings.当拉胡德还是一名众议员的时候,共和党每年都持有关乘客权利的立法,但是每次尝试都未能在国会获得通过。身为交通部长的拉胡德对乘客被迫在飞机上悲惨地滞留九个多小时这种事大为愤慨,于是他对那些让乘客在飞机上呆了三个小时以上时间还无法下飞机的航空公司开出了高额的罚单。限制停机坪延误的规定则大大抑制了飞机长时间滞留停机坪这类事情的发生。Passengers have some other protections:乘客还能享受到其它一些保护:Airlines typically provide meals and hotels when travelers are stranded overnight because of an airline problem, though not because of weather or other exceptions.由于航空公司的原因旅客被迫整夜滞留机场的时候,航空公司通常要为旅客提供餐饮和住宿,不过天气及其它一些意外原因不在此规定之列。When airlines lose bags, they#39;re on the hook to pay out as much as ,300 per passenger for domestic trips. (Carriers set the value of possessions lost, however.)当航空公司遗失了行李时,它们将面临为每位国内乘客付可能高达3,300美元的赔偿。(不过,丢失财产的价值由承运商确定。)Fliers bumped from overbooked flights and stuck for hours are entitled to four times their ticket price, up to ,300, on the spot in cash.因航班超额预订而未能登机的乘客以及被困机场数小时的乘客有权当场获得四倍于购票价格、最高达1,300美元的赔偿。But beyond overbooking, baggage and tarmac delays, government and Congress have largely struggled to figure out rules and requirements. Last year Congress created a four-member committee to advise the DOT on what passenger protections were needed.在超额预订、行李和停机坪延误等方面的问题之外,联邦政府和国会做出了很大的努力来制订其他方面的相关规章和要求。去年,国会组建了一个四人委员会,向交通部提交有关必要的乘客保护措施的建议。The panel, which included airline and airport officials, advocated some basic principles like knowing the cost of the entire trip before purchasing a ticket.成员包括航空公司和机场高管的这个委员会提出了一些基本的原则,比如,让乘客在购买机票前了解整个旅程的费用。The only firm recommendation? That DOT require airports and airlines to provide #39;animal relief areas.#39;唯一具体的建议是什么呢?建议交通部要求机场和航空公司设立“动物排便区域”。Passenger advocates say plenty more should be done. #39;Passengers have very few rights and many of the ones on paper are not really enforced,#39; says Paul Hudson, executive director of the nonprofit Aviation Consumer Action Project, which advocates for airline passengers.乘客权益倡导者表示,应该规定的事项还有很多。为飞机乘客代言的非盈利组织“航空消费者行动计划”(Aviation Consumer Action Project)的常务董事保罗#8226;哈德森(Paul Hudson)说:“乘客本来就没有多少权利,而已成文的规定中有很多实际上并没有得到真正的贯彻。”One of the biggest problems, Mr. Hudson says, is that Congress exempted airlines from state laws so consumers can only take disputes to federal court, not state court. That raises the cost and the legal threshold to sue an airline. #39;In every other industry you have consumer protection laws that are state and local,#39; Mr. Hudson said. #39;Airlines argue they can#39;t be regulated by patchwork state laws, but Wal-Mart is.#39;哈德森说,最大的问题之一是,国会让航空公司免于州法律的约束,因此消费者只能将纠纷起诉到联邦法院而不是州法院。这就提高了起诉航空公司的费用和法律门槛。他说:“对于其它的所有行业,你都可以找到保护消费者的州及地方法律。航空公司声称他们不能受各州不同的法律管理,可是沃尔玛(Wal-Mart)却可以。”Airlines for America, the industry#39;s lobbying group, says air travel is almost always crossing state lines and airlines can#39;t be subjected to a particular state#39;s rules. Carriers have improved service on their own and are responding to passenger issues without legislation or regulation that could raise ticket prices, the group says.航空业的游说组织美国航空运输协会(Airlines for America)表示,航空旅行差不多都是跨越州界的,航空公司不能受某个特定州的规定约束。该组织表示,承运商已经自行改善了务,并且对法律、法规没有规定、却又可能引起机票涨价的客运问题做出了回应。#39;Other industries are not subjected to such irrational rules,#39; A4A Chief Executive Nick Calio said in recent Senate testimony.美国航空运输协会的首席执行长尼克#8226;卡利奥(Nick Calio)在最近的参议院听会上说:“其它行业面临的情况没有这么特殊。”When the industry was regulated before 1978, a federal rule known as Rule 240 required airlines to send customers to competitors if they canceled flights. Without Rule 240, passengers often can#39;t use their ticket on another airline that might have available seats.1978年以前,当航空业受到监管的时候,一项名为Rule 240的联邦法规要求航空公司在取消航班的时候把乘客转给竞争对手。如今没有了Rule 240的约束,乘客经常无法凭原有的机票改乘到另一家有空余座位的航空公司的航班。Eight years ago, the European Union established what seemed like far-reaching consumer protections, requiring that airlines compensate passengers for long delays and cancellations. The intent was to force carriers to reduce delays and cancellations due to light bookings.八年前,欧盟(European Union)制定了似乎可以切实保护消费者的措施,要求航空公司对长时间的航班延误和航班取消给予乘客赔偿,这样做的目的是强制承运商减少航班延误以及由于订票数量少而取消航班的行为。But the groundbreaking effort didn#39;t go particularly well. Passenger protections proved confusing and, to a large extent, hollow. Airlines were given a broad exemption for #39;extraordinary circumstances#39; and often refused to pay passenger claims. Little has changed.但是这一开拓性的努力并没有达到特别好的效果。这些乘客保护措施最终明是令人费解的,而且在很大程度上是空洞无用的。航空公司被赋予了一大堆“非常情况”的豁免权,多数情况下都拒绝了乘客的索赔。情况没有怎么改变。The European Commission#39;s latest stabs at regulation take a more pragmatic approach. If enacted, it would give European travelers firmer protections than what U.S. passengers receive.欧盟委员会(European Commission)最近起草了更为务实的监管政策。如果获得通过,它给予欧洲旅客的保护比美国旅客得到的保护会更实在。Earlier this month, the commission proposed revisions that would strengthen some areas for consumers and give airlines more latitude in others. If an airline can#39;t re-route a passenger within 12 hours, it would have to book a customer on another airline or train. But airlines would have five hours before they#39;d have to pay compensation for delays, instead of three hours.上个月,欧盟委员会提出了修订案,强化了维护乘客利益方面的一些内容,而在另一些方面给予了航空公司更多的回旋余地。如果航空公司在12小时内不能为乘客安排另一个航班,它就必须为乘客预订另一家航空公司的机票或者火车票,不过航空公司因为航班延误而赔偿乘客的时限从三小时改成了五小时。#39;Cancellations are always worse for the passenger than delay,#39; says Frank Laurent, a policy officer for the European Commission in Brussels who helped draft the rules. #39;This proposal is much more realistic.#39;布鲁塞尔欧盟委员会里参与起草这些法规的政策官员弗兰克#8226;劳伦特(Frank Laurent)说:“航班取消对乘客的影响一般比航班延误更大。这项提案要务实得多。”The EC plan has been criticized by consumer groups as a watering down of passenger protections and by airlines as an unnecessary burden in compensation and rerouting. Mr. Laurent says the criticism from both sides probably means the proposal found middle ground.欧盟委员会的计划被消费者组织指责为削弱了对乘客的保护,而航空公司则批评该计划增加了不必要的赔偿及重新安排航班的负担。劳伦特说来自双方的批评也许意味着这项提案找到了中间立场。#39;What we tried to do with this proposal,#39; he said, #39;is to find a balance.#39;他说:“对于这项提案我们尽力要做到的,就是找到平衡。” /201304/236290These days, nearly every movie that hits the multiplex is a modernized version of some previously existing feature film. (Hollywood may not call it a straight up remake, but that#39;s not really their style.) But is the trend to rehash old films all that new? A closer look at history reveals... not really.这些天,几乎每一部轰动影院的电影都是一些先前已有的故事片的现代化版本。(好莱坞可能不会称之为重拍,但这不是他们的风格。)但是这一趋势势必将所有的老电影都翻新?仔细看看历史所揭示的…不一定的。Since the drawn of cinema, producers have been going back to old ideas for inspiration, twisting the plots of movies into brand new ones. With major brands being repurposed time and time again (a move that#39;s kept the horror genre alive for the past decade) and the window of time necessary to let the original stew dwindling (we#39;re looking at you Spider-Man!), the remakes that flood theaters are obvious callbacks. The ;remake; aspect is can even be part of the appeal — ;See BLANK, now new and improved with 21st century technology!;自从电影院产生,制片人一直在回到旧片寻找灵感,改编情节使其成为全新的电影。随着主要名片一次又一次地翻拍(在过去十年里此举一直使得恐怖题材鲜活如初)和所需的时间空隙让原版的担忧减少(我们在期盼着你,蜘蛛侠!),那些涌入影院的翻拍是明显的召唤。“翻拍”部分甚至可以成为部分的吸引力——“看看空白,现在21世纪的技术都是全新和改进的!”That said, there are plenty of remakes that don#39;t wear their source material on their sleeves. The reasons are a plenty: maybe their roots are half a century old, from overseas, or weren#39;t terribly good to begin with. Knowing that it#39;s time to embrace the ;remake; in a positive light, Hollywood.com took a look back at some of the lesser known redos in a gallery we like to call...那就是说,很多翻拍作品都不会全部遵循原来的剧本。原因很多:也许他们根植于半个世纪之前的历史,来自海外,或不太好的开始。知道现在是时候以积极之态拥抱“翻拍之作”了,好莱坞网站在一个我们喜欢回忆的图库中回顾了一些不太知名的重拍作品…… /201211/207141

Romance: Pisces (February 19-March 20):Pisces is a constellation south of Andromeda. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, which the sun enters on or around February 21.The story of Pisces started from Venus, the Queen of Love. When Venus was young, she fell in love with David — the most handsome man in ancient Rome. But, David was perfect and Venus had a broken arm. Her deformity was nothing but perfection in David’s eyes. Their coupling was the great love in divinity, because the gods gave them a precious gift, their child Cupid.Cupid was a cute boy with wings and carried a bow and arrow with him at all times. Two people shot by his arrow would fall in love with each other and be happy ever after. However, Cupid himself could not acquire happiness because he never shot himself.One day, there was a banquet in heaven. Venus took her son Cupid to participate in it. A girl with pretty image but sad eyes attracted Cupid. He wanted to find out why and it turned out this girl was the daughter of the Prophet Solomon. Solomon predicted that this banquet would be a disaster and her daughter named Bloodstone was to be the sacrifice. After hearing that, Cupid was very sad and fell in love with her unconsciously.Suddenly, a monster appeared and destroyed the banquet. This monster was hostile to all the gods but there was no way to escape. But Bloodstone said, “We must kill this monster.” Forgetting her father’s prediction, Bloodstone was brave enough to rush at the monster. Cupid was so worried about Bloodstone’s safety that he accidentally shot the monster and Bloodstone at the same time. Meanwhile, Venus found her son and they jumped into the river. They escaped by becoming two fish. Venus held onto Cupid tightly. Looking back with tears, Cupid was heart-broken to see they were disappearing in the universe.For thousands of years, this faint zodiacal constellation has been seen either as one or two fish. Pisces lies between Aries and Aquarius in the northern skies.星座起源的美丽传说:双鱼的浪漫鱼也有眼泪,只因在水中哭泣,我们看不见罢了。爱神丘比特也有自己的爱情。只不过,那是一段很远很远的往事了,没有人记得,也没有人提起。故事要从美神维纳斯说起。当维纳斯还很年轻的时候,她爱上了大卫——这个古罗马传说中最美的男子。大卫是完美的,而维纳斯是残缺的,她是一个断臂美女,她的残缺在大卫眼中却是如此的完整。他们的结合是神界里最伟大的爱情,正因如此上天赐给他们一件最能象征爱情的礼物,那就是他们的孩子丘比特。   丘比特是一个长着双翼的可爱男孩,他有一把玲珑的神弓,凡是被他的箭射中的人们都会相爱,而且会永远幸福。但是,同样渴望爱情的丘比特却不能带给自己幸福,因为他无法用箭射中自己。就在那次神的宴会上,维纳斯带着心爱的儿子丘比特去参加,一个神情特别的女孩闯进了丘比特的心。这个女孩很漂亮,却一脸的黯然神伤,丘比特走上前询问原因,原来这个女孩是预言家所罗门的女儿,所罗门曾经预言这是一场灾难的宴会,而她,血石,将成为这场灾难的祭献。丘比特听后非常的伤心,因为他不仅同情女孩的遭遇,而且已经不知不觉间爱上了她。就在这个时候,可怕的百眼怪出现了!它呼风唤雨,将宴会搅得一塌糊涂。百眼怪是专门与众神为敌的,它本领很大,众神拿它都没有办法,除了拼命的逃离。血石说:“不能再这样下去了,我们终究要除掉这个恶魔。”她似乎忘记了父亲的预言,勇敢的冲向了怪物。而丘比特万分担心血石的情况下,竟慌乱的朝怪物射了一箭,他只想击退他,却忘了他自己的箭是做什么用的。不幸的是这只箭不仅射中了怪物,还射中了奔向怪物的血石!与此同时,维纳斯找到了心爱的儿子,拉起他跳进河里,他们变成两条鱼来脱险。丘比特无法挣脱母亲的手,他含泪回头望着,望着血石和怪物一起离开,消失在茫茫的宇宙中……后来,天上就有了一个星座叫双鱼,可是丘比特不在上面,他一个人孤独的坐在木星上,有的时候会向着地球的方向射上一箭。于是,浪漫的双鱼座女孩就会在世界末日与陌生人共舞,爱上他,然后移民到另一个星球去结婚生子…… /201209/200044Time is a commodity that people will pay a pretty penny to have more of, but the only way to be able to have more time in your day to do the things you like is to be moreefficient. Starting a time log to better keep track of your day:时间是一种人们愿意花钱买更多的商品,但是挤更多时间做喜欢的事的唯一办法是变得更有效率。可以写时间日志来更好的追踪一天行程:Like tracking meals, tracking time keeps us from spending it mindlessly or lying to ourselves about what we do with it. Write down what you#39;re doing as often as you remember for at least a week. Checking Facebook five times a day at six minutes a pop adds up to two and a half hours in a workweek.像记录每餐食物一样,记录时间能防止我们随意浪费或者欺骗自己这段时间干了什么。只要你想得起来,尽量经常写下你做过的事,至少持续一周。每天浏览Facebook五次,一次六分钟,那在工作时间总共花了两个半小时。The first step to being more time efficient is to assess how you#39;re currently spending your time. If you#39;ve been spending time on unnecessary work, maybe it#39;s time to start delegating the task to someone else or finding some other alternative solution. And if you figure out your most productive time of the day, you should probably schedule the more challenging tasks for that time period.做事更有效率的第一步是估量你现在是如何配时间的。如果你一直在不必要的工作上花时间,那是时候把任务委派给别人或者寻求别的解决方法了。如果你找到了一天中最有效率的时间点,应该把最富挑战性的工作安排在那段时间。 /201212/212405You look out the window of your home each night after dinner, staring across the street at your neighbors. You long for the cars they drive, their weekly manicured lawns, and even the vacations they seem to take several times a year.吃完晚饭,你朝窗外望去,目光穿过小路看到了邻居。你羡慕他家的车子,每周修剪的草地,甚至每年几次的假期。But there are several reasons our can neighbors afford so many of the things we would love to have:但邻居拥有我们追求的生活不是没有原因的:1. Perception is Everything1. 眼睛会骗人Your perception may be skewed. You see fancy cars in the driveway, and the trim lawns between your toes. You watch work crews going in and out of the awesome remodeling projects happening inside. Yet, none of that means your neighbors are wealthier than you are. Just because you see them as more affluent, doesn’t mean they are.眼睛里看到的东西未必是真实的。你看到车道上的靓车,脚下整齐的草地,看到他家进进出出的装修工人,忙着为屋子重新装修。但这些都不能表示邻居比你有钱。这只是你的错觉,不是实际情况。You are only able to see above the surface of their spending, meaning you have no idea what’s happening down below.你只看到他们表面上花钱的情况,不知道人家在你看不到的地方过什么样的日子。2. Allocation is Essential2. 钱花在哪里是关键While you choose to consistently save money for your kids’ education, and retirement later in life, they are spending what they believe are excess funds on their cars and homes. They might be making the shallow choice to spend their money on what people can see, while you are spending your money on the life you want to live, both today and tomorrow. You choose to pay for piece of mind.当你决定要为孩子的教育和未来的养老存钱时,你的邻居却把额外的钱花在车子和房子上。也许他们只是肤浅地把钱花在大家都看得见的地方,可是你是用钱创造自己现在和未来的理想生活。你是在为自己的理想买单。It’s how your neighbors allocate their income that makes them seem richer than they are.看起来邻居好像很有钱,其实是他们花钱的地方和你不同。3. Perks Matter3. 福利很重要While Your neighbors’ salaries might be slightly more than yours, it isn’t enough to justify the massive leap in spending. However, fringe benefits can greatly widen the gap. Perks such as cars, phones, laptops, and more can give the recipient an amazing leg up when it comes to freeing money for other pleasures.虽然你的邻居可能工资高一点,但这不足以解释你们消费的巨大差异。不过,福利会加大你们之间的消费差距,比如汽车、电话、笔记本电脑等,有了这些福利,你的邻居就有闲钱享乐了。4. Luxuries of the Mature4. 家庭的成长可以增加消费的自由度As families mature, houses get paid off and savings grow. Even if your children do go to the same school, their children are older, and they have a few years on you as well. Those could be years spent paying on their house and putting money in the bank.随着家庭的成长,家里的出会减少,存款会增多。即使你和邻居的孩子上的是同一所学校,只要他们家庭比你的家庭组建年数长,就会比你稍显富有。因为他们已经还了房贷,并且有存款了。Imagine how much more freedom you would have without also having to manage your monthly mortgage.想想如果没有月供,自己花钱能有多少自由度。5. Their Lives Might be Plastic5. 月光族有什么好羡慕的Your neighbors might be disciples, worshiping the power of the plastic. While you are smart enough to understand the headaches of undisciplined credit, your neighbors might be living carelessly, buying short-term luxury today in exchange for a meager tomorrow.或许你的邻居是一个月光族,崇尚及时享乐。当你理解到烂刷信用卡的恶果时,他们说不定还在浑浑噩噩地生活,今天买了奢侈品,明天就要喝西北风了。6. They Know Where to Find Deals6. 你懂得精打细算I consider myself a connoisseur when it comes to finding great deals on groceries and kids clothing. Perhaps your neighbors also know something about finding deals on the things they need, freeing up more money for things they want.我自认为是一个淘杂货和儿童衣的行家。也许你的邻居也知道采购缺少的用品,只是钱要花得多一些。7. They Pay for Their Immediate Wants First7. 什么急就买什么Your neighbors could also have more money than you do because they prioritize differently, and pay from their savings for projects that they want done.你的邻居看起来比你有钱也可能是这个原因,他们分清事情的轻重缓急,只要是在计划之内的消费,就会拿出存款来。While my neighbors may or may not make have more money than me, I don’t let it influence the way that I live. I spend money in the way that’s most important for my family, both for a better, more comfortable today, and for a brighter tomorrow.邻居也许比我有钱,也许比我穷。但我不会让财富的差距影响自己的生活。我花钱的原则就是,对家庭有利,为了更好更舒适的今天,为了更光明的未来。 /201301/222721

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