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Umm...so you know, you wanna...wanna put on a good show.嗯 你想要呈现一场无与伦比的演出So...so,and then you do the Nsync a performance之后 你还有和小伙伴们的合体演出and that was so exciting for everybody to see you together.大家都未看到你们的再聚兴奋不已Thats included,yeah, and...这是计划之中 是的 而且And how did you keep that such a secret?那你们是如何做好保密工作的I think,we mean...people sort of found out ah...我觉得 在典礼开始前几天A couple of days before...but you were rehearsing and...right?就已经有人猜到了 那是因为你们有预演 对吧You mean...you had t rehearse for a while.你们总得提前排练一下吧Um,we did, we...确实练了Yes, because we havent done it over 10 years.肯定的 我们都十多年没一起演出了Now all of us are old now. we did have to rehearse for a while.现在都老了 一定得事前练练Um...um,but yeah, we just rehearsed down in Miami,恩 实际上 我们只在迈阿密排练过I was finishing the tour with...with Jay-Z down there.当时我马上要结束和JAY-Z的巡演And I was able to get them down there,and we...所以 我就把小伙伴们都叫过去了And we did the most of the rehearsal down there before we went to New York.去纽约前 大部分的排都在那完成的They must have been more. I mean, you were excited obviously,他们应该更兴奋吧 我是说 你明显都已经乐颠了but that must been thrilling for them.他们应该也很兴奋To get together with you again. It was great,it was...能够再次和你同台 这真的是很棒It was ah...you know,真的是 你知道吗after about 30 minutes of joking around in the rehearsal saying like,前30分钟 大家还在开玩笑般念叨着;oh, are we really gonna do this,“哦 我们真的要合体了吗are we really gonna do this?;是真的吗”It was like, ; Joey,move over here.;joey 站这儿来And then Chris is,;Lance, I think the... when you...;这时chris又说 “Lance 我觉得 当你”You know, all we got very serious.你知道吗 我们几个突然一下就正经起来了It was just like old times again.这一切仿佛昨日重现Yeah,it looks fantastic. it was great.是的 很棒的视觉盛宴 好极了注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201312/266945Business this week 一周商业要闻Jul 6th 2013 2013.07.06 A slew of data suggested that the British economy is recovering more robustly than had been thought. Indices of activity in manufacturing and services increased by the fastest rate in two years; a measure of business confidence was at its highest level since 2007; and a survey of credit conditions found a rise in demand for mortgages. Those figures gave Mark Carney a boost in his first week as governor of the Bank of England. Sober heads say the recovery is fragile, and point to the lack of investment.大量数据显示,英国经济复苏势头强劲,超过预期。制造业和务业PMI指数两年来均保持最快速率增长(见图)。商业信心测算值达07年以来最高水平。市场抵押需求增大,信贷条件水涨船高。前景乐观,令适才上任一周的英格兰行长马克·卡奈幸得喘气之机。清醒人士提醒,复苏表面势头虽强,本质仍显脆弱;缺少投资的现实亦如鲠在喉。Add Basel to the mix 加上巴塞尔The Federal Reserve issued rules that will compel American banks to follow the Basel 3 accords requiring them to hold more and higher-quality capital. The Fed also said it was planning even tougher requirements for eight systemically important banks, which may include a higher leverage ratio, a way of measuring how much equity banks have as a proportion of total assets.美国联邦储备局出台措施,强制美国遵守巴塞尔协议三的条款要求,持有更多且更优质的资本。美联储还表示,将对八个具有系统重要性的采取更严厉的整顿计划,可能要求提高资本充足率,即要求增大其资产净值占总资产的比重。The European Parliament voted narrowly against a measure to extend a cap on bankers’ bonuses to fund managers. Opponents of the plan argued that it would increase fixed costs on an industry that bore no responsibility for the financial crisis.欧洲议会投票决议,否决了增大投资家分红比例的提案。投反对票人士表示,金融危机到来时,投行往往推卸责任;若增大分红比例,会导致投行固定资产增加,投资风险增大。Zynga’s founder, Mark Pincus, stepped down as chief executive after a turbulent period at the online-gaming company, which is struggling to repeat the success of its desktop games on mobile devices. His replacement is Don Mattrick, who runs Microsoft’s Xbox unit and so may have learned a thing or two from the troubled launch of Xbox One.星佳都市线上游戏公司创始人马克·平克斯经历公司动乱期后辞去CEO职务,他曾试图将其在移动设备桌面游戏所创造的的辉煌复制到线上游戏,无奈未能成功。接任者是曾经担任微软Xbox部门主负责人的唐·马特里克,也许他能借鉴Xbox的经验教训,令星佳都市再创辉煌。Investors generally welcomed Nokia’s decision to buy Siemens’s share of the pair’s mobile-network equipment venture. The 1.7 billion euros(2.2 billion dollars) deal gives the Finnish company full control of Nokia Siemens Networks, which is a profitable business, in contrast to Nokia’s floundering mobile-phone division.诺基亚决定收购其与西门子的合资公司——诺基亚西门子通信公司的移动网络设备股份,投资者们喜闻乐见。17亿欧元(22亿美元)的收购金额将使这个总部位于芬兰的公司全权掌控诺基亚西门子网络。相对于老诺基亚风雨飘摇的移动电话产业,新诺西无疑是有利可图的。BlackBerry’s share price slumped by a third after it published disappointing quarterly earnings and revealed an 84m dollars loss. The smartphone-maker has revamped its range with touchscreen devices, but the 6.8m phones it shipped in the three months to June was below the 7.45m that had been forecast.继惨淡的季度收入表和一份8400万的亏损额公布后,黑莓公司股价下跌了三分之一。虽竭力完善触屏设备业务范围,然而其第二季度所售智能手机业务量只有680万,未达到预期的745万销售量。Stay of execution? 缓期执行?In a second vote the European Parliament decided to delay issuing more industrial permits to emit carbon. A glut of permits issued by Europe’s emissions-trading scheme has caused the price to sink, thus reducing the incentive for firms to cut carbon. But some argue that limiting the supply of permits will raise costs for businesses during the euro zone’s worst economic crisis. In April the parliament voted against the plan, bringing the ETS close to collapse.第二轮投票中,欧洲议会决定暂缓发放新的CO2工业排放许可。欧盟的“碳排放交易计划”发布许可供过于求,已导致许可价格降低,同时降低的还有相关企业降低碳排的积极性。有人表示,当下欧元危机深重,减少许可发放量会引起公司成本上升。该项决议在四月份表决通过,“碳排计划”由此形同虚设。Louis Freeh, the director of the FBI between 1993 and 2001, was asked to head an investigation into allegations of improper payments in the office that is processing claims against BP for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Last month BP ran newspaper advertisements stating its commitment to fork out for “legitimate claims”, but insisting that some losses were “inflated”.就英国石油公司深水地平线原油漏油事件不合理索赔核算问题,前美国联邦调查局(1993-2001)局长路易斯·弗里已受命展开独立调查。上个月,英国石油公司登报表示,同意付法律索赔金,但坚持表示有些索赔请求略显“夸大”。A former chairman of Olympus, Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, and two other executives were given suspended prison sentences for trying to hide losses at the Japanese optical-devices company. The scandal came to light in 2011 when Michael Woodford, Olympus’s chief executive at the time, blew the whistle. Suspended sentences are often handed down in Japan for white-collar crime.光学设备公司奥林巴斯总裁兼董事长菊川刚及另外两名高管因掩盖巨额投资亏损被判处缓期徒刑。2011年该丑闻被当时英国籍的CEO迈克尔·伍德福德曝出。在日本,缓期徒刑通常宣称为白领犯罪。The chairman of CJ Group, a South Korean chaebol, was charged with embezzlement. Lee Jay-hyun is a grandson of Samsung’s founder. The government in Korea has promised to crack down on alleged mismanagement at the country’s powerful conglomerates.韩国财阀希杰集团总裁李在贤被指控挪用公款。李在贤为三星创始人之孙。韩国政府表示,针对本国实力雄厚的的大企业的问题上处理不当,承诺将进行整顿制裁。America’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission indicted Jon Corzine on civil charges in relation to the 2011 bankruptcy of MF Global, a derivatives broker at which he was chief executive. The CFTC is charging Mr Corzine with a “failure to supervise diligently” when customer funds were misused to cover bets on debt. He says the allegations have no merit.美国商品期货交易委员会对乔恩·科尔津提出民事指控,认为他与2011年全球曼氏金融破产案有关。全球曼氏金融算是一个微型投行,乔恩是其前任CEO。委员会对乔恩的指控中说,科尔津“未能尽职监管”客户资金流向,使其被挪作他用,填补债务空缺。乔恩则表示该控告为空穴来风。Steinway Musical Instruments agreed to be bought by Kohlberg amp; Company in a private-equity deal valued to the tune of 438m dollars. Steinway was founded in Manhattan by a German immigrant in 1853 and soon became the world’s most famous maker of pianos. It has factories in Queens in New York and in Hamburg.一场私募股权交易当中,斯坦威乐器公司同意以4亿3千8百万的价格被科尔伯格公司收购。斯坦威公司创于1853年,创始者为一个曼哈顿的德国移民。建立后不久它就成为了世界上最著名的钢琴制造商。它在纽约皇后区和德国汉堡都有制造工厂。Brothers who can spare a dime 穿一条裤子的兄弟Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, entrepreneurial twins linked to the early days of Facebook, submitted a plan to regulators to set up an exchange-traded fund in Bitcoins. The virtual currency hit the headlines in April when prices soared and plunged. It is thought unlikely that regulators will approve the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust.卡梅隆和泰勒·温科勒伍——早前在Facebook的创业兄弟向监管部门提交了一份计划,申请建立比特币交易所交易基金。四月份的各种头版头条都被这个虚拟货币的波动情况给占满了。不过,要让监管部门通过这项建立温科勒伍比特币基金计划,希望并不大。201307/247739


  Have you ever wondered why we humans dont have spots or stripes?你是否曾经好奇过为什么我们人类身上没有斑点或条纹?Let me think,Humans and animals get their skin color from melanin pigments, which can be either black or yellow.让我想想,人类和动物的皮肤颜色来自黑色素,它不是黑色就是黄色。Together, these two pigments account for just about every color you might see on the skin of mammals: white, red, yellow, brown, and black and every shade in between.二者混合可呈现你能见到的各种哺乳动物的皮肤颜色:白色、黄色、棕色、黑色和他们之间的过渡色。产生黑色素的皮The skin cells that produce melanin are known as melanocytes.肤细胞是黑素细胞,In the embryos of mammals, the melanocytes originate from the same group of cells that produces the spinal cord and the brain.哺乳动物的胚胎中,黑素细胞源自制造出脊髓和大脑的同组细胞。From there, these cells migrate through the developing skin towards the belly of the animal.这些细胞从那里出来通过皮肤的生长迁往动物的肚子。If the melanocytes that produce dark pigments and light pigments migrate in streaks, you end up with stripes.如果产生深浅色素的黑素细胞以条纹状迁移,那么你身上就有条纹。The same goes for spots, but in this case, only random patches of certain pigments survive.斑点也是这么来的。但在这种情况下,只有随机的某些色素斑点能够存活。In either case, the migration pattern is genetically determined.不论哪种情况,其迁移方式由基因决定。For certain species, like zebras, stripes provided an evolutionary advantage because they worked as camouflage.对于特定物种 ,比如斑马, 条纹因可作为伪装对进化有利。Those animals with stripes were more likely to survive, and to pass along the genes that produce stripes to their offspring.身上有条纹的动物更有可能生存下来,并把能产生条纹的基因传给后代。For humans, this apparently wasnt the case.对于人类来说,情况显然不同。However, its likely that our overall skin color probably is a result of adaptation as well.但是我们全身皮肤的颜色也可能是适应环境的结果。 /201312/270280。


  It’s unlike any other creature that has walked the planet. 它和这个星球上其他的生物都不相同。T-Rex is different. Something about Tyrannosaurs and Tyrannosaurus Rex itself is different than other predatory dinosaurs. “雷克斯霸王龙独具一格。霸王龙以及雷克斯霸王龙和其他的掠食性恐龙是不同的。”But for such a celebrated killer able to take on the toughest creatures of the Cretaceous, some things just don’t add up. It’s slow. With a top speed not much more than 25 kilometers per hour, a T-Rex couldn’t even outrun a fit human. It’s also unwieldy, requiring a full two seconds to make a 45-degree turn. 但是,对于这样一种能够击败白垩纪最难对付生物的著名杀手来说,有些东西也不如人意。那就是它的速度。雷克斯霸王龙的最高速度超不过每小时25公里,甚至没有一个健康的人类速度快。它同样十分笨拙,转一个45度的圈就需要整整两秒钟。If a T-Rex were to fall over while chasing a prey item, it might seriously wound itself. And its hands, with only two fingers are completely useless for gripping prey. 如果雷克斯霸王龙在追击猎物时摔倒,那它将可能受到严重的伤害。而雷克斯霸王龙的前肢仅仅两根手指,这对于抓住猎物来说完全没有作用。After its giant size and its huge teeth, the thing we most notice about T-Rex are its dinky, little arms, these tiny, little arms that can’t even reach its mouth. “研究过雷克斯霸王龙巨大的体型和牙齿后,我们接下来最容易注意到的就是雷克斯霸王龙小小的前肢,这些极小的前肢甚至不能触碰到它们自己的嘴部。”The giant T-Rex is a baffling creature. There has to be more to this killer. How did this giant mouth on legs become the ded butcher of the Cretaceous? Was its raw power, its shark-like jaws, or something else entirely?雷克斯霸王龙体型巨大并充满谜团。它身上一定还有更多的秘密。它长在腿部的大嘴又怎样成为了白垩纪最恐怖的“屠夫”呢?是因为它的强壮有力?它鲨鱼般的大口?还是完全因为其他的原因?Fossils of Tyrannosaurus Rex have been unearthed in the U.S., Canada, and even Asia. For scientists, these discoveries point to one conclusion—this carnivore has little to fear, even from the most well-armed herbivore of the Cretaceous, Triceratops. But to bring down an animal this tough takes more than just brawn, muscle, and teeth. It requires planning and strategy. 雷克斯霸王龙的化石曾在美国,加拿大,甚至亚洲被发掘出。对于科学家们来说,这些发现都引向一个结论——这种食肉恐龙基本上无所畏惧,对于白垩纪防御力最强的食草恐龙三角龙也同样如此。但是,想要击倒像三角龙防御力这样强的动物,仅仅依靠发达的肌肉,牙齿还远远不够。同样需要的是计划以及战略。The T-Rex is highly intelligent. Its cerebrum is one of the largest of the prehistoric world. It has the ability to process sophisticated sensory information.雷克斯霸王龙智商极高。它的大脑是史前世界最大的动物大脑之一。它能够处理复杂的传感信息。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载。201402/276410Financing energy efficiency能源效率融资Money for nothing钱不是万能的Green loans are proving less popular among homeowners than expected事实明绿色贷款在房主中并不如预期受欢迎RETROFITTING houses to use less energy should be a no-brainer for homeowners. Over time, money spent on ways to reduce heat loss from draughty houses should produce a handsome return in lower fuel bills. In practice, many are cautious. Some improvements, such as solid-wall insulation and solar panels, can take over 25 years to cover their initial cost. Few owners are willing to wait that long: by then many are likely to have sold up and moved on.对于大多数房主来说为了节能而翻新房屋是一件再简单不过的事了。房主把钱花在运用某些方法上使透风的房子能够减少热损失,随着时间的推移,这些钱应该会因为低额的燃料费而产生丰厚的回报。但是事实上,大多数屋主还是很谨慎的。像换上绝缘墙、太阳能电池板这样的翻新措施往往要花上超过25年的时间才能回本。大多数房主都不愿意这么做,因为到那时很多人可能已经把房子卖掉了或者已经搬走了。Several governments have started finance schemes designed to address this problem. Since 2008 PACE programmes have offered American homeowners loans to finance improvements, repaid through higher local taxes on the property, whoever it belongs to. In Britain, the Green Deal offers loans over a 25-year period, with repayments added to energy bills. Countries including France and Canada have similar initiatives.一些政府已经为解决此问题而开始了融资计划。2008年以来,“清洁能源财产评估”计划已经为很多美国房主提供了低息贷款,以资助他们进行房屋设施的翻新改善。这种贷款通过对该房屋征收更高的地方税而得以偿还。在英国,“绿色协议”会提供超过25年期的贷款,该贷款通过追加能源账单而得以偿还。包括法国、加拿大在内的国家也采取了类似的举措。In theory, these schemes should boost investment in common energy-saving measures, such as extra insulation and new boilers, as the first owner does not have to pay all the costs upfront. But enrolment rates have disappointed, according to Sean Kidney at the Climate Bonds Initiative, a think-tank. In Britain, just 1% of those assessed for the Green Deal have signed up. In Berkeley, California, home of the first PACE scheme, the take-up rate is similarly paltry.按理说,这些方案应该会促进在节能措施上的投资,比如在购买额外的绝缘设备和新的热水器的时候,首次购买者不必预先付所有费用。但是根据来自气候债券倡议智囊团的肖恩·基德尼所说,这些方案的采纳率令人失望。在英国,仅有1%同意签署了“绿色协议”。在“清洁能源财产评估”计划出台的地方,也就是加利福尼亚州的伯克利,该方案的采纳率也是非常得低。Homeowners are unimpressed chiefly because the interest rates on the loans look high. The Green Deal charges 7%; some PACE schemes a hefty 8%. As these rates are fixed for decades, they will inevitably look unattractive when short-term interest rates are low.房主不愿意采纳这些方案的主要原因是看似颇高的贷款利率。“绿色协议”提供的贷款利率为7%,“清洁能源财产评估”计划提供的贷款利率更是达到了相对较高的8%。尽管这些利率将保持几十年不变,但是在短期利率较低的时候,就像现在,这些利率就不可避免地看上去毫无吸引力。Many people also doubt they will save enough on their energy bills to cover the repayments. For instance, claims in Britain that installing loft insulation can cut energy bills by 20% have been dented by a government study that found it reduced gas consumption by only 1.7% on average. Others fear that green loans may reduce the value of their home. In America, firms that underwrite mortgages are hostile to PACE loans.许多人也会怀疑自己是否能节省下足够的能源费用来付贷款在英国,有人宣称,安装阁楼绝缘材料能砍掉20%的能源费用,但一项政府研究打击了这一断言,该研究发现,该材料平均仅能降低1.7%的天然气消耗。而其他人则担心绿色贷款会使自己的房屋贬值。在美国,抵押贷款的承销公司坚决反对“清洁能源财产评估”计划提供贷款。Green loans have not been a flop everywhere. Around 250,000 households in Germany sign up for them each year. They do so because they need pay only 1% interest on them each year, thanks to an annual public subsidy of 1.5 billion. Whether that is an efficient use of taxpayers’ money is another question.然而,绿色贷款也不是在哪儿都遭遇窘境。在德国,每年都有近25万户人家会签署绿色贷款协议。他们这样做的原因是每年他们只需要为此付1%的利息,因为每年政府都会发放15亿欧元(约21亿美元)的公共财政补贴。然而这是否是有效利用纳税人的钱又成了另一个问题。 /201405/295259

  Business商业报道Eataly意大利美食天堂Let them eat truffles请他们吃松露巧克力糖Italian food for the discerning—and loaded意大利美食专为识货的行家打造FOR cognoscenti, the height of Italian taste these days is not Prada or Maserati, but a food market called Eataly.对《鉴赏家》这本杂志而言,近日来意大利品味的高度不再是普拉达或玛莎拉蒂,而是一个名为Eataly的美食超市。Fruit and vegetables are piled artfully in barrows and crates.水果和蔬菜有序又极具艺术气息地摆放在手推车和板条箱上,Cornucopias of pastas and pestos and peperoncini lie on shelves.架子上是满满的通心粉、香蒜沙司和辣椒酱。Groups of little tables tempt shoppers to stop and sample the salamis, or some of the eye-wateringly expensive truffles for which its founders home town ofAlba, inPiedmont, is famous.一张张的小桌子吸引着消费者驻足品尝意大利腊肠以及让人垂涎三尺的松露巧克力糖,后者不仅仅昂贵,也是该公司缔造者的故乡—位于皮埃蒙特的阿尔巴—著名的特产。Oscar Farinetti set up the first Eataly in 2007, in an old vermouth warehouse in the Lingotto district of Turin.2007年奥斯卡·法立内迪在都灵的林格托一家破旧的苦艾酒仓库建立首家Eataly。His 21st is due to open on December 2nd inChicago.他的第21家分店将于12月2日在芝加哥正式运营。When Eataly came toManhattanin 2010, the media were still reporting queues around the block two weeks later.2010年,当Eataly进入曼哈顿两周后,媒体依然在竞相报道依然包围着该美食城的消费者队伍。Perhaps one of Mr Farinettis American partners—Mario Batali, a well-knownNew Yorkchef—had something to do with that.或许这与法立内迪的美国合伙人之一的马利欧·巴塔利这位著名的纽约大厨有关。But inTokyotoo, after a slow start, people have taken Eataly to their hearts and wallets.然而在东京,渐渐地,Eataly走进了人们的心里,人们甘愿掏钱品尝意大利美食。Mr Farinetti is a serial entrepreneur who had the good sense to sell his previous electrical-retailing business before the bottom fell out of it, and switch to a more promising sector.法立内迪曾多次创业,他有敏锐的商业嗅觉,之前他经营电器零售业务。在这项业务坠入谷底前,他将所有业务转向更有潜力的行业。But he is also a fully paid-up member of the Slow Food movement founded by Carlo Petrini, his friend and fellow Piedmontese.然而他也是慢食运动的正式会员,这一运动是他皮埃蒙特的朋友卡勒·佩特里尼倡导的。Under Mr Petrinis guidance Eataly stocks the produce of several small firms, such as Gragnano durum-wheat pasta, wines from Piedmont and theVenetoand oil from westernLiguria.在佩特里尼的指导下,Eataly采购许多小公司的产品,比如格拉南诺的硬质小麦通心粉,皮埃蒙特和威尼托的酒以及西部利古利亚的食用油。Information cards tell shoppers who produced what and how.产品的信息卡上写着产品品名、生产者及生产过程,消费者一看就知道。The idea, says Mr Farinetti, is not just selling food but “increasing the percentage of people who eat with awareness, choosing high-quality products and paying special attention to the source and processing of raw materials.”法立内迪说,“这个主意不仅仅只是出售商品,而是让更多的消费者有意识地购买食物,挑选高质量的产品,更加关注食品原材料的产地和加工过程。”It works.这确实有效。Turnover this year is likely to be 300m, up by 30% from 2012, thanks to the opening of new shops.由于新店开张,今年的营业额有望达到3亿欧元,较2012年上涨30%。More are planned by 2017, acrossAmericaand inLondonandParis.截止2017年,更多的分店将会在美国各地、伦敦及巴黎开张。Sales have risen in existing stores, too, by 4%-plus inItaly, 5% inNew Yorkand 10% inJapan.已开张的份店的销售额也都在上涨,意大利涨幅超过4个百分点,纽约5个百分点,日本10个百分点。Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation are almost 20% of revenue inNew Yorkand 15% inTurin.除去息税摊销折旧前的收益,纽约的几乎占总收益的20%,都灵的占15%。Eataly provides its customers with gorgeous surroundings—less combative than at Harrods in London, less oppressively wholesome than at Whole Foods Markets, an American chain—in which they might imagine Gianmaria and Francesca weeding the tomato plants or ting the grapes.Eataly为其消费者营造极好的消费环境—不像伦敦的哈罗兹百货公司那般斗志昂扬,也不如美国连锁全食市场那样琳琅满目目不暇接,在那儿人们都可能想象Gianmaria 和Francesca正在为番茄苗除草或者正在踩葡萄出汁。Mr Farinetti is selling them a seductive image ofItalyitself.法立内迪向其消费者营销的实际上是意大利这个意象所代表的国家的魅力。 /201312/267748Computers are great tools, but they can also be mystifying.计算机是伟大的工具,但有时这个人类的好帮手也叫人无可奈何。Sometimes a program will just stop working correctly for no apparent reason.有时一个程序没有任何明显原因就会停止正常工作。It could just be a random glitch that can be solved by restarting the machine.这可能只是一个随机故障,可以通过“重启”秘籍解决。But sometimes the solution is not so simple,但有时并解决方法非如此简单明了,especially if at the root of the problem lurks a computer virus. 特别是如果问题的根源是计算机病毒在背后捣鬼。A computer virus is a bit of programming code that gets passed from machine to machine by e-mail or the sharing of programs.计算机病毒是一种通过电子邮件或分享程序在机器之间传递的编程代码。Like a biological virus, on its own a computer virus cant do anything.就像生物病毒一样,在自己的电脑病毒并无用武之地。But once it gets attached to something else, say a document or image attached to an e-mail message, it can wreak havoc.但一旦它附加到别的东西,比如一个文档或图片附加进电子邮件消息,就可以造成严重破坏。Once you open the infected object, two things can happen.一旦你打开感染对象, 会发生两件事情。The virus will reproduce itself to infect other documents and may damage the overall functioning of your computer.这种病毒会复制自己感染其他文件,可能会损害您的计算机的整体功能。Depending on the type of virus, it can simply clog up memory or, even worse, erase data.根据不同类型的病毒,它可以简单地堵塞内存,或者更糟糕的清楚数据。If your computer is connected to the internet, viruses called worms may infect your machine, then use its connection to seek out and infect other computers.如果您的计算机连接到因特网,一种蠕虫病毒会感染你的机器,然后利用它的连接去寻找和感染其他电脑。Unlike natural viruses, computer viruses are created by people and unleashed with the intent of doing mischief or harm.与天然病毒不同的是,计算机病毒是由人类创造并以恶作剧或伤害为意图发布。If you find that your computer has been infected, run a virus detection program to find the virus and destroy it.如果你发现自己的爱机已经被感染了,运行一个病毒检测程序来找到病毒并摧毁它。The best way to protect your computer is to install virus protection software thats always alert and looking out for harmful intruders.保护你的计算机最好的方式就是安装防病毒软件,以便总是警钟长鸣并且寻找有害的入侵者。Plus, never download a program from iffy Websites or open unsolicited e-mail attachments.另外,从不在可疑的网站或开放的不请自来的电子邮件附件中下载一个程序。They may be harmless, but you never know when a virus might be attached and y to pounce.它们可能是无害的,但是你永远不知道何时病毒会找上身并且随时准备抓住机会。 201311/263850

  Business商业报道Codelco v Anglo American智利国家铜业公司对战英美资源集团Ore war矿石之战A mineral battle in business-friendly Chile商业环境友好的智利爆发矿产之争LEADERS of countries at war have long warned voters not to throw them out before the shooting stops.战争期间的国家领导人早就提醒过选民,在击停止前不要把他们甩在一边。Although Chile has been at peace since it restored democracy in 1990, its state copper company, Codelco, is embroiled in a fierce legal fight with Anglo American, a global mining conglomerate, over the ownership of rich metal deposits.尽管智利在1990年恢复民主后一直处于和平状态,其国家铜业公司Codelco还是为了与英美资源集团争夺金属富矿的所有权而被卷入到的激烈法律争端中。And it will now have to wage that battle without its boss, Diego Hernandez, who quit his job on May 24th.现在Codelco不得不在没有主帅的情况下进行这场斗争—其执行总裁埃尔南德斯于5月24日辞职。Chiles mining industry has boomed under a hybrid structure, in which Codelco, the worlds biggest copper firm, competes with private rivals.作为世界上最大的铜业公司,Codelco与私营企业不断竞争—智利的采矿工业 在这种混合结构下繁荣起来。The company hired Mr Hernandez, who had previously worked at BHP Billiton, another global miner, mainly to oversee expansion.Codelco雇佣曾供职于必和必拓的Mr Hernandez,主要是为了让他负责公司的扩张战略。Mr Hernandez soon found a tempting acquisition target in Anglo Americans Sur project, consisting of two mines, a smelter, and two recently discovered deposits in the Andes, which are thought to hold a whopping 2.1 billion tonnes of ore.Mr Hernandez很快就发现了一个诱人的收购目标——英美资源集团的苏尔项目,该项目包括两处矿山、一个冶金厂和两处最近在安第斯山发现的两处矿床。In 1978 Codelco acquired an option to buy up to 49% of Sur during a one-month window every three years.1978年Codelco就签订了收购苏尔49%股权的期权的合同,每三年开放一次窗口。In January the company exercised it. Its contract contains a formula for calculating the price, which is based in part on Surs profitability in the five years before purchase.今年一月Codelco宣布行使期权。这份合同包含一个公式,能够根据苏尔在收购前五年的盈利能力等因素计算出其价格。Codelco says this equation values the project at .5 billion.Codelco称根据这个公式该项目价值135亿美元。It secured a .75 billion loan from Mitsui, a Japanese firm, to pay for its share.Codelco已经从日本三井物产获得67.5亿美元的担保贷款来购买这些股权。However, the formula takes no account of the new finds at Sur or Anglo Americans investment in it.但是,这个公式没有考虑到苏尔公司新发现的矿产或者是Anglo American对苏尔的投资。To fend off Codelco, Anglo agreed with Mitsubishi, another Japanese trading house, to sell a 24.5% stake for .4 billion.为了抵制Codelco的收购,Anglo同意向日本三菱公司以54亿美元的价格出售苏尔集团24.5%的股份。Anglo said Codelco would have to settle for a smaller slice after the Mitsubishi deal closes.Anglo表示,在与三菱公司的交易完成后,Codelco 只能收购在苏尔集团的剩余的部分股份 。Mr Hernandez accused Anglo American of breaching its contract.Mr Hernandez起诉Anglo American违反合约,The two sides went to court.双方对簿公堂。Then on May 22nd they suspended proceedings and agreed to talk.5月22日,双方又推迟诉讼,打算和谈,They gave themselves 30 days to reach a deal.原本计划在30天内达成一致意见,But two days later Mr Hernandez abruptly quit.但2天后,Mr Hernandez突然辞职。He said his departure had nothing to do with the Anglo spat,Mr Hernandez表示他的离职与Anglo争端无关,but rather with the companys board, which he accused of micromanagement.而是对公司董事会事无巨细的微观管理方式不满。In 2010 Chile overhauled Codelcos administrative structure, transforming the board from a mere rubber stamp into a real check on management.2010年智利政府对Codelco的行政结构进行了整改,董事会获得了对公司管理层的监管权力,不再像以前那样只是个橡皮图章。Industry observers say the new organisation has led to better decision-making.业内观察家认为新的组织架构可以更好地作出决策。But Mr Hernandez apparently grew tired of having to explain himself at every turn in interminable meetings.但是Mr Hernandez显然已经厌倦了在没完没了的会议上一遍又一遍的解释自己的做法。His successor is Thomas Keller, the companys chief financial officer, formerly of Royal Dutch Shell.Mr Hernandez的继任者是公司首席财务官托马斯.凯勒,曾在荷兰皇家壳牌公司工作过。Industry observers say Mr Keller is a more open boss than Mr Hernandez.业内观察家认为相比Mr Hernandez ,Mr Keller是一个思想更为开放的老板。Although Mr Keller will probably pursue a similar corporate strategy, Anglo American may try to take advantage of the turmoil to adopt an even tougher stance in negotiations.尽管Mr Keller很可能继续推行与Mr Hernandez相似的公司战略,Anglo American可能会利用这段混乱期,以在谈判中采取更强硬的立场。How the government-appointed board will advise the new boss remains to be seen.政府委任的董事会将对这位新经理提出怎样的建议,目前还不得而知。Chile would love to get its hands on Sur, and will face domestic pressure not to buckle:智利政府十分希望能够拥有苏尔项目,同时也将面对难以克的国内压力:politicians and union leaders have accused Anglo American of trying to rob the country of its God-given copper, and public opinion frowns on foreign control of mines.政客和工会领导人来控诉Anglo American试图强占本属该国的铜矿资源,公共舆论也对外国控制国内矿山表示不满。But Chile also wants to protect its relationship with Britain and its reputation as one of Latin Americas safest places to invest.但与此同时,智利政府也希望保持与英国的关系,并维护好自己作为拉丁美洲最安全的投资国的名声。Mr Keller may guide Codelco to a settlement, but he might soon find himself as frustrated as Mr Hernandez was with a process that is as much about politics as it is about business.Mr Keller可能会引导Codelco合理解决现有问题,但今后他除了经营公司,还要应付许多政治活动—这可能很快会让他变得和前任Mr Hernandez一样沮丧。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201307/246231

  Business商业报道Schumpeter熊彼特Montessori management蒙特梭利管理The backlash against running firms like progressive schools has begun反对公司管理像学校改革的运动已经开始THE INTERNSHIP, a film about two middle-aged no-hopers who land work experience at Google, is a dire offering even by the standards of Hollywood summer comedies.《挨踢实习生》是一部关于两个有工作经验没有希望转正的中年人在谷歌的故事,即使是按好莱坞夏天喜剧的标准,这也是一部顶级作品。But it does get one thing right: that it is rather absurd for a technology firm to provide slides for staff to play on, and to let them wear silly propeller-hats.但有一件事情是对的:一家科技公司为员工提供幻灯片演讲是相当荒谬的,而且让他们戴上傻螺旋桨一样的帽子。Google is not alone in its juvenile tastes.在对青年人的口味上谷歌不是唯一一家。Box, a Silicon Valley company, has installed swings in its headquarters.硅谷的Box公司在其总部安装秋千。Red Bull, an energy-drinks firm, has a reception desk in the shape of a giant skateboard in its London office.能量饮料公司红牛在其伦敦办公室内有一个巨大的滑板样的接待桌。Businesses of all types have moved towards sitting workers in groups in open-plan rooms, just like at nursery school.各类企业都在逐渐为员工提供开放式办公室,就像托儿所。Time was when firms modelled themselves on the armed forces, with officers and chains of command.企业在模仿军队的指挥官和指挥链。Now many model themselves on learning-through-play Montessori schools.现在有很多通过在实践中学习蒙台梭利学校的模式。Montessori management has plenty of supporters in the higher reaches of business.蒙台梭利的管理拥有很多公司高层的持。The bosses of Google, Amazon and Wikipedia were all educated in Montessori schools.谷歌,亚马逊和维基百科的老板都在蒙特梭利学校接受过教育。So was Will Wright, a -game pioneer.视频游戏先锋威尔·赖特也是这样。Messrs Page and Brin credit their Montessori education with their enthusiasm for thinking differently.佩奇和布林把他们对不同思维方式的热情归于他们在蒙台梭利接受的教育。Mr Bezos thanks it for his enthusiasm for experimentation—for planting seeds and going down blind alleys as he puts it.Bezos先生感谢蒙台梭利是因为他对实验的热情,正如他所说的播种和减少弯路。Mr Wright says SimCity comes right out of Montessori.赖特先生说模拟城市正是出自蒙特梭利。The nostrums of some management gurus sound remarkably like those of the progressive educationalists of the 1960s.一些管理大师的秘方听起来非常像那些20世纪60年代的教育改革者。For example Gary Hamel, of London Business School, and Jeffrey Pfeffer, of Stanford Business School, praise companies that dismantle hierarchies and encourage experimentation.例如伦敦商学院的加里·哈默尔和斯坦福大学商学院的杰弗里·普费弗,称赞公司消除等级和鼓励试验。It is not just rich-world businesses that are buying into this philosophy:不只是富有的世界级企业相信这一理念:HCL Technologies, an Indian software company, invites workers to write assessments of their bosses—and publishes them.印度软件公司HCL邀请工人对老板进行评价并进行公开。But it would be wrong to conclude that the success of Google and Amazon vindicates Montessori management.但是仅用谷歌和亚马逊的成功就持蒙特梭利管理的推断或许是错误的。Both companies have pragmatically mixed progressive ideas with more traditional ones such as encouraging internal competition and measuring performance.这两家公司都追求实用主义,混合了务实进取的理念,如传统的鼓励内部竞争和绩效量化。Mr Bezos is also an enthusiastic employer of ex-military personnel.贝索斯先生也是一位喜欢雇佣前军事人员的雇主。As in education, where traditionalists have staged a counter-revolution against the progressives, some academics are now questioning Montessori managements basic assumptions—particularly its faith in free-flowing creativity, endless collaboration and all things open-plan.在教育界,保守者上演了一场反改革的运动,现在一些学者质疑蒙特梭利管理的基本假设,特别是其对自由流动的创造力,无限的协作和完全开放的信念。For example, Morten Hansen of the University of California, Berkeley studied 182 teams who were trying to win a contract on behalf of a professional-services firm.例如,加州大学伯克利分校的莫滕·汉森研究了试图赢得代表一个专业务公司的合同的182个团队。He found that the more time they spent consulting others, the less likely they were to win a deal.他发现,他们越是花更多的时间咨询别人就越不太可能赢得这笔交易。This shows, he says, that collaboration has costs as well as benefits.他说这说明合作有效益也有成本。These need to be weighed against each other, instead of simply assuming that the more teamwork the better.这些都需要对各方面进行权衡,而不是简单地假设团队合作越多结果就越好。Mark de Rond, a Cambridge academic who once rowed for the university, argues that the most successful teams are marked by internal competition and clashing egos as well as Kum Bay Yah-style togetherness.曾为剑桥大学赛艇的学者马克·德·ROND认为最成功的球队是存住内部竞争和冲突以及自我风格的统一性。A focus on interpersonal harmony can actually hurt team performance, he suggests.他说把重点放在人际和谐上会对球队的表现不利。Jake Breeden, a management thinker at Duke Corporate Education, worries that too much reliance on teamwork can create a culture of learned helplessness in which managers are terrified to take decisions without yet another round of consultations.杜克大学企业教育管理思想家杰克·布里登担心在管理者害怕在征求他人意见之前做出决定的团队里过于依赖团队合作会创造一种后天性无助的文化。Excessive collaboration can lead to the very opposite of creativity:过多的合作可能会走向创造力的反面:groupthink, conformity and mediocrity.群体思维,整合和平庸。It is especially damaging at the top of an organisation. BlackBerry, a smartphone-maker, believed that having two CEOs with complementary skills would produce the best of both worlds:这对组织的顶部害处特别大。智能手机制造商黑莓相信两位具有互补技能的CEOs 会有最好的产出:Jim Balsillie was a professional manager and Mike Lazaridis was a technician.吉姆·贝尔斯利是一名职业经理人,迈克·拉扎里迪斯是技术员。The company soon discovered the truth of Napoleons dictum that one bad general is worth two good ones.该公司很快就发现了拿破仑的名言:一个不好的将军好于两个好将军的真理。According to one survey around 70% of all offices in America have gone open-plan.据一项调查显示,美国约70%的办公室已经是开放式的。Yet evidence is mounting that this is a bad idea.然而越来越多的据显示这是一个坏主意。Over the past five years Gensler, a design firm, has asked more than 90,000 people in 155 companies in ten industries what they think of this way of working.设计公司 Gensler,在过去的五年里调查十大行业155家公司的90,000人怎么评价这种工作方式。It has found an astonishing amount of antipathy.发现绝大多数人对此反感。Workers say that open-plan offices make it more difficult to concentrate, because the hubbub of human and electronic noise is so distracting.他们说开放式办公室使他们更难以集中精神,因为其他人的喧闹和电子噪音是如此令人分心。What they really value is the ability to focus on their jobs with as few distractions as possible.他们看重的是尽可能少分心把注意力放在工作上。Ironically, going open-plan defeats another of Montessori managements main objectives:具有讽刺意味的是,开放式的方式击败了另一个对蒙特梭利管理的主要目标:workers say it prevents them from collaborating, because they cannot talk without disturbing others or inviting an audience.工作人员说这会阻碍他们合作,因为他们不邀请别人或者想不打扰别人时就没法进行讨论。Other studies show that people who work in open-plan offices are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, stress and airborne infections such as flu.其他研究表明,在开放式办公室工作的人更容易患高血压,压力更大大,更易被传染,如流感。Time for some discipline—and separate offices是时候进行惩罚了-和单独的办公室It was the unthinking and indiscriminate application of child-centred education techniques, with little attention paid to outcomes, that eventually brought about a backlash.以儿童为中心的教育技术没头没脑的和不分青红皂白的应用,而且很少重视结果,最终带来了反弹。The more thoughtful critics did not wish to turn the clock back entirely and return to rote learning and tyrannical teachers; they simply said that structure and order have their place too.深思熟虑的批评不希望时光完全倒流到死记硬背和教师强横的时代,他们只是说结构和顺序也有自己的位置。The same seems to be happening now in business.现在在商业领域似乎也有同样的情况。Mr Breeden argues, sensibly, that managers should treat collaboration and creativity as techniques rather than dogmas.布里登辩解说,很明显管理者应该把协作和创造力当做技巧而非教条。Diane Hoskins of Gensler speculates that her companys findings about open-plan offices are so striking that they may mark the beginning of a new era in workplace organisation.公司Gensler的黛安·霍斯金斯推测,她们公司的开放办公室表现是如此引人注目,标志着办公室组织方式的一个新时代。When workers start being moved back into separate booths, and the office slide is replaced with a noticeboard bearing a list of staff instructions, you will know that the counter-revolution is well under way.当工人开始被搬回到单独的办公间,办公室不知不觉替换的一个列着员工说明的布告板,你就会知道,反改革的工作正在顺利进行。 /201309/257659。

  Millions of people go to tanning salons, some to get a base tanbefore they go away on a beach vacation.数百万的人在海滨度假之前去日晒沙龙,一些人的皮肤会晒成棕褐色。The idea of the basetan is that it will protect you from burning on your sunexcursion, so that what you end up with is a darker tan ratherthan a lobster face and discomfort.把皮肤晒成棕褐色,是因为它可以保护你免于晒伤,因此最终你的皮肤将变得更黑,而不是变红或是感觉不舒。But does a base tan protect your skin from ultraviolet damageyou cant see?但是棕褐色皮肤真的可以使你的皮肤免遭那些你看不见的紫外线伤害吗?Dermatologists say that just one trip to the tanning salon can produce DNA damage that cancause skin cancer.皮肤病学家称仅仅去一次日晒沙龙就可以引起致皮肤癌的DNA损害。Tanning booths emit about ninety-five percent ultraviolet A light and five-percent ultraviolet B light.人工日光浴场放射出约95%的紫外线A光和5%的紫外线B光。For some time, ultraviolet A light was thought to affect the aging of skin only.有时,人们认为紫外线A光仅仅是影响皮肤老化。Now dermatologistsknow that ultraviolet A light, like ultraviolet B light, also causes genetic damage linked to skincancer.现在皮肤病学家们认识到,和紫外线B光一样,紫外线A光也会产生与皮肤癌有关的遗传性伤害。One study indicated that people who used tanning beds at least once were two-and-a-half timesmore likely to develop squamous cell skin cancer, and one-and-a-half times more likely to developbasal cell skin cancer.有研究表明,至少用过一次日光浴床的那些人得鳞状细胞皮肤癌的可能性要高2.5倍,得基底细胞皮肤癌的可能性要高1.5倍。Tanning bed users are at an increased risk of melanoma too, the deadliestform of skin cancer.日光浴床使用者得黑素瘤的风险也增加了,这是一种最致命的皮肤癌。Not only can tanning inside lead to skin cancer, but the base tan that indoor tanning providescontains a sun protective factor of only about SPF-4.日光浴不仅在内部能让人体得皮肤癌,而且即使是室内日光浴提供的“日晒”防晒系数也只有SPF4。It doesnt offer good protection againstsunburn or the genetic damage that can lead to skin cancer.它们没有提供良好的保护以免受致皮肤癌的晒伤或遗传性伤害。Dermatologists recommend an over-the-counter sunscreen of SPF-15 or higher.皮肤病学家们推荐使用防晒系数15或更高的非处方防晒霜。 201405/297473

  Politics this week本周政治Israel carried out air strikes on Gaza in response to a barrage of rocket attacks from Hamas militants. The air assault killed scores of Palestinians, including many civilians. The Israeli cabinet authorised the call-up of 40,000 army reservists in preparation for any potential ground offensive. This latest conflict between Israel and Hamas was sparked by the murder of three Israeli teenagers, which Israel blames on Hamas, and the alleged murder in revenge of a Palestinian youth, to which three Israelis have confessed.以色列向加沙发动空袭,以回应哈马斯恐怖组织密集的弹炮轰击。这一袭击使得大量巴基斯坦人丧生,其中包括许多平民。以色列内阁授权,召集40000名后备军人待命,以备潜在的地面攻击。这场以哈冲突的导火索是三名以色列青少年被杀害,以方认为哈姆斯组织应该负责,凶手是为一个巴基斯坦少年复仇而杀害了三名以色列人。Shia Houthi rebels took control of Amran, a city in Yemen just 45 miles north of the capital, Sanaa. Their victory brought a rebellion that has simmered for a decade close to the heart of power in the country.什叶派胡塞叛军控制了也门的一个城市—阿姆兰,距离首都萨纳北部仅有45米。他们的胜利将一场预谋了十年的叛乱带到也门的心脏地区。Andargachew Tsige, an Ethiopian opposition leader, was arrested in Yemen and extradited to Addis Ababa, where he is facing the death penalty. A British citizen, he has been living in exile since 2005.埃塞俄比亚反对派领袖阿加盖·塞基在也门被捕,进而被引渡到亚德斯亚贝巴,目前正面临处决的惩罚。自从2005年起这个英国公民就生活在流亡中。Islamist members of the Shabab militia attacked the presidential palace in Somalia, where they claimed to have killed 14 soldiers—but not the president, who was not there. The countrys police and intelligence chiefs were sacked.青年党自卫队的伊斯兰教成员袭击了索马里总统府,他们声称在那儿杀害了14名士兵,而没有伤害到当时不在场的总统。国家的司法和情报机关部长被解雇。In Nigeria 63 women and children kidnapped last month by Boko Haram, an Islamist group causing mayhem in the north-east of the country, escaped from their captors by walking for 24 hours from where they were being held. This followed a heightened offensive against Boko Haram in which 50 of its fighters were killed, according to the army.科圣地组织上个月绑架了63名尼日利亚妇女儿童,这个伊斯兰教团体在尼日利亚东北部造成重大损失,他们从被关押的地方徒步行走了24小时,从缉拿方的追捕中逃脱了出来。科圣地此次行动时由于军队加强了攻势,使得50民科圣地士兵死亡。Caught off guard猝不及防Barack Obama asked for 3.7 billion from Congress to tackle an influx across the border of Central American migrants, in particular unaccompanied children. The White House has taken a tough line, promising to deport the migrants, which has upset immigrant-rights groups who not so long ago were cheering the presidents push for immigration reform.巴拉克·奥巴马从国会申请了37亿美元来处理大量中美移民涌入。白宫采取了强硬措施,承诺要将移民驱逐出境,这引起了移民权组织的骚动,就在不久前,这些移民权组织还赞成总统为移民改革做出的奋力争取。The effort by Illinois to tackle its 100 billion public-pensions deficit was thrown into confusion when the state Supreme Court ruled that health-insurance subsidies for workers are protected by the state constitution. Legal challenges to curbs on pension benefits argue that these, too, are unconstitutional.当伊利诺伊州最高法院规定上班族的医疗保险金受到州宪法的保护时,之前想要借此解决1000亿的养老金赤字的努力付诸东流了。伊利诺伊州原本想要控制退休金的计划是不合宪法的。The Republicans chose Cleveland as the host city for their presidential convention in 2016. Oddly, despite Ohios importance as a swing state, it will be the first national party convention to be held there since 1936.美国共和党选择克利夫兰作为2016年总统公约的主办城市。奇怪的是,尽管俄亥俄州的重要性可以和摇摆州。这会是1936年以来第一个在那儿举办的全国性党代表大会.Ray Nagin, who was the mayor of New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, was sentenced to ten years in prison for corruption. The case relates to bribes paid by city contractors looking for work, including much of the rebuilding after Katrina.自从2005年卡特里娜飓风来袭时就在职的新奥尔良市长奈根因为贪污腐败被判10年监禁。这一案件与城市承包商贿赂有关,其中也包括飓风后的城市重建。Voting for a new leader投票选举新领袖Though both candidates in Indonesiaspresidential election claimed victory, Joko Widodo, or Jokowi, the governor of Jakarta, looked to have won over a former general, Prabowo Subianto. The official result is expected to be announced on July 22nd.尽管印度尼西亚的两个候选人都声称赢得了大选,雅加达领袖左科伟,似乎打败了前将军普拉奥。官方结果将会在7月22日公布。Abdullah said he had won last months presidential election in Afghanistan, despite the tally so far giving a lead to his rival, Ashraf Ghani. Mr Abdullah contends that the election was marred by fraud. The final result is due soon. Meanwhile, a bomb near Kabul killed 16 people.阿卜杜拉说他已经赢得了上月阿富汗的总统大选,尽管统计结果显示他的竞争对手阿什拉夫·加尼领先,阿卜杜拉争辩道,欺诈毁掉了这场选举。最终结果将很快公布,与此同时,临近喀布尔的地区发生炸弹爆炸倒是16人死亡。The new government led by Narendra Modi in India unveiled its first budget. Arun Jaitley, the finance minister, was less radical than some had hoped, but he nevertheless maintained a commitment to reduce the deficit and was more friendly in tone towards foreign investors than his predecessors.由纳伦德拉·莫迪所领导的新政府公布了他们第一个财政预算。财政部长阿兰·贾特里并没有想象中的那么激进,但是他仍然保持着致力于减少财政赤字的初衷,以及表现出了相较于前任对外资更为友善的态度。John Kerry, Americas secretary of state, went to China for annual talks known as the Strategic and Economic Dialogue. Xi Jinping, Chinas president, opened the talks by saying that a confrontation between China and America would be a disaster. Mr Kerry reiterated that America is not trying to “contain” China.美国国务卿约翰克里到访中国参加一年一度的战略与经济对话,中国国家主席习近平在年度对话的开幕式上提到中美之间的对抗将会导致灾难性的后果,而克里野重申美国没有限制中国的意图。As Mr Kerry was visiting China a prominent Tibetan writer was put under house arrest. Tsering Woeser had been invited to a function at the American embassy in Beijing. It is not known whether she was expected to meet Mr Kerry. She was a winner last year of the State Departments women of courage awards.正值克里访问中国期间,著名的西藏作家茨仁唯色遭到软禁,此前,她受邀参加了在美国驻北京领事馆举办的活动。目前还不清楚她是否会与克里见面。她还是去年美国政府妇女勇气奖的得主。Running for cover代替运行Having lost control of several cities in eastern Ukraine,pro-Russia separatists regrouped in Donetsk, a city of more than 1m people. Petro Poroshenko, Ukraines president, raised the possibility of a new truce to stop the fighting. After the breakdown of the first truce, he had insisted that he would not talk to the rebels until they disarmed.自从失去了对乌克兰东部几个城市的控制之后,亲俄的分裂分子在人口超过一百万的顿涅茨克重新集结。与此同时,乌克兰总统佩特罗·波罗申科的表态大大增加了新的停战协议达成的可能性。由于他坚持反政府军必须解除武装,他才考虑谈判,导致了第一份停战协议流产。Prosecutors in Germany searched the home of an employee in the defence ministry suspected of spying. Days earlier an employee of the BND, a German intelligence agency, was arrested for allegedly passing dozens of secret documents to the Americans. The American ambassador was summoned to the foreign ministry in Berlin.德国的检察官涉嫌从事间谍活动的一位国防部雇员的家。数日前,德国情报机构的一位雇员因为非法向美国传播数分秘密文件遭到逮捕。柏林的德国外交部为此事召唤了向美国外交官。Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, called for the creation of a strong supranational body in the euro zone to co-ordinate the economic convergence of its member countries. Mr Draghi noted the differences in global competitive rankings between Finland and Greece, and said that “No firm or individual should be penalised by its country of residence”.欧洲央行行长马里奥·德拉基呼吁在欧元区建立强大的超国家机构协来调成员国的经济。德拉基先生还提出,在全球竞争力方面,芬兰和希腊还是存在差距的。同时还说到任何公司或者个人应受到其所在居住地的法律管辖。Public-sector workers in Greece protested against cuts by holding a strike to coincide with a visit from representatives from international creditors. In Britain a million union workers downed tools to protest about pay.希腊公共部门的员工通过在国际债券人的代表访问时举行罢工来抗议削减开,在英国上百万的工会员工因不满薪水待遇而罢工。The day the music died音乐终结日Brazil lost a football match, and with it a chunk of its national identity. A 7-1 thrashing by Germany in the World Cup semi-final left the Brazilian team, who had been favourites to win the tournament, looking like amateurs. President Dilma Rousseff, eyes on an election in October, urged her countrymen to bounce back.巴西不仅仅只是输掉了一场足球赛,也输掉了一大部分他的国家特性。在世界杯半决赛里面,德国7比1血洗了巴西足球队,这只巴西队原本是寄希望赢得世界杯的,不过这场比赛他们踢得像只业余球队。而着眼与今年十月份选举的总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫也敦促他的同胞要振作起来。Nicaragua unveiled the route of a proposed 40 billion canal connecting its Atlantic and Pacific coasts, to be built by a Hong Kong-based firm. Environmentalists dont like the idea of a canal; sceptics dont believe it will happen. But it keeps edging forward.尼加拉瓜公布了他们一向计划投资400亿美元的运河计划,该运河打通了该国大西洋和太平洋的海岸,由一个香港公司承建。环保主义者不喜欢这项运河建议,而对此项计划持怀疑态度的人则不相信它可以建成。但是,无论如何,这项工作还是在不断的进展之中。 201407/314288

  Labour relations in America劳资关系在美国Boeing bullied波音受欺凌Unions have the government in their corner工会把政府拉入自己的阵营AFTER several disruptive and costly strikes in a part of the country where unions are strong, a company opens a new plant in a region where they are weak.在国内一个工会势力很强的地方,在几次极具破坏力且耗资巨大的罢工之后,某公司在工会势力较弱的地方开办了一家新厂。The union complains to a government agency, which accuses the company of illegal retaliation against the union.工会向一个政府部门投诉,该部门状告公司对工会实行非法报复。It seeks to force the company to relocate its new plant back in the heavily unionised region.他们争取让公司将新工厂搬回工会势力强盛的地区。Is this France, or Venezuela?这是在法国,或是在委内瑞拉吗?Neither; it is America.都不是;这是在美国。The firm in question is Boeing, an aircraft maker.上述公司是飞机制造厂商波音公司。The strikes occurred in Washington state, where closed-shop rules mean that if a workforce opts to unionize,罢工发生在华盛顿州,那里的统包规则意味着,如果某公司的全体职工决定成立工会,all employees must join the union as a condition of employment.则所有职工都必须加入该工会,这是就业条件之一。The new plant that Americas National Labour Relations Board saw as grounds to charge the firm with retaliation is in South Carolina,美国国家劳工关系局作为起诉公司报复罪的根据的新工厂在南卡罗来纳州,where right-to-work rules mean that no worker can be forced to join a union.那里的就业权规则意味着,没有任何工人会被迫加入工会。The case has often been cited as evidence that President Barack Obama is hostile to business.本案经常被人援引,作为巴拉克?奥巴马对企业界抱有敌意的例子。So businessfolk should have cheered when, on December 9th, the NLRB decided to drop its case against Boeing.12月9 日,NLRB决定对波音撤诉,企业界人士应该为此欢呼。But few did.但几乎无人这样做。For the NLRBs decision reflects a victory not for common sense, but for strong-arm tactics.因为NLRB的决定并非常识的胜利,它反映了强权高压的手段。It seems that the NLRB, a legacy of President Franklin Roosevelts New Deal, chose to drop the case only after it was asked to by representatives of the International Association of Machinists, the main Boeing union.作为弗兰克林·罗斯福总统新政的遗产,NLRB似乎只是在波音公司的主要工会,国际机械师协会的代表请他们这样做之后才放弃此案的。The union told the government agency that it had just struck a lucrative deal with Boeing covering its workers in Washington state.该工会告知政府机构,它已与波音公司达成了一项很合算的协议,该协议与波音公司在华盛顿州的全体工人有关。With the deal done, the union no longer needed the government to hold a helpful gun to Boeings head.协议一经达成,工会也就不再需要政府继续帮他们强力威胁波音了。Boeing declared victory, but fooled no one.波音宣布自己获胜,但这骗不过任何人。For this sets a precedent: the federal governments supposedly neutral representatives will threaten a company with serious harm if it doesnt make concessions to unions.因为此案开创了一个先例:如果某公司不对工会做出让步,本应中立的联邦政府代表就会对公司做出具有重大伤害性的威胁。That gives firms a powerful incentive never to set foot in union-friendly states in the first place.这让公司受到强大的诱惑,从开始就绝不涉足工会强势的州。Many will doubtless build their factories abroad, where the NLRBs bureaucratic bruisers cant threaten them.许多公司无疑会在国外建厂,NLRB的官僚好斗者们无法在那里威胁它们。 /201305/240267

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