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罗源县做人流的医院福州人工授孕那里好Seventeen-year-old Kurt Coleman has garnered an enormous following online by posting selfies and boasting about his good looks.通过自拍和吹嘘自己的美貌,17岁的少年Kurt Coleman已经在网络上拥有了一批追随者。The teenager, from Gold Coast City, Queensland, has become a web sensation with more than 172,000 followers on Facebook and 87,000 followers on Instagram.这位来自昆士兰州黄金海岸市的少年已经成为近期的网络热点,他在Facebook上的粉丝超过17.2万,在Instagram也有8.7万的粉丝。Kurt has compared his pictures to the perfection of a lunar eclipse and jokes that he inspired Beyoncé Knowles#39;s hit Flawless.他自认与月食相比,自己的照片完美无缺,并笑称自己给了碧昂斯的热门歌曲《Flawless》灵感。;I#39;m hot and I love myself,; Kurt said. ;People are really jealous of me, I can understand why, and I#39;ll never change for anyone because I love myself.;“我身材火辣,我爱我自己。”Kurt说道,“人们嫉妒我,我能理解,但我不会因为任何人改变自己,因为我爱我自己。”He also describes himself as the #39;Australian Paris Hilton#39;, whom he idolises because ;she doesn#39;t care about anything, she just does what she wants;.他同时自喻为“澳大利亚版帕里斯·希尔顿”,帕里斯是他的偶像,因为“她不在乎任何事情,只随心所以做自己想做的。”Kurt appears to be revelling in his new-found fame:他似乎陶醉于自己的名气中。I love how my face and name is everywhere right now, that#39;s how I like it. — Kurt Coleman (@KurtJayColeman) April 18, 2014“我喜欢我的照片和名字遍布各地,这是我最喜欢的方式。”——Kurt Colman 2014.4.18When asked to share the secrets of his good looks, Kurt informed Studio 10, ;every week I get a spray-tan and then I wash my hair every day...I just try and look amazing every day;.当问及保持美貌的秘诀时,这位少年告诉Studio 10:“我每周都会用皮肤色素喷雾剂,而且每天洗头……我就是竭尽所能让自己每天看起来光照人。”Kurt is particularly popular in Australia and there are even businesses which sell Kurt Coleman merchandise.Kurt在澳大利亚特别受欢迎,甚至有专门售卖Kurt Coleman商品的业务。The Kurt Coleman Supply Company exists to #39;promote the poster-boy to thousands of youth around the world for being who you are and not caring what anyone else thinks.#39;Kurt Coleman供应公司致力于“向全世界的青少年宣传这位典型少年,由此鼓励人们做自己,不要在乎别人的看法。”;It#39;s so funny, I can#39;t believe it really,; Kurt told MailOnline.Kurt告诉《每日邮报》,“这太搞笑了,我简直不相信这是真的。”;It#39;s ridiculous, they#39;re making money off my face, I#39;m going to get around to getting money out of them.;“这太荒谬了,他们在利用我的脸蛋赚钱,我正打算从他们那儿赚钱呢。”In a manner not dissimilar to Justin Bieber, the social media star polarises opinion. Some admire his beauty and liberating individualism but others lament the popularity of a modern-day Narcissus whose looks have stunted the development of his personality.与Justin Bieber的方式没什么不同,大家对这位社交明星的看法两极分化。有的人欣赏他的美貌和个性解放,其他人则叹息这位“现代版纳西索斯”的名气——外表阻碍了个性发展。(小编注:希腊神话中,美少年纳西索斯(Narcissus)深爱自己的美貌,后因恋上自己在水中的倒影而在死后化做了水仙花。自恋的英语名称正源自这个故事。)#39;Haters#39; regularly confront him in the street and the teenager admits to having been hit many times.这位少年承认,经常在街上碰到讨厌他的人,还被袭击过多次。 /201404/290957福州做造影手术那个医院好 The Chinese state could be behind a surge in gold imports that will see China overtake India as the world’s largest consumer of the metal, according to one of the sector’s most influential investors.黄金行业最具影响力的投资机构之一指出,中国政府或许是中国黄金进口量大增背后的主要因素。中国将超越印度成为全球最大黄金消费国。Evy Hambro, chief investment officer of BlackRock’s Natural Resources Equity team, said the investment community had been surprised by the amount of gold flowing into China given its spot as the world’s biggest gold producer.贝莱德(BlackRock)的自然资源股票(Natural Resources Equity)团队首席投资官韩艾飞(Evy Hambro)表示,投资界对流入中国的黄金数量感到惊讶,因为中国是全球第一大黄金生产国。“The total amount of gold being consumed in China is a gigantic quantum, and you have to wonder where that gold is going,” he said in an interview with the Financial Times. “Is it going on to wrists, ears and necks or is it going into state reserves?”韩艾飞在接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示:“中国的黄金消费总量是一个巨大的数值,你不能不猜想这么多黄金究竟去了哪里。是变成了人们手腕上、耳垂上以及脖子上佩戴的首饰,还是成为了国家储备?”The People’s Bank of China has not provided an update on its gold reserves since 2009, when it reported a holding of 1,054 tonnes. But the suspicion among some analysts is that China’s central bank has purchased up to 300 tonnes of gold this year.中国央行(People’s Bank of China)自2009年以来就未再公布过有关其黄金储备的最新数据,2009年该行持有1054吨黄金。但一些分析师怀疑,中国央行今年买入了多达300吨黄金。Gold has lost more than a quarter of its value this year, falling from ,674 a troy ounce to ,233, and is on course to record its first annual price fall in 13 years. Against a backdrop of persistently low inflation, an improving global economy, surging stock prices and the imminent end of US monetary stimulus, institutional investors have dumped gold.今年以来黄金价格下跌超过四分之一,从每金衡盎司1674美元降至每金衡盎司1233美元,即将在近13年以来首次出现全年价格下跌。在通胀水平持续偏低、全球经济形势好转、股票价格飙升以及美国货币刺激政策即将告终的背景下,机构投资者纷纷抛出黄金。Holdings of gold-backed exchange traded funds, one of the most popular methods of gold investment, have fallen by 824 tonnes to 1,939 tonnes in the year to date, according to Barclays. Demand from India has been muted because of government restrictions on gold imports. Indian consumption fell 32 per cent in the third quarter to 148 tonnes, the lowest since early 2009.实物黄金持的交易所交易基金(ETF)是投资黄金最流行的方法之一。巴克莱(Barclays)提供的数据显示,这类基金的黄金持有量已从年初的1939吨降至目前的824吨。此外印度的黄金需求也受到抑制,因印度政府出台了限制黄金进口的措施。印度今年第三季度的黄金消费量下降32%,至148吨,为2009年初以来的最低水平。China does not report on its gold trade. Analysts rely on data from other countries, of which Hong Kong is by far the biggest supplier. Records show exports of gold from Hong Kong to China reached 955 tonnes by the end of October, up from 376 tonnes over the same period in 2012.中国不提供其黄金贸易数据。分析师依靠其他管辖区的数据来推算中国的黄金进出口规模,其中香港是中国内地遥遥领先的最大黄金供应来源。记录显示,今年1月至10月,香港对中国内地的黄金出口量达到了955吨,远高于2012年同期的376吨。Including local mine production and recycling of scrapped gold, Macquarie estimates total gold supply into China this year could reach 1,800 tonnes.若计入中国国内矿企的黄金产量以及废旧黄金回收利用,麦格理(Macquarie)估计中国今年的黄金供应总量可能达到1800吨。Outside of China, central banks have slowed their purchases of gold this year to 300 tonnes by the end of September.在中国以外,各国央行今年放缓了黄金购买速度,截至9月底的黄金购入总量仅为300吨。 /201312/269478福州附属第一医院检查男科不孕不育好不好费用多少

三明市那间医院做宫腔镜HONOLULU — Allan Akamine has looked all around the winding, palm tree-lined cul-de-sacs of his suburban neighborhood in Miliani here on Oahu and, with an equal mix of frustration and bemusement, seen roof after roof bearing solar panels.檀香山——在这个位于欧胡岛米里拉尼郊区的社区中布满棕榈树的蜿蜒死胡同里,艾伦·阿卡米那(Allan Akamine)环顾四周,看到一个又一个装着太阳能组件的屋顶,眼中透露出些许失望、些许困惑。Akamine, 61, a manager for a cable company, has wanted nothing more than to lower his 0 to 0 monthly electric bill with a solar system of his own. But for 18 months or so, the state#39;s biggest utility barred him and thousands of other customers from getting one, citing concerns that power generated by rooftop systems was overwhelming its ability to handle it.61岁的阿卡米那是一家有线电视公司的经理,他非常希望通过自己的太阳能系统减少每月六七百美元(约合4000元人民币)的电费开。但在将近18个月的时间里,该州最大的电力公司不允许包括他在内的数千名顾客获得太阳能系统,称他们担心屋顶太阳能发电系统的发电量会超出他们的处理能力。Only under strict orders from state energy officials did the utility, the Hawaiian Electric Company, recently rush to approve the lengthy backlog of solar applications, including Akamine#39;s.只有在州能源官员的严令之下,夏威夷电力公司(Hawaiian Electric Company)才于最近匆匆批准了长期积压的太阳能系统使用申请,其中就包括阿卡米那一份。It is the latest chapter in a closely watched battle that has put this state at the forefront of a global upheaval in the power business. Rooftop systems now sit atop roughly 12 percent of Hawaii#39;s homes, according to the federal Energy Information Administration, by far the highest proportion in the nation.这是一场受到密切关注的斗争的最新进展,这场斗争将该州置于全球电力领域剧变的前沿。据美国能源信息署(Energy Information Administration)透露,大约12%的夏威夷住户装有屋顶太阳能发电系统,这是到目前为止美国太阳能系统安装比率最高的地区,远超其他州。“Hawaii is a postcard from the future,” said Adam Browning, executive director of Vote Solar, a policy and advocacy group based in California.总部位于加利福尼亚的政策及宣传组织“力挺太阳能”(Vote Solar)的执行理事亚当·布朗宁(Adam Browning)说,“夏威夷是一张来自未来的明信片。”Other states and countries, including California, Arizona, Japan and Germany, are struggling to adapt to the growing popularity of making electricity at home, which puts new pressures on old infrastructure like circuits and power lines and cuts into electric company revenue.其他州和国家——比如加利福尼亚州、亚利桑那州、日本和德国——正在努力适应自主发电愈发普遍的情况,这给电路、输电线等老旧的基础设施造成新压力,致使电力公司的收入减少。As a result, many utilities are trying desperately to stem the rise of solar, either by reducing incentives, adding steep fees or effectively pushing home solar companies out of the market. In response, those solar companies are fighting back through regulators, lawmakers and the courts.因此,很多电力公司极力阻止太阳能系统的推广,它们要么减少激励措施、增加高昂的收费,要么将提供家用太阳能系统的公司基本挤出市场。作为回应,这些太阳能公司通过监管机构、律师和法院进行回击。The shift in the electric business is no less profound than those that upended the telecommunications and cable industries in recent decades. It is aly remaking the relationship between power companies and the public while raising questions about how to pay for maintaining and operating the nation#39;s grid.与近几十年颠覆电信及有线电视产业的转变一样,电力领域的转变产生了同样深远的影响。这种转变正在改变电力公司与公众之间的关系,同时带来了相关问题——如何付维护和运营国家电网的费用。The issue is not merely academic, electrical engineers say.电气工程师表示,这不仅仅是理论问题。In solar-rich areas of California and Arizona, as well as in Hawaii, all that solar-generated electricity flowing out of houses and into a power grid designed to carry it in the other direction has caused unanticipated voltage fluctuations that can overload circuits, burn lines and lead to brownouts or blackouts.在加利福尼亚州、亚利桑那州及夏威夷州这些阳光充足的地区,太阳能发的电从住宅输出,进入将电流引向另一个方向的电力网,这种电流带来了出乎意料的电压波动,可能会使电路超载,烧毁电线,导致限制用电或停电。“Hawaii#39;s case is not isolated,” said Massoud Amin, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Minnesota and chairman of the smart grid program at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a technical association. “When we push year on year 30 to 40 percent growth in this market, with the number of installations doubling, quickly — every two years or so — there#39;s going to be problems.”“夏威夷的情况并不是孤立的,”明尼苏达州大学(University of Minnesota)电气工程及计算机工程教授、电气电子工程师学会(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)智能电网项目负责人马苏德·阿明(Massoud Amin)说。“当我们推动这个市场每年增长30%至40%,每两年安装数量迅速翻倍时,就会出现问题。”The economic threat also has electric companies on edge. Overall, demand for electricity is softening while home solar is rapidly sping across the country. There are now about 600,000 installed systems, and the number is expected to reach 3.3 million by 2020, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.这种经济风险也让电力公司感到不安。总的来说,在家用太阳能系统在全国范围能迅速流行的时候,电力需求有所减缓。据太阳能行业协会(Solar Energy Industries Association)透露,目前已经安装的太阳能系统达到了60万个,这个数字有望在2020年达到330万。In Hawaii, the current battle began in 2013, when Hawaiian Electric started barring installations of residential solar systems in certain areas. It was an abrupt move — a panicked one, critics say — made after the utility became alarmed by the technical and financial challenges of all those homes suddenly making their own electricity.夏威夷的这场斗争始于2013年,当时夏威夷电力公司开始阻拦某些区域的居民安装太阳能系统。该电力公司对住户突然自主发电带来的技术和经济挑战感到非常担心,于是做出了这一出人意料的举动,批评人士称之为惊慌失措的反应。The utility wants to cut roughly in half the amount it pays customers for solar electricity they send back to the grid. But after a study showed that with some upgrades the system could handle much more solar than the company had assumed, the state#39;s public utilities commission ordered the utility to begin installations or prove why it could not.电力公司应该为顾客输送回电网的太阳能电力付费用,该电力公司想要将价格减半。但一项研究显示,电力公司系统升级后可以处理远超过原本设想的太阳能电力。因此,该州的公共事业委员会命令该电力公司开始安装太阳能系统,否则就要明无法安装的原因。It was but one sign of the agency#39;s growing impatience with what it considers the utility#39;s failure to adapt its business model to the changing market.这只是一个迹象,说明委员会对该公司越来越不耐烦,他们认为该公司没能改变商业模式,以适应不断变化的市场。Hawaiian Electric is scrambling to accede to that demand, approving thousands of applications in recent weeks. But it is under pressure on other fronts as well. NextEra Energy, based in Florida, is awaiting approval to buy it, while other islands it serves are exploring defecting to form their own cooperative power companies.夏威夷电力公司正在匆忙行动,来适应相关需求,在最近几周通过了数千份申请。但该公司在其他方面也面临压力。总部位于佛罗里达州的NextEra能源公司(NextEra Energy)正在等待收购该公司的计划获得通过,而其他接收该公司电力务的岛屿正在寻求自立,创设自己的电力合作公司。Installers — who saw their fast-growing businesses slow to a trickle — are also frustrated with the pace. For those who can afford it, said James Whitcomb, chief executive of Haleakala Solar, which he started in 1977, the answer may lie in a more radical solution: Avoid the utility and its grid altogether.安装公司看到快速增加的业务逐渐放缓,也对进度感到不满。哈雷阿卡拉太阳能公司(Haleakala Solar)首席执行官詹姆斯·惠特科姆(James Whitcomb)表示,对于那些能够负担得起的人来说,可能有一个比较激进的解决方案:避开这家电力公司和它的电网。惠特科姆在1977年创立了哈雷阿卡拉。Customers are increasingly asking about the batteries that he often puts in along with the solar panels, allowing them to store the power they generate during the day for use at night. It is more expensive, but it breaks consumer reliance on the utility#39;s network of power lines.顾客越来越多地问及他常常装入太阳能组件的电池,这种电池使得太阳能系统能够储存白天发的电,以供夜间使用。这种太阳组件比较贵,但打破了顾客对该公司电力网的依赖。“I#39;ve actually taken people right off the grid,” he said, including a couple who got tired of waiting for Hawaiian Electric to approve their solar system and expressed no interest in returning to utility service. “The lumbering big utilities that are so used to taking three months to study this and then six months to do that — what they don#39;t understand is that things are moving at the speed of business. Like with digital photography — this is inevitable.”“我实际上帮助人们摆脱了电网,”他说。“行动迟缓的大型电力公司习惯花三个月的时间进行研究,然后再花六个月采取行动,他们并不了解,事情随着商业发展的变化而变化。就像数码摄影一样,这是不可避免的。”摆脱电力网的人中包括一对厌烦等待夏威夷电力公司批准过程的夫妇,他们表示无意重新使用电力公司的务。 /201504/371147福州中医院测卵泡多少钱 龙岩宫腹腔镜哪家医院好

南平复通手术多少钱Jeremy Meeks’ star-quality mugshot taken after his arrest this week on felony weapons charges has become an Internment sensation, with more than 89,000 #39;likes#39; on Facebook as of Saturday evening.本周,杰里米·米克斯由于涉嫌武器重罪被捕入狱,他的入狱照十分有明星范儿,令他在网络上迅速蹿红,直至周六晚上该照片已在Facebook上得到了超过89,000个“赞”。The 30-year-old career criminal has become an object of lust for women the world over who took to Facebook and Twitter lavishing praise on his high cheekbones, full lips and piercing blue eyes.这名30岁的职业罪犯俘获了全世界女性的芳心,在Facebook和Twitter上网友称赞米克斯有着高高的颧骨、丰满的嘴唇和炯炯有神的眼睛。But Meeks’ spouse and the mother of his 3-year-old son is not amused by the collective swooning over her photogenic husband.但米克斯的妻子,同时也是他3岁儿子的母亲,对于获得了大量赞美的上相的丈夫却一点儿也高兴不起来。‘She#39;s furious,’ Meeks#39; friend Simone Johnson said.“她很生气,”米克斯的朋友赛蒙·约翰逊说道。‘Her man is in there and people are taking it as a joke, thinking it’s funny talking about his looks.’“她的丈夫在监狱里,人们却拿这事当作一个笑话,觉得谈论他的外貌很有趣。”Officer Joseph Silva, a spokesman for the Stockton Police Department, which sparked the mugshot craze Wednesday after sharing Meeks#39; booking photo on its Facebook page, was surprise by the worldwide attention.周三,斯托克顿市警察局的发言人约瑟夫·席尔瓦警官将米克斯的入狱照上传至警局的Facebook主页,随后引发的入狱照热潮令席尔瓦警官感到非常地惊讶。‘I have not seen that many likes for a photo before,’ he said.“我从来没有看到过得到这么多赞的照片,” 他如是说。Silva called Meeks ‘one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area,’ though he would not elaborate on the crimes that Meeks is believed to have committed.虽然他不愿意详细说明米克斯涉嫌的犯罪情况,但席尔瓦警官称米克斯是“斯托克顿地区最狂暴的犯罪分子之一”。#39;It#39;s been a long term investigation over many weeks and Mr Meek#39;s gang was identified as the most violent and active gang in the area,#39; Public Information Officer Silva told MailOnline. #39;Two of his charges are gang related.#39;“这起案件经过了长达几周的调查,最后米克斯的犯罪团伙被确定为是这个地区内最暴力最活跃的犯罪团伙。”公众信息官员席尔瓦警官向每日邮报网站透露道。“他面临的两项指控都与团伙作案相关。”Despite this extensive rap sheet and his part in local gangs, Meeks and his family still insist that he is not involved in criminal activity.尽管他有着大量的前科、参与了当地的犯罪团伙,米克斯和他的家人还是坚称他并没有参与犯罪活动。His mother, Katherine Angier, has insisted that her son is innocent and has even set up a GoFundMe page to raise ,000 to get him a fair trial.他的母亲,凯瑟琳·安吉尔坚称她的儿子是无辜的,她还成立了一个GoFundMe的网页用来筹集25,000美元使他的儿子能得到公平的审判。Angier apparently has been in trouble with the law for offenses including drugs, aiding and abetting a criminal, according to records.根据记录显示,安吉尔也一直因为触犯法律而惹出一身麻烦,她涉嫌吸毒、协助并教唆犯罪。The sordid suggestions also continue to appear on the Stockton police#39;s Facebook page, where the felon#39;s photo was liked more 20,000 times in less than 24 hours.一些不堪入目的建议继续出现在斯托克顿警察局的Facebook官方页面上,也是在这里,这名重罪罪犯的照片在短短的24个小时内得到了超过两万个“赞”。#39;He needs to be a model,#39; wrote Bettina Jones. #39;I would buy whatever he#39;s selling!#39;“他得成为一个模特才行,” 贝蒂娜·琼斯写道。“他卖的东西我都会买的!”Meeks was charged with illegally possessing firearms and ammo, carrying a loaded firearm in public and criminal street gang activity.米克斯被指控违法持有军火武器和弹药,在公共场所以及团伙犯罪活动中携带装有子弹的武器。The repeat offender is being held on 0,000 bail, but perhaps not for long. There#39;s talk amongst the commenters of raising the funds to set him free.这名惯犯的保释金为90万美元,但是也许离保释这一天不远了。在网友中间已经有人在讨论筹钱让米克斯重获自由。But not everyone#39;s a fan.但并不是每个人都是他的粉丝。#39;0,000 in bail and 6 felonies,#39; Amber Gomes wrote. #39;You ladies are desperate.#39;“90万美元的保释金和6项重罪,”安布尔·戈梅斯写道。“你们女人真是无药可救。” /201406/307389 BEIJING: Chinasaid its archeologists have discovered another site showing human activity datingback 300,000 to 500,000 years, roughly contemporary with Peking Man.北京:中国称他们的考古学家们已经发现了另一处可追溯到30万至50万年前的人类活动遗址,这个时间大致与北京猿人处于同一个时代。Archeologists were led to the discoveryafter they excavated a stone tool at a limestone quarry site on Luotuo Hill inthe northeast coastal city of Dalian in Liaoning Province, the Chinese language GuangmingDaily, said. They found dozens of stone, animal bone and horn tools atthe site.据《光明日报》报道,考古学家们在辽宁省大连市骆驼山一处石灰石采矿场发掘石器时发现了这处遗址。他们在这处遗址发现了许多石头、兽骨和骨角器。It said researchers have obtained more than1,000 samples in the joint excavation exercise conducted by the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academyof Sciences and the Dalian Natural History Museum.该报社称,中国科学院古脊椎动物与古人类研究所和大连自然历史物馆组成工作小组,研究员们已经挖掘了一千多件文物。An institute researcher, Huang Weiwen, said the presence of stone tools andlarge animal bones that appear to have been cut or smashed by humans is anindication that the site was used for large-scale human activity in the earlydays.研究所研究员黄伟文(HuangWeiwen)说,这些看起来是由人类切割或击碎的石器和大型动物的骨头表明此处遗址早期有大规模的人类活动。;The discovery of the Luotuo Hill site of early human beings is of greatsignificance,; said Gao Chunling, deputy head of the Dalian museum. It mayprove to be an important source of information about human evolution and theorigin of culture in the region, Gao said.大连物馆副馆长高春玲(GaoChunling)说,“骆驼山古人类遗址的发现有重大意义”。高说,遗址可能为追溯人类进化提供重要信息,也有可能是该地区文化的起源。The other site of Peking Man at ZhoukoudianCaves in suburbs of Beijing has produced remains of deer andantelope horn tools. The caves also yielded skulls of Peking Man, or Homoerectus, in the 1920s and 1930s.考古学家们曾在另一处位于北京郊区的周口店北京猿人遗址发现了鹿角和羚羊角器具文物,他们还在此处发现了生活于20世纪20年代和20世纪30年代的北京猿人头盖骨。Peking Man was first believed to have lived in Zhoukoudian about 400,000 to500,000 years ago. But some Chinese scientists later said they were 200,000years older. Fossils of ancient mammals such as elephants and tigers were alsosimilar to those unearthed at Zhoukoudian, according to the researchers.最初,人们认为北京猿人生活在距今约40万至50万年前的周口店地区。但后来有些中国科学家称北京猿人生活的年代应该还要向前推20万年。据研究人员,出土的大象和老虎这些古代哺乳动物的化石与在周口店遗址发掘的有相似之处。 /201411/343116福州治多囊去那最好福州做试管男孩哪家最好



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