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How To Take a Nap At Work on HowcastSeinfeld’s George Costanza built a bed under his desk, but we’ll tell you how to be a bit more subtle.You Will NeedA spot to sleep An alarm And 20 uninterrupted minutes Big headphones (optional) (optional) (optional) (optional) Step 1: Find a quiet place(找一个不会被打扰的小角落)Find a place at work where you can sleep uninterrupted for at least 20 minutes—your office or cubicle, the backseat of your car, an underused conference room, the mailroom, under your boss’s desk when they’re awayMajor cities like New York now have nap pods that you can rent for brief snoozes.Step 2: Sleep outside(在公司外,找一处有沙发的地方趴一会儿)Consider options outside your workplace: a department store with a nice lounge, the local library, a nearby park in nice weather. Just remember to keep your valuables under wraps or you could wake to a lighter wallet.If you’re going to sleep at your desk, slap on some big headphones and turn your chair away from visitors; people will be less likely to interrupt if they think you’re listening to something.Step 3: Nap between 1:00 amp; 3:00(午休从1点到3点)Take your power nap between 1:00 and 3:00, when energy levels are at their lowest.If you’re a light sleeper, try snoozing under your desk. If you hear someone coming, just jump up and say thank God you found your contact lens, earring, whatever. Remember to have the prop in your hand!Step 4: Set an alarm(给自己提前订个闹钟)Set an alarm. You want to take a nap, not wake up when the cleaning crew is vacuuming around your feet.Step 5: Check your appearance(起来后,洗把脸,让自己精神充沛地投入到工作中)Check your appearance before you resume work so you don’t arrive at a meeting with bed head and chin drool.NASA sleep researchers found that a 26-minute nap boosts work performance by 34%.201006/105364

在进行挖掘的安阳殷墟的一座废墟中,学者们发现了两个家庭的古墓,而其中保存着完好无损的壁画。In one ongoing excavating section of Anyangs Yinxu Ruins, scholars found two family tombs with undamaged mural paintings.According to the archaeologists, the two large-scale tomb sites sit side-by-side possibly belonging to imperial families from the Tang Dynasty. Although the sites have been heavily damaged by tomb robbers in past years, the mural paintings seem very well preserved.He Yuling, archaeologist, Anyang, Henan, said, ;This is a floor lamp, and there are three oil lamp dishes on it. This is a maid pouring lamp oil into the dish. Its a scene in the family mansion. The costume of the maid, as well as the way she wears make-up, is very typical of late-Tang Dynasty style.;Judging from the details of painting skills, a series of scenes including house building, home furniture, flowers and birds also supported the deduction that the murals are from the late Tang Dynasty. Similar mural paintings have been discovered in Shanxi and Shandong Provinces, but its only the second time that late Tang Dynasty murals have been unearthed in Anyang, which has provided ground material for the local historical studies.201205/183053

  This level Im standing on right now used to be up there.我现在所站的地方以前应是那个高度Thats a good two to two and a half,那足有2米到2.5米的高度possibly even three metres.甚至可能有3米So that entire free surface is the earthquake scarp.所以整个这一大片就是地震陡坎了And no doubt that will quickly be bricked up毫无疑问那里很快要被砌上砖and you wont be able to distinguish it so easily.你就无法再轻易地辨认出来This is also a superb place, by the way,另外 这也是个非常理想的地方 for finding, um, unambiguous lateral offset, if there is any.来寻找明显的偏移 如果有的话You can see where Im standing,你看现在我站的地方theres a nice straight wall, and I can see from here有一个笔直的墙 我在这里能看见that the offset,the natural offset here这里的偏移 自然偏移is about about a metre,大概有一米maybe a little bit less than a metre to this wall,大概离这面墙不到一米so essentially this wall here was that one back there.所以实际上 这片墙原来是在这边的Before the rupture actually happened,在断裂发生以前probably at this location可能是在这个位置there was a lot of shaking and rolling当时剧烈摇晃 岩石滚落and then this this side of the village然后村庄的这一边just rose up like this.就像现在这样被抬起It takes about between 10,15, 20,发生这一切大约需要maybe even more seconds to do that.10 15 20秒 或许更久Thats actually quite slow那是非常缓慢的when youre standing here as an eyewitness如果你当时你站在这个位置and seeing this thing just rise up like this亲眼目睹这一切out of the ground and then this entire part of the village看着地面被隆起 现在整个村庄is now a metre to two metres higher.比以前高出1到2米201305/238960


  Jim Carrey Discusses Movie Jim Carrey Discusses ;The Incredible Burt Wonderstone; Movie好莱坞喜剧大师金·凯瑞谈电影《超级魔术师》,这是一部颇具恶趣味的传统肢体喜剧,史蒂夫·卡瑞尔和金·凯瑞这两个戏剧界的大腕,加上史蒂夫·布西密这个个性演员,他们组成了;魔术铁三角;。Did you ever meet with Chris Angel or David Blaine, let’s say to get a small concept of your character?In a way I was securing it a little bit, so I didn’t really meet with those guys, I’ve met with David Blaine before, I’ve actually had him do magic for me before. He did a trick in public with me. That was really astounding. And everybody cheered, and one of my comedy friends yelled out, burn a witch, like that, and I was all over it, but now I thought it was a great magic catcall. And what do you think is the most outstanding character that you wanted to represent from them?I think there’s a certain, you know, playact arrogance, there’s an arrogance about magicians, you know, just like they go huala, you’re stupid. You know, kind of thing. You know, and so, you know, so I want to take that to the hilt and be a guy who just thinks everybody is really amusing. Steve Carell’s character is tired, you know, doing this the same thing for so long, sometimes, do you feel like that, you’re tired of making people laugh all the time.Of course, that’s why I don’t sometimes. You know, I get that a lot on twitter, you know, won’t you just be funny dude? You know, that kind of thing, and I go, because funny is a finger on my hand, it’s not the whole me, you know, it’s the one I pick my nose with, so it’s busy a lot of the time. /201303/231434

  Louis mental state was hardly improved当有人偷偷溜进他的寝宫when somebody sneaked into his private chamber留给他一件令人讨厌的礼物时and left him an unwelcomed gift.他的精神状况基本没有好转A portrait of the execution of Englands king Charles I.那是幅处决英格兰国王查理一世的油画Louis XVI was dominated by the life of Charles I,路易十六被查理一世的命运深深影响了who was his direct ancestor.那是他的直系祖先He knew, bit by bit, line by line, what happened to Charles.他对查理一世的遭遇了解得很透彻And so, people were able to scare him因此 人们可以通过将这位国王的油画by moving a portrait of the king into his private apartments.搬到他的寝宫这种方式恐吓他But Louis, who had a very sort of mechanical kind of mind, he said,但路易思维很机械 他说:如果能避免If I avoid the mistakes that Charles made, I wont be executed.跟查理一样的错 我就不会被处决He said, ;Charles was executed;他说 查理之所以被处决Because he levied war on his own subjects.因为他向他的臣民宣战Im not going to do that.我不会这样做的Louis recovered his composure and tried one last time路易恢复了镇定 最后一次to change the way his kingdom was taxed and governed.尝试改变他的王国收税和统治的方式He called an unprecedented meeting of all three estates他召开了前所未有的三个阶级的共同会议the nobility, the clergy and the Third Estate,贵族 神职人员和who represented the mass of the common people.代表广大人民群众的第三阶级 201207/189752Arguing about cash again? We look at why this happens, what lies beneath the surface of the argument, and how to resolve it together. Watch this helpful tutorial about understanding relationship issues concerning money and finance.两个人又因为钱的问题吵架?我们来看一下为何会发生这种情况,争吵的背后隐藏着什么深层问题,怎样解决。观看这段视频,了解一下因金钱和经济原因吵架的问题。Step 1: The Problem1.问题This argument is about one person spending too much money without consulting the other.争吵的原因是,一方没有咨询另外一方而花了太多的钱。Step 2: What its really about2.本质Perhaps this argument is not really just about spending too much money, but about priorities, and questions about the value of what is being bought. Perhaps one person is having more fun with money than the other, and one is left with all the boring accounting and budgeting?或许争吵不仅仅是因为花了太多钱,而是关于优先事项和购买物品价值的问题。或许一方从花钱中得到的乐趣较多,导致另外一方非常拮据?Step 3: The solution3.解决方法It is very important to resolve this issue, as it is very debilitating for a relationship. As soon as this situation occurs,sit down and share any feelings of concern with your partner without arguing. Listen to each other, and acept that you need to do budgets and organise exactly what kind of amounts are available to spend on fripperies and non-essential items, but realise that you both need to have room to spend money in your own way.要解决这个问题非常重要,因为这会损害两人的感情。一旦出现这种情况,两人一起坐下来,向伴侣坦诚你的感受,不要争吵。互相倾听,明白你们必须制定预算,清楚了解有多少钱可以用来购买没用的和非必须的物品。但是也要明白,你们两人都需要拥有按照自己的方式花钱的空间。Thanks for watching Relationship Issues: Money.感谢收看“怎样避免因金钱问题吵架”视频节目。201212/215211'80s Fashion For Men80后男生如何打扮The 1980s were a notorious decade for men's fashion, and the look is back. Here's how to give Eighties men's clothes a modern spin.Step 1: Daytime(白天着装)Start with the right pair of jeans. Choose a slim, even tight fit. Go for acid wash if you're a rock star, otherwise black denim will do the trick. Add a thin cotton t-shirt, with or without print, and top it off with a cardigan or sweater vest in black or grey. In terms of shoes, this look calls for either a pair of classic Vans, or Converse high-tops.Step 2: Night Time(晚上衣着)The good news is that '80s night dressing starts with the same casual look. Keep the jeans if they're black, or switch to black pants. Now take off the sweater, and replace it with a lightweight blazer. Go for beige, grey or black-- leave the white jacket in the closet. Change out the sneakers for dress shoes if you must, and you've got the Eighties - modernized for today.201108/146724

  If your showerhead is clogged with years of buildup from mineral deposits in the water and spurting water, it may need a thorough cleansing. Instead of reaching for harsh chemicals which may damage you and your showerhead, follow these easy steps to find out how to clean your showerhead the eco-friendly way.如果你的淋浴莲蓬头积满了几年来累积的水中的矿物质,说明你必须对它进行彻底的清洗了。强力化学清洗剂可能会损坏你的莲蓬头,遵循以下简单的步骤,学习怎样以环保的方式清洁莲蓬头。Step 1: You will need1.你需要Distilled white vinegar,Saucepan,Stove蒸馏白醋,深平底锅,炉子Step 2: Take It All Off2.浸泡Fill the saucepan with enough distilled white vinegar to completely submerge the showerhead and place it on the stove. Using distilled white vinegar is safe, highly effective and very inexpensive.向深平底锅中加入足够的蒸馏白醋,能够完全淹没莲蓬头,将平底锅放在炉子上。使用蒸馏白醋是安全,高效,廉价的清洁方式。Step 3: Get It Wet3.清洗When your showerhead has soaked long enough to clean the mineral deposits, remove it from the saucepan, rinse it in water and screw it back on. Turn it on your water to make sure all the mineral deposits have been completely rinsed away.浸泡了足够长的时间,能够清洗掉矿物质残留之后,从平底锅中取出来,在清水中清洗,然后安装回去。打开开关试一下,确保所有矿物质残留被彻底清洗干净。Step 4: Done.4.完成。Thanks for watching How To Clean Your Showerhead With Vinegar.感谢收看“怎样用醋清洗淋浴莲蓬头”视频节目。201212/216797


  Concrete was invented by the Romans 2,000 years ago,罗马人早在2000年前就发明了混凝土but the Hoover Dam is the first large concrete dam in history.但胡佛水坝却是历史上第一座由混凝土建成的大坝Today virtually all dams are made of concrete.现如今,几乎所有的水坝均由混凝土建成Its malleable and its strong.凝土易成形又很坚固Its the worlds favorite building material for any structure.是建筑中使用最广泛的材料Frank is up against the clock, and he has a big problem.时间紧迫 弗兰克需要解决一个重大问题The curing concrete generates heat.混凝土凝固过程中会释放热量If the dam were constructed in a single, continuous pour,it would put out enough heat to bake half a million loaves of b every day for three years.若这些混凝土一次性持续倾倒,产生的热量足以连续三年每天烘烤50万片面包But worse, the dam would take 125 years to harden.更糟的是 这让大坝要过125年才能完全硬化Frank Crowes got no time for that.弗兰克·克罗可等不起Backs against the wall, we figured out who we were.无路可退 我们终于真正认清自己We worked our way out of that Depression.拼尽全力 安然度过了大萧条时期The secret of cooling the concrete lies within the dam itself.让混凝土冷却下来的法宝就藏于大坝之内582 miles of 1-inch pipes carry ice-cold water from the very river the dam is taming.直径1英寸总长582英里的水管,自大坝所要制的科罗拉多河引来冰冷的河水No one had ever thought of this before,and those pipes are still in the Hoover Dam today.那是一次创举,这些水管如今依然留在胡佛大坝中Frank ;Hurry Up; Crowe lives up to his name.弗兰克·克罗 未辜负其快手之名The Hoover Dam is completed on September 30,1935,胡佛大坝于1935年9月30日竣工two years ahead of schedule.提前两年完工Frank receives a bonus worth over million in todays money.弗兰克获得了一笔相当于如今400多万美元的巨额奖金 /201301/220918。

  演讲简介:本篇是乔辛·迪·波沙达在TED 大学会议的一个短篇讲演,他与大家分享了一个关于推迟享受的有意义的试验,以及这个试验如何预示参与者以后的成就。他放映了小孩们各自尽最大努力不吃棉花糖的绝佳录像。201210/205637


  William And Kate Prove Theyre A Magic CoupleThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been mastering some wand moves as they visited the Harry Potter studios.剑桥公爵(威廉王子)与夫人凯特及哈里王子参观华纳兄弟公司的电影工作室,并为工作室揭幕,这里也是制作哈利波特系列电影的地方。王子王妃一行在参观时还体验了一些道具。三人手拿魔法棒,纷纷大变魔法。威廉王子还体验了一下一辆很拉风的托车。Warner Brothers Studio, leave then, hatch 1, take 1.If it’s movies you’re selling, what’s better than casting William, Kate and Harry in the leading roles? And if you’re after a stun man, Prince Harry would normally step up to the plate. Not today.The action man was the finding the boys’ toys on the one hand a little noisy, on the other, Dark Knight super fan William wasn’t let him get a looking. The duke loves his motorbikes but he’s never ridden the Batpod. Joke Harry was left making bat ears at his older brother, a joke which backfired as the Duke opened Warner Brother’s new 100 million pound facility.To be honest, I’m over the moon just to have seen the real bat mobile in Batpod, Josh, Barry, you don’t do baby seats for those cars, … on the other hand, Harry is just excited to see a real-life talking owl in the Harry Potter film.Another 2.And it was then onto the set of the Harry Potter movies, a multi-billion pound franchise, but if another franchise, the wizards were going to sprinkle a little extra dust on proceedings, first a short spell in one school. A duel followed between William and Kate, the Duchess more than holding her own.I win.Ok, Mam, if you can do on two?And Prince Harry, well, it just didn’t seem to be his day.Oh, put some effort in, come on.It’s the wizard, ….But of course, it’s not just about William, Kate, and Harry, it’s also about the 500 children from their patronages who have also come to join them today.Do you mind moving up please?I haven’t finished yet.In a scene like Prince Harry still lives in a fantasy world, but reality is about to strike to the Duke and Duchess, currently auditioning for a remake—parenthood.Paul Harrison, Sky News at Warner Brothers. /201305/238963

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