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So, I want you to stand up. Now, these words, I have a dictionary that Ive written.好的,你先起立。听着我说的话,我写了一本字典。Its called Harvey English Dictionary: Words From the Hood. Wow.它叫做“哈维英语字典”。哇塞Now you are going to learn yourself something today.你今天得学点东西,孩子。Wow, a real dictionary. These are words that can get you through life in case you mess around and go down too far on that hill up at...哦,真的是本字典。万一你捣蛋,在山上迷了路,这些词能让你战胜困难。These are words that you are going to need to know.我想让你了解以下这些词。Lets go. Lets go aly. Okay, lets go. You y? Yeah.开始吧,开始吧。好的,我们开始。准备好了?是的。Spell libala. Libala.请拼写libala。libala。Language of origin, please.请告诉我libala的来源。Black people. Okay.黑人。好的。May I have the definition, please? Libala.请告诉我定义。libalaIf you keep spinning that thing around, you libala put your eye out.如果你没完没了转那玩意,我就把你的眼珠子弄出来。Okay. Libala. L-a-b-l-a. Labla. Yes!好的,Libala。L-a-b-l-a. Labla。对了!No, wrong. Dont worry about that. Dont worry about that. You can spell it several ways.错了。不用担心,不用担心。拼写它有多种方式。See, thats the beauty of the words I use.看见没,如何使用才是一种美。It dont matter how you spell it.如何拼写不重要。Its how you say it. Thats wonderful. Listen to me. You y for the next one? You y for the next one? Yea.重要的是怎么说。你很棒了。准备好下一个了吗?准备好了吗?是的Enno. Enno.Enno。EnnoSee, let me use it in a sentence for you. Okay. See, there, you aint eeno.让我给你举个例子。好的,你没有eeno。E-n-o. Eno. Is that correct? Yes. Its correct.E-n-o。Eno,对吗?对了!Wait. We just add another N. Enno.等一下。我们多加了一个N,Enno。Next word...fitna. F-i-t-n-a. Fitna. Boy. You, boy. Boy.下一个词,fitna。F-i-t-n-a,fitna。太棒了你!Now, let me tell you something.听我说。To really seal it, use fitna in a sentence.最后,你得用fitna举个例子。You going to hurt your head, but just try.这会让你很头疼,但试一下吧。Fitna spell a word. That means Im going to spell a word. Yes. Yes!Fitna,拼个单词。意思是说我要拼写个单词。对了!Next word. Okay.下一个词。好的。This word right here is used by a lot of old people下面这个词老人用的比较多,because old people take whole sentences and blend them down into one word.因为他们将整句话都融在了这个词中。You y? Yeah.准备好了?是的。The word is...setdatdareritedairdownair.这个词是setdatdareritedairdownair。Repeat that again. Stay with me now.再重复一遍。靠我这边站。Setdatdareritedairdownair. Setdatdareritedairdownair. Thats it.setdatdareritedairdownair, setdatdareritedairdownair。对了。You want me to use that in a sentence? Yeah.你想让我给你举个例子吗?好的。Stop carrying that around and setdatdareritedairdownair. Yeah.别拿着它来回走,setdatdareritedairdownair。Look at this word. Turn around. Im gonna help you out. Look at this word.看一眼这个词,转过身去。我帮你一下,看一下这个词。Look. See, you got to know this type of stuff. Thats one word.你应该知道它,它是一个词。Now, in regular English, regular people would say, Set that there down there.一般英语,普通人会说“把这个放在那里”。But old people, they aint got time for that, so they run setdatdareritedairdownair!但老人没那么多时间,他们会说setdatdareritedairdownair。Thats the word. Wow.这个词是这么回事。Yeah, man. S-e-t-d-a-t-d-a-r-e-r-i-t-e-d-a--i-r...wow. Pretty long. I love you, man.对吗,孩子。S-e-t-d-a-t-d-a-r-e-r-i-t-e-d-a--i-r,噢。真的很长,我喜欢你,孩子。You my man. Come on over here, man. You my dude. Thank you. I love you, man.来上这里来,好孩子。谢谢。我喜欢你,孩子。Thank you, man, for being my dude.谢谢你,好孩子。Folks, make some noise for Akash. Bye! Bye!为阿卡仕鼓掌!再见!201706/515396People across the country are demanding change.举国上下都要求变革Outraged over what they see as corrupt business practices and unbearable conditions for workers.为他们眼中的商业陋习以及工人遭受的恶劣条件而愤怒The 1896 US Presidential election is the battleground to determine the future of the nation and the Titans have done everything they can to make sure the election goes their way.1896年的美国总统选举是关乎民族未来的战场所在 而巨头们使出浑身解数以确保选举符合他们的期望As America goes to the polls, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and John Rockefeller are forced to wait.美国人民投票时 安德鲁·卡内基 J·P·根以及约翰·洛克菲勒也只能等着Ultimately, this decision lies in the hands of the American people.最终 决定权是在美国人民手中The country is divided.全国意见不一Democrat William Jennings Bryant carries the rural South and Mid-West.民主党人威廉·詹宁斯·布赖恩特在南方和中西部这些农业区获胜While Ohio Governor, William McKinley, takes the big money North East.而俄亥俄州州长 威廉·麦金莱则在东北占据绝对优势As the results are tallied the nation holds its breath.统计结果时举国上下屏住了呼吸Until, finally, a President is chosen.直至总统最终产生Rockefeller, Carnegie and Morgan have dodged a bullet.洛克菲勒 卡内基和根躲过一劫The country remains in their control.国家仍然在他们的控制之中With McKinley in office theyre free to conduct business in the way theyve become accustomed.麦金莱在位期间 他们可以自由地按照他们习惯的方式经营201606/452000栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧!201605/441577

【新闻精讲】House prices in Sweden continue to soar, to regulators despair.瑞典房价持续飙升,监管机构感到绝望。House prices 房价例句:There have been grouses about the economy, interest rates and house prices.人们对经济、利率和房价啧有烦言。Soar急剧增加Shares soared on the New York stock exchange. 纽约券交易所股票暴涨。Plummet 暴跌例:In Tokyo share prices have plummeted for the sixth successive day.在东京,股价已经是连续第6天暴跌了。ASK a central banker what regulators should do when rock-bottom rates cause house prices to soar, and the reply will almost always be “macro-prudent”.如果要问央行行长,最低利率导致房价飙升时,监管机构该怎么办,通常是“宏观审慎”。Rock-bottom最低谷例:Morale in the armed forces was at rock bottom.那时军队的士气处在最低谷。Prudent谨慎的例:It is clearly prudent to take all precautions.采取一切防范措施显然是慎重的。Raising rates to burst house-price bubbles is a bad idea, the logic runs, since the needs of the broader economy may not square with those of the property market.按理来说,通过加息消除房价泡沫并不是一个好主意,因为人们对整体经济的需求与对房地产市场的需求可能不相符合。Burst1. 爆裂例:The driver lost control when a tire burst. 一只轮胎爆裂时司机失去了控制。2. 使溃决; 溃决例:A dam burst and flooded their villages. 一个大坝决堤,淹没了他们的村子。Square使相适配; 适配例:That explanation squares with the facts, doesnt it.那种解释与事实相符,是吧。Instead, “macroprudential” measures, meaning restrictions on mortgage lending and borrowing, are seen as the answer.然后,“宏观审慎”措施,即对按揭贷款和借款加以限制,才是人们眼中的。Instead1. 而不是…例:They raised prices and cut production, instead of cutting costs.他们提高了价格,减少了产量,而没有削减成本。2. 然而例:My husband asked why I couldnt just forget about dieting and eat normally instead.丈夫问我为什么就不能忘掉节食而正常吃饭。Restrict 限制例:There is talk of raising the admission requirements to restrict the number of students on campus.有提高录取条件来限制校园里学生数量的说法。But this medicine is hard to administer, as Swedens housing market vividly illustrates.但瑞典房地产市场却生动地表明,这剂药方很难奏效。Administer监管 (国家、法律、考试等)例:The plan calls for the UN to administer the country until elections can be held.该计划呼吁联合国监管该国直至选举可以举行。Vivid1. 清晰地 vividly例:I can vividly remember the feeling of panic.我能清晰地回忆起那恐慌感。2. 清晰的; 生动逼真的例:People of my generation who lived through World War II have vivid memories of confusion and incompetence.我们这一代经历过第二次世界大战的人都还清晰地记得当时的混乱和无能为力。Swedish house prices have doubled in the past decade, their rapid ascent only briefly interrupted by the financial crisis.过去十年里,瑞典房价翻了一番,这种飞速的上升趋势仅仅被金融危机短暂地打断了一下Ascent攀登,上坡; 上坡路 》 上涨例:It was a tough course over a gradual ascent before the big climb of Bluebell Hill.这是蓝钟山大攀登之前在一段缓坡上的艰难路程。Interrupt打断例:The sudden interruption stopped Justin in mid-sentence.贾斯廷话说到一半时被突然打断了。So far this year they have risen by about 14%. Apartment prices have been even giddier, rising by more than 150% in ten years.截至今年,房价上升了约14%。公寓价格涨速更是令人头晕目眩,10年内已上升逾150%In part, this is a simple function of supply and demand.一部分原因可以归结为简单的供需问题。So far到目前为止So far, they appear to be up to the task. 到目前为止,他们表现出承担了这一任务。Giddy眩晕的例:He felt giddy and light-headed.他感到头晕目眩。Stockholm is among Europes fastest-growing cities, with the recent influx of Middle Eastern refugees only adding to the demand for housing.斯德哥尔是欧洲发展速度最快的城市之一,而由于最近中东难民的大量涌入,人们对房子的需求进一步增加。Influx大量涌入例:...problems caused by the influx of refugees.…难民大量涌入所造成的问题。Refugee 难民例:A political refugee from Cameroon has moved into our neighbourhood.一个喀麦隆的政治难民已经搬进了我们小区。Last month the countrys migration agency said it expected as many as 190,000 new arrivals by the end of the year, double its previous estimate.上个月,瑞典移民局表示,到今年年底,预计多达19万名新移民到来,为之前预期的两倍Estimate1. 估计例:Try to estimate how many steps it will take to get to a close object.估计一下需要多少步才能到达一个近距目标。2. 判断例:I hadnt been far wrong in my estimate of his grandsons capabilities.我对他孙子能力的判断没有太离谱。Sluggish and restrictive planning procedures limit supply: the current shortage of around 150,000 homes is expected to triple by 2025.迟缓且严格的规划程序限制了房屋供应:当前,约15万间房屋短缺,到2025年,这一数字将翻三倍。Sluggish缓慢的; 迟钝的例:The economy remains sluggish.经济保持缓慢发展。Procedure程序例:Police insist that Michael did not follow the correct procedure in applying for a visa.警方坚持认为迈克尔没有按正确的程序申请签。Triple 三倍triangular 三角形A counterproductive rent-control regime has crimped the supply of flats in particular, and led to long waiting lists.租金定价制度产生了适得其反的效果,显著阻碍了公寓供应,并导致了漫长的等候名单。Counter- 相反Counterproductive 反效果counteract抵消; 阻碍; 中和counterattack 反击Regime管理方式例: The authorities moved him to the less rigid regime of an open prison.当局把他移送到管理相对宽松的不设防监狱。Crimp 限制; 减少例:The dollars recent strength is crimping overseas sales and profits.美元最近的坚挺削减了海外的销售和利润。in particular 尤其;特别The situation in Ethiopia in particular is worrying.埃塞俄比亚的局势尤其令人担忧。Earlier this year an apartment in central Stockholm went to someone who had been in the queue since 1989.今年早些时候,一名自1989年就开始排队的人才终于等到了属于他的一间位于斯德哥尔中心地区的公寓。Queue队列例: Your print job has aly been sent from your PC to the network print queue.你的打印任务已经从你的个人电脑输送到网络打印队列了。Queue up排队 in line:queue up at the box office.在售票处排队Low interest rates have given Swedes the capacity to borrow more, pushing prices ever higher.低利率使瑞典人更有能力继续借钱,促使价格持续高涨。The debt of the average household has reached 172% of income after tax.平均家庭债务已达税后收入的172%。Capacity1. 能力例:Our capacity for giving care, love, and attention is limited.我们给予照顾、爱护和关心的能力是有限的。2. 容量例:...containers with a maximum capacity of 200 gallons of water.…最大容量为200加仑水的容器。3. 产量例:...the amount of spare capacity in the economy....经济中的过剩产能。For people with mortgages in the big cities, the figure is nearly double that.对于在大城市的抵押者,该数字将近翻一番。The most obvious way to calm things down is to raise rates.平息事态最显而易见的方法是提高利率。Obvious明显的例:...the need to rectify what is an obvious injustice. …纠正明显不公行为的必要性。raise rates 提高利率例句:Central banks have printed money; if things improve they will raise rates.央行则印了不少钞票;如果形势好转,它们就会提高利率。201703/495636

Some of these granite peaks were formed over 1 1/2 billion years ago.这些花岗岩山峰 已有15亿多年的历史All right, guys, where were going is one of the most spectacular peaks around here, right?伙计们 我们即将 在其中最为雄伟的山峰上降落And it is high. And it is full on the summit.这里海拔很高 有很厚的积雪And its more than likely gonna be as windy as hell.风力也将异常强劲What it means is that the heli is not gonna be able to touch down, man.这样一来 直升机 无法直接降落在山顶So what were gonna try and do is fast-rope.所以我们要索降至山顶Youre on your own on that rope.Do not let go of the rope.索降时全靠你们自己了 千万别松开绳子More used to jumping in and out of New York cabs than helicopters, Joe looks visibly nervous.家住纽约的乔坐惯了出租车 因此在进出直升机时显得很紧张I live in New York. I dont see nature.我住在纽约 没有深入到大自然I dont see the jungle. I dont see the rainforest.没见过丛林 也没见过雨林Joes an e-commerce expert.乔是一名电子商务专家Outside work, hes deejaying and playing handball with his buddies.业余时间 他做调音师 经常和朋友们打打手球Im gonna miss the cars, the people,the food, the bathrooms.我会想念城市里的车流与人群的 也会怀念常吃的食物和我家的浴室Im not looking forward to eating anything alive我不想杀生取肉or something that I usually would step on.也不想吃一些平时会看到的动物But look at that for a view.Just spectacular mountains, eh?看窗外的风景 我们进入了雄伟的群山之中Sean works for an electronics company and is based in Minnesota.Yeah, this is Sean.肖恩在明尼苏达州的 一家电子公司供职 您好 我是肖恩He travels the U.S., training employees.他行遍全美 培训员工I live in the urban wilderness.我住在钢筋混凝土的都市丛林里In fact, when people ask me where I live,每当有人问我家住在哪里的时候I tell them I live in airports and hotels.我总说我住在机场和酒店里And thats just the way it is.这就是我的生活Sean loves his home and sports,but has a phobia about water.肖恩热爱他的家乡 热爱运动 但他对水有恐惧症201705/509304

Ive missed him, and hes gone.我没抓到 它跑掉了Man, theyre fast!Oh, this is hopeless.天哪 它游得真快 这下没戏了With a difficult and strength-sapping sea crossing ahead of me,要历尽千难万险 到达前面那座岛上theres still a need for high-energy food source.我必须得到更充足的食物补给Time to move on and come up with a different plan.现在该继续想点新办法了Theres some trash washed up here.这里有些被潮水冲上来的垃圾Always a good place to find that sort of thing.在这里总有点好东西The windward point of an island all the wind and the waves and the weather 这是整座岛的迎风点 很多东西会受风 海浪和天气的作用driving stuff up onto the rocks.堆积到这些礁石上面Bottles are always useful. Look.It doesnt matter how remote the place.瓶子绝对是个好东西 不管什么兔子不拉屎的地方Youll always find some man-made material.你总会找到工业产品A bit of flexible rubber hosing.That, though, could be really useful.还有一小截橡胶软管 这个可能很有用的My discoveries have given me a new idea.刚才的发现给了我新的灵感Almost everything that Im hunting for or chasing is basically faster than me.我捕杀的大多数东西 速度都比我快But finding just something as simple as a bit of hosing like that但是发现了这 一小截橡胶管has actually given me the advantage back.就足以让整个局面大反转It allows me to make a spring-loaded weapon thats gonna give me more speed.我可以利用它来制作一个弹射箭 来提高我的捕猎速度Im gonna make a simple bamboo harpoon.我要做一个竹制鱼叉Its a basic design thats been used for centuries and is still in use today.这种基本设计已经流传了几千年 一直沿用至今And just use the tip end of an agave plant to make a barb in this,我用龙舌兰的末端 做了一个这样的倒钩So if I harpoon something, its not gonna then come out.如果我插到东西的时候 就不会滑出来Now for the all-important trigger mechanism.接下来就是最重要的触发机制Theres very little that youll find in nature that has elasticity like that,自然界中很难找到 这么有弹性的东西And what this does gives me back the advantage of speed.这个小东西 完全可以弥补我在速度上的缺憾Next up, Im continuing my quest to find food in preparation for a major sea crossing.接下来 我将继续寻找食物 备战跨海大计Its way rougher here. Im struggling now.现在的海况很差 我必须努力拼搏201704/501883

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