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谁在吃垃圾食品?For years experts have argued that poor households are consuming less nourishing food than the rest of the population.But a survey of some of the lowest earners in Britain shows the nutritional value of what they eat is little different to everyone else.In fact, the same deficiencies in diet were shared by all the population and the findings suggest that poor eating choices are far more widesp than previously suspected - affecting many wealthier families.These included low fruit and vegetable consumption, not eating enough oily fish and eating too much saturated fat and sugar.'This is a large and significant study and it shows we are all eating just as bad a diet as each other,' said Tim Lang, professor of food policy at City University.The poorest families were eating only slightly more sugar and slightly less fruit and vegetables, according to the study of 3,728 respondents in the bottom of the population.Alison Tedstone, head of nutritional science at the Food Standard Agency, said: 'Overall, people on low incomes have less than ideal diets, but their diets are only slightly worse than those of the rest of the population.'The study also showed that low earners are choosing to eat unhealthily. Their food choices were not linked to their income, their access to shops or their cooking skills.The findings appear to contradict assumptions that the poor cannot afford healthier foods or are too far away from shops that sell them.The Low Income Nutrition and Diet Survey showed that like the rest of the population, the poor's daily fruit and vegetable intake on average is below the recommended five portions. Fewer than 10 per cent of respondents hit this target, while around 20 per cent ate less than a portion per day.More than three quarters (76 per cent) of men and 81 per cent of women did less than one 30-minute session of moderate or vigorous exercise per week.Some 45 per cent of men and 40 per cent of women were smokers.This compares with 28 per cent of men and 24 per cent of women in the general population. 多年来,专家们一直认为,贫困家庭摄入的营养食物比其他人群要少。而英国一项对最低收入人群的调查表明,这些人所摄入食物的营养价值与其他人群没有太大区别。实际上,所有人的饮食习惯都存在同样的缺陷。调查结果表明,“穷人式”的饮食选择所涉及的人群比之前预计的要广泛得多,影响着很多较为富裕的家庭。这种饮食所摄入的水果和蔬菜较少、油性鱼的摄入量不足、饱和脂肪和糖分的摄入量过多。城市大学食品政策教授Tim Lang说:“这是一项十分有意义的大规模调查。调查表明,我们的饮食习惯都很不合理。”根据对处于社会底层的3728名受访者的调查,最穷的家庭摄入的糖分仅略多一点,摄入的水果和蔬菜也只是略少一点。食品标准局营养科学部的主任阿里森·泰德斯通说:“总的来说,收入较低的人吃的较差,但他们的饮食也只比其它人群略差一点。”调查表明,低收入人群不健康的饮食方式是他们自身造成的。他们的饮食选择与收入、离商店的远近及烹饪技巧并没有必然联系。这一结果与穷人们买不起健康食品或离商店太远的假设相矛盾。此项低收入人群营养及饮食调查发现,与其他人群一样,穷人平均每天摄入的水果和蔬菜量低于专家建议的五份。达到这一建议标准的受访者不到10%,约20%的受访者每天摄入的果蔬量不到一份。超过四分之三(76%)的男性和81%的女性每周进行适度或剧烈运动的时间不到30分钟。其中,约45%的男性和40%的女性是烟民。而总人口中的这一比例分别为28%和24%。 /200803/32403。

  • A man was hit by a cab in the street. He was brought to the hospital. His wife who was standing up by his bed, said to the doctor: ;I think that he is very ill.;  ;I am afraid that he is dead.; said the doctor.  Hearing this, the man moved his head and said: ;I#39;m not dead. I#39;m still alive.;  ;Be quiet, ; said the wife. ;the doctor knows better than you!;一个男人在街上被出租车撞倒送进了医院。他的妻子站在他的床前对医生说:“我想他伤得很厉害。”  医生说:“恐怕他已经死了。”  听到医生的话,这个男人转动着头说:“我没死,我还活着。”  妻子说:“安静,医生比你懂得多。”。
  • Here is an excerpt taken from J. Eric Oliver’s Fat Politics: The Real Story Behind America’s Obesity Epidemic.…there is no clear evidence that schools are contributing to the growth in obesity. The obesity-related complaints about school lunches, vending machines, and physical education are based largely on the assumption that these factors are causing our kids to get fat. Yet, I find little evidence to support this claim. For example, in looking at survey data on the health behavior of middle and high school students, the factor I found that best predicted whether or not a kid was obese was tooth brushing . More important than how much junk food they ate, soda they drank, or physical education they received was whether or not they brushed their teeth. Among fourteen- to seventeen-year-olds, only 16 percent of kids who brushed their teeth more than once a day were overweight compared to 24 percent who brushed less than once a day. Of course, other factors were important as well — teenagers who play more computer games, eat more fast-food, and drink less whole milk were also more likely to be obese — but these factors were tiny in comparison with tooth brushing. Meanwhile school policies, such as whether the kid was in physical education or ate school lunches, had no predictive power for whether or not a child was obese.Now obviously the act of brushing one’s teeth plays little direct role in a child’s weight, but it is a good indicator of something else — in what type of household the child lives. Children who brush their teeth more often are more likely to come from homes where health and hygiene are a priority…In other words, outside of genetics, the biggest factor predicting a child’s weight is what type of parenting they receive .I don’t know about you, but I know that after I brush my teeth, I am less likely to put food in my mouth! It’s that fresh, minty taste on my teeth and tongue that makes the thought of adding food not very appealing. What a great way to fight off cravings and if it can help with the child obesity epidemic that we are facing..what a plus!If you are looking for a great NEW toothbrush, Oral-B has just come out with a new toothbrush-the CrossAction Pro-Health. I have recently purchased this toothbrush and really love it! There are two rows of soft gum stimulators, positioned on either side of the brush head that massage the gums. At first it was weird, but after I realized what it was for, I really like how my mouth felt after using it. I also like that it has a built-in tongue cleaner on the reverse side of the brush head–great way to insure you won’t have bad breath! 没有据显示学校是导致肥胖增长的罪魁祸首。我们将大部分导致孩子变胖的假定原因推到学校伙食、自动售货机和体育锻炼上,因而出现了和肥胖有关的诸多抱怨。然而,我觉得这样的说法毫无根据。譬如说,在观察了一份有关中学生和大学生健康行为的调查后,我发现一个孩子是否肥胖的最佳预知方法是看刷牙。比他们吃了多少垃圾食品,喝了多少苏打饮料,进行了多少体育锻炼更为重要的是他们是否刷牙。14到17岁间每天刷牙超过一次的孩子中,仅有16%得了肥胖症,而刷牙次数每天少于一次的孩子,肥胖率为24%。当然,其他因素也很重要——玩电脑次数过多,吃过多的快餐食品,喝牛奶太少的孩子也很可能得肥胖症。但是这些因素和刷牙比起来,微不足道。同时,学校政策,比如孩子是否接受体育锻炼,是否在学校吃午餐不能成为他是否会得肥胖症的预兆。目前明显的是,刷牙行为对于孩子的体重起到的直接作用很小,但是它能很好地揭示些其他东西——孩子生活的家庭是怎样的。更勤于刷牙的孩子更可能来自于将健康和卫生保健放在优先位置的家庭……也就是说,除了遗传的因素外,预示孩子重量的最大因素是他们所接受的家庭教育。我对你没有了解,但至少我知道,我在刷完牙后就不想要再吃东西!牙齿和口腔里清新薄荷的味道让我不会有再吃东西的欲望。这是抵制食欲的好方法,如果它能帮助遏制我们面临的儿童肥胖症的蔓延……那真是锦上添花!如果你在寻找一种新型的牙刷,欧乐B刚推出了一款新牙刷——多动向健康牙刷。我最近刚买了这款牙刷,十分喜欢!它有两排刺激牙床的软刷,在刷头的两旁为你的牙床做。刚开始用,会感觉有点奇怪,但当我明白他们的作用后,我很喜欢用了它之后口腔的感觉。我也很喜欢他刷头反面的内置口腔清洁器——它能很好的保你不会有口气! /200806/42274。
  • Buying a house is an exciting but scary step. Home ownership means making an investment in your future, but it also means committing to stay put, at least for a while. Before you make that commitment, you should ensure you are making an informed decision, and not one based on how beautiful the home is or your desire to be on your own.买房子是令人兴奋却又让人慌乱的一步。房屋所有权意味着对你的未来做了一次投资,此外也表示将承诺扎根于此,至少也会是一段时间。在你做出承诺前,你应该明了你正在做一项明智的决定,而不是因为房子是多么漂亮或是你渴望能独立。1. Your Financial Situation你的财务状况Just because you qualify for a loan does not necessarily mean you should take a loan. On the other hand, if you don#39;t think you can qualify for a loan, you might be mistaken. When you consider buying a home, sit down with a professional--a loan counselor at your bank or a representative from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development, for instance--and discuss your options. Have tax and income documents y, as well as a list of your expenses and a copy of your credit report.仅仅因为你够资格去贷款也不意味着你应该贷款。换句话说,如果你认为自己没有资格申请贷款,那你可能误解了。当你在考虑买房时,和专业人士一起坐着谈谈你的选择——比方说的贷款咨询顾问或是美国住房和城市发展部的办事员。准备好税收和收入的文件明,以及开销清单和一份信用报告。According to CNN Money, you should try to find a home that is two and a half times your yearly salary. So, if you have a yearly salary of , 000, you should not choose a house that costs more than 0, 000. However, if you have large loan payments or other expenses, you may not want to, or be qualified to, go that high. Ask the professional to help you get a good picture of your earnings, expenses and how they would change if you bought a home.根据CNN财经频道,你找的房子房价应该是你年薪的2.5倍。所以,如果你年薪40,000美元,你不应该选成本超过120,000美元的房子。然而, 如果你有大额贷款或其它开销,你可能不会想或是没有资格去申请那么多的贷款。咨询专业人士,让他们帮你明了你的收入、出,以及如果你想买房收应该做哪些调整。 /201309/257741。
  • 5. David Jenkins. Seal Island, South Africa. July 26, 2013.2013年7月26日,南非海豹岛,摄影:戴维·詹金斯I have been traveling to Seal Island off the coast of South Africa for 5 or 6 years now to photograph the interaction between the great white sharks and their prey, the cape fur seal. On the morning of July 26, 2013, I made my way out to Seal Island with a local shark tour operator. The sea was not too rough and there was some cloud cover -- good conditions to see the sharks hunting.我在南非海豹岛(Seal Island)已待了五、六年时间拍摄大白鲨和其猎物海豹之间的战斗。2013年7月26日早晨,我和一位当地鲨鱼观赏导游前往海豹岛。那是个阴天,海面并无大浪,这种天气非常适合观赏鲨鱼捕食。Usually, the most active hunting time is an hour before sunrise and an hour after. I arrived at the island at about 7:15 and immediately we could see that there had been some kills -- from the gulls in the area hovering and the slicks on the water. When the attacks happen they are at lightening speed and can be over in a second. We decided to track alongside some seals which were coming back to the island after feeding out at sea, keeping a distance so as not to interfere. I noticed a smaller seal had dropped off the back of the main group. The sharks often choose the single seals to attack as their chance of success is higher.最激烈的捕猎时间一般在日出前后1小时左右。我7点15分到达海豹岛,立刻就发现已经有捕杀发生,因为海面上漂浮着动物残骸,海鸥在上空盘旋觅食。捕猎发生如闪电般迅速,一刹那就会结束。我们决定,跟着一些在海里觅完食返回岛屿的海豹,保持一段距离,以免干扰。我发现一只小海豹落在大部队后面。鲨鱼往往会选择这种落单的海豹发动袭击,这样成功率较高。I tracked with the seal in my viewfinder and, without warning, a great white attacked. The shark had its mouth wide open and the seal managed to just avoid the bite. It was sent flying out of the water by the nose of the shark. As the seal was falling back towards the water it narrowly missed the mouth of the shark. For the next couple of minutes the seal stayed close to the shark#39;s body but away from the mouth, using its agility to tire out the shark. When the shark gave up, the seal managed to make its way back to the island safely.我随着探视镜观察这只海豹,这时毫无预警,一只大白鲨发动了攻击。它张开血盆大口,但海豹侥幸逃过一劫。鲨鱼穷追不舍,海豹被逼出水面。它回到水面时,又一次逃过鲨鱼的大嘴。接下来几分钟里,海豹在鲨鱼攻击范围之外兜圈子,依靠灵活的身体拖累鲨鱼。最终鲨鱼放弃了攻击,海豹才成功返回小岛。 /201312/269453。
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