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Art History in a Hurry:Death of Marat大卫:《马拉之死》Welcome to Art History in a Hurry. I#39;m your host, Monica Hon.欢迎收看《速解艺术史》。我是你们的主持人,Monica Hon。On July 13, 1793, Jean-Paul Marat—a radical journalist and political leader of the French Revolution—was working in his makeshift office.在1793年七月十三日,马拉--一名激进的记者兼法国大革命的政治领袖--在他的临时办公室里上班。He had an unfortunate skin disease he#39;d contracted while hiding from the Royal Police in the Paris sewers before the revolution. This disease required constant soaking in the bathtub to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms. He worked there with a board and sheets over the tub for a semblance of privacy, and a rough wooden packing box he used as a desk.他患有不幸的皮肤病,那是他在革命前潜进巴黎下水道躲避皇家警察时染上的。此病需要持续浸泡在浴缸里来纾缓不适的症状。他在那儿工作,用一块板子和床单盖过浴缸作为一种表面上的隐私,还有一个他用来当做书桌的粗糙木箱。On this day, an enemy of the revolution—Charlotte Corday—gained entrance to his office with a false letter of introduction. She plunged the knife into his chest, and Marat bled to death.在这一天,一名革命的敌人--夏绿蒂科黛--带着一封伪造的介绍信成功进入他的办公室。她把刀他的胸口,马拉流血至死。Jacques-Louis David—a prominent artist and a friend of Marat—was called in immediately to draw the corpse while it#39;s still in the tub. He later made this painting from his drawings.贾克路易大卫--一名杰出的艺术家及马拉的朋友--随即被叫去趁它还在浴缸里时画下尸体。他之后从他的素描作出这幅画。David shows us the slain revolutionary bathed in light, aly dead, but still holding Corday#39;s letter. The bloody knife lies on the floor, but Marat still grasps his own powerful weapon in his right hand.大卫向我们展示这个遭杀害的革命份子沐浴在光线之下,已经死亡、但仍然握着柯黛的信。那把血淋淋的刀躺在地板上,但马拉仍在他的右手握着他自己强大的武器。Despite the graphic depiction of the dead body, the bloody water, and the bloodstained sheets, the painting conveys a contrast in mood of calm with emphasis on horizontal lines and its cool, greenish pallor. More than half the painting is given over to the cold, dark space above the figure, giving the painting a further chilling and claustrophobic feeling.不论那尸体、血水、以及染上血渍床单的逼真描绘,这幅画利用强调水平线条及其冷调、发绿的惨白,传达一种冷静情绪的对比。这幅画超过一半交付给人物上方的寒冷、黑暗的空间,给了这幅画一个更加寒心及导致幽闭恐惧症的感觉。At the same time, the painting has an iconic quality. The figure of Marat reminds the viewer of earlier depictions of the dead Christ such as Michelangelo#39;s Pieta, which David would have known from his visit to Rome.同时,这幅画有种肖像的特质。马拉的人像使观众回想起较早期死去耶稣的绘画,像是米开朗基罗的《圣殇》, 这也许是大卫从他的罗马之旅中认识的。In fact, Marat#39;s wooden box, a bloody towel, and the bathtub itself were venerated by those sympathetic with a revolutionary cause, as though they were holy relics.事实上,马拉的木箱、一条血淋淋的毛巾、以及浴缸本身都因为一种革命的动机被那些持者所崇敬,好似它们是圣迹。David executed this painting with linear crisp brushwork that characterizes the late 18th and early 19th century Neoclassical style. Everywhere at the end of 18th century, the styles of ancient Rome were becoming popular. Several important books had recently been published on ancient art, and it was at this time that the Roman cities—Pompeii and Herculaneum—were being excavated. A Roman craze followed before long in art and in popular culture.大卫利用描绘出18世纪晚期与19世纪早期的新古典主义的线性硬笔画法来做出这幅画。18世纪时的各个地方,古罗马的风格变得流行。好几本关于古艺术的重要书籍都在最近发行,也是在这时,罗马古城--庞贝和赫库兰尼姆--被挖掘出来。一阵艺术和流行文化的罗马风潮不久后跟着出现。David was influenced by all these, as well as by the art and architecture he saw himself while he studied in Rome. But the style of ancient art was important to David not only for its current popularity. He painted in the style of Roman art also to emphasize his political affiliation with the French Revolution.大卫受所有这些、还有他在罗马求学时自己所见到的艺术及建筑所影响。但古艺术的风格对大卫来说很重要,不仅是因为其当时的流行程度。他以罗马艺术风格作画同样也强调了他在法国大革命的政治立场。Through the sculptural quality of the figure and the linear approach in his work—a style similar to ancient Roman sculpture—David evoked the very political ideals of the Roman Republic that the revolutionaries advocated.透过那人物雕刻般的特质以及他作品中的线条手法--一种与古罗马雕像相似的风格--大卫唤起了革命份子所鼓吹的真正罗马共和的政治理念。Thanks for joining me. This has been Art History in a Hurry. See you next time.感谢收看。这是《速解艺术史》。我们下次见。 Article/201502/358694栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201504/367667and we#39;ll put together a deal and you and l will own it.我们可以谈谈 版权也是我们的;We#39;ll be partners in this.;我们一起合伙办这事吧And Michael said, ;Okay, let#39;s do it.;迈克尔回答 就这么决定吧We set the wheels in motion我们开始整个程序for the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration The Solo Years进行迈克尔·杰克逊30周年纪念之单飞的日子in New York City at Madison square Garden.在纽约的麦迪逊花园广场举办lt was about six weeks before the show.开唱前六周And all of a sudden, as Michael expected,就如同迈克尔所料Jermaine had all these random requests and demands.杰曼突然多了许多要求Michael Was vety disappointed with Jermaine.迈克尔对杰曼很失望He never thought he was very shrewd or sharp.他从不认为他很机灵或是很聪明He loved his brother dearly.他很爱他的哥哥But there was a competition between them.但他们之间有种竞争感Michael said, #39;Well, if he#39;s a problem, get him off the show. #39;迈克尔说 他若要惹麻烦 就别找他演出了l think it was reaIIy difficuIt for Jermaine to Iive in the shadow我想对杰曼来说 一直活在像迈克尔这样of somebody who was as huge as Michael.巨星的阴影下是很困难的And they were very, very competitive in that family.而他们一家人都很好胜Two weeks before the show, Katherine Jackson called me and said,开唱前两周 凯瑟琳·杰克逊打给我说#39;l want all my sons together.我要我所有儿子都聚在一起;Jermaine has to go back.;你必须让杰曼回来ll said, ;ll can#39;t deall With him.;我说 他太难搞了And she said, ;He will be no problem.;她回说 他不会再惹事了And he came and was a perfect angel.结果他回来后乖得很 Article/201510/405213Really, your only chance of surviving a croc attack is either to get lucky and hope the croc lets you go to try and get a better grip of you要想从鳄鱼的攻击中活下来 唯一的机会 便是祈祷好运 奢望它能先放你一马 等待一个更好的时机撕裂你or to try and roll with it so it can#39;t shake you and then go for the eyes.或者跟它扭成一团 就不会被撕扯成碎片 再找机会对它眼睛来一下But, really, with a big salty, you know, slim chances, really.但说真的 要是碰上只咸水鳄 希望渺茫Just got to take your time going through this sort of stuff.Not rush it.必须小心翼翼地穿过这片区域 不能急You want to keep scanning just for any signs of bubbles on the water.得时刻留意水面上的气泡Also, sort of watch out for any of the water lilies moving.That#39;s another indicator of crocs.还要警觉那些飘动的睡莲 这些都是鳄鱼存在的信号I#39;m getting so many of these.These leeches.There are two of them.这些玩意还真多 该死的蚂蟥 这有两只The whole swamp is just riddled with these guys.整片沼泽都散布着这些东西All they do,look, squeeze it And you#39;ll see what they#39;re feeding off,my blood.它们 瞧 挤一下 你会发现它们吸的是 我的血This is what they#39;ll do.They#39;ll suck on and then inject an anticoagulant.它们以此为食 吸附于体表后 它们会向皮肤释放一种抗凝血剂It will means you just bleed and bleed till they#39;ve had their fill and then they#39;ll just drop off.使你不停流失血液 直到它们吸饱后 便会自动脱落开来The biggest worry about these is you then get the wound infected in water like this.最需要顾虑的便是 伤口暴露在 这样的水质中 容易感染Environments change quickly here,and I#39;ve moved from rainforest into thick tidal mangrove,which means I#39;m close to the coast.这的环境变化很快 我已经从热带雨林转入繁茂的红树林潮滩 也就是说 我离海岸不远了There#39;s 2,500 square miles of it here in the northern territory.这种地貌在北部地区 要延伸2500平方英里The dense roots and even heavier mud make it tough to travel through.茂密的根系和厚重的泥土 令人举步维艰 Article/201701/488849

英语非常道 第45期:Hello,奥运!Hello,伦敦!奥运百科 期待了四年的伦敦奥运会将于北京时间7月28日正式拉开帷幕 Article/201511/402193

We waste more water and use more chemicals in our bathrooms than any other place in the house! Here’s how to green yours up.比起家中任何地方,我们在浴室里浪费的水和使用的化学物质都更多!下面是让浴室更加绿色环保的方法。You Will Need你需要Fluorescent light bulbs荧光灯泡Plants植物Low-flow showerhead低流量花洒Food coloring食用色素Natural personal care products天然个人护理产品Low-flow toilet低流量马桶Vinegar醋Baking soda苏打粉Steps步骤STEP 1 Switch your lights1.更换灯泡Swap your regular light bulbs for compact fluorescent lights. Not only do they use up to 90% less energy, they also last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.把常规灯泡换成紧凑型荧光灯。这种灯泡不仅可以节能90%,使用寿命也比白炽灯多十倍。STEP 2 Get a plant2.放置植物Get a plant. They don’t just look nice; according to a study by NASA, they actually clean the air of toxins like acetone and formaldehyde. And they reduce humidity, so you’ll have less mold and mildew.放置一盆植物,不仅更加美观,根据NASA一项研究,还可以净化空气中的毒素,比如丙酮和甲醛。植物还可以降低湿度,从而减少霉菌和真菌。The best plants to rid the air of chemicals include spider plants, rubber tree plants, English ivy, Boston ferns, peace lilies, and any kind of palm.消除空气中化学物质的最好的植物包括吊兰,橡胶树,英国常春藤,波士顿蕨,和平百合,以及任何一种棕榈树。STEP 3 Replace your showerhead3.替换花洒Replace your showerhead. A typical showerhead drops about seven gallons of water every minute, while a low-flow one only gives off about half that.替换花洒。普通花洒每分钟洒落7加仑水,而低流量的花洒水流量只有一半。STEP 4 Check your toilet4.检查马桶A single leaky toilet can waste up to 100 gallons of water a day! To see if yours is leaking, put a few drops of food coloring into the tank, wait 20 minutes, then check if the water in the bowl has changed color.一个易漏水的马桶每天浪费100加仑水!如果要检查自己的马桶是否漏水,向马桶水箱中加入食用色素,等20分钟,然后查看水是否变色。STEP 5 Use natural products5.使用天然产品Use only all natural shampoos, soaps, and conditioners. Not only do they reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that get into your body, they prevent those chemicals from going down the drain and into the groundwater.只用纯天然的洗发水,香皂和和护发素。不仅可以减少身体吸收的有毒化学物质,还可以防止这些化学物质进入下水道,渗入地下水。STEP 6 Swap your toilet6.更换马桶Replace your existing toilet with a low-flow model. While regular toilets can use as much as five to seven gallons of water per flush, new models use less than two.把现在的马桶换成低流量马桶。普通马桶每次冲水使用5至7加仑的水,而新型马桶用水量低于2加仑。Some cities give partial rebates for buying a low-flow toilet.一些城市为购买低流量马桶提供部分退税。STEP 7 Clean the natural way7.天然方法清洁Instead of using toxic cleaners, make your own. White vinegar fights germs, soap scum, mold, mildew, and mineral deposits, while two parts baking soda and one part hot water is great for cleaning tile and grout. Now you’ve created a green sanctuary…不要使用有毒的清洁剂,自己制作。白醋可以消除细菌,肥皂斑,霉菌,真菌和矿物质残留。两份苏打粉和一份热水混合可用于清洁瓷砖和地板。现在,你已经打造出绿色环保的圣所!Low-flow toilets save Americans .3 million every day on their water bills!低流量马桶每天为美国人节约1130万美元的水费! Article/201501/356659

Limiting access to flavored milk because of its因为调味奶中加入了糖就对其加以限制added sugar may have undesirable effects of会带来我们不想要的后果,那就是reducing intakes of essential nutrients provided由牛奶所提供的基本营养的摄入会降低by milk.Kids who consume flavored milk meet那些饮用调味奶的孩子与那些their calcium requirement without consuming不饮用的孩子相比,他们对钙的需求significantly more added sugar compared to those得以满足,而不用去吃更多的who do not consume milk.Flavored milk drinkers添加糖,饮用调味奶的人have lower intakes of soft drinks compared to those与不饮用的人相比,他们喝的who do not drink flavored milk.And flavored软饮料更少,并且,喝调味奶的人milk drinkers drink more milk than unflavored与喝非调味奶的人相比,他们会饮用milk drinkers.Milk drinkers in general consume更多牛奶,一般来讲,牛奶饮用者会摄入more calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium更多钙,磷,镁,钾and vitamin A than non milk drinkers.Flavored和维生素A等元素,而不喝牛奶的人不会milk drinkers do not have higher total fat and calorie饮用调味奶的人与不饮用牛奶的人相比intakes than non milk drinkers.And the children总脂肪量和卡路里摄入不会更高,饮用who drink flavored milk and non flavored milk do not调味奶和非调味奶的孩子与不饮用have higher body mass indexes than those who do not牛奶的的孩子相比,他们的体质指数也不会drink milk.So according to this adding a small更高,综上所述,在一份富含营养的食物amount of sugar to a nutrient rich food such as milk比如牛奶中加入少许的糖help improve nutrient intake without adding会帮助改进营养的摄取,而不会增加过多的excessive calories.In September there was an article卡路里摄取,九月份,在ISU人类科学on the ISU College of Human Sciences homepage学院的主页上有一篇文章,是关于爱荷华州立about an Iowa State alum who earned a national award大学一名校友的,她因对学校的营养餐饮做出for school nutrition services.Mary Kate Harrison is贡献而得到了国家嘉奖,玛丽,凯特,哈里森the general manager of student nutrition services for是佛罗里达州一个学校片区一名负责学生a school district in Florida.When she started at the营养餐饮的总经理,当她20年前school district 20 years ago they were operating with在那个片区开始自己事业的时候an annual loss of 2.2 million dollars.Within four每年亏损达220万美元,仅仅在四年后years Harrison had overcome the challenge and哈里森就战胜了困难,成功had changed the district#39;s meal program to generate使该地区的饮食计划得以改良,并赢得了a 3.4 million dollar profit.She runs a lunch room340万美元的利润,她所经营的食堂more like a restaurant in the sense that the students更像一家餐馆,学生们are their important customers that they have to是餐馆的重要顾客,会自己经常光顾reach rather than just assuming that the students而不是仅仅把他们当成学生have to be there which allows you to give them不得不去食堂,这样,你想给他们什么whatever you want.This approach has shown就随你自己心愿了,这种方法确实效果很好to generate really good participation rates in her使她的片区学生去用餐的比例很高district.The better s and the better overall更好的菜单配置和更好的整体经验experience got more kids eating a nutritious使得更多的孩子吃上了营养丰富的school lunch.Harrison#39;s nutritional managers学校午餐,哈里森要求她的营养经理are required to complete an 18 week internship完成18周的实习才能上岗before they are hired. All nutrition staff are required所有负责营养的员工也都被要求to undergo ongoing training.The school makes接受不间断的训练,学校更把nutrient-dense food made with quality ingredients用高品质原料做成的富含营养的食物one of their top priorities.The lunch costs .75当作他们最首要考虑的事情,每位学生在每顿per student and they offer more whole grains made午餐上花费2.75美元,这顿午餐是由from scratch cooking and locally grown produce.更多的当地生长的全谷物在厨房烹饪而成的Harrison says that getting kids to eat their fruits and哈里森说,让孩子去吃他们的水果和vegetables is all in the marketing and presentation.蔬菜都是包含在他们的营销和展示中的 Article/201504/370556

TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201505/373009

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