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In 2009, an influential panel of medical experts ignited a nationwide uproar by suggesting that women needed fewer mammograms than had long been recommended. Instead of starting at age 40 and being screened every year, women with average risk of breast cancer could safely begin at 50 and be tested every other year, the group said, citing extensive data to support its advice. It also said that after 74, there was not enough evidence to determine whether routine mammography was worthwhile.2009年,一权威医学专家小组提出,女性并不像此前长期以来建议的那样需要接受那么多乳腺X线影像检查。这个观点引发举国哗然。该小组表示,乳腺癌风险为普通级别的女性无需从40岁起每年筛查,等到50岁以后开始每隔一年进行检查也一样安全。该小组还引用了大量的数据来持自己的上述建议,并表示,目前尚无充足的据确定对74岁以上女性进行常规乳腺摄影筛查是否还有价值。Outrage ensued, from advocates for screening who said the advice would lead to delayed diagnoses and deaths.原筛查方案的拥护者随即表达了自己的愤怒之情,称这些新建议将会延误诊断并导致更多的死亡。On Monday, the same panel issued an update of its guidelines — and it is sticking to its guns. The basic advice, which applies to women with an average risk of breast cancer, was unchanged.1月11日,该小组更新了自己的指南,但并未让步,他们没有对适用于普通乳腺癌风险的妇女的基本建议作出更改。The recommendations are not immediately expected to affect insurance coverage. In December, Congress passed a bill requiring private insurers to pay for screening mammograms for women 40 and over every one to two years without copays, coinsurance or deductibles, through 2017.预计这些建议不会立即影响到医疗保险的覆盖范围。去年12月,美国国会通过了一项法案,要求私营保险公司为年满40岁的妇女付其每一到两年进行一次乳腺X线影像检查的费用,且不产生共付医疗费(copay,指超过了医保报销额度而需要患者自己付的那部分医药费——译注)、共同保险(coinsurance)和自付额度。该法案的有效期到2017年为止。But advocacy groups said they were worried about what will happen after 2017. “It would be great if screening could be covered forever,” said Carli Feinstein, chief of staff for Bright Pink, a national group focused on prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer.但倡导组织表示,他们担心2017年之后会怎样。专注乳腺癌和卵巢癌早期检测和预防的全国性组织Bright Pink的办公室主任卡利·范斯坦(Carli Feinstei)说:“如果筛查能永远涵盖在医保范围内就太好了。”The Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation also expressed concerns about insurance payment, and issued a statement saying that a lack of coverage would hit “high risk and underserved” women hardest, particularly black women, who are more prone than whites to aggressive types of breast cancer.苏珊·科曼乳腺癌防治基金会(Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation)也对医保报销问题表示忧虑,并发表声明称,如果不将乳腺癌筛查纳入保险范围之内,那么“本身风险就高且得不到足够医护务”的妇女,尤其是黑人妇女将受害最深,因为她们比白人妇女更容易患侵袭性乳腺癌。The panel issuing the guidelines is the ed States Preventive Services Task Force, an independent board of doctors and other experts appointed by the Department of Health and Human Services to evaluate screening tests, counseling and medications intended to prevent disease or detect it early. Panel members are volunteers, and consider only the scientific evidence in their evaluations, not cost or insurance coverage.发布上述新指南的小组名为美国预防务工作组(ed States Preventive Services Task Force),这是一个由美国卫生和公众务部(Department of Health and Human Service)指派的医生和其他专家所组成的独立委员会,其主要任务是评估那些旨在预防或及早发现疾病的筛查检测、咨询和药物。小组成员均为志愿者,其评估也只考虑到了科学据,并没有涉及费用或保险覆盖面等问题。The mammography guidelines, along with four editorials and seven supporting articles, were published on Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine.该乳腺摄影筛查指南,以及四篇文章和七篇配套的持性文章1月11日发表在《内科医学年鉴》(Annals of Internal Medicine)上。The task force emphasized that it was not advising against screening for women under 50 or over 74, or against screening every year as opposed to every other year. Rather, it says that women should choose for themselves — but that its guidelines offer the best overall balance of benefits and risks.该工作组强调,这些建议并不代表他们反对50岁以下或74岁以上的妇女进行筛查或每年筛查。更确切的说,他们认为女性应该自己选择——只是他们的指南提供了利益与风险的最佳综合平衡而已。The task force also examined data for two subjects not included in its 2009 report, and concluded that there was not enough evidence to recommend for or against either of them. One was additional testing, such as M.R.I. or ultrasound, for women with “dense” breast tissue, which makes it difficult to detect tumors with mammography. The other was screening with a newer test called 3-D mammography or digital breast tomosynthesis.该工作组还审查了其2009年报告中未囊括的两个主题:一是对乳房组织呈“致密”状态的妇女进行MRI或超声等额外检查(因为此时使用乳腺摄影筛查也难以发现肿瘤);二是使用最新的三维乳腺摄影或数字化乳腺断层摄影来进行筛查。但他们的结论是:尚无足够的据持或反对其中任何一条。Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in women in the ed States, after lung cancer. In 2015, there were about 232,000 new cases of breast cancer, and 40,000 deaths. The highest incidence is in women aged 55 to 64.乳腺癌是造成美国妇女因癌症死亡的第二大原因,仅次于肺癌。2015年,美国约有23.2万例乳腺癌新发病例,4万例死亡。55岁至64岁的妇女发病率最高。Dr. Constance Lehman, a professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School and director of breast imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital, who is not on the task force, said she was pleased to see that although its advice had not changed, the group had placed more of an emphasis than before on the importance of women’s having the freedom to decide how often to be screened and when to start.康斯坦丝·莱曼(Constance Lehman)士是哈佛医学院(Harvard Medical School)的放射学教授,也是美国麻省总医院(Massachusetts General Hospital)的乳腺影像科主任,但并非该工作组的成员。她表示,虽然工作组的建议最后并没有更改,但看到该小组比以往更加重视妇女选择何时开始筛查及筛查频率的自由,令她十分欣慰。The guidelines state that from ages 40 to 74, screening will reduce the odds of dying from breast cancer, with women 40 to 49 benefiting the least and those 60 to 69 benefiting the most. The task force said it concluded “with moderate certainty” that the benefit was moderate in women 50 to 74 and small in women 40 to 49.指南指出,在40岁到74岁的妇女中进行筛查都可以降低乳腺癌死亡率,40岁至49岁的妇女得益最少,而60岁至69岁的妇女受益最大。该工作组表示,他们有“中度把握”得出结论:50岁至74岁的妇女受益中等,而40岁至49岁的妇女受益较小。For every 10,000 women screened repeatedly over 10 years, four lives are saved in women 40 to 49; eight in women 50 to 59; 21 in women 60 to 69; and 13 in women 70 to 74, the task force found.工作组发现,对于每1万名在10年期间多次接受筛查的妇女,40岁至49岁年龄段中有4人避免了因乳腺癌死亡,在50岁至59岁年龄段中有8人,在60岁至69岁年龄段中有21人,在70岁至74岁年龄段中有13人。“The science supports mammography as an important tool in the fight against breast cancer,” said Dr. Michael LeFevre, a former chairman of the task force and a professor of medicine at the University of Missouri. He noted that breast cancer deaths have decreased since mammography came into widesp use in the 1980s, though some of the decline, he said, was also due to better treatments. “We believe the benefits increase with age. But there are harms, and particularly in their 40s, women have to make a decision for themselves.”工作组的前任主席,密苏里大学(University of Missouri)的医学教授迈克尔·勒菲弗(Michael LeFevre)士说:“科学持以乳腺摄影筛查作为与乳腺癌作斗争的重要工具。”他指出,自从20世纪80年代乳腺摄影筛查的广泛使用以来,乳腺癌的死亡人数有所减少(尽管其中也有一部分应该归功于更好的治疗方法)。“我们认为,收益随着年龄的增长而增加。只是筛查也有危害,尤其是对40多岁的女性,因此女性必须为自己拿主意。”One potential harm is false positives, in which a suspicious mammogram finding leads to more tests, sometimes even biopsies, but turns out to be harmless. The guidelines relied in part on a study of records from 405,191 women who had digital mammograms from 2003 to 2011, which found that false positives were common, especially in younger women. Among those 40 to 49 who had regular screening, for every 1,000 women tested, 121.2 had a false positive.其中一个潜在的危害是假阳性,从乳腺摄影筛查结果来看疑似发现了病灶,结果做了更多的检测,甚至组织活检,最后却发现是一场虚惊。该指南依据的一项研究显示,在2003年至2011年间接受数字化乳腺摄影筛查的40.5191万名妇女中,假阳性十分常见,在较年轻的女性中尤其如此。在定期接受筛查的40岁至49岁妇女中,每1000人中就有121.2例假阳性。Another study, in 2011, found that 61 percent of women who had yearly mammograms starting at age 40 had at least one false positive by the time they were 50. Being tested every other year instead of every year cut the rate of false positives significantly, to about 42 percent.2011年的另一项研究发现,在从40岁开始每年接受筛查的妇女中,有61%在50岁前至少遇到过一次假阳性结果。与每年筛查相比,每隔一年接受筛查时的假阳性率显著降低,约为42%。Another potential risk is overdiagnosis, meaning that some of the tiny cancers found in mammograms might never progress or threaten the patient’s life. But because there is now no way to be sure which cancers will turn dangerous, they are treated anyway. Researchers agree that overdiagnosis occurs, but they do not know how often.另一个潜在风险是过度诊断,意即,在乳腺摄影筛查中发现的某些微小的癌症病灶可能永远不至于进展到会威胁患者的生命。但是,因为目前无法确知哪些癌症病灶将来会带来危险,因此就对它们一视同仁地进行了治疗。研究人员也认同过度诊断确有发生,但他们也不清楚其发生率如何。Dr. Therese Bevers, medical director of the Cancer Prevention Center at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, said she thought the task force overemphasized the importance of drawbacks like false positives.休斯敦的得州大学安德森癌症中心(University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center)癌症防治中心(Cancer Prevention Center)的医务主任特蕾泽·贝弗斯(Therese Bevers)士表示,她认为工作组过分强调了假阳性等不利因素的重要性。Dr. Clifford A. Hudis, the chief of breast cancer medicine at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, also expressed concern: “The harm of a missed curable cancer is something profound. The harm of an unnecessary biopsy seems somewhat less to me.”纪念斯隆-凯特琳癌症中心(Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)的乳腺癌药物主管克利福德·A·休迪斯(Clifford A. Hudis)士也表示担忧:“如果错过了本来可以治愈的癌症,将会贻害深远。在我看来,与此相比,接受不必要的活检造成的危害不值一提。”Leading medical groups offer different advice about screening that leaves women and their doctors to puzzle it out for themselves. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network, an alliance of prominent cancer centers, recommends mammograms every year starting at age 40. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends them every year or two from ages 40 to 49, and every year after that.权威医疗团体提出的建议各不相同,令妇女们及其医生在决策时不知所措。美国顶尖癌症中心的联盟——美国国家综合癌症网络(National Comprehensive Cancer Network)建议从40岁开始,每年进行乳腺摄影筛查。美国妇产科医师学会(American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)的建议是,在40岁到49岁之间每一年或两年筛查一次,其后每年一次。In October, one of the most influential groups, the American Cancer Society, dialed back its advice. Although for many years the society recommended mammograms once a year starting at age 40, it now advises that screening start at 45, continue yearly through 54 and then shift to every other year.去年10月,美国最有影响力的团体之一,美国癌症协会(American Cancer Society)撤回了自己原先的建议。虽然多年来该协会一直建议从40岁开始每年进行乳腺摄影筛查,但他们现在建议从45岁到54岁之间每年筛查,其后改为每隔一年筛查一次。Recognizing the confusion, the cancer society, the cancer network and other groups will attend a private meeting in Washington on Jan. 28 and 29 to try to produce a single set of guidelines.癌症协会、癌症网络和其他团体纷纷意识到了这种乱象,他们将于1月28日和29日在华盛顿举行私人会议,尝试制定一套统一的指南。Representatives from the preventive services task force will attend, but the task force cannot sign onto consensus statements. It can change its advice only by issuing new guidelines, Dr. LeFevre said.预防务工作组的代表亦将参会,但工作组不能在一致的声明上署名。勒菲弗士表示,他们只能通过发布新的指南来更改其建议。 /201601/424053南昌大学上饶医院去除狐臭多少钱Ever wonder why there#39;s a teeny-tiny pocket above the regular ones in the front of your jeans? Or, more likely, have you ever gotten your thumb stuck in there due to its teeny-tiny smallness? Well, wonder no longer.有没有想过,牛仔裤口袋上方的迷你口袋用途何在?或者,更有可能的情况是,你有没有把大拇指插到这个口袋里然后拔不出来的经历?哈哈,我们今天就来揭开这个谜底。It#39;s a watch pocket, originally for men who wore pocket watches and needed a protective place to store them. Though, as Levi#39;s points out, the pocket has also served many other purposes over time, from condom storage to coin hoarding.这其实是一个表袋,最初是为有怀表的人设计的,怀表放在这里面刚刚好。不过,李维斯牛仔生产商也指出,这个口袋的功能多得很,放得了套套,也囤得下硬币。Faaahbulous!棒呆了啊!The burning question arose last week after curious minds re-discovered a Quora th in which users have discussed this mysterious fifth pocket for years.上周,一些好奇人士挖出了问答网上询问牛仔裤第五个口袋用途的帖子,于是这个被讨论了多年的话题再次沸腾起来。The Levi Strauss blog confirms their conclusion: ;The first blue jeans had four pockets—only one in back and, in the front, two plus the small, watch pocket. This extra pouch has served many functions... condom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket and ticket pocket, to name a few.;李维斯创始人李维·史特劳斯在客中给出了最终:“最开始的蓝色牛仔裤有四个口袋,背面一个,前面两个,外加一个迷你表袋。这个小口袋功能强大,能装的东西可不少,比如避套、硬币、火柴、票据等等。”The pocket appears on the oldest pair of jeans in the Levi#39;s archives, which date to about 1879, Levi#39;s historian Tracey Panek told HuffPost.研究李维斯的历史学家特雷西·帕内克告诉《赫芬顿邮报》,档案显示,李维斯生产的第一条牛仔裤上就已经出现了迷你表袋,能追溯到大约1879年。The more you know.接下来的你们就都知道啦。 /201602/424997上饶韩美整形美容医院去黑眼圈怎么样Five Dynasties and Ten States五代十国End of the Division分裂的结束Towards the end of the Five Dynasties, Guo Wei, emperor of the Later Zhou, introduced political and economical reforms.五代末期,后周皇帝郭威实行了政治和经济改革。Rents and taxes were reduced, sentences for committing crimes lightened, and corrupt officials punished.他减免了税收、减轻了刑罚、惩治了贪污的官员。Favorable conditions for agricultural production were thus created.因此,有利于农业生产的大环境形成了。Hundreds of thousands of people flocked from other places to the Later Zhou for settlement;成千上万的人民由其他地方涌入后周定居。In 954, shortly after Guo Wei died, Liu Chong of the Northern Han, who had jurisdiction over present-day Shanxi Province,954年郭威去世后不久,北汉的刘崇拥有对于今天的山西省地区的管辖权,formed an alliance with the khitan to attack the Later Zhou.他和契丹联合起来攻打后周。Chai Rong took personal command of the Later Zhou#39;s army and engaged Liu Chong at Gaoping (modern Gaoping County,Shanxi) where he exacted a heavy toll of the Northern Han army.柴荣个人领导着后周的军队与刘崇交战与高平(今山西高平县),在那里他使北汉的军队遭受重创。Liu Chong fled with a hundred or so of his surviving cavalrymen.刘崇带着剩余的100多兵力逃跑了。After this battle, Chai Rong began to think seriously of unifying the country.此役过后,柴荣开始仔细思考统一国家。He rectified the discipline of his army.他整合了自己部队的编制。To rehabilitate the agricultural economy of the Central Plains,为了恢复中原地区的农业经济,he paid attention to a fair exaction of rents and taxes and the construction of water conservancy projects.他注重租税的合理征收与水利工程的建设。With his territory extending as far south as the northern bank of the Yangtse River,随着他的疆域向南延伸至长江的北岸,he succeeded in recovering a number of strategic points from Khitan, such as Ningzhou(modem Qingxian County, Hebei) , Yijinguan Pass and Yukouguan Pass (modem Baxian County, Hebei) , Waqiaoguan Pass (modern Xiongxian County, Hebei), Mozhou (modern Renqiu County, Hebei), Yingzhou( modern Hejian County,Hebei).柴荣从契丹手中收复了一些战略地点例如宁州(今河北青县)、益津关和淤口关(今河北霸县)、瓦桥关(今河北雄县)、鄚州(今河北任丘县)和瀛洲(河北河间县)。All this had paved the way for the Northern Song, during a later period, to bring to an end of the prolonged division of the country and to establish a central authority over all of China.所有这些都为南宋之后结束整个国家的长期分裂以及建立中央集权打下了基础。 /201511/406436上饶吸脂减肥医院哪好

上饶横峰县做激光脱毛多少钱上饶全身抽脂多少钱以下的例子明,即便我们语法再标准、英语考试分数再高,当真正面对一个老外时,我们可能依旧面临着许多交际方面的问题。1、You#39;ve put on weight.你貌似胖了。以“纸片人”为美的今天,说别人变胖绝对属于找虐的节奏,除非是和你无话不谈、不损两句就不算关系铁的好闺蜜。又或者,你是出于对小辈的关心和好意提醒,但也要切记用疑问句“Have you just put on weight?”。当然如果你是想说TA身材变健壮,可以直接以“最近是不是去了健身房”来代替。另外,千万千万别说“You#39;re getting fat”,这是难以置信的侮辱。2、Oh you#39;re pregnant!你怀了!可能跟国内情况相反,外国两类人最讨厌被让座,即老人和胖子。他们会因为感觉被当成弱者对待而很气愤,更别提聊天的时候提到!“怀”这个话题除非是很明显,否则不要刻意提出来。就算有千万个问号在心中咆哮,也不要脱口而出这一句!如果错误已经造成,就等着友尽吧。3、Is this your daughter?这是你闺女吗?嗯。。。万一她是他的女朋友怎么办?万一他们是兄、怎么办?这也涉及到交际中的一大禁忌:避免揣测关系,只能等人家来介绍或是自我介绍一下自己。当然,很多时候当我们用母语交流,这些问题可能根本不会触犯,而当我们用英语交流时,往往因为词穷或这是你最先能想到的话题而脱口而出。4、Your sister is so much prettier than you.你比你漂亮好多哦。又一个讨打的说法。在一些文化里似乎认为是一个无伤大雅的话,甚至会被认为是恭维,但更多时候会伤害到听者的感受。最好的是,避免比较性词语,只要提到他们的很漂亮就好啦。5、That color doesn#39;t suit you.你不适合那个颜色。 请记住,不管对方打扮得让你多么毁三观,一定要先夸TA。出于好意地提出自己意见可以用稍婉转的方式:“I love your dress, butdon#39;t you think this color...”一上来就做负面的或许会破坏了那个人一天的好心情,尤其是他们已经在装扮上花费很多时间。试着给人美好的一天,而不要在你喜欢的饰或饰品上对方!6、How much money do you make?你挣多少钱?讨论薪资永远是个敏感话题,在哪里都是如此。这虽然不是故意羞辱人,而是太直接会使人处在很尴尬的处境,别人会觉得你粗鲁无礼而对你敬而远之。7、You look sick.看你脸色好像生病了。这句话绝对是很羞辱人的,杀伤力不比上面那句“Thatcolor doesn#39;t suit you”更弱。万一人家是晒了日光浴呢?如果某人真的脸色看起来不是很好,你可以说:“Are you feeling ok?”。8、How old are you?你多大?年龄在很多情况下是一个非常敏感的话题,而且有相当多的人不愿意透露他们的年龄。那就离开这个问题,除非你是与一个六岁的小孩子聊天。她们总会兴高采烈的说出他们的年龄! /201602/428023上饶韩美整形美容医院去痘印多少钱Contributors offer enticing options for both big spenders and budget minded in six favorite destinations, including Madrid, Copenhagen and Moscow.不管是奢华游还是穷游,我们的撰稿人都准备出了十分诱人的旅游方案,涵盖马德里、哥本哈根、莫斯科等六大人气目的地。Florence佛罗伦萨By INGRID K. WILLIAMS作者:INGRID K. WILLIAMS“Everything spoke so vividly to my soul,” Stendhal wrote in the 19th century of the Renaissance artworks with which Florence is so richly endowed.“一切都在如此鲜活地向我的灵魂倾诉,”司汤达(Stendhal)在19世纪时,曾如此描述文艺复兴时期的艺术品,而这正是佛罗伦萨最不缺少的东西。Today, a visitor to Florence could be stricken by a modern-day variant of that syndrome, simply faced with the treasures arrayed on counters and shelves in the city’s jewel-box shops and artisan ateliers. And it can happen at price points at both ends of the spectrum.如今,一名来到佛罗伦萨的游客,单是面对这座城市的珠宝盒店和工匠工作室里的柜台与货架上码放的宝物,就可能完全被类似的现代人心理所攻陷。这种心理既可能出现在价格奇高的时候,也可能出现在价格亲民的时候。It could happen at the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, where shopping for sweet rosewater and ancient herbal elixirs is a near-religious experience. It could happen in a side-street showroom of one of the city’s bespoke shoemakers, where gleaming, handcrafted leather brogues look like sculptures too beautiful to touch, let alone put on one’s feet. Or at the atelier of Lorenzo Villoresi, as the perfumer performs the meditative alchemy that will result in a signature scent, or at Antico Setificio Fiorentino, where the centuries-old looms can lull you into a trance while they weave sumptuous silks fit for royalty.可能是出现在圣塔玛莉亚诺维拉香水制造厂(Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella)里,在这里选购甜美的玫瑰水和古老的中药制剂,是种近乎于宗教性质的体验。也可能出现在该市某位定制鞋匠位于某条小巷内的样品间里,这里锃光发亮的手工皮布洛克鞋看上去有如雕像一般美到不可亵玩,更是教人舍不得穿到脚上。又或者出现在洛伦佐·维尔里西(Lorenzo Villoresi)的作坊里,这位调香师修炼的内丹术能够生成一种标志性的香气;再或者是在佛罗伦萨古丝绸厂(Antico Setificio Fiorentino),厂里具有上百年历史的纺织机在纺织供给皇室的华丽丝绸时,能让你的内心平静下来,进入到一种放空的状态。But my Stendhal moment struck at Ferragamo.而我的“司汤达时刻”则出现在菲拉格慕。Joined by my friend Jessie, who was visiting from New York, I walked the length of Via de’ Tornabuoni, the epicenter of Florentine Alta Moda. At the southern end of the street, in a grand medieval palazzo, is the flagship store that Salvatore Ferragamo opened in 1937. Today the stone edifice also houses the Ferragamo Museo, which documents the life of the shoemaker who created trendsetting designs for Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe.我的朋友杰西从纽约过来,陪我一起走完了整条托纳波尼路(Via de’ Tornabuoni)——佛罗伦萨的时尚中心。在这条街道的南端,一间宏伟的中世纪宫殿里,有一间1937年开业的萨瓦托·菲拉格慕(Salvatore Ferragamo)旗舰店。如今,这座石砌建筑内还开设了一间菲拉格慕物馆(Ferragamo Museo),用来记录这位制鞋匠的一生——他曾为玛丽莲·梦露(Marilyn Monroe)等诸多好莱坞明星创作了引领潮流的新设计。But we were there for the shoes. We entered a hushed salon awash in hues of beige and the heady scent of leather. Along the walls was a rainbow — plum patent leather heels, blue suede moccasins, cherry-red flats with prim grosgrain bows. We were both drawn to a pair of seductively high heels in wool houndstooth. Terribly impractical for both my budget and the cobblestones with which all Italian residents must contend, the heels went home with Jessie. I contented myself with a more sensible splurge: classic ballerinas in supple black leather. (Prices go up to 1,000 euros for shoes — nearly ,100 at .10 to the euro — though most fall between 300 to 500 euros.)不过我们是来这里看鞋子的。我们走进了一间静谧的鞋店,里面遍布着真皮的米黄色色调,弥漫着醉人的真皮香气。店内的墙面上铺成了一道虹——紫红色的漆皮高跟鞋,蓝色的绒面莫卡辛鞋,樱桃红色的平底鞋,上面还装饰着端庄的罗缎蝴蝶结。我们两人都被一双迷人的千鸟格羊毛面料高跟鞋吸引住了。可惜无论是考虑到我的预算,还是考虑到所有住在意大利的人都必须与之搏斗的鹅卵石路面,这双高跟鞋都非常地不切实际,它还是被杰西买回了家。我则通过一笔更为明智的挥霍满足了自己的欲望:一双采用柔软的黑色皮革制成的经典款芭蕾舞鞋。(每双鞋的价格最高可达1,000欧元——按1欧元兑1.10美元计算约合1,100美元——不过大部分都在300欧元到500欧元不等。)Yet like a love that slipped away, the houndstooth heels still haunt my thoughts on every return to Florence. I imagine a secondhand pair might one day turn up at my favorite vintage store, Marie Antoinette, which opened a year and a half ago in an alley behind Ferragamo. The shop stocks pristine secondhand as well as new pieces from local designers, so you can score like-new Gucci hobo bags, candy-colored Miu Miu heels and suede Proenza Schouler satchels for prices that are surprisingly reasonable, though still far from frugal — about half of what they cost new in the designer stores. Many bags are under 1,000 euros.然而,那双千鸟格高跟鞋就像一名擦肩而过的爱人,在我每次重回佛罗伦萨时都依然萦绕在我的脑海中。我幻想着也许会有那么一天,一双二手的千鸟格高跟鞋将会出现在我最喜欢的古着店玛丽安托瓦内特(Marie Antoinette)店内——这家古着店于一年半前开业,就坐落在菲拉格慕后面的一条小巷内。这间商店里既有早期的二手古着,也有本土设计师的设计新品,你可以淘到近乎全新的古奇(Gucci)新月包、缪缪(Miu Miu)糖果色高跟鞋和普罗恩萨·施罗(Proenza Schouler)绒面邮差包,价格虽然远远称不上节俭,却也已经合理得惊人了——大约只要设计师品牌店售价的一半左右。许多手袋的价格都不到1,000欧元。Truly great deals were once easy to find in Florence’s markets, like sprawling San Lorenzo where stall after stall is filled with leather goods of varying provenance and quality. Sadly, that is often no longer the case. Skeptics may save their euros for a purchase at the Scuola del Cuoio in Santa Croce, where you can watch master craftsmen make top-handle totes and roomy overnight bags that are sold on-site for a fraction of what they’d likely cost in the States. Most items are in the 300- to 400-euro range, more for exotic leathers.在佛罗伦萨的许多集市里,曾经很容易找到特别划算的商品,比如占地面积庞大的圣洛伦索(San Lorenzo),那里一座又一座的小摊上,摆满了不同产地不同品质的皮革制品。遗憾的是,如今这种场景已经不再多见。疑心比较重的游客,可能会把他们的欧元留到圣十字广场(Santa Croce)内的皮革作坊Scuola del Cuoio里再来消费,你可以在这间店里观赏到大师级的工匠制作手拎包和宽敞的旅行袋,这些制品均在现场销售,价格可能只需要在美国的几分之一。大部分商品的价格都在300欧元到400欧元之间,使用进口皮革的商品会更贵一点。But a little risk at the market can still yield great rewards. Years ago, my husband artfully bargained down the price of a cognac leather briefcase at the Mercato del Porcellino, ultimately obtained for 75 euros. It may not be Ferragamo, but after years of wear from daily use, the Italian leather has never looked better.但是在集市上冒点风险,仍然可能带来巨大的回报。几年前,我先生就很厉害地在小猪市场(Mercato del Porcellino)里,将一只棕褐色公文包的价钱一直侃到了75欧元,成功入手。即便不是菲拉格慕的牌子,在经过多年的日常穿用之后,意大利的皮革都会变得越来越耐看。Champagne香槟By ALEXANDER LOBRANO作者:ALEXANDER LOBRANOWhen this region of northeastern France was awarded World Heritage status by Unesco in July, there was no doubt what quaff would be poured to celebrate the new designation — the world’s most elegant and expensive sparkling wine. Happily, though, discovering the bubbly on its home turf is as much a pleasure for budget travelers as it is for big spenders.这处位于法国东北部的地区,于今年7月被联合国教科文组织评为了世界遗产,此时要倒来畅饮以庆祝这一新头衔所用的佳酿,自然得是世界上最优雅也最昂贵的气泡酒。不过让人开心的是,在香槟的家乡寻找这种起泡酒,为囊中羞涩的游客和一掷千金的游客所带来的乐趣基本是对等的。The best experiences in Champagne are often both sensual and studious, including the most surprising lesson many learn from a trip to Reims, the area’s largest city: That festive image to one side, Champagne is also a profoundly sophisticated and complex table wine, pairing well with the superb food served in the region’s many excellent restaurants.在香槟感受到的最佳体验,往往兼具感官与见识两方面,其中有一条最令人惊喜的经验,很多人都会在前往当地最大城市兰斯(Reims)的旅途中学习到:除了上述节庆用途之外,香槟也是一款口感极为成熟多变的餐桌葡萄酒,与当地许多出色餐馆所提供的优质食物,在口味上都可以完美搭配。The most delicious way to discover Champagne’s gastronomic aptitude is through one of the regularly renewed s that the chef Philippe Mille creates at Le Parc, the Michelin two-star restaurant at the plush Le Domaine Les Crayères hotel. This past winter, Mr. Mille’s stunning black-truffle-themed , served with a selection of Krug Champagnes, began with grilled scallops and celery-and-black-truffle “risotto” in a Parmesan foam; echoes of the sweet scallops, earthy truffles and Parmesan’s salty umami richness could all be tasted in the paired wine, a Grande Cuvée called “L’Expression Même du Ravissement Ultime.”感受香槟美味的最佳方式,就是借助于大厨菲利·米勒(Philippe Mille)为豪华的雷克莱耶尔酒店(Le Le Domaine Les Crayères)内开设的米其林二星级餐厅Le Parc设计的任意一份定期更新的菜单。去年冬季,米勒先生推出了令人惊艳的黑松露主题菜单,搭配精选的库克香槟(Krug Champagnes),头盘为烤扇贝配西芹黑松露意大利调味饭(risotto)浇帕马森芝士泡沫汁;鲜甜的扇贝、朴实的松露和帕马森芝士的咸香相互呼应,配合一款名为L’Expression Même du Ravissement Ultime的库克陈年香槟(Grande Cuvée),逐一品味。Since such a luxurious and expensive meal (360 euros, about 5) should be savored, you might as well spend the night at Les Crayères, as I did; with silk damask curtains framing beautiful views of the gardens that surround this Belle chateau, these cosseting rooms begin at 370 euros a night, low season; 395 euros a night, high season.如此豪华昂贵的佳肴(360欧元,约合395美元)理应全方位享受,建议你不妨像我一样,在雷克莱耶尔酒店下榻一晚;丝制锦缎窗帘框出一幅幅环绕这座美好年代(Belle )酒庄而建的公园美景,这般极尽奢华的房间的价格为淡季一晚370欧元起,旺季一晚395欧元起。The next morning, I headed to the Atelier Dom Pérignon in nearby Hautvillers for what may be the region’s most charming and erudite lesson in Champagne connoisseurship. These workshops, which are limited to 12 participants and cost 600 euros, include a visit to the 12th-century abbey where the label’s namesake Champagne-making Benedictine monk is buried, a visit to the cellars, lunch and a tasting of three Champagnes; specify when booking if you want an English-language session.次日一早,我出发前往附近的欧维莱尔(Hautvillers)小镇里的唐培里侬酒坊(Atelier Dom Pérignon),去参加大概算是当地最吸引人也最开眼界的香槟鉴赏课。这类课程最多仅限12人参加,收费600欧元,内容包括:参观一间12世纪的修道院,当年酿造出这款香槟的本笃会僧人唐培里侬就下葬于此;参观酒窖;享用午餐,同时品尝三款香槟;预订课程时记得指明是否是要英语班。Even if the atelier hadn’t been so amiable, interesting and animated, it would have been worth it for the head-spinning pleasure of tasting the 2003 rosé, which was spicy on the palate with a salty finish and had a nose that included figs, strawberries, guava, violets and vanilla.即便酒坊的气氛没有那么平易近人、趣味盎然和栩栩如生,却依然值得一去,体验品尝2003年份玫瑰香槟(rosé)时的眩晕乐趣,这种香槟的口感辛辣,余味带咸,充满无花果、草莓、石榴、紫罗兰和香草的香气。Reims is also both an easy day trip from Gare de l’Est station in Paris and comfortably visited on foot or by public transportation, making it the most affordable choice for anyone wanting to discover Champagne at the source.要去兰斯,你既可从巴黎东站(Gare de l’Est)出发,轻松地完成一趟当天来回的短途旅行,也可舒适地搭乘公共交通工具或步行前往,这对任何想要在香槟之乡发掘香槟之美的人而言,都是最实惠的选择。The only Champagne cellar tour in Reims where you don’t need an advance booking is Taittinger, which charges a very reasonable 16.50 euros for an hourlong English-language tour. It offers a good general introduction to how Champagne is made and concludes with a sample of Taittinger’s very suave Brut Réserve Champagne.在兰斯,唯一不需要你提前预订的香槟酒窖游是泰亭哲(Taittinger)酒窖,这里收费合理,16.50欧元便可享受一个小时的英语观光。其中会生动地简要介绍香槟如何酿造,并在最后提供泰亭哲的几种口感成熟的珍藏纯干香槟(Brut Réserve Champagne)的样品供大家品尝。After the cellar tour, you’ll be y for lunch; a perfect spot is the new modern bistro Racine, run by the talented young Japanese-born chef Kazuyuki Tanaka. The two-course 29-euro weekday lunch includes delicious contemporary French dishes like shrimp with candied lemon and butternut squash or rabbit with radishes and basil; there’s also a short but excellent wine list of distinctive small-producer “grower” Champagnes, or wines produced by the same estate that owns the vineyards from which the grapes come. The restaurant also happens to be just around the corner from the magnificent Gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Reims, where most of the kings of France were coronated. Since there is no entrance fee at the church, the pleasure of discovering its stained-glass windows, which range from a spectacular medieval rose window over the main doorway to contemporary works created by the artist Paul Chagall, is free.酒窖游之后,大家的午餐便已准备就绪;有一处完美的场所便是新建的现代酒馆Racine,老板是在日本出生、才华洋溢的大厨田中和幸(Kazuyuki Tanaka,音译)。这份价值29欧元的午餐由两道菜组成,包括美味的当代法国料理,例如蜜渍柠檬虾配冬南瓜,或者水萝卜罗勒兔肉;还有一份类目不多但是十分出色的酒单,里面会有风味独特的小众酿酒商酒农香槟(Grower),或是由自身就拥有葡萄园的酒庄使用自己出产的葡萄酿成的葡萄酒。就餐的餐厅恰好也在宏伟的哥特式大教堂兰斯主教座堂(Notre-Dame de Reims)附近,大多数的法国国王都是在这座教堂里加冕登基的。这座教堂可以免费入内参观,因此游客也可以免费享受探索教堂内花窗玻璃的乐趣,其中既有悬挂在大门上方瑰丽无比的中世纪玫瑰窗,也有艺术家保罗·夏卡尔(Paul Chagall)创作的现代花窗。Moscow莫斯科By CHARLY WILDER作者:CHARLY WILDERA decade ago, Moscow night life was synonymous with a certain brand of over-the-top opulence, all ’80s pomp and ’90s pout. The new-moneyed elite of the post-Soviet era had left their indelible mark: endless bottle service, velvet ropes, V.I.P. tables, pyrotechnics and gamine go-go dancers.十年前,莫斯科的夜生活就是某种特定的代名词,象征着过度的奢华,各种80年代的盛况和90年代的挫折。苏联解散后不断涌现的新贵精英,在这里留下了他们不可磨灭的标记:没完没了的整瓶务、天鹅绒围栏、贵宾桌、炫富和妖冶的艳舞舞女。Even with Russia’s recent economic downturn and fallout with the West over Ukraine, there’s still no shortage of splashy upscale club culture. The fanciest — Soho Rooms, Krysha and the newer banker favorite Siberia — impose capriciously rigorous door policies (known here as “face control”) and hold parties that would make a Las Vegas stage show look discreet. But the clubbing landscape has diversified in the last 10 years, and many of the newer high-end venues take a more toned-down, or at least tongue-in-cheek, approach.即便俄罗斯最近惨遭经济衰退,西方世界也为乌克兰带来了负面影响,引人注目的高级俱乐部文化却依然盛行不衰。那些最时髦的经营场所——Soho Rooms、Krysha还有备受新晋家青睐的Siberia——实施着单方面严格的入场政策(在当地称为“看脸入场”),举办的派对足以让的舞台表演相形失色。不过当地夜总会的经营形式在过去10年里已经愈发多元,许多更新的高档场所都采取了一种更为低调,起码是十分安分守己的姿态。Moscow’s fashionable artsy set tends to stay out of the flashy clubs, populating instead places like Noor, a Spanish-tiled cocktail bar and gallery that by night turns into one of the city’s chicest parties. To look at the crowd — black-clad, androgynous, stylishly understated — you could be in Lower Manhattan or East London, with nary a neon mini-dress in sight.莫斯科的时尚艺术圈往往远离那些俗丽的俱乐部,另外扎根于Noor这样的地方,这是一间充满西班牙风情的鸡尾酒吧兼艺术廊,每到夜晚,就会摇身一变,成为这座城市里最时尚的派对会场之一。看看周围的人群,他们一袭黑衣,男女莫辨,有种低调的别致,会让你错以为自己身处曼哈顿下城或伦敦东区,只是连一件霓虹色的迷你裙都看不到。Another club that bucks the boilerplate is Denis Simachev, owned by the designer of the same name whose brand of punk-opulent postmodern camp has made him big in Russian fashion. This (non)aesthetic permeates the venue: beaded curtains, disco balls and toilets and sinks that double as furnishings, a disused electric chair and a semi-pornographic anime tile mosaic.另一间以标杆自诩的俱乐部是Denis Simachev,店名沿用了老板自己的名字丹尼斯·西马切夫,他是一名设计师,拥有一个走华丽朋克路线的后现代露营品牌,令他驰名于俄罗斯时尚界。这种(非)审美观渗透了这间会场的方方面面:珠帘,兼作装饰物品的迪斯科舞厅、厕所和水槽,一台已报废的电椅,还有略带色情意味的动漫图案瓷砖镶嵌。The crowd is young, urbane and gay-friendly, as was Mr. Simachev’s recently closed second nightclub, the Chinese-themed #LOL (yes, really). #LOL played host for the transgender rapper American Mykki Blanco in November when Solyanka, the venue where she was scheduled to perform, was raided and closed that morning. Now, if you want to see 19-year-old Russian boys dressed up like health-goth (think fetish punk meets Soul Cycle) Japanese girls , Denis Simachev is probably your best bet.这里的顾客年轻斯文,善待同志,就和西马切夫先生最近刚刚停业的第二间夜总会,以中华元素为主题的#LOL(是的,就是这个名字)一样。今年11月,美国跨性别饶舌歌手米基·布兰科(Mykki Blanco)原定用作演出会场的Solyanka遭到抢劫,于当日上午关门停业,便是#LOL接过了主办的重任。现在,如果你想看到19岁的俄罗斯男生打扮成运动哥特风(想象一下恋物癖朋克与精品健身房Soul Cycle的结合体)的日本女生,Denis Simachev大概就是你的最佳选择。Sprawling riverside Gipsy recently reopened after a six-month hiatus on Krasny Oktyabr, or Red October, an island opposite the Kremlin that is home to the former chocolate factory complex of the same name. There, high-rolling 20-somethings in European designer outfits dance under an electrified ceiling covered in enormous mirror balls while big-name Russian D.J.s spin remixed pop and hip-hop hits on a stage lit up with neon LED. There are palm trees and swimming pools and replicas of famous Soviet socialist-realist statues wearing sunglasses and club regalia. In typical Moscow style, Gipsy’s includes sushi, flavored hookah pipes and a drink list that ranges from a 300-ruble cup of tea (about .70, at 65 rubles to the dollar) to an 80,000-ruble magnum of Dom Pérignon.临河而建、占地广阔的Gipsy,经过6个月的沉寂后,在红十月岛(Krasny Oktyabr)上重新开业,这座小岛正对着克里姆林宫,以前曾是同名巧克力加工厂的厂房所在地。俱乐部里,一群20多岁、疯狂舞动的年轻人,穿着欧洲设计师设计的行头,在挂满了巨大镜球的电气化天花板下方舞动,大牌的俄罗斯DJ们则在霓虹灯照耀下的舞台上,打着混音后的流行和嘻哈劲曲。那里有棕榈树,游泳池,还有苏联时期的著名社会写实主义雕像的复制品,上面挂着墨镜和俱乐部的徽章。Gipsy是典型的俄罗斯式俱乐部,菜单内容有寿司,调味水烟管,和一份内容广泛的酒水单,既有300卢布一杯的茶水(按1美元兑65卢布计算,约合4.70美元),也有80,000卢布一瓶的唐培里侬香槟王(Dom Pérignon)。Though Moscow is not known for its dive bar culture, those in search of cheap night life can find a few standouts. Kitaisky Letchik Djao Da (Russian for Chinese Pilot Jao Da, a semi-mythical character whose exploits are detailed throughout the premises) is a basement bar and rock music space with a lived-in, salon-like atmosphere. Drinks are mostly under 300 rubles, less if you go for the rotating shot specials.虽然莫斯科的廉价酒吧文化并不出名,不过寻求平民夜生活的人倒是可以在这里找到几处不错的去处。Kitaisky Letchik Djao Da(在俄语中为“中国飞行员Jao Da”之意,这是一位半神话色的人物,这间俱乐部里详细地描绘了他的事迹)是一间地下酒吧和摇滚乐空间,内有现场演出,带着一种有如沙龙般的氛围。这里酒水的价格大部分不到300卢布,特调流水酒水的话还要更便宜。Vtoroe Dyhania (Russian for “Second Wind”), at 10 Pyatnitskiy Periulok, is the last of its kind in Moscow: a 50-year-old authentic Soviet “rumochnaya” or vodka room. It’s a simple room where all-day drinkers, walk-ins and a smattering of ironically outfitted university students stand around tall round tables drinking tap beer and, of course, vodka, which still sells for an incredible one ruble per gram, meaning a 50-gram “rumka” costs about 70 cents. On the exposed-brick walls, framed Soviet bar posters serve as a reminder that before the Champagne and disco balls, Moscow had a different kind of drinking tradition.Vtoroe Dyhania(俄语中为“重振旗鼓”之意),位于10 Pyatnitskiy Periulok,是莫斯科同类酒吧中的最后一间——拥有50年历史的地道苏联伏特加酒吧(rumochnaya)。它只有一间布置简朴的小屋,那些日夜喝个不停的酒鬼、途经的路人和少量穿得人模人样的大学生们围站在高高的圆桌四周,喝着生啤,当然还有伏特加,每克的价格竟然依然只要1卢布,也就是50克一“份”(rumka,俄罗斯专门用于盛放伏特加的酒杯——译者注)的价格只要70美分。裸露的砖墙上所挂的带框苏联酒吧海报提醒着大家,在香槟和迪斯科球盛行之前,莫斯科曾有另外一种饮酒习俗。 /201511/407783上饶横峰县做鼻尖整形多少钱

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