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Bush Administration Sees Progress After G-20 Meeting美称金融峰会就应对危机达成共识 The Bush administration says Saturday's G-20 meeting in Washington laid the foundation for a coordinated international effort to tackle the global financial crisis. 布什政府说,星期六在华盛顿举行的20国集团会议为处理全球金融危机的国际协调努力奠定了基础。U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez says the summit of leaders of industrialized and developing economies did not produce any immediate, concrete action to shore up the financial system. Rather, he said, the meeting promoted consensus on how to formulate a way forward. 美国商务部长古铁雷斯说,工业化和发展中经济体的领导人的这次峰会没有立即采取可以增强金融体系的具体行动。但是,古铁雷斯说,会议增进了如何制定解决办法的共识。"I think the important thing is the leaders of G-20 coming together and agreeing on a longer-term agenda," said Carlos Gutierrez. "One meeting is not going to solve the whole global situation, but they did agree in principles. They agreed on future meetings. They agreed on a process. I think that is a very important step." 古铁雷斯说:“我认为,重要的是,20国集团的领导人聚在一起,就长期的议程达成一致。一次会议不会解决全球出现的所有问题,但是他们的确在原则上达成了一致。他们同意在未来再举行会议。他们在程序上达成了一致。我认为,这是重要的一步。”Gutierrez was speaking on CNN's Late Edition program. 古铁雷斯是在美国有线新闻网“晚间版”的节目上讲这番话的。The G-20 meeting yielded pledges to strengthen the ground rules under which financial markets operate. Participants also promised efforts to boost investor and consumer protection, and to stimulate economic growth. 20国集团会议最后表示,一定要加强金融市场运作的基本原则。与会者还答应,一定会努力增强对投资者和消费者的保护,刺激经济增长。Secretary Gutierrez said President Bush shares the view of other participants that some market oversight is needed to prevent excesses and abuses, but is adamant that the free market be preserved. 古铁雷斯部长说,布什总统和其他与会者都认为,为防止过度和滥用,有必要进行一些市场监管,但是布什总统坚决认为必须保住自由市场。"We are here to strengthen our free-market capital system, not to change it," he said. "There is an inclination when you get into problems like this to go to an extreme, to over-regulate. I think we have to be careful. We have to find a balance, and we cannot over-regulate so that five years from now we are trying to claw our way back because we overdid it." 古铁雷斯说:“我们这里强调的是加强我们的自由市场资本体制,不是去改变这个体制。当遇到像这样的问题的时候,有监管过度,走极端的倾向。我认为我们必须要小心。我们要找到平衡,我们不能监管过度,造成5年后我们因为做的过头而走回头路。” The G-20 meeting was held amid a continuing drumbeat of unsettling economic news around the world. Last week, Germany officially slipped into recession, while more Americans filed for unemployment benefits, and China's projections for economic growth were cut. 在20国集团举行会议的时候,世界各地继续传出令人不安的经济消息。200811/56374。

  • 谷歌与中国有关部门达成协议的希望已经越来越渺茫。如果谷歌放弃在华业务,中国搜索市场出现的巨大空缺将由谁来填补,谁将是最大受益者?在本期《Digits》节目中,本·沃森(Ben Worthen)、史黛丝·德乐(Stacey Delo)、埃里克·萨维茨(Eric Savitz)与马塞洛·普林斯(Marcelo Prince)就这一话题展开讨论。201003/98885。
  • Bush Promises Smooth White House Transition布什将与奥巴马会面讨论重大问题 U.S. President George Bush and President-elect Barack Obama will meet at the White House on Monday. Mr. Bush says they will discuss the major issues facing the nation. 美国总统布什和当选总统奥巴马星期一将在白宫会面。布什总统表示,他们将讨论美国面临的重大问题。Two days after the election, President Bush gathered his staff on the South Lawn of the White House and gave them instructions for the rest of his term in office. 在美国举行大选的两天之后,美国总统布什在白宫南草坪召集他的工作人员,向他们交待了他总统任期剩余时间的工作。He said a smooth transition is his top priority. 他说,平稳过渡是他的首要任务。"This seamless transfer of authority is one of the hallmarks of a true democracy," he said. 布什说:“平稳的权力移交是一个真正的民主国家的标志。”But Mr. Bush also made clear that they have plenty of other work to do besides preparing for the handover to the Obama administration. 不过,布什还明确表示,除了准备向奥巴马进行权力移交之外,他们还有很多其它工作。"We face economic challenges that will not pause to let a new president settle in," he said. "This will also be America's first wartime presidential transition in four decades. We're in a struggle against violent extremists determined to attack us. And they would like nothing more than to exploit this period of change to harm the American people."President Bush noted that key members of Senator Obama's team are aly being briefed on critical issues and that an effort is underway to provide them with all of the information they need. He said that throughout the executive branch of government, Bush administration officials will be working with the replacements chosen by the president-elect. 美国总统布什指出,奥巴马参议员团队的主要成员已经听取了关键问题的简报,同时也在努力向他们提供所有他们所需的信息。他说,整个政府行政部门以及布什政府官员都将和当选总统挑选的接管人员合作。"Taken together, these measures represent an unprecedented effort to ensure that the executive branch is prepared to fulfill its responsibilities at all times," President Bush said. 布什说:“所有这些措施加在一起,显示了一种前所未有的努力,以确保行政部门在任何时候都准备好履行职责。”Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, are coming to the White House on Monday. President Bush will meet with the president-elect, while Mrs. Obama gets a look at the historic mansion that will become their new home on January 20. 奥巴马和妻子米歇尔将于星期一来到白宫。即将卸任的美国总统布什将会见这位当选总统,而奥巴马夫人则能够看一下白宫这座具有历史性的建筑,这里将从明年1月20日开始成为他们的新家。Meanwhile, intelligence community officials have begun another presidential rite of passage. They have started to provide Mr. Obama with daily briefings on the global situation - the kind of briefings provided only to the president of the ed States. 与此同时,美国情报官员已经开始了另一个新总统例行事务。情报部门已开始向奥巴马提供只提供给美国总统的全球局势每日简报。200811/55344。
  • The head of the U.N. World Food Program (WFP) in Ethiopia says the country's emergency food stocks are almost completely exhausted, with drought conditions expected to worsen before they improve. There are also growing concerns about food shortages in Ethiopia's reclusive neighbor, Eritrea. 联合国世界粮食计划署埃塞俄比亚负责人说,该国的紧急粮食储备几乎完全耗尽,目前的干旱灾情预计会进一步恶化。人们对塞俄比亚的邻国厄立特里亚的粮食短缺问题也日渐担忧。WFP's Ethiopia Country Director Abdou Dieng says despite a good response to international appeals for food aid, Ethiopia faces a critical shortfall in emergency supplies. He says the reserve established by the government to prevent a recurrence of past food crises is almost empty. 联合国世界粮食计划署埃塞俄比亚办公室主任阿卜杜·迪昂说,尽管国际社会对粮食援助的请求作出很好的回应,但埃塞俄比亚的紧急粮食供应依然面临严重短缺。他表示,该国政府为防止再度发生粮食危机而建立的粮食储备几乎已经耗尽。"There is food reserve, but today it's almost at zero level. We cannot count on that. Now what we are trying to do is increase the level of the food which can be kept in the reserve. We can go up to one million tons [and] we're talking about 80 million people here who need food, so this is exactly where we are working together to try to increase the food reserve," noted Dieng. 迪昂说:“我们有粮食储备,但是现在已几乎处于零的水平。我们不能依靠储备。现在我们正设法提高能用作储备的粮食数量。最多能有100万吨,这里有8千万人需要食物,所以我们正在合作设法提高粮食储备。”Of Ethiopia's 80 million people, Dieng says between 13 million and 14 million are receiving some sort of food assistance. The government estimates 4.5 million need emergency food aid, but experts expect that number to keep rising until the rains come, allowing farmers to plant and harvest life saving crops. 迪昂说,在埃塞俄比亚的8千万人口中,1300万到1400万人正获得某种粮食援助。政府估计,450万人需要紧急粮食援助,但专家预计这一数字将持续上升,直到降雨来临,使农民得以种植和收割救命的粮食。The WFP official says 0 million in donations has been received since the onset of the current drought. Dieng estimates another 0 million will be necessary to meet Ethiopia's needs until the end of the year. 这名世粮署官员说,自从发生这次干旱以来,已经收到了2亿美元的捐助。他估计,从现在到今年年底,还需要1亿美元以满足埃塞俄比亚的需要。201108/147520。
  • 著名的年轻法老图坦卡蒙的死因一直是个谜,曾有人猜测他死于谋杀,也有人认为他死于疾病。最近,科学家在图坦卡蒙家族木乃伊尸体中发现疟疾寄生虫DNA,同时在研究图坦卡蒙的遗骨时发现他患有畸形足。疟疾加上先天疾病引起的严重并发症可能是图坦卡蒙的真正死因。201003/97693。
  • 美国总统奥巴马说,金融业急需改革,以防止再次发生破坏美国经济的金融危机。参议院正在就金融改革的问题进行辩论。U.S. President Barack Obama says reforms are urgently needed in the financial industry, to prevent a repeat of the crisis that devastated the nation's economy. The Senate is debating a financial overhaul bill.In his weekly address Saturday, President Obama says reforming the financial system is a necessary part of the country's economic recovery."After a recession that stole eight million jobs, this is going to take some time," he said. "And this will require that we continue to tackle the underlying problems that caused this turmoil in the first place. In short, it is essential that we learn the lessons of this crisis, or we risk repeating it."The U.S. Senate may debate financial reform legislation in the coming week. The Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday passed a bill which would end taxpayer bailouts of big banks and protect consumers from abusive financial practices.The House of Representatives approved similar legislation in December.The president's radio and Internet address follows his Thursday speech near Wall Street in New York, in which he argued for new laws to protect consumers and hold financial firms accountable.Mr. Obama says it is necessary to end taxpayer bailouts of private companies and make financial deals more transparent. "That is how we will restore trust and confidence in our markets," he said. "That is how we will help to put an end to the cycles of boom and bust that we have seen. And that is how, after two very difficult years, we will not only revive the economy, but help to rebuild it stronger than ever before."In the opposition Republican Party's weekly address, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison says the Democrat-sponsored Senate bill would not end government bailouts, and Republicans want to continue negotiating."It is time for Democrats to put away the political playbook and simply say publicly what they are suggesting privately: that this bill still needs some work, that both parties should come together to do that work on behalf of the American people," she said.While President Obama is promising an end to government bailouts, he says those which have occurred over the past two years have helped prevent millions of people from losing their jobs.Mr. Obama says the U.S. auto industry has added 45,000 jobs since General Motors emerged from bankruptcy, and Chrysler has reported a profit for the first time since the economic crisis began. GM says it will repay billions of dollars in U.S. and Canadian government loans five years ahead of schedule.Also, the president mentioned Friday's U.S. Treasury Department announcement that the bailout of some U.S. industries will likely cost less than billion, down from the original estimate of 0 billion.201004/102683。
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