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重庆市中医院做隆鼻手术多少钱1) Go on a trip 去旅行2) Go on a Weekend trip 周末旅游3) Go on a road trip 在路上的旅行4) Hit the road 上路5) Travel light 轻装旅行6) Get the show on the road 离开7) Third Wheel/Fifth Wheel ;电灯泡; /201310/258400重庆市第三军医大学大坪医院激光去红血丝多少钱重庆做埋线双眼皮哪里好

沙坪坝区中医医院整形美容遂宁打美白针一针多少钱为了抢高考优质生源,清华和北大年年暗自较劲,这早已不是新闻。不过今年,两校招生组从“文斗”升格成了“武斗”。昨天上午8点多,北京大学四川招生组连发两条微,直指某校“输红眼”,随后清华大学四川招生组连续两次转发并“呛声”,两校大有公开“掐架”的阵势。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道The fight for top gaokao scorers between China#39;s top two universities heats up online.中国两所顶尖大学为争抢高考优质生源而“掐架”的消息成为网上热门话题。【讲解】top gaokao scorers指高考优质生源。周日,北京大学(Peking University)四川招生组(recruitment team)在新浪微上发文称清华大学(Tsinghua University)四川招生组拿钱诱惑考生(lure students to Tsinghua with money)。同时北大四川招生组还暗示称,清华招生组给文理科前十选择北大的考生挨个打电话,称北大欺骗了他们,不会满足他们的专业志愿(PKU would not be able to place them their desirable programs)。并称过去五年来,清华多次毁约,没有兑现其承诺(break its promises)。清华大学四川招生组官方微转发(forward)并北大招生组的微,称北大才是那个用钱“买”学生(buy students with money)的学校。随后北大四川招生组指责清华“买”学生,并称北大不会花钱来招生(does not take money for admissions)。围观网友越来越多,当事两校也先后对此进行了回应(respond),目前双方都已删掉互相攻击的微(delete the accusing posts)。北大方面表示,坚决反对个别招生人员在招生中的不文明行为(strongly and firmly condemns bad behavior in recruitment),希望此类事件不再出现(hoped such incidents would not happen again),望每个孩子都能进入适合自己的大学(hoping that they will find a place in their desired colleges)。清华则回应称,已重申招生相关纪律(recruitment rules),要求有关人员删除微,希望各招生组继续做好咨询工作(continue to improve recruitment process)。 /201506/383205重庆市肿瘤医院是私立的么?The great thing about the iPad is that it#39;s designed for everyone, you, me, mom, dad, even grandma and grandpa. But, even the most intuitive devices have functions that sometimes slip under the radar. I#39;m Jonathan Rettinger bringing to light some of the best hidden secrets the iPad has to offer.iPad的独到之处在于它大众化的设计,身边的每个人都能轻松使用。但是,即便是最直观的设备都有一些未被察觉的功能。我是Jonathan,今天将把iPad提供的最实用却不为人知的秘密公诸于世。Each new generation,the iPad is crammed with beautiful upgrades, from its processor to its display, to its camera, to its gorgeous tapered profile. But, below the surface, a lot of user features are improved as well. But the little navigation, you#39;ll find some really useful features just waiting to be discovered.iPad的每一代更新,都伴随着对处理器,屏幕显示,照相机和优美锥形剖面的完美升级。但是深入实际,其实有很多用户特性也同样得以改善。除了这个小小的菜单导航,你将发现一些实用特征正等待着被挖掘。The iPad#39;s touch screen keyboard can be adequate for quick emails, but it#39;s just too cramped for formal computer typing. So, if you#39;re typing quickly text starts to look like gibberish. Apple addressed this by letting you split the keyboard right down the middle. Just press the keyboard with both thumbs and split it by dragging it apart. Now, you can utilize the art of thumb typing only perfected on a smart phone. And, in split keyboard mode, there are new phantom keys for convenience. A hidden ;Y; key is just to the right of ;T; and you#39;ll find a hidden ;G; just to the side of ;H;.iPad的触摸屏键盘可以适合快速发送电子邮件,但相对于正规的电脑输入还是显得有些拥挤。因此,如果你正在快速输入,文本就未免显得有些凌乱了。为了解决这个问题苹果公司将键盘设计成可以从中分开,你需要做的是用两个拇指按住键盘把它从往两边一拖。在分开的键盘模式下设计了非常简便的虚拟键,隐藏的的Y键刚好在T键右边,同样隐藏的G键刚好在H键的左边。Multi-touch gestures bring fast navigation shortcuts to your device all with the flick of your fingers. This feature can be enabled under your settings . Now, you can start using the iPad like a real pro. To return to the home screen at any time, simply put five fingers on the iPad and make a pinching motion. Home is now closer than ever.多点触控给你的设备带来快速导航的捷径,你要做的只是用你的手指轻触屏幕。这个功能可以在你的设置页面下激活。现在你可以像一个老手样的使用iPad。把五指放在iPad上往里滑动,你便能随时回到主屏幕,主页更加触手可及。Switch quickly between apps by placing four fingers on the screen and swiping to the left, bring you back to the previous app you were using. Swiping to the left and right moves between them. Access to the multitasking bar is now easier than ever. With four fingers, a simple swipe up on the screen#39;s going to give you quick access to your recently used apps, orientation lock, screen brightness, volume and music control. Sometimes, what you#39;re looking at on your iPad is just too good to forget.快速切换应用程序。将四只手指放在屏幕上,向左滑动动进入你刚使用过的应用。向左向右滑动可以在应用间轻松切换,访问多个任务栏现在更轻松搞定。四个手指把屏幕往上一滑,你可以快速获得最近使用的应用,定位锁,屏幕亮度调节,音量调控。有时,iPad上的新颖功能会让你过目不忘。The screen shot feature is a great, little known option, to help capture the moment. Taking a screen shot is easy, simply press the home button and sleep-awake button at the same time and that#39;s it. Screen shots are saved in your photos gallery where you can review them or email them or whatever you like.屏幕截图是一个非常好却鲜为人知的功能帮助你捕捉瞬间。要让屏幕截图变得简单,你只要同时按下主页键和睡眠提醒键,这样截得的图像被保存在你的相册里,你可以回顾或通过电子邮件发送它们,随你所爱。The iPad isn#39;t just fun to touch, it#39;s fun to look at as well even when you#39;re not using it. The picture frame feature cycles through your choice of photos taken with your iPad or stored on the device. The feature is easily activated right from your lock screen. The default transition is three seconds between photos, but that can easily be adjusted under settings. Then you can quickly flashback to your vacation anytime on the go. The iPads pretty good at keeping some intimate secrets but now all that beautiful hardware can be put to even better and faster use with those hidden features right out in the open. Thanks for tuning in. There#39;s much more to check out with us right here on eHow Tech.iPad的乐趣不仅仅在于触摸,即使你没有使用,观看也同样有趣。你只要选择好iPad照的或存储好的照片,相框功能将把选择好的照片循环播放。这个功能位于锁屏右方,你可以轻松激活。图片切换时间默认是3秒,你也可以在设置里轻松调整。这样你可以随时随地迅速回顾自己的旅行。iPad相当善于保护私密,如今伴随着对这些隐藏功能的使用,所有的完美硬件能更好更快的使用。谢谢你的收听,更多技术持,请登录eHow科技。译 /201208/196843重庆妇女医院介绍

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