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It was supposed to be a day of drudgery with millions facing lengthy commutes on crowded buses and packed cycle lanes. But the Tube strike hasn#39;t been all bad, with some Londoners even benefiting from the chaos with free gifts.每天,上百万人都要经历漫长的通勤,要么是在拥挤的公交,要么在水泄不通的自行车道,这的确是件苦差事儿!不过,地铁罢工也不全是倒霉事儿,毕竟一些伦敦人还因这场躁动获得了免费礼物。Insurance firm Direct Line has set about #39;fixing#39; commuters#39; travel-related problems by sending them stress-relief packages complete with deodorant, scented sprays and bottled water. Contacting people on Twitter, the company also dished out vouchers for Topshop, The Sunglass Hut and boxed up Pret-A-Manger lunches to brighten people#39;s days. Among other gifts were bottles of aftersun to soothe sunburnt limbs and boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.英国直线保险公司已经着手准备,通过给通勤者递送解压包裹,替他们“解决”交通烦心事儿,包裹里有体香剂、芳香喷雾和瓶装水。通过在推特与人们互动,直线保险公司会分发Topshop(英国快时尚品牌)、The Sunglass Hut(太阳镜品牌)的代金券,以及Pret-A-Manger(英国老牌快餐厅)的午餐盒饭,让人们心情愉悦。其他的礼物还有瓶装的晒后修复用品以呵护晒伤的身体,以及Krispy Kreme(卡卡圈坊)的盒装甜甜圈。The gesture soon caught the attention of Twitter users with the hashtag #everydayfix gaining momentum. None of the gifts bore charges, to the delight of their many recipients.这一举动很快引起了推特用户的关注,#everydayfix的话题标签逐渐成为热门话题。令这些受益者高兴的是,所有的礼物都是免费的。Launched a month ago, the programme will seek out those they believe are in need of a fix online for a few days yet. While it is paying for each of the products a spokesman refused to reveal how much had been spent answering people#39;s woes. #39;We know how stressful everyday emergencies can be - those little things you don#39;t plan. So we#39;re extending our role as fixers to take care of the little things which can sometimes tip you over the edge.#39;这个项目一个月之前启动,还会持续数日,继续努力上网寻找他们认为需要帮助的人。虽然他们需要为每一个礼物买单,但一位发言人拒绝透露其开。“我们很了解每天发生的紧急状况会带来多大的压力,这些小事儿都是突如其来的。所以我们正把自己的角色延伸到问题解决者,我们帮你搞定这些小事儿,免得它们让你心烦意乱。”Other companies to have offered commuters special offers include breakfast company Belvita which offered workers free rides in Tuk Tuks with complimentary snacks.也有其他公司加入到为通勤者提供便利的队伍中来,包括专做早餐的公司Belvita,该公司让上班族免费搭乘嘟嘟车,车上还配备免费点心。Fitness First invited anyone who had run, cycled or walked to work to use their gym showers to freshen up before heading into the office and encouraged others to become fit with free training sessions.菲力斯第一健身俱乐部(Fitness First)邀请所有跑步或骑车或走路上班的人在进办公室之前,先来他们的健身房冲个澡以恢复活力,还提供了免费培训鼓励更多人加入到健身的队伍。 /201507/385500I bought a repair kit to fix your glasses.我买了套工具回来,限制就给你修眼镜Oh, good.嗯,好的。It comes with tiny little screws and a tiny little screwdriver.瞅瞅,麻雀虽小五脏俱全。这小盒里啥型号的小螺丝小改锥都有。Great. I guess that#39;s everything we need then.好极了,万事俱备,我很快就能看清东西啦。Not exactly.额,还差一点....Now we need somebody with good enough eyes to see the tiny little screws.再找个眼神儿好的,帮我把要的螺丝挑出来放到螺丝孔里就行了。 /201506/379464People often ask me whether being President has made it more difficult to spend time with Michelle and our girls. But the surprising truth is that being in the White House has made our family life more ;normal; than it#39;s ever been。人们常常问我,当总统是否让我和米歇尔及我们女儿相聚成为了一件更难的事情。但现实却令人惊讶,住进白宫让我们的家庭生活变得比以往任何时候都更加“正常”。When Malia was born, Michelle and I were fortunate enough to spend a blissful three months mostly at home with our baby girl. But then Michelle went back to work part time, and I returned to my schedule of teaching at the University of Chicago law school and serving in the state legislature. This meant that I would often be away in Springfield for three days at a time. Even when I was home in Chicago, I had papers to grade and briefs to write and evening meetings to attend。玛利亚出生的时候,我和米歇尔非常幸运,足足三个月的时间,我们与宝贝女儿一起待在家里,体验初为父母的喜悦之情。之后米歇尔回到她的兼职工作岗位上去,而我在芝加哥大学法学院的教学工作和我在州议会的工作也同时回到正轨。这就意味我得经常去斯普林菲尔德,并且每次都要待上三天。即便我回到芝加哥的家里,我也得继续工作:改试卷、写案情提要,有时晚上还要开会。Things didn#39;t get any easier when I was elected to the Senate and had to commute back and forth to Washington every week. Then our lives were thrown completely out of balance during a presidential campaign that kept me on the road almost constantly -- leaving Michelle to carry an even heavier load for longer stretches of time。我当选为参议员后,工作变得更加复杂,我每周必须往返于芝加哥与华盛顿之间。总统大选之际,我几乎时时刻刻都在路上,这使得米歇尔不得不长期承受更重的负担,那时我们的生活完全失去了平衡。That#39;s why I call her the rock of our family -- because she is. She always has been。这就是为什么我称她为我们家庭的基石——因为她确实是的,并且一直都是。But to our surprise, moving to the White House was really the first time since the girls were born that we#39;ve been able to gather as a family almost every night. Michelle and I can go to parent-teacher conferences together. I#39;ve been able to make Malia#39;s tennis matches and Sasha#39;s dance recitals. Sasha let me help coach her basketball team -- the Vipers. They won the title. I#39;ve even experienced what all dads d: watching my daughter go to her first prom. In high heels。出乎我们意料的是,搬进白宫使得我们终于能够每天晚上都能全家相聚,自打两个女儿出生后,这还是第一次。我和米歇尔可以一起出席家长[微]会。我也能够出席观看玛利亚的网球比赛和萨沙的舞蹈演出。萨沙让我担任她所在篮球队——毒蛇队的助理教练,她们在之后的比赛中夺得了冠军。我甚至还经历了所有父亲都害怕的事,那就是看着女儿穿着高跟鞋出席了她人生的第一场舞会。So it#39;s not always easy being a father of teenage girls. But it is pretty good to live above the store。所以说做十几岁女孩的父亲可不是一件容易的事情。但是每天和她们生活在一起是一件令人高兴的事。Even with our jam-packed days, Michelle and I work hard to carve out certain blocks of family time that are sacrosanct. For example, at 6:30 p.m., no matter how busy I am, I leave work to go upstairs and have dinner with my family. That#39;s inviolable. My staff knows that it pretty much takes a national emergency to keep me away from that dinner table. As a night owl, I#39;d rather stay up late ing briefings and working on speeches after everybody has gone to bed anyway。即使在我们非常忙碌的日子里,我和米歇尔也会腾出“神圣不可侵犯”的家庭时间。比如说,不管多忙,傍晚6时30分我都会准时上楼与家人共进晚餐,这段时间是“不可侵犯的”。我的职员们都知道,几乎只有全国紧急事件才能让我离开晚餐餐桌。作为一个夜猫子,我宁愿在其他人都上床后熬夜看简报、准备演讲。So for an hour or so at dinner, my focus is not on my day, but on theirs. I ask Sasha and Malia the usual annoying parental questions: How was school? What are your friends up to? Have you done your homework? What are you thinking about? In return, they spend a lot of time teasing me about my big ears or stodgy suits -- and Michelle is always happy to join them。所以晚餐时间一个小时左右,我把注意力从我的工作转移到她们身上。我会问萨沙和玛利亚一些问题,无非是家长常“唠叨”的问题:“今天在学校过得如何?”“和朋友们相处得怎样?”“作业完成了吗?”“在想什么呢?”而萨沙和玛利亚大部分时间都在调侃我的大耳朵或者古板的西装——米歇尔也经常会加入,她们其乐融融。The highlight of my day is just listening to their thoughts about the world and seeing what smart, funny, kind young women they#39;ve become. That hour recharges me and gives me perspective. And those moments where I can just be Dad -- even if it#39;s ;Daaaaaaad; -- well, there#39;s nothing better。我一天中最重要的事情就是聆听她们对世界的看法,看着她们慢慢变得聪明、有趣、善良。那一小时让我重新充满能量,对未来充满希望。那个时候我仅仅扮演一个父亲的角色,或者说“老爸”,没什么比这更美好的了。Michelle does her best to preserve that time, and it has made a huge difference. Like I said, she#39;s our rock. Whatever comes up, I know that they#39;ll be there for me. And I will always be there for them. These days, the girls occasionally miss a night because they#39;re so busy with school and activities. And like many parents of high school juniors who are excitedly touring college campuses, I#39;m aly ding that empty seat at the table when Malia goes off to school next fall. I can feel myself lingering at the table a little longer, trying to stave off the passage of time. But for as long as possible, I#39;m going to enjoy every minute of finally having us all together under one roof。米歇尔每天都会为此尽力腾出时间,这使我们的家庭生活发生了巨大的改变。就像我所说的,她是我们家庭的基石。不管发生什么,我知道她们都会持我,而我,也会永远陪在她们身边。最近,孩子们偶尔一个晚上会缺席,因为她们忙于学习和学校的活动。中学生们兴奋地参观大学校园,像很多中学生的父母一样,我已经开始害怕玛丽亚明年秋季上大学后餐桌边的那张空椅子,我能感受到我在餐桌边多停留了一会儿,想让时间慢点走。但是我将尽可能长地享受我们在同一个屋檐下共处的最后时光,享受每一分钟。First Lady Nancy Reagan once wrote, ;Nothing can prepare you for living in the White House.; She was right, of course. Nothing can prepare you. But your family can sustain you。第一夫人南希·里根曾写道:“在白宫里生活,你无法预计会发生什么。”她说的对,无法预计会发生什么,但是你的家庭会一直持你。 /201506/382571Forget tattoos, belly button piercings and Lady Gaga-style silicone implants - the latest craze in body modification is #39;corset piercing#39; where metal rings are pierced into the skin and joined together with a ribbon to give a corset effect. The #39;decoration#39;, which can cost up to ?300, can be applied to any area of the body where the skin is loose enough to pinch in order to th a needle through. Popular areas include the back, ribs and, in some cases, even the throat。要想别出心裁?要想走在时尚的尖端?要用纹身?穿肚脐环或者学嘎嘎“奇装异”来明自己的存在也许还真是;OUT;了。不可思议的是,现在时下的年轻人“勇于创新”竟然发明出“穿孔紧身衣”的方法来吸引大家的眼球!据悉,这种潮流是通过在皮肤上穿孔戴环,然后将丝带从中交互穿过,从而达到像“中世纪的紧身胸衣”的效果。由于胸衣十分“贴身”(再也不可能找到另一种更贴身穿胸衣的方法来与其媲美了),穿孔胸衣受到青年人的追捧。此外,这款“穿孔胸衣”的售价并不便宜,每一“款”要达到300英镑!可以“适用于”身体的任何一个部分,但是也还是有条件的,条件是想要“打孔”的皮肤必须要“足够松弛”可以让美容师进行“穿针引线”的手术!而且,医生也推荐了合适做此类穿孔胸衣的身体部位:比如说后背、肋骨甚至喉咙等等。 /201507/384730

No one doubts the value of confidence. In fact, research shows people often prefer confidence over actual expertise。自信的价值毋庸置疑。事实上,研究显示人们看重自信更甚于实际能力。G. Richard Shell teaches at the Wharton School and his book Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success, out in paperback this week, has a great chapter on how to be more confident。理查·谢尔现任教于沃顿商学院 ,他著作的《跳板:启动你的个人成功搜索》一书的平装版于本周与读者见面,书中有很精的一章内容是关于如何变得更加自信。Here’s what you need to know。以下是大家需要知道的。1. Surround Yourself With People Who Believe in You1. 和相信你的人一起I’ve posted a lot about how the power of context can improve behavior. And people are a part of that。我发过很多关于环境的力量如何提升行为的论述。而人,也是这环境的一部分。When you’re told you’re good by someone you respect, you believe it. Partially it’s a placebo effect. But that’s perfectly fine。当你尊敬的人告诉你你很棒的时候,你会相信他。部分地讲,这也是一种安慰效应。但这种感觉真的很棒。This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you believe you can do it, you work harder. When others believe in you, they push you harder。这就创造了一个自我实现的预言。当你相信自己可以的时候,你会更加努力。当别人相信你的时候,他们会更尽力地推动你前进。Together, these things make you do better — so you have a reason to be confident. And then next time, confidence comes easier。所有因素一起作用都会让你做得更好—所以你有理由变得自信。然后下一次,自信来得更加容易。Via Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success:以下来自于《跳板:启动你的个人成功搜索》:The phenomenon of transferred expectations, also called a “self-fulfilling prophecy,” occurs for a combination of two reasons. The person holding the expectation treats the other person differently, giving him or her more challenging work to do. This leads to more learning. At the same time, the person receiving the suggestion accepts it as an accurate assessment of his or her ability, and that in turn increases the level of effort the person gives。期望传递,也被称为“自我实现的预言”。这种现象的产生是由两个原因共同引起的。心怀期望的人对待其他人的方式是不同的,他会给其他人更有挑战性的工作,从而让人可以学到更多。与此同时,接受工作建议的人会将这看作对自己能力的准确评估,反过来也会付出更多努力。The lesson here is plain: you should understand the power of being in a high-performing/ high-expectation social environment versus a low-performing/ low-expectation one. Your social setting can strongly affect what you believe is possible— and that will affect your confidence, the effort you expend, and the results you achieve。其中的道理很直白:要懂得高表现/高期望的环境与低表现、低期望相比所能赋予的能量。你所处的社交环境会很强烈地影响你的信念—而信念会影响你的自信,你付出的努力,和你获得的成果。2. Focus On Learning2. 专注于成长When you focus on learning, failure is just a part of the process and won’t shake your confidence。当你集中注意力在学习上时,失败只是过程的一部分,不会动摇你的自信。Tests are not a gauge of self-worth or unchangeable, innate ability. They’re a measure of how much improvement you’ve made。测试不是对自我价值或者固有天赋的评估,而是对你的进步的估量。Building on the research of Carol Dweck, you want to have a “growth mindset”: Measure yourself by effort, not by results。根据卡罗尔·德伟克的研究,你需要有一个“成长的心态”:用付出去评估自己,而不是用结果。Via Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success:以下来自于《跳板:启动你的个人成功搜索》:…repeated experiments have demonstrated the value of praising effort rather than innate talent. If you are praised by others in the right way, this can lead you to praise yourself based on your genuine effort when you accomplish something significant and discount comments about the role of your natural ability. You should ignore any result— good or bad— that comes after you put in only a halfhearted effort. And you should be proud of any result that follows hard work— even when the result is not what you had hoped…。诸多实验反复实了肯定付出的努力而不是天赋这一做法的价值。如果其他人以正确的方式表扬你,这也会引导你在有了重大成就的时候肯定自己真实的努力,更少地去在乎他人对于你的天赋所起作用的评价。如果只是三心二意地付出了,那么你应该忽略由此带来的任何结果—无论是好是坏。而且对于努力付出后的任何结果,哪怕不是当初所希望的……你都应该为之自豪。3. Create A Ritual3. 开创让自己进入状态的仪式What gets you in the zone? What gets you feeling y? A cup of coffee? Preparation and review? Playing a game on your phone?什么能让你进入状态?什么能让你准备就绪?一杯咖啡?准备和回顾?手机上玩个游戏?Recent research from Harvard professors Michael Norton and Francesca Gino shows that rituals have the power to make you more confident。哈佛教授迈克尔·诺顿和弗兰切斯卡·吉诺的近期研究显示:固定的仪式有让人更加自信的力量。Francesca explained in my interview with her:弗兰切斯卡在我对她的采访中解释到:What we studied in this project was whether these rituals are really of beneficial effect in terms of bringing you confidence and potentially impacting your performance positively. That is actually what we found. What is interesting about the studies is that we also have physiological measures. What we find is that if you engage in a ritual prior to a potentially high anxiety task, like singing in public or solving difficult math problems, you end up being calmer by the time you approach the task, and more confident in what you’re about to do. As a result of that, you actually perform better。在这个项目中,我们研究的是这些让人进入状态的仪式是否真正有益于培养自信和积极地影响你的表现。而这正是我们所发现的。研究中很有趣的一点在于我们也有生理上的估量指标。我们发现如果你之前有参与让自己进入状态的仪式,那么在做类似在大众面前唱歌或者解决数学难题这种会让人产生潜在焦虑的事情的时候,你会更加冷静,对自己要做的事情也会更加自信。因为这样,你实际上也会做得更出色。4. Accumulate Small Wins4. 积累点滴的成功Some Olympic athletes train in a way that is designed to build confidence。有些奥林匹克运动员的训练过程也是设计成培养自信的模式。Rather than focusing on the gold medal, they set smaller achievable goals and build from there。他们不把目标集中在金牌上,而是设定更小的能够达成的目标,从小目标开始努力。By seeing themselves accumulate these little wins, their confidence grows and grows until they feel unstoppable。看着自己一点一滴地积累达成小目标的成功,他们会越来越自信,直到有了无可抵挡的感觉。Via Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success:以下来自于《跳板:启动你的个人成功搜索》:In one of the best articles on Olympic training I have ever , Daniel Chambliss tracked the techniques used by USA Swimming to get its athletes y to compete in the Olympic games. One of the common ths in this training was to focus on a series of “small wins” in training rather than on the larger goal of winning a medal. As Chambliss summarized it, the swimmers “found their challenges in small things: working on a better start this week, polishing up their backstroke technique next week, planning how to pace their swim。” As a result, they got the satisfaction of “very definable, minor achievements,” which in turn gave them the confidence to attempt more small wins each and every day。在我读过的关于奥运训练最好的文章之一中,丹尼尔·钱布利斯对美国奥运游泳项目的训练方式进行了追踪。其中一个常见的训练要素就是集中注意在一系列“点滴的成功”,而不是赢得金牌的大目标。如钱布利斯所总结的,游泳运动员们“在细小的事情上发现挑战:这周有一个更好的开始,下周完善自己的仰泳技巧,计划着怎样有条不紊地游。”这样一来,他们在“非常明确的,点滴的成就”中感到满足,从而让他们每天都自信地去尝试积累更多点滴的成功。5. It’s Rational To Do The Irrational5. 即使看似毫无理性,也放手去做This is a very rational blog. You, however, are not a very rational creature. So do what works, even if it seems irrational。这是一个理性说理的客。而人本身,却不是非常理性的生物。所以,尽管看似毫无理性,但只要有用,就放手去做。Research shows good luck charms do inspire confidence. And this improves performance on a variety of tasks。研究表明幸运符的确可以激发自信,且在很多不同的活动中都能提升表现。Via The Courage Quotient: How Science Can Make You Braver:以下来自于《胆商:科学如何让你更勇敢》:The researchers found that by activating good luck beliefs, these objects were consistently able to boost people’s self-confidence and that this up-tick in self-assurance in turn affected a wide range of performance. Lucky thinking, it turned out in this study, positively affected people’s ability to solve puzzles and to remember the pictures depicted on thirty-six different cards, and it improved their putting performance in golf! In fact, people with a lucky charm performed significantly better than did the people who had none. That’s right, having a lucky charm will make you a better golfer, should you care about such things, and improve your cognitive performance on tasks such as memory games。研究人员发现,一旦激发人们对幸运符带来好运的信念,这些幸运符便能够长久地激发人的自信,而这种对积极的自我肯定反过来也能影响很多方面的表现。研究表明,这种基于幸运的思维方式,能够积极地影响人们在猜谜,记忆36个不同图片的卡片,以及打高尔夫球时推杆的能力。实际上,有幸运符的人们比没有任何幸运符的人们表现明显更棒。就是这样噢,如果你在意幸运符一类的东西的话,它确实会让你高尔夫打得更好,还能提升你在诸如记忆游戏等活动中的认知表现。6. Get To Work6. 努力去建立自信Yes, some people are naturally superconfident. Others fake it。是的,有些人生来超级自信,其他人则需要假装。And you can, with some work, build confidence。而且,做些努力,你可以建立自信。What did Alfred Binet, the inventor of the IQ test, say about intelligence?智商测试的发明者阿尔弗雷德·比奈,对于智力讲过什么呢?Via Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success:以下来自于《跳板:启动你的个人成功搜索》:It is not always the people who start out the smartest who end up the smartest。最后智力超群的人,并不总是开始时候的那些聪明人。The same is true of confidence。自信也是如此。 /201506/381761

Every day we are bombarded with images, s, music and news. In this age of visual and aural hyper-stimulation, the medium of radio is making a phenomenal comeback.每天大量的图片,视频,音乐和新闻扑面而来、令我们应接不暇。在这个视觉和听觉高度刺激的时代,广播也正以惊人之势卷土重来。“We’re at the dawn of a golden age of audio,”said US-based podcaster Alex Blumberg in an article in The Sydney Morning Herald. In the last month alone, 15 percent of US adults listened to a radio podcast. These statistics, released by Edison Research, reveal the successful evolution of traditional radio broadcasts to the present day’s digital podcast format. The term “podcast,” was coined in 2004, but the trend only started gaining mainstream popularity in recent years. Since the leap in consumer demand for smartphones and tablets, podcast subscription rates have only accelerated.“我们已迎来了广播的黄金时代,” 美国播主亚历克斯#8226;布隆伯格在《悉尼先驱晨报》上发表的一篇文章中如是写道。仅上一个月,就有 15%的美国成人在收听播客。爱迪生研究所发布的这些数据表明,传统广播已成功转型,变成了如今数字播客的形式。“播客”一词早在2004年就已出现,但直到近些年它才受到主流群体的青睐。由于消费者对智能手机和平板的需求激增,播客的订阅率也大幅上涨。The appeal of the podcast partially resides in its multiplatform delivery and on-demand capabilities. You can tune in during those extra minutes of the day when you’re walking to the shops, waiting in a queue or riding the subway. Similar to television shows, podcasts are generally free to download and most offer new content every week.能在多平台按需播放是播客的一大吸引力。不论是在去商店的路上,还是排队等地铁或是坐地铁时,你都可以收听几分钟的播客。播客和电视节目一样,大都可以免费下载,而且每周更新。Donna Jackson, 22, Sydney university media graduate, listens to podcasts two or three times a week, via iTunes. “I listen while I’m pottering around the house doing something else. It makes completing a boring task a lot more enjoyable… And it’s an easy way of keeping in touch with what’s going on in the rest of the world,” she said.22岁的唐娜#8226;杰克逊是悉尼大学媒体专业的毕业生。她每周使用iTunes收听播客两到三次,她说,“我在家里晃荡时就会听(播客),它让我做枯燥工作时更享受……它还可以让我轻松了解国际时事。 ”“I mainly listen to B podcasts, but recently I’ve also been tuning into This American Life and Serial. They have a knack for really drawing you in.”“我主要听B播客,不过,最近我也在听《美国生活》及《连环杀手》。它们真的会让人一听就欲罢不能。”Unlike television and music, the audio format has the potential to create a deep impression on ers. Blumberg says this comes down to the podcast’s ability “[to create] intimacy and emotional connection.” Sydney University undergraduate Hazel Proust, major in social work and arts, agrees. “When you’re tuned in, it feels as if the voice of the [podcast’s] narrator is talking directly to you. It’s comforting,” said Proust.播客与电视和音乐不同,它能给听众留下深刻印象。布隆伯格认为这是由于播客能“制造出一种亲密感、能建立起(与听众的)精神纽带”。 在悉尼大学主修社工及艺术专业的本科生黑兹尔普鲁斯特也赞同布隆伯格的说法,他说,“ 当你听播客时,你会感觉播主在直接与你交流。 这让人感觉很舒心。”It seems the age-old tradition of verbal storytelling is very much alive and well.看来,这种口头讲故事的传统仍充满活力,经久不衰。 /201501/355005

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