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巫山县隆鼻多少钱九龙坡区中医院激光脱毛多少钱There is no denying that.... 不可否认.... 例句:There is no denying that China is becoming stronger and stronger every year.不可否认,中国正在变得一年比一年强大。There is no denying that water pollution is an extremely serious problem.不可否认,水污染是一个极其严重的问题。A:Can you help me?你能帮助我吗?B:There is no denying that I am your powerful backing.不可否认,我是你坚强的后盾。背景音乐:Owl city-Hello Seattle更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201609/465212铜梁区去额头上的皱纹价格 Todd: What were the road conditions like that you were riding on?托德:你骑行过程中的道路状况怎么样?Julia: Id say at least half, maybe more than half were unpaved roads. Thankfully Cambodia is very flat so it wasnt so difficult. We averaged about seventy, eighty kilometres a day but on some days it was like thirty five degrees so it was hot, so wed try to leave at around six oclock in the morning. A lot of mornings we saw the sun rise. Wed grab some breakfast at a roadside market or something, noodles that kind of stuff and so the roads were unpaved and the dirt in Cambodia is very red. Its like a red clay and...朱莉娅:至少有一半是土路。幸好柬埔寨的道路很平,所以不是很难。我们平均一天骑行70到80公里,在35度高温的日子里,我们尽量在早上6点就出发。基本上早上我们出发时都能看到日出。我们会在路边摊买早饭吃,吃些面条之类的食物,我们骑行的道路基本是土路,而柬埔寨的尘土是红色的。看起来就像是红粘土……Todd: But very dusty though right?托德:路上布满尘土吧?Julia: Very dusty so we had to wear scarves round our faces. When we arrived in the evenings at our destination, we were absolutely filthy and I always looked at myself and thought wow Ive got such a great tan today and then I got out of the shower and realized it was all dirt, completely dirt, so wed have to, yeah, a lot of Cambodians, I think its called a krama, its a kind of scarf they were around the mouth and when they travel in the back of trucks and things because the dust is phenomenal.朱莉娅:对,路上尘土飞扬,所以我们必须要用围巾遮住脸。晚上抵达目的地时,我们浑身上下都很脏,我经常看着我自己在想,哇,我今天晒得好黑,可是我洗完澡以后才发现,我身上那些都是泥土,全是灰尘,所以许多柬埔寨人会戴“克罗马”,这是一种围巾,他们坐在卡车后面旅行时会用“克罗马”把嘴部遮起来,因为尘土太多了。Todd: The dust in some ways might have helped with maybe sun protection from the rays? Did you find that because you were covered in dust that maybe like you didnt get sunburn?托德:从某种角度来说,尘土可以保护你免受紫外线侵害吧?你有没有发现,因为你身上被尘土覆盖,所以你没有晒伤?Julia: I did put a lot of sunscreen on every day because I was worried about that and perhaps it did protect us yeah in that way. It just made us dirtier.朱莉娅:我每天都要涂很多防晒霜,因为我担心晒伤,也许尘土也起到了保护作用。只不过会让我们更脏。Todd: So what did the locals think? So youre driving through this, you know Cambodia is a very rural country.托德:当地人怎么看?你们骑车穿越柬埔寨,而柬埔寨是一个乡村国家。Julia: It is and we chose some of the most rural areas because we wanted to see some of the more picturesque areas. I mean its stunning, the landscape there was stunning. Theres a word in Cambodian language for foreigner which is barang and we got very used to hearing this word. Kids would come running across the fields shouting barang, barang, barang and theyd line the roads and theyd be going hello, hello, hello, I love you, I love you, hello, hello, so we got used to this waving and cheering. I think they probably thought we looked like from another planet because we were on these quite high-tech mountain bikes, laden with front and rear panniers. We had some film equipment with us. A friend of ours had put a bracket on the front of his handlebars with a camera on it and we often would have our iPods, our digital cameras out. They probably had never seen anything like us coming through and then when wed stop at this roadside kind of cafes, wed just lie our bikes down beside the road and theyd all come round but they were so polite and courteous and very reserved people. They never touched any of our stuff. They were always very respectful and I had a very positive experience. Before we went there, I met quite a few people, quite a few Cambodians even who said you cant do it, its dangerous, you know you cant do it, youre going to get robbed, theres bandits. Its going to be really dangerous and we didnt encounter a single danger and in the whole two months, six riders, we had one puncture in the whole time. It was amazing. It was absolutely amazing.朱莉娅:没错,我们选择骑行的路线大部分都是乡村地区,因为我们想看看风景如画的地区。那里的景色令人惊叹。柬埔寨语里称外国人为barang,我们一路上听到这个词已经非常习惯了。孩子们会跑过农田,大喊barang,他们会站在道路两旁和我们打招呼,说你好,我爱你,我们对这种示意方式和欢呼方式已经很习惯了。我想他们可能认为我们看起来像来自另一个星球的人,因为我们骑着非常高科技的山地车,车前面装了很多东西,后面还有驮袋。我们还带了一些摄像设备。有一个朋友在自行车把手上装了个架,在上面放了一个相机,而且我们经常会把我们的iPod和数码相机拿出来。他们可能从来没看到过我们这样的人,我们会停在路边喝咖啡,把自行车放在路边,他们就会围过来,不过他们都是有礼貌、恭敬又保守的人。他们不会碰我们的任何物品。他们一直都很有礼貌,所以我体验了一次积极的经历。我们到那里之前,有很多人,甚至一些柬埔寨人都说你们不能这么做,这非常危险,你知道你们不能这样做,你们会遭遇抢劫,会遇到强盗。这样做真的非常危险,可是我们6个人在整整两个月的骑行里没有遇到任何危险,而且整个过程车胎只破了一次。这次旅行非常棒,非常不可思议。Todd: You only had one flat tire?托德:你们的车胎只破了一次?Julia: One flat tire, that was it, one and we had no problems with the bikes.朱莉娅:只有一次,我们的自行车没出任何问题。Todd: And these are bumpy roads.托德:还是在那些崎岖不平的道路上骑行。Julia: Bumpy roads, yeah, we were blessed. We actually we went and had a blessing in a Buddhist temple before we set out and the monk blessed us and blessed us for safe travel, blessed our bikes and that was a nice ritual to do before we embarked on the, but it worked.朱莉娅:对,崎岖不平的道路,我们得到了祝福。实际上我们在出发前,曾去一座佛寺祈福,寺庙里的僧人祝福我们旅途安全,保佑我们的自行车不出问题,这是我们出发前的一个仪式,而且很有效。Todd: Thats fantastic.托德:那真是棒极了。Julia: Yeah.朱莉娅:是啊。 译文属 /201609/464272Language Points1. 爱者: We love all dogs equally.2. 养者: All dogs are great,but yours is absolutely, 100% the greatest dog who ever doggee.3. 爱者: You get to sleep through the night uninterrupted dreaming sweet puppy dreams.4. 养者: You very own furry, four-legged alarm wakes you up...... whenever they feel like.5. 爱者: Any movie where a dog dies will leave you in tears.6. 养者: You must protect your poor pup from this heartbreak.7. 爱者: You happily pet a dog and then move along.8. 养者: You love all dogs equally. /201612/480108重庆哪个医院祛斑

武隆县小腿减肥多少钱Todd: Whats your favorite color?托德:你最喜欢什么颜色?Wendi: Me?温迪:我吗?Todd: Yeah. Youre the only one here.托德:对。现在只有你在这里。Wendi: Good point. Favorite color — green.温迪:说得对。我最喜欢的颜色是绿色。Todd: Yeah. Why green?托德:为什么喜欢绿色?Wendi: I dont know. I just chose on really. I dont know. These days I kind of like green, but it changes all the time.温迪:我也不知道。只是选了绿色。我也不清楚。最近我比较喜欢绿色,不过我喜欢的颜色总是会变。Todd: Like seasonally? You have your favorite color for the season?托德:随季节变化吗?根据季节的不同,你喜欢的颜色也会不同吗?Wendi: I think its more of a monthly thing.温迪:可能每个月都会变。Todd: Right.托德:好。Wendi: You?温迪:你呢。Todd: Well, purple. I love the color purple.托德:我喜欢紫色。我非常喜欢紫色。Wendi: Why is that?温迪:为什么?Todd: I dont know really. Same thing I guess and I never wear purple. I mean, I dont have purple clothes. I dont have anything purple in my room, but.托德:其实我也不清楚。和你一样,不过我从来不穿紫色的衣。我是说,我没有紫色的衣。我房间里也没有紫色的物品,不过我就是喜欢。Wendi: You should have a purple suit.温迪:你应该买套紫色西装。Todd: A zoot suit. A purple suit.托德:一套紫色的佐特套装。Wendi: Yeah, just for one on those days when youre feeling it. You could pull it off.温迪:对,哪天你可以穿出来。Todd: A yellow shirt maybe and purple tie.托德:黄色衬衫配紫色领带。Wendi: No, and a purple shirt too and a purple tie, some purple patent shoes and a purple brief case.温迪:不好,还是紫色衬衫配紫色领带,再搭配一双紫色皮鞋,拿一个紫色公文包。Todd: Im not sure its going to go with my complexion.托德:我不确定这套搭配是否适合我的肤色。Wendi: No, I think it will work.温迪:我觉得很适合。Todd: Purple hat, suede hat.托德:再戴一个紫色的羊皮帽。Wendi: I see it all right now. It looks good.温迪:我觉得很好。看起来很好。Todd: OK, whats a color you dont like?托德:好,你不喜欢哪个颜色?Wendi: A color I dont like. Ill show you a color I dont like, but I dont know if theres a name for it, the closest name would probably be mustard.温迪:不喜欢的颜色。我可以给你看一下我不喜欢的颜色,不过我不确定那个颜色的准确说法,大概就是芥末黄这个颜色。Todd: Like this green.托德:就像这种绿色一样吗?Wendi: You think thats a green. See I think thats more of baby diarrhea.温迪:你觉得那是种绿色。我认为那更接近于婴儿腹泻的颜色。Todd: It does actually look like baby diarrhea.托德:看起来的确像婴儿腹泻的颜色。Wendi: It is quite baby diarrhea. Have you ever had to change a babys diaper?温迪:就是很像婴儿腹泻的颜色。你给婴儿换过尿布吗?Todd: Of course.托德:当然换过。Wendi: Yeah, its kind of, its about that color and thats one that I dont like. Yeah, its bad isnt it.温迪:对,就是那种颜色,那就是我不喜欢的颜色。那颜色很糟,是吧?Todd: That is disgusting.托德:有点儿恶心。Wendi: Theres a story behind those pants.温迪:关于这条裤子有个有意思的故事。Todd: Oh, yeah, whats the story behind the pants?托德:这条裤子有什么有意思的故事?Wendi: I think no one would buy them so they got heavily discounted and so I purchased them and then when I got home, I was like, ;Wait a second! I know why no one else would buy those cause theyre so ugly.;温迪:我觉得是因为没有人买这样的裤子,所以这裤子的折扣很低,所以我买了下来,然后我回家以后,我突然想到:等等,我知道为什么没人买这裤子了,因为它们太丑了!Todd: What, you were working at a clothing store?托德:你在装店工作吗?Wendi: No, I was shopping.温迪:不是,我是去购物的。Todd: And you noticed that no one buying these poor pants and youre like, I must buy them.;托德:你是注意到没人买那裤子然后你觉得你一定要买下来吗?Wendi: Yeah. No, actually, I think like whenever I buy stuff, cause its not often, my first thing is I look at the price tag and I was like, ;Ah, dam, a thousand yen, I could use some work pants.; And then I bought them and well, theyve never been worn, but a little while later.温迪:其实不是,我不经常买东西,所以我购物的时候第一件事就是看价格标签,所以当时我想:天哪,1000日元,我可以买来当作工作裤。然后我就买了,后来我一直没有穿过,不过之后……Todd: Well, youve actually never worn these things?托德:你从来没穿过这些衣吗?Wendi: Ive never worn them.温迪:没穿过。Todd: Come on, you gotta, you know bust out.托德:你要勇于尝试。Wendi: I cant bust out. Its like me busting out in those is akin to you busting out in the purple suit. Its just not going to happen.温迪:我做不到。对我来说,穿这样的裤子就像你穿紫色西装一样。是永远不会发生的事情。Todd: Yeah, but you see, I would actually have to spend a lot of money. I would wear the purple suit but I just dont want to go buy it. If I actually had it Id probably wear it.托德:你看,我要穿紫色西装就要花一大笔钱。我会穿紫色西装,不过我只是不想买紫色西装。如果我有紫色西装,那我就会穿的。Wendi: Thats dishonest because if I got you a purple suit, you would not wear it.温迪:你说的不是真话,如果我给你买一套紫色西装,你还是不会穿的。Todd: Oh, buy it. Ill wear it.托德:哦,你买吧。我会穿的。Wendi: Oh, no way. Theres not way you would.温迪:不可能。你肯定不会穿的。Todd: Because you know what, the greatest thing about being a teacher is you can wear whatever you want.托德:你知道,当老师最棒的事情就是你可以想穿什么衣就穿什么。Wendi: Thats kind of true.温迪:这倒是事实。Todd: You know because they expect you to have no fashion sense anyway.托德:不过他们认为你没有时尚品味。Wendi: For sure.温迪:没错。Todd: So.托德:是吗?Wendi: It is true actually.温迪:其实这没错。 译文属 /201506/380801重庆三峡中心医院百安分院是公立医院还是私立医院 长寿区镭射去痘印价格

重庆星辰整形医院整形美容讲解文本:betray 背叛,出卖Mary betrayed her friends.Mary背叛了她的朋友。A true friend will never betray you.真正的朋友,永远都不会背叛出卖你。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201611/479698 Lesson 17. 超级推销员第十七课 超级推销员cheap便宜、贱、低级、没品、粗俗The cell phone was really cheap, it only cost me 1000N.T.这手机够便宜,只花了我1000台币。He’s such a cheap ass, he never treats his girlfriend to dinner or movies.他真没品,从未请过女友吃饭或看电影。give it a shot好好试一试When I heard that drinking pee gives you a better health, I decided to give it a shot.听说喝尿能促进健康,我决定试一试。hardworking埋头苦干、努力Peter is a very hardworking student who studies until 2 o’clock in the morning every day.彼得是一个用功的学生,每天都念书到凌晨2点。son of a gun好样的,小子,死小孩You are a troublesome son of a gun you know?你是个死小孩你知道吗?word up没错,同意straight up毫无保留,直说、老实说I’m going to be straight up with you and tell you what really happened.我就老实告诉你发生了什么事吧。24-7 all day all night日以继夜I’ve been working 24-7 for two months on this project.我曾两个月不眠不休地搞这个案子。geek怪胎Man, that geek likes to dye his hair with different colors every week.那个怪胎每周都会把他的头发染成不同的颜色。freak比怪胎更怪的怪胎,诱惑别人Man, my roommate is a total freak that he likes to collect worn socks.哦!我室友真是个十足怪胎,他喜欢搜集穿过的旧裤子。I was on the dance floor and all of a sudden a girl comes over and freaks me.我在舞池中,那个女孩靠近我并吓了我一跳。freaky恐怖、毛骨悚然的Yo that ghost story is kind of freaky.这鬼故事真有点恐怖。rookie新手、菜鸟When I was the rookie on the basketball team I had to carry the bags of veteran plays.当我还是篮球队的菜鸟时,我还得替前辈背行李呐。ching ching钱撞击的声音、表示赚到钱了psycho精神病、变态The psycho killer has killed more than 10 young girls around the country.变态杀手已经暗杀这个国家10位年轻姑娘了。maniac狂热者All the wrestlers in the WWF are truly maniacs. They look as if they don’t want their lives anymore with all the crazy moves they do.世界摔跤赛的狂热选手们实在疯狂,他们的行为看起来像不要命一样。Man look at all those NFL maniacs gathering around the stadium 6 oclock in the morning.你看看那些美式足球赛的狂热者早上六点就聚集在操场了。with a little something something一点点Hey yo you have a big old candy jar, why don’t you give me a little some some of that?你有那么大的糖果罐,难道就不能分我一点吗? /201705/506435重庆市医科大学附属第二医院是不是医保定点重庆星辰医院治疗狐臭多少钱



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