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Three experts weigh in on the subtle ways your little one might be asking for your help.三位专家从细微的方式入手阐明你的宝贝儿可能在寻求你的帮助。THEY ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS ABOUT THE FUTURE.他们会问很多关于未来的问题。Kids with anxiety often worry about what#39;s going to happen and if they#39;re going to be okay. While they might not be able to truly verbalize these fears, they might frequently try to ease their minds by coming to you with questions about the future. ;Children often include their parents in their anxiety by asking for and seeking out reassurance,; says Dr. Janine Domingues, a clinical psychologist in the Anxiety and Mood Disorders Center at the Child Mind Institute in New York City. If your child is beginning to ask a wealth of questions that begin with the words ;what if,; take note.患焦虑症的孩子总会担心会发生什么事儿,以及自己是否会安然无恙。也许他们不能完全表达出自己的担忧,但他们可能会频繁的过来找你,问你一些有关未来的问题以使自己平静。;孩子们通常会通过询问寻求慰藉来让父母了解他们的焦虑,; Janine Domingues医生说道,她是纽约市儿童心理研究所焦虑和情绪紊乱中心的临床心理学家。如果你的孩子开始问及一些以;如果;开头的问题,那么你们就得注意了。THEY#39;VE STARTED EATING A LOT MORE OR A LOT LESS.他们开始食欲大增或食欲锐减。Abnormal behavioral symptoms of any sickness are often the ones that parents notice first, and behavioral symptoms of anxiety are no exception, says Dr. Aarti Gupta, a family psychologist and the clinical director of TherapyNest in Los Altos, California. Just like when she#39;s battling an illness that makes her stomach upset, your child might push away food (or even eat more of it than usual) when she#39;s feeling anxious.家长们首先都会注意到疾病所带来的异常行为症状,而焦虑的行为症状也不例外,Aarti Gupta医生说道,他是加州洛杉矶治疗屋(TherapyNest)的家庭心理学家和临床主任。正如孩子们肚子痛时会推开食物一样(又甚至是比平常吃的多),孩子们感到焦虑时也会如此。THEY#39;RE OFTEN IRRITABLE AND THROW OVER-THE-TOP TEMPER TANTRUMS.他们十分易怒,老是乱发脾气。Dr. Debra Kissen, the clinical director of the Light on Anxiety Treatment Center in Chicago, says that children will often seem irritable and aggressive as they attempt to process the complex emotions that come with an anxiety disorder. She also says children with anxiety might exhibit a ;low frustration tolerance; - meaning their reactions will seem disproportionate to the severity of the situations they#39;re dealing with, and their temper tantrums might seem over-the-top.芝加哥光照焦虑治疗中心(Light on Anxiety Treatment Center)的临床主任Debra Kissen医生说:由于孩子们试图消化焦虑症带来的复杂情感,因此他们总是容易生气,咄咄逼人。她还说焦虑症的孩子们还会有;较低的抗挫忍受力;--表明他们的反应可能会与他们所面临状况的严重度不相符,表明他们会乱发脾气。THEY SUFFER FROM FREQUENT HEADACHES AND TUMMY ACHES.他们总是头痛、肚子痛。Although these physical symptoms might not seem directly connected to the mental health problem that is anxiety, all three of our experts point to frequent headaches and stomachaches as common signs of the disorder. These physical reactions are the direct result of your child#39;s body responding to the danger they perceive, Dr. Domingues says.虽然这些身体症状与心理问题焦虑症没有什么直接联系,但以上三位专家都指出经常头痛和肚子痛却是焦虑症的常见症状。孩子们感知危险后会做出身体反应,而这些症状就是身体反应的直接结果,Domingues医生说道。译文属 /201609/468110This is a bit too soft, this looks good, but... nooo... a tiny spot...这个太软了,这个看起来不错,但是……不好……一个小点……While his wife spent 20 minutes picking out just the right melon, Robert expired当罗伯特的妻子花了20分钟来挑选合适的甜瓜时,罗伯特竟死去了 /201705/508515We all want to know what the secrets are for a long and healthy life, especially in today’s society with so many people obsessed with staying youthful. Although extremely important, the secrets to living longer go far beyond the obvious acts of eating a nutritious diet and exercising.我们都想知道健康又长寿的生活秘诀,尤其是在当今社会中,很多人都痴迷于青春长寿。虽然十分重要,但长寿的秘诀可不止是饮食健康和锻炼这些显而易见的行为。According to research, the average life expectancy for individuals in the U.S. in 2015 was 79.68 years. If you want to reach or surpass that average age, you may want to consider making a few changes to your daily routine. For instance, get outside and walk more, avoid eating sugar, meditate often, travel at least once a year, and get enough sleep. Begin your path to a longer life today; make positive changes and pay close attention to these secrets for longevity.据研究表明,2015年美国人的平均寿命为79.68岁。如果你想要活到平均寿命或超过80岁,那你可能要考虑对日常生活做出一些小的变化。例如,走出家门多散散步、不要吃糖、经常冥想、每年至少旅行一次,还有一点就是睡眠充足。今天就开始行动起来过长寿生活吧;做出积极的改变并且密切关注这些长寿秘诀。Have a Positive Attitude态度积极向上Going through life with a positive attitude and an optimistic approach will help you handle life’s curve balls, cope easier, and avoid worries. In order to live longer, you must view life in a positive light, always looking at the bright side of things. Positive people are more motivated and they tend to achieve more than negative people. They enjoy life and all of its perfections instead of focusing on the negative aspects of it.用积极乐观的态度面对生活,可以帮助你解决生活中的难题、更加简单的处理事情并且能让你没有烦恼。想要长寿,你必须以积极的眼光看待生活,总是看到事物美好的一面。相比消沉之人而言,积极乐观的人更加有动力,往往也能取得更多的成就。他们会享受生活和其美好的一面,不去关注生活中的消极面。Eat a Nutritious Diet饮食营养One of the secrets to longevity is maintaining a healthy diet. Consuming the right foods is a major key to the foundation of good health. Foods with “superpowers” such as ginger, bananas, coconut oil, and almonds contain the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for proper bodily function.长寿的秘诀之一就是保饮食健康。摄入正确的食物是健康的关键。有“超能量”的食物(如生姜、香蕉、椰子油和杏仁)含有身体正常运转所必要的维生素和矿物质。Meditate冥想Meditation enhances your life by having a positive effect on your mind and body. It helps rejuvenate you; improves concentration, memory, and focus; reduces anxiety; and enhances your health. It has been proven that meditation benefits the immune system, lowers cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, and can even protect against heart disease.冥想会通过对大脑和身体产生积极作用来提升你的生活。冥想能让你恢复活力、集中注意力、加强;减缓焦虑、促进人体健康。已有人明:冥想可促进免疫系统、降低胆固醇、降低血压,还能预防心脏病。Exercise Regularly定期锻炼If you want to feel better and live longer, get your health on the right track and exercise regularly. It helps to reduce stress and fatigue, improve memory, relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, promote endorphins, enhance self-confidence, and improve concentration.如果你想长寿、身体更舒适,那就让你的健康重回正轨,锻炼起来吧!锻炼可减少压力、缓解疲劳、提高、缓解焦虑抑郁等症状、促进内啡肽、增强自信,同时能提升注意力集中度。 /201702/492908

Women should ‘stick to the day job’ if they want to have children after a study found those who work nightshift have fewer eggs. 一项研究发现,上夜班的女性卵子数量更少。想要生育子女的女性应该“坚持上白班”。Researchers at Harvard University followed 500 women who were seeking fertility treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital and found those who worked unsociable hours, or whose jobs involved heavy lifting, were less fertile. 哈佛大学的研究人员跟踪研究了麻省综合医院寻求生育治疗的500名女性,结果发现,在非正常时间上班的女性,和工作时需要搬重物的女性,更不易生育。The findings were based on the number of eggs produced by women when their ovaries were stimulated during IVF. 这些发现基于女性在接受试管受精治疗时,卵巢受到刺激时产生的卵子数量。Women who worked day shift produced an average of 11.2 eggs per session compared with 8.7 percent for nightshift workers, a decrease of 28 percent. 上白班的女性每个生理周期平均产生11.2枚卵子,而上夜班的女性每个周期平均产生8.7枚卵子,降低了28%。Likewise women whose jobs involved heavy lifting had 14 percent fewer eggs. 同样,工作中需要搬运重物的女性卵子数量要少14%。“Our study suggests that women who are planning pregnancy should be aware of the potential negative impacts that non-day shift and heavy lifting could have on their reproductive health,” said lead author Dr Lidia Mínguez-Alarcón. 研究报告的主要作者莉迪亚士说:“我们的研究表明,计划怀的女性要明白上夜班和搬重物对其生殖健康可能产生的负面影响。”The researchers believe that nightshift may disrupt circadian rhythm and prevent eggs from developing or maturing. 研究人员认为,上夜班会打乱生理节律,妨碍卵子发育或成熟。Prof Alastair Sutcliffe, Professor of Paediatrics at University College London said that women who were trying to become pregnant should try and avoid night work and heavy lifting. 伦敦大学学院儿科学教授阿拉斯泰尔-萨克利夫说,想要怀的女性应该尝试避免上夜班和搬重物。“Human beings like light,” he said. “When sunlight hits our retinae, the serotonin ‘happy hormone’ goes up instantly in the brain. Hence we love sunny winter days, but not dank overcast ones. 他说:“人类喜欢光。当太阳光射进视网膜,‘幸福荷尔蒙’血清素水平在大脑中立刻升高。因此我们喜欢阳光充足的冬日,而不是潮湿阴冷的日子。”“So shift work is not a biologically good way to work and folks who have to do this are known to get many ill health risks such hypertension. “所以从生物学上讲,倒班并不是一种好的工作方式。不得不倒班的人有诸多患病风险,比如高血压。” “So what does this study mean? If trying to optimise fertility, stick to the day job and leave the lifting to their partner.” “所以这个研究意味着什么?如果想让生育能力达到最优,要坚持上白班,让搭档搬重物。”The new research was published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 这项新研究发表在《职业与环境医药》期刊上。Professor Darren Griffin, Professor of Genetics, University of Kent, added: “Women who are trying to start a family may take the study into account, perhaps avoiding heavy lifting and unsociable work hours as much as is possible during this time, especially if they are not falling pregnant within the first year of trying.” 肯特大学遗传学教授达伦-格里芬补充说:“想要生育子女的女性要考虑一下这项研究结果,或许要在这段时间尽可能避免搬运重物和上夜班,特别是在第一年试失败之后。” /201702/491496

Despite this magical moment the routine never bacame a huge success尽管此刻很神奇,但这样的表演永远都不会取得巨大的成功 /201612/483335

A college in East China#39;s Anhui Province has been at the center of public attention since a photo went viral showing a banner hung on campus which claims women who speak ill of others will not be able to find husbands.中国东部安徽省的一所大学最近成为了公众关注的中心,起因是校园里一张声称“女生骂人嫁不出去”的横幅被人拍照发到了网上。;If a woman calls someone a name today, how could she get married? Even if she marries a nice person, how can she teach her children good manners,; the banner hung on the campus of Huainan Normal University (HNU), images of which were uploaded to Sina Weibo by a HNU student.淮南师范学院一名学生将这张照片上传到了新浪微上,从照片上可以看出,该校校园里挂着的一张横幅上面写着:“女生今天骂人,明朝怎么嫁人?就算嫁得不错,孩子能教好吗?”The photo shows that the banner was signed by the college#39;s student affairs office.从照片可以看出,横幅落款署名为该校的“学生处”。The banner triggered controversy online, with some netizens arguing that the banner shows that a patriarchal, sexist mindset is still common in China.随即这条横幅在网上就引起了轩然,一些网友批评说这张横幅显示出重男轻女、性别歧视的心态在中国仍然很普遍。;So the purpose of being polite for a woman is to find a nice person to marry, instead of for her self-improvement? The banner in the campus is inappropriate as it hints at the education policy of the college,; wrote Weibo user fengqilianyi.微用户“风起涟漪”说道:“也就是说女生有礼貌的目的是为了嫁个好人家,而不是提升自己?这条横幅之所以不恰当是因为它暗示了这所学校的教育政策。”;Why specifically highlight women? Is it proper for men to say rude words?; wrote Net user junmeng.网友“junmeng”说道:“为什么特别突出女生?男生说脏话就是对的么?”Other Net users argued that critics are overreacting and claimed that this kind of behavior should be curbed.而其他一些网民则指出,批评者们反应过度了,但也表示这种行为应当受到限制。The HNU responded in its official Sina Weibo last Wednesday that it had removed the banner.淮南师范学院方面于上周三在其新浪微上作出回应,表示已将这条横幅撤了下来。 /201611/479135

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