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淮安治疗早泄那个医院比较好淮安第四人民医院妇科专家This contest made people really work for the big prize - but the chance to get VIP tickets to the MTV Europe Music Awards and to possibly announce the winner of a major category on stage during the show motivated more than 3,500 people to apply. Sony Ericsson picked 100 lucky winners (based on their personal submissions) who made the journey from London to Liverpool over a 9 day period for the first ever "Fan Walk." Sony Ericsson was a sponsor of the awards which made it possible to not only to get the tickets but to secure the opportunity for one big music fan to announce the winner of the "best star" category while millions of people across the continent were watching.This campaign works on multiple fronts. First of all, Sony Ericsson was able to secure a major incentive to get people excited and to enter - that being the chance to announce an award winner at the show. Next, there is a natural product tie-in for Sony Ericsson - having people listen to music via their Walkman phone as well as map their route via the phone, take photos, capture s, text friends and more. All of this content is on the campaign website, provided a showcase of great stories by music fans who are now even more bonded with Sony Ericsson than before. The campaign also worked across multiple countries and brought together winners for all over Europe, so building even more local and regional buzz about the campaign.This campaign is a great example of never letting a "we could never do that" comment in a brainstorm stop you from thinking. And it also shows the power or creating experiences for people to get to know and love your brand, who will in turn tell everyone about thier unique involvement and build a brands reputation through positive word-of-mouth. Well done on all fronts! 这个比赛真正使人们投入到了大奖的争夺中——为了得到MTV欧洲音乐节的VIP票以及可能在面对超过3500名的观众的舞台上宣布主要奖项获得者的机会。索爱从所有的申请者中挑选了100名幸运的赢家,他们将参与到为期9天的从伦敦到利物浦的第一次“歌迷大暴走”行程中。作为该奖赞助商的索爱不仅能得到门票,而且还能决定一位超级歌迷可以在成千上万的观众前宣布谁将获得“最佳影视歌星”奖。这个比赛能够顺利执行有多方面的原因。首先,索爱能够抓住一个使人非常兴奋并被吸引参与其中的诱饵——在演出时为获奖歌手颁奖的机会。其次,该活动与索爱产品属性相契合——人们可以使用它的音乐手机来听音乐、搜索路线、拍照、拍摄视频、与朋友短信聊天等等。所有的内容都放在活动网站上,它还提供了一个展示平台供歌迷们记录不同寻常的故事,用户的使用黏度比之前更高了。这个活动也在其它多个国家进行,并集合欧洲各地的获奖者,所以该活动建立了更多具有地域性的信息。这个比赛是一个很好的例子,永远不要让“我们不可能做到”那种一瞬间的想法使你停止思考。这也显示了创造体验来使人们了解并热爱你的品牌的能量,他们转而会告诉每个人他们独特的体验,从而使品牌美誉通过口碑传播来得以实现。 /200901/60859淮阴区妇保院处女膜修复手术多少钱 美国:情人节 表达爱意的小礼物比昂贵的奢侈品更受欢迎Is it really the thought that counts? Americans will find out this Valentine's Day.US shoppers will spend 17 percent less, on average, on their sweethearts during the Feb 14 lover's holiday this year, according to a survey by BIGresearch for the National Retail Federation. That comes to about 3 per gift-giver down from 3 last year."Valentine's Day this year will be more about small tokens of affection rather than extravagant purchases," Phil Rist, executive vice president at BIGresearch, said.Some people will do away with gifts altogether and arrange "quality time" with their heart's desire at home instead, while others will set strict budgets for what they are willing to buy, he said.But the most popular traditions won't die too fast. Nearly half of those surveyed said they would go to a restaurant on Valentine's Day and more than one-third said they plan to buy flowers. About 58 percent said they would send greeting cards, up from 56.8 percent last year.According to the survey results, the majority of those surveyed (90.8 percent) will spend the most on their spouse (.22), with other family members getting about one-fifth of their budget (.95). Smaller amounts will be spent on children, teachers, co-workers and pets.Total U.S. spending is expected to reach .7 billion for the holiday. The survey polled 8,850 consumers in early January about their Valentine's Day spending plans. /200902/62005退休后去哪里?澳洲最受青睐Australia ranks tops for retirementAustralia is the country most workers and retirees around the world would like to live in 20 years' time, an international survey found. Australia is the country most workers and retirees around the world would like to live in 20 years' time, an international survey found.However, most Australians are unaware of how they will fund their retirement, the poll concluded.The Retirement Scope survey conducted by French insurance giant AXA questioned workers from 26 countries, with two-thirds of Australian respondents unaware of the source of their retirement income or how much they would need.Australians ranked as more aware than people from France, Spain or Indonesia, but behind those in Malaysia where more than half of workers can "put their finger on their retirement income", Fairfax newspapers report.On the other hand, Australia's relaxed lifestyle and climate were its biggest attractions for retirees around the world, who voted it the most desirable place to retire to, although Australian respondents preferred New Zealand.Australia came out above the ed States and Switzerland.The survey of 15,000 people found the average income of Australian retirees was ,917 a month, while the cost of average household expenses is ,437 a month."The survey found that the average retirement age among Australians is 57 years of age, and that 'old' is at 80 years, giving Australians 23 'bonus years' in which to enjoy a healthy and active retirement," AXA general manager of sales and marketing Adrian Emery told Fairfax. (Agencies) 一项世界范围调查发现,澳大利亚是世界各地众多劳动者和退休人士最向往的晚年居住地。然而,多数澳大利亚人对于自己的退休金问题却一无所知。该项由法国保险业巨头AXA集团开展的“退休知多少”调查共对26个国家的劳动者进行了访问。调查发现,三分之二的澳大利亚受访者不知道他们的退休金来源以及自己究竟需要多少退休金。据《费尔费克斯》报业报道,澳洲人对于退休金问题的了解强于法国、西班牙和印度尼西亚人,但要逊色于马来西亚人。调查显示,超过一半的马来西亚受访者“对自己的退休金问题了如指掌”。另一方面,对于世界各地的退休人士来说,澳大利亚悠闲的生活方式和宜人的气候是最吸引他们的地方。然而,尽管澳洲被评为最令人向往的退休居住地,但澳大利亚本国人却更青睐新西兰。美国和瑞士位居澳大利亚之后。该项共有1.5万人参加的调查发现,澳洲人的退休金为平均每月1917澳元,家庭平均月开为1437澳元。AXA集团营销总监阿德里安#8226;埃默里在接受《费尔费克斯》报业的采访时说:“调查发现,澳洲人的平均退休年龄为57岁,而(多数人认为)80岁才是老年阶段的开始,所以澳洲人可享受23年拥有退休金、健康而有活力的退休生活。” /200801/25845淮安清河区私密整形多少钱

淮安做人流哪家Eat Fiber 多吃高纤维食品Unrefined foods, especially those that are high in fiber, stimulate appetite-suppressing hormones and make you feel full.多吃粗粮,尤其高纤维食品。因为他们能产生抑制食欲激素,容易有饱腹感。 /200911/88569淮安中山医院的qq号是多少 盱眙县妇科检查哪家医院最好的

淮安第四人民医院痛经多少钱If you are new to online dating, it can be hard to understand, with numerous pages and questions to fill out, profile pictures to add in, text-style lingo, blank responses and site navigations. However, persevere and there could be something - or someone - worth while waiting for you at the end.To help you on your journey we've compiled a list of what to avoid and why…对那些刚尝试网络相亲的人们来说,冗长的资料填写、图片上传、短信风格的话语、空白回应以及网站导航都很难让人理解。但是,如果你坚持下去,或许会遇到某 些值得等待的人或事哦!为了让你的网络相亲道路更加顺畅,我们特意准备了一系列网上相亲禁忌及其原因。Remember less is more. 谨记:少即是多When writing or compiling your profile try to think about what keeps you keen and interested when ing other profiles. Keeping things short and sweet not only shows people that you are concise and don't waffle, but that you also know what you want。填写、编辑自己的个人信息时,试想一下别人的哪些信息能吸引你。亲切简洁的语言彰显了你简明的个性,不仅不会被误认为是在胡扯,还让对方知道你是一个了解自己想要什么的人。 /201009/113621 游戏时耍赖: That doesn't count. 那不算! We weren't playing for real. 我们不是玩真的。淮安一院做孕检多少钱洪泽县妇幼保健所男科大夫



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