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20. Storing Luggage for a Few Hours 20.存储几个小时行李A: Im checking out, but is there a place I can store my luggage for a few hours?A:我在退房,但有没有地方我可以将我的行李放几个小时?B: Why do you need us to hold your luggage, sir?B:你为什么需要我们帮你存行李,先生?A: My flight doesnt leave for another four hours.A:我的航班还要几个小时才离开。B: We can hold your luggage, but there is an additional cost associated with that service.B:我们可以帮你存行李,但这个务会有额外的费用。A: How much is it going to cost me?A:这大约要花我多少钱?B: It will be an hour.B:这会是6美元一个小时。A: Im going to drink at your hotel bar. Can you hook me up?A:我要在你的酒店酒吧喝酒。你能帮我介绍一下吗?B: Unfortunately, sir, we cannot. Shall I take your credit card?B:很遗憾,先生,我们不能。我要拿走你的信用卡吗?A: No, forget it. Its cheaper for me to use a locker at the airport.A:不,算了吧。对我来说在机场使用储物柜更便宜。B: Those airport lockers are not always safe though.B:不过这些机场储物柜并不总是安全的。A: Ill take my chances.A:我倒愿意试试B: Good luck with that, sir. B:祝你好运,先生。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/433770讲解文本:tough girl 女汉子,坚强的女生tough 坚强的,不屈不挠的,艰苦的tough guy 硬汉I have never met such a tough girl like Mary, she is really great。我以前从没有见过Mary这样的女汉子,她真的很棒。Its a tough fight, we have to try our best.这是一场艰难的战役,我们必须竭尽全力。 疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201607/456306

burst into 突然爆发;闯入burst into tears 突然哭起来burst into laughter 突然大笑burst into song 突然唱起歌来例句:She burst into tears and ran from the kitchen.她突然哭了起来,跑出了厨房。Hearing the joke, we burst into laughter.一听到这个笑话,我们都大笑起来。Two boys burst into my room.两个男孩突然闯进了我的房间。末尾音乐:big big world更多英语资讯关注微信公众号:Emily_aiyingyu /201606/4500775. Sitting on the Swings 5.荡秋千A: What are we doing here at the park? We havent played here since we were children.A:我们要在公园里做什么?自从我们不是孩子了,我们还没有在这里玩过。B: Thats exactly why it would be so much fun!B:这就是为什么它是如此多的乐趣!A: Id rather go to the movies.A:我宁愿去看电影。B: Just sit on the swings for a while. I bet I can go higher!B:在秋千上坐一会,我打赌我可以飞的更高!A: You sound like a kid, alright.A:好吧,你听起来像一个孩子的时候。B: Kids are the best at having fun, you know.B:孩子最擅长玩耍,你知道的。A: I have to admit, this does bring back some memories.A:我不得不承认,这确实找回了一些记忆。B: I still think the playground is pretty entertaining.B:我仍然认为操场是非常有趣的。A: Maybe we should come swing every once in a while.A:也许我们应该每隔一段时间回来荡秋千。B: I think Id be up to do something like that.B:我认为我会愿意做这样的事。A: Cheapest form of entertainment ever! A:最便宜的方式!译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/441260Todd: Hey, Shuan, its good to see you. How was your break?托德:嗨,肖恩,很高兴见到你。假期过得怎么样?Shuan: Ah, it was great Ted. I went to, I went on actually, a Caribbean cruise with my friend Jason.肖恩:非常棒,托德。我和我的朋友杰森去加勒比航游了。Todd: No, way, you went on a cruise?托德:你乘游轮出游了?Shuan: Yeah, it was, it was a hectic cruise mind you.肖恩:对,提醒你一下,那次航游非常匆忙。Todd: Oh, man, Ive always wanted to go on a cruise. So whats it like?托德:哦,天哪,我一直想坐游轮出游。感觉怎么样?Shuan: Well, I mean, we started out in Florida and thats when I met up with, well, thats when my family met up with Jasons family. Jasons the name of my friend, and while we were in Florida, in, I cant remember the name, but we went jet-skiing, and that was really, really fun.肖恩:我们从佛罗里达州出发,我的家人和杰森的家人在佛罗里达州碰面。杰森是我朋友的名字,我记不清具体是佛罗里达州哪里了,我们去玩水上托车了,非常好玩。Todd: Wait a minute. You were on a cruise and you go jet skiing?托德:等一下。你们在游轮上玩水上托车?Shuan: Oh, before we actually went on the cruise boat.肖恩:哦,不是,是在我们登上游轮之前。Todd: Oh, OK.托德:哦,好。Shuan: Yeah, we were just in the harbor and then we decided to go have some fun so we rented a couple of jet skis, and we went around the harbor.肖恩:当时我们在港口,所以我们决定玩乐一下,于是我们租了几辆水上托车,绕着港口玩了一下。Todd: Oh, thats cool man. Actually, when you get the jet skis, do you have to take a test of anything? Do they just give them to you?托德:太酷了。你玩水上托车的时候要不要先进行测试?还是他们直接就把托车给你们了?Shuan: Ah, you dont have to take a test because it was in an enclosed area pretty much.肖恩:不用测试,因为那是一片面积不大的封闭区。Todd: Oh, OK.托德:哦,好。Shuan: They set out an area for learners to use jet skis.肖恩:他们划出了一片区域供初学者玩水上托车。Todd: Oh, nice, but from the harbor you got on the cruise ship. What was the cruise ship like?托德:哦,真好,你们从港口上的游轮吧。那艘游轮怎么样?Shuan: Oh, it was absolutely massive. It was about 8 stories high. And the first two stories we just for cabins, Im sorry the first three stories were for cabins and the next story was all shops and then the story above that, it was night club, a casino, an art exhibit an indoor pool and on the top deck of course was the outdoor pool, bar and another night club, and few more pools, and it was the biggest ship I think Ive ever seen.肖恩:哦,游轮真的非常大。一共有8层。第一层和第二层是头等舱,抱歉,第一层到第三层是头等舱,第四层是商店,第五层有夜店、、艺术展馆和室内游泳池,顶层有室外游泳池、酒吧、夜店,还有几个游泳池,我想那是我见过的最大的船。Todd: That sounds awesome. So how do you spend you time on a cruise ship? Like, whats a typical day on a cruise ship?托德:听起来太棒了。你们在游轮上的时间是怎么度过的?比如说,在游轮上每天都做什么?Shuan: A typical day, you wake up probably hung over at around noon and then you head to the top deck to sunbathe for a few hours and as soon as you start to get red you head in, have another few drinks, maybe swim in the pool for a bit, head down to the arcade room, play a few games and head to the pizzeria, have some lunch, late lunch, and then it would be back outside on the deck and play some deck games.肖恩:每天的生活,你可能因为宿醉到中午才醒过来,起床后去顶层晒几个小时的日光浴,皮肤晒红后就进到室内,再去喝几杯酒,也可以去游泳池游泳,去街机室玩游戏,去比萨店吃晚午餐,然后再去甲板上玩一些游戏。Todd: So on the ship did you see any shows or anything?托德:你在游轮上看表演了吗?Shuan: Yes, thats actually one of the biggest rooms on the ship is the theatre room. Its about two stories high. We saw magic shows. We saw even a play, oh and also stand up comedy which was pretty good.肖恩:看了,实际上游轮上最大的房间之一就是剧院。大概有两层高。我们在那里看了魔术表演、戏剧还有喜剧脱口秀,非常不错。Todd: Oh, man thats great. Well, so how much did the cruise cost in total?托德:天哪,那太精了。这趟游轮之旅一共要多少钱?Shuan: I have no idea. I got my parents to pay for that.肖恩:我不知道。是我父母付的钱。Todd: Man, sounds like a good deal.托德:看来你省了一大笔钱。Shuan: Yeah. It was.肖恩:的确是。 译文属 /201504/370579

unit 283 信用卡结账(1)dialogue 英语情景对话A:I want to check out today. My plane leaves at 3 p.m.A:我想今天结账。我的飞机下午三点钟起飞。B:Which room are you staying in now, sir?B:先生,请问您住在哪个房间?A:I am in Room 205. My name is Bill Smith. When shall I check out?A:我住205房。我叫比尔·史密斯。我应该什么时候结账?B:Usually if you are leaving today, youd better check out before 12 noon, and leave the room. If you check out after 12 noon, we will count one day more.B:一般情况下,如果您想今天就走。你最好在中午12点以前结账退房。如果您在中午12点以后结账,我们则要多算您一天。A:Oh, I didnt know that.A:哦,我还不知道有这种事。B:Since your plane leaves at 3 p. m. it will be too early for you to leave the hotel at 12 0clock. We can arrange you to stay in the room until 1 p.m.; but first you should still check out before 12 noon.B:因为您的飞机要到三点才起飞,您中午12点就走太早了。我们可以安排您在您的房问里等到一点钟再走,但您得先要在12点以前结账。A:Thats very considerate of you. May I have my bill?A:你们想得太周到了。现在可以结账吗?B:Yes, sir. Here it is.B:好的,先生,这是账单。A:How much is it?A:多少钱?B:Your bill comes t0 60 dollars. How would you like it to be paid? With cash or credit card?B:60美元。您想用什么付账?现金还是信用卡?A:Id like it to be charged to my credit card.A:我想用信用卡付账。B:Would you please give to me, and will imprint it?B:请把您的卡给我,我来划账好吗? /201512/417337

讲解文本:barber 理发师I must go to the barbers this weekend, my hair is too long.这周末我必须去理发店修剪一下,我的头发太长了。haircut 理发,发型Im going to the barbers to get a new haircut.我要去理发店理个新发型。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201609/465328unit 389参加公司聚会dialogue 英语情景对话A:Hi, Seivvy, you look superb this evening. Are you enjoying yourself?A:嗨,塞维,你今晚看起来不错,玩得开心吗?B:Oh, its you, Sandy. Im looking for you. Yes, Im having a marvelous time. Are the firms parties always as much fun as this?B:哦,山迪,是你啊,我正找你呢。我今晚太开心了。公司的聚会都这么有意思吗?A:Too much so, sometimes. Its a good chance when we all get together and make ourselves relax.A:有时候更好玩。这是大家聚在一起放松一下的好机会。B:Really.B:真的。A:Ah, Seivvy, Id like you to meet John from accounts. John, this is Seivvy. Shes just joined the firm, and she is working in the same office with me.A:啊,塞维,给你介绍一下吧,这是财务部的约翰。约翰,这是塞维,她刚到我们公司,跟我一个办公室。C:Hi, Seivvy, nice to meet you.C:很高兴认识你,赛维。B:Nice to meet you, too.B:我也很高兴认识你。 /201604/437892

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