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宾川县妇幼保健医院引产多少钱大理人流预约大理做输卵管通液的医院 French economists法国经济学家Toulouse v Paris图卢兹VS.巴黎A tale of two French economists and their rival schools这是一个关于两个法国经济学家和他们竞争院校的故事IF PHILOSOPHERS in France are national treasures, economists are dreary specimens. But the discipline has some new star dust. One French economist, Jean Tirole, won the Nobel prize for economics. Another, Thomas Piketty, brought in rock-star quality when his book, “Capital”, became a bestseller in English. When the IMF recently listed the worlds 25 best young economists, seven (including Mr Piketty) were French.如果法国的哲学家们是国宝,那么经济学家们就是沉闷的标本。但是经济学这一学科又有一些新动静。一位法国经济学家珍·泰勒尔赢得了诺贝尔经济学奖。另外,托马斯·皮凯提也在其著作《21世纪资本论》大热之际得了大众眼球。当国际货币基金组织最近列出世界最佳年轻经济学家,其中7名(包括皮凯提)是法国人。An economist from Toulouse图卢兹的一位经济学家What explains this resurgence? One answer is the rivalry of two institutions that have tried to defy the fragmented and divided world of French higher education: the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) and the Paris School of Economics (PSE). Each has rebranded itself with an English name, created a private fund-raising foundation, recruited worldwide, and introduced English as the teaching language. Each has a claim to excellence: PSE (where Mr Piketty is a professor) ranks seventh among economics departments worldwide, and TSE (chaired by Mr Tirole) is 11th, according to the RePEc ranking used by economists.为何会有这种复兴呢?一种说法是因为两大机构试图对抗法国散乱的高等教育领域的竞争:图卢兹经济学院(TSE)和巴黎经济学院(PSE)。每一所学院都重新为自己起了英文名,创建一个私人融资基金,在全球范围内招募师资,并且引进英语作为课堂教学语言。每一所学院都声称自己卓越非凡:根据经济学家们推崇的RePEc 排名,PSE(皮凯提在此任职教授)在全球经济部门中位列第七,而TSE(由泰勒尔领导的学院)位列第11。The two have chosen different paths. As part of a university, TSE is more recognisably a campus and teaches undergraduates (it cannot select them until the third year), while most of its postgraduates are foreign. The schools strengths are industrial economics, market regulation and economic theory. By contrast, PSE groups various grandes écoles, the selective elite top crust of French higher education, does not have a single campus (work on a new site is due to finish in 2016), and accepts only graduates. Besides economic theory, its research expertise is in public economics and statistics.这两所学院选择了不同的道路。作为一所大学的一部分,TES更多地被视为一个学院并且教授本科生(它在大三之前不能挑选教授对象),同时它的研究生大多是留学生。学院的优势是产业经济学、市场监管和经济理论。相比之下,PSE团队的多样化的grandes écoles,即有选择性的法国高等教育精英课授教程,并不只施行在一个学院(2016年完成后选择新任地点),并且只接收毕业生。除了经济理论,它的研究专业是公共经济学和统计学。As a university, Toulouse has suffered in France from a sort of academic second-cousin syndrome. But the Nobel has put an end to that. A vast portrait of the modest Mr Tirole was strung across Toulouses town hall. His students printed T-shirts to celebrate his triumph. Rivalry between the two schools is no bad thing. “As an economist, I like competition,” says Christian Gollier, TSEs director. “There is room for more than one prestigious economics department in France.”在法国,图卢兹作为一所大学患上了一种学术上的弗拉恩综合症。但是诺贝尔奖治好了这个病。谦逊的泰勒尔的巨大肖像画贯穿了图卢兹的市政厅。他的学生们印了T恤来庆祝泰勒尔的胜利。两所学校的竞争并不是什么坏事。“作为一名经济学家,我喜欢竞争,”TSE的主任克里斯蒂安·格里耶称:“在法国远不只有一所享有声望的经济学部。”More than anything, TSE and PSE show how to get around rules. French higher education divides universities (non-selective) from grandes écoles(highly competitive); encourages uniformity (university lecturers are civil servants); and forbids university tuition fees. “The French system is crippled by rigidities,” notes Pierre-Yves Geoffard, PSEs director. “But these prompt new ideas, as a way of working around the system .”最重要的是,TSE和PSE展现了如何绕过规则。法国高等教育将普通大学(无选择性和grandes écoles(高竞争性)分开;鼓励一致性(大学讲师是公务员);并且禁止大学学收费。“法国的教育体系因此硬性要求而畸形发展,”PSE的主任皮埃尔·伊夫·吉欧法德。“但是,作为一种围绕此系统工作的方式,这些缺陷同时也激发了新的想法。”译者:邵夏沁 校对:张娣译文属译生译世 /201411/344352Crowdfunding. The word itself wasnt even known less than a decade ago. But crowdfunding has become a powerful way to raise money.EquityNet tells us that more than billion in funding transactions will happen around the world this year. That is a 100% increase from billion last year.And the number of crowdfunding platforms and websites continues to grow: sites like IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Pledgie.Were accosted with all of those crowdfunding requests each time we go on Facebook or other social media. Is it all too much?Michigan Radios social media producer, Kimberly Springer, says crowdfunding has been around forever, with pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners and community events. The difference is that online funding makes it much more visible.Springer says crowdfunding originated from start-ups and the idea of allowing people to invest in companies directly.;Weve somehow managed to translate that into investing in one another and, in a lot of ways, where institutions have failed us,; she says.But as fundraising online has increased, it can exhaust us to figure out who or what is worthy of our money.A campaign last year raised ,000 on kickstarter to make potato salad, and this misuse of the medium has the potential to hurt campaigns that are more worthwhile.For charity organizations, there is Charity Navigator that details how money is being utilized. But for crowdfunding there is currently no way to truly verify that the money is being used properly, Springer says. Instead, you have to simply trust the source.Sites may also be beginning to monitor what is being funded, and some have shown they are willing to close down campaigns. Last year GoFundMe took down a womans campaign who was raising money for an abortion. But interventions are rare. Springer says there are many questionable campaigns out there, often without an outline of how they will use the money.As for the future of crowdfunding, Springer says,;I think it will continue along the lines of specialization and its going to be up to us to just be really conscious about what makes us feel good in our giving and who do we want to help.;201504/370236云南省大理生孩子哪家好

大理妇科那个最好Point at a ball and a dog will look at the ball, whereas a cat will probably look at your hand.当你用手指着球,会注视着球,而猫则可能会盯着你的手看个不停。Dogs seem to have a y understanding of how human beings direct attention by pointing,and can follow our gestures almost as if they thought the same way we do.汪星人似乎已通过方向很好理解人类做出的指示,并且可以跟随我们的手势好像它们和我们一样。Of course, dogs probably arent born knowing anything about people.当然,出生时可能并不了解任何关于人类的事情。We just carefully train them to look, fetch,and so on, right? Or do we?我们只是小心谨慎的训练他们观察,获取等等对吗?还是我们?A comparative psychologist at the Max Plank Institute in Germany,Michael Tomasello,ran a series of tests on dogs which they find which sealed container had yummy dog food in it.德国马克斯普朗克研究所的比较心理学家迈克尔托马塞洛对这种动物进行了一系列的实验观察它们能否找到密闭容器中的美味粮。The only hint they got was from a human being who looked or pointed at the right container.唯一的暗示是一名正观察或指向正确容器的人类。This wasnt hard for dogs at all.这对而言根本不算难题。 201502/358330大理在哪里做人流好 大理州第二人民医院预约

大理专科治疗不孕不育的医院Psychologists have found that people who believe in a just world are more likely to worship celebrities, whereas people more critical of society are less likely to obsess over a celebrity.心理学家发现,信仰公平世界的人更有可能崇拜名人,然而对社会越挑剔的人则不太可能对明星着迷。People who strongly believe in a just world believe that life is fair,that good things happen to good people and bad things to bad people.信仰公平世界的人们认为生活是公平的,好人有好报,坏人也会得到应有的惩罚。People who believe in a just world are expressing acceptance of society and its institutions.信仰公平的人接受这个社会以及其所有的制度。Since the celebrity system is one of these institutions, researchers suggest that it makes sensethat those believing in a just world would be satisfied with how celebrities are made and thus morelikely to admire and even obsess over them.因为明星也是这个社会体系的一个组成部分,研究人员表明那些信仰公平世界的人对名人感到满意,因此更有可能钦佩甚至对他们痴迷。Vice versa, people who do not believe in a fair worldmight resist worshipping celebrities, and in fact question or criticize the system that produces themand decides who gets to be a celebrity.反之亦然,不相信这个世界是公平的人也许不会崇拜名人,并且其实他们会质疑或者批判产生这种制度和决定谁可以成为名人的社会。201409/328460 You know that day actually my back was out I was on pills你知道那天我后背疼 所以吃了止疼药I called you Biber,I know,That was terrible,Its all good though,Its all good因此我把你叫成Biber了 我知道 这太差劲 其实也蛮好的 是挺好It turns out nobody needs to know how to pronounce your name anymore,Not at all后来大家都不用学着怎么读你的名字了 再也不用了This was a year and half ago,I wanna you a tweet you sent a year and half ago这是一年半之前 我想读一条你一年半前发的一条推特I cant believe its gone by this fast,This is crazy, you guys with your tweets and requests时间竟然过的这么快 这太疯狂了 你们大家的推特和请求just got a small town kid from Stratford on Ellen,My mom is in shock,Haha,Thank you.使一个斯特拉福德的小孩上了ellen秀 我妈妈很震惊 哈哈 谢谢你们A lot of people and I know,Micheal Jackson is a huge inspiration to you,Yes,and you are a huge fan很多人 我知道 Micheal Jackson对你的启发很大 是的 你是他的超级粉丝Do you see, Do you compare youself to him in many ways?你有没有在很多方面拿自己和他对比I think its hard to compare anyone to Micheal Jackson,Just because he was so amazing and I look up to him so much我觉得很难有人能比得上Micheal Jackson 因为他太不可思议了 我很崇拜他But I definitely take different things from him, my style dancing and just the way I present myself as an artist但是我确实吸收了他的不少东西 我的风格 舞蹈 以及作为艺术家的表现力But if I have a career as long as Micheal, Ill be very happy,You will如果我的演唱生涯能够和Micheal一样长 我会很高兴 你一定会的I mean if anybody doubts that,If anybody doubts that,If anybody thinks youre just kind of teen sensation如果有任何人怀疑这一点 如果有任何人怀疑这一点 如果有人认为你只是昙花一现Wait till they see this movie,Because when you see this movie I found myself等你看过这个电影后再来评价他 因为当你看这个电影的时候 我自己I was watching the movie, Portia and I were crying我看电影的时候 我和Portia都掉泪了therere sad therere just beautiful touching points with the lonely girl孤独小女孩的故事很感人who doesnt wanna be a lonly girl the girl thats on stage with you and your grandfathers saying you gotta let it go那个和你一起的女孩不想继续孤独下去 你的爷爷说你必须要放手There are so many beautiful moments and its a story about really perseverance有太多美妙的瞬间 这是一个讲诉坚持不懈追求梦想的故事Its about not just having the talent,cause therre a lot of people with talent不仅仅是讲诉才华的 因为才华横溢的人有很多What would you say to people that you want them to get from the movie你想让看电影的人从中得到什么 /201606/450549大理东方妇科医院妇科预约大理祥云县生孩子价格



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