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Around 1800, Lord Elgin removed some of the sculptures from the ruins of the Parthenon in Athens, and a few years later put them on public show in London.1800年左右,驻奥斯曼帝国的英国大使埃尔金伯爵从雅典帕台农神庙遗址带走了一些石雕,几年后在伦敦进行了公开展览。For most western Europeans it was the first time they had ever been able to look closely at Greek sculpture, and they were overwhelmed and inspired by the breathing vitality and the beauty of these works.对大多数西欧人来说,这是他们第一次近距离接触希腊雕刻,不由被它们的魅力深深折。But in the 21st century, the Elgin Marbles, as they#39;ve long been known, are famous less as art objects than as objects of political controversy.到了二十一世纪,这些被称为埃尔金大理石雕的艺术品,其艺术特色被淡化,更多地成为政治争端的焦点。For most people today, the Parthenon sculptures in the British Museum provoke only one question:对今天的大部分人来说, 提到大英物馆的帕台农雕像,只会想到一个问题:should they be in London or in Athens? The Greek government insists they should be in Athens; the British Museum#39;s Trustees believe that in London they#39;re an integral part of the story of world cultures.它们该保存在伦敦还是雅典?希腊政府坚持认为它们应归还雅典,但大英物馆的理事们则认为应留在伦敦,因其属于世界文化不可分割的一部分。 Article/201409/327196

Breaking up is hard to do, but it can be a lot more painful if you have to fight about possessions. Make it simple, quick, and fair.分手是很伤心的事情,但是如果还要为财物而争吵则更加痛苦。让分割财物的过程更简单,快速,公平。You Will Need你需要A sense of fair play公平A CD burner光盘刻录机Identical lists of contested items两份有争议的项目列表An agreed-upon scoring system双方都赞同的评分系统A separation agreement (optional)分居协议(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Be fair, and share music1.公平,分享音乐Be fair. Agree to make duplicate copies of CDs to avoid debates. Divide furniture, utensils, and dishes equitably or by deciding who needs each item more when they move.公平一点。复制CD,避免争议。公正地分配家具,器皿,盘子,或者根据需要来分配。STEP 2 Make identical lists2.制作相同的列表Make two identical lists of property to be split. Don’t include pets, children, automobiles, or anything that requires a saw cut or a county court.制作两份需要分割的财产的相同的列表。不要包括宠物,孩子,汽车或任何需要锯开或需要法庭裁判的物品。Sometimes a separation agreement, with details regarding property, money, and child care spelled out, can make things easier.有时分居协议可以让事情变得更加简单,详细列明财产,金钱和孩子的归属。STEP 3 Use point system3.使用记分系统Assign points to items each of you wants. The total points accumulated on each list cannot exceed one hundred.为每一种你想要的物品评分。每一张列表上的总分数不要超过100分。STEP 4 Divide things4.分配物品Compare your lists. Allow the person with the most points assigned to an item to claim it.对比列表。分数最多的人获得自己想要的物品。STEP 5 Break tie scores5.打破平局Total the points of items won. The person with the fewest points is awarded tie-score items to even things out or until everything is gone.统计所有得分。分数最少的人赢得分数相同的物品,直到所有物品分配完毕。Being greedy is likely to prolong the parting and mire you in the very relationship misery you’re trying to escape.贪心很有可能让你拖延分手过程,更加陷入这段你想逃离的关系中难以摆脱。STEP 6 Sell the rest and divide money6.出售剩余物品,分配金钱Liquidate the remaining property either by forfeiting a claim or by selling it and splitting the proceeds.清算剩余财物,没收或出售,把钱分开。Did you know? As of 2005, the national divorce rate had dropped to 3.6 per 1,000 people, the lowest since 1970.你知道吗?截止到2005年,全国的离婚率下降到千分之三点六,自1970年来的最低水平。 Article/201408/321539

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