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New Zealand First leader Winston Peters last week talked about an email he had received from a Chinese real estate agent in Auckland about immigration and the housing market. 上周,新西兰优先党领袖温斯顿·彼特斯谈到他收到的一封来自奥克兰的中国房地产中介的关于移民和住房市场的内容的邮件。Peters said the agent backed up his claim that speculation was rife. The agent has worked in the industry for three years. He expands on his views here.彼得斯说,中介持他声称投机盛行的说法。中介在该行业工作了三年。他在这里详述了自己的观点。I am a Chinese property agent working in Auckland. Recently I emailed the New Zealand First leader Winston Peters expressing opinions on the housing crisis and immigration policy.我是一名在奥克兰工作的中国房产中介。最近我给新西兰优先党领导人温斯顿·彼特斯发了一份表达我对住房危机和移民政策观点的邮件。I thought as I am an immigrant who happens to have been sitting in the box seat of Auckland#39;s real estate scene the rest of the country might find relevancy in what I have to say.我是移民,正好在奥克兰房地产市场的风尖浪口,我想我不得不发声的观点对这个国家其他地区也有借鉴意义。My family moved to central Auckland in 2001 from mainland China. We came here with the hope of embracing a new lifestyle as well as for the younger generation to receive a superior education.我们全家在2001年从中国大陆移民到了奥克兰中部。我们来这里是希望开始一种新的生活方式,并且让下一代接受更好的教育。We remember Auckland as being a city with a unique blend of European and native cultures that is termed ;Kiwi; while the influx of migrants from different ethnicities steadily added vibrancy colour and prosperity to the city.我们印象中的奥克兰,是一个独特的融合了欧洲文化与本土文化被称为“几维”的城市,来自不同种族的移民的涌入,不断增添了活力的色和城市的繁荣。Years went by and something curious happened.几年以后,一些怪事发生了。Instead of seeing a balanced ethnic mix Auckland started to acquire an unwholesomely Chinese flavour.与平衡的民族融合相反,奥克兰开始弥漫一股令人讨厌的中国味。There are poorly designed cheap signs written only in Chinese or with minimal English at every corner of the central suburbs.在城市中心和郊区的每个角落,都有只标注了中文或者附带很少英文的设计拙劣的廉价店招。These are the supplement shops internet cafes restaurants plus a few seemingly dodgy places that are catering exclusively to Chinese customers.这些是小杂货铺、网吧、餐馆以及一些看上去可疑的专供中国顾客餐饮的地方。Most of them have part time Chinese students as sole employees.他们中的大部分只雇兼职的中国学生。A recent encounter with two young Japanese professionals in Tokyo amused me.最近在东京邂逅两位日本小白领的经历我觉得很搞笑。;Going to Auckland is like going to China; they said.;到了奥克兰就跟到了中国一样。“他们说。;You don#39;t hear English you don#39;t see Kiwis there is just Chinese Chinese and Chinese.;“你听不到英文,你看不到几维,那里只有中文中文中文。”They felt disillusioned and bewildered. Similar voices are heard among local international students ;Are we here to study English or Chinese?;他们感到失望和困惑。类似的声音也能在当地的国际学生中听到:“我们在这里到底学习英语还是中文?”The same relates to the real estate scene.房地产市场也是同样的情形。While the statistics show there has been 3-5 per cent foreign buyers in the market is it what we have been seeing across the auction rooms or at open homes for the past half decade?统计数据显示:市场已出现3-5 %的外国买家,这就是过去五年我们在拍卖大厅或在现场公开销售(open house是一种现场参观的房地产销售模式)时看到场景?I remember seeing young couples with their hands clenched and eyes glued to the auction screen only to find their first dream house outbid by someone screaming in mandarin.我不会忘记年轻夫妇们十指紧扣,死死盯住拍卖屏幕,才发现自己最初的梦想的房子出价高得令他们用普通话尖叫。And I shudder to imagine their feeling when they see the very house they missed out back on the market within a couple of months, this time, with 200k added on top ... meanwhile, a champagne is uncorked at another New Zealand property expo in China.一想到他们看到自己错过的房子数月后加价200k又重新被投放到市场上后的感受我就不寒而栗。同时,在中国举办的新西兰房地产览会上又将有一瓶庆祝香槟被开启。During a recent interview with Newshub, I was asked whether I was worried about Chinese domination. No, it is not, and never has been about any race dominating another. Otherwise it would be blunt racism.最近接受Newshub采访时我被问到是否对中国元素铺天盖地的情况有所担心?我的回答是不会的,从来不会有一种民族配另一个民族。要不然就会变成了裸的民族主义。It is about how do you want your Auckland and your New Zealand to be? Do we want trained, skilled professionals to bring our economy to the next level or all we want to see is another Chinese restaurant around the corner, or foreign visitors mistaking Auckland for China?这是一个关于你想要奥克兰和新西兰成为什么样的地方的问题。我们是希望更多的训练有素的专业人士促进经济发展还是希望看到另一个中国餐馆开业,甚至是外国游客误把奥克兰当成中国?When New Zealand First#39;s Winston Peters said many immigrants choose New Zealand when they have failed entering Canada US UK and Australia he is right.新西兰优先党温斯顿.彼得斯说,许多移民因为去不了加拿大、美国、英国、和澳大利亚、所以才选择移民了新西兰。他是对的。At least it is a well perceived notion among my fellow Chinese that only the ;less fortunate; choose New Zealand.至少,在我的中国同胞中,只有“不那么幸运的”伙计才会选择新西兰。As a consequence we have been absorbing lower quality immigrants who neither have the intention to assimilate to our culture nor the intention to set up all inclusive businesses that provide jobs for Kiwis.这样的后果就是我们接纳了低层次的移民,他们不想接受我们的文化,也没有创立能为新西兰人提供工作岗位的包容性企业的意向。In the event of any of the above-mentioned countries loosening their immigration policies brace yourself for a downward ride: far fewer people will be willing to pay the same for your home or to lease your shop.如果上述提到的国家放松他们的移民政策,做好准备面对低层次的移民流:更少的人将愿意购买你的房屋或租赁你的店铺。This is because while the property market has been reflecting an exhilarating population growth it is also fuelled by the widesp assumption that ;the Chinese pay the most.; It is irrational exuberance at its worst.原因在于令人振奋的人口增长已经反应到了房地产市场上,同时房产市场也会被更大的假设所刺激,卖方会假设中国人会出更高的价格。这是最糟的非理性繁荣。It is time for us New Zealanders to rethink.新西兰人该反思了。 /201608/463477Is climate change the cause of extreme weather events? Until now the link has been suspected but never confirmed with scientific confidence. That position is now changing. A new study from the US confirms that for some extreme events there is a causal connection. 气候变化是极端天气事件的元凶吗?人们一直怀疑二者存在关联,但从来没有做出令人信的科学实。如今,这种情形正在发生变化。美国的一项新研究实,气候变化与某些极端天气事件之间确实存在因果关系。 This link between climate science and immediate weather conditions can only strengthen the case of those arguing for policy change. The impact of a damaging heatwave in terms of deaths, sickness and other social and economic costs is much more likely to rouse public opinion than the distant prospect of what might to some sound like a modest increase in the global mean temperature. All politics are local, and they are also immediate. The discount rate applied to future possibilities is very high: what could happen to a future generation decades matters much less than what is happening to me here and now. It brings climate to the foreground and diminishes the argument of those who say that since we don’t know everything we should do nothing and wait until we see how things turn out. If the impact is immediate and people are dying as a result, the call for action will be loud. 气候科学与即时天气状况之间的这种关联,会让那些主张转变政策的人士更有底气。也许在一些人听起来,全球平均气温不过将略微升高,这样的前景显得很遥远,相比之下,破坏性热浪所造成的影响——致死、致病及造成其他社会和经济损失——更容易激发公众舆论。所有的政治都只顾本地和眼前。未来可能性的贴现率非常高:几十年后未来一代人可能遇到的事情,远没有我本人在当下、在此地所将面临的事情重要。上述关联使得气候问题备受关注,也削弱了持以下观点的人士的理由:既然我们并不知晓一切,我们应该什么都不做,直至看清事态发展的结果。如果说气候变化的影响是即时的,并且造成了人的死亡,那么要求行动的呼声将很高。 One of the most dangerous illusions in the debate around the implications of climate change is the notion that the impact will only be material when the carbon concentration in the atmosphere exceeds some defined limit — usually ed as 450ppm. At that point global mean temperatures will rise by an average of 2 degrees centigrade and the problems will begin. I do appreciate that the science is much more complicated but I think this is how the challenge is seen by many non-expert policy makers and politicians. 在围绕气候变化影响的争论中,最危险的观念之一是认为只有当大气中的碳浓度超过某个明确的限度——通常引用的是450百万分率(ppm)——才会产生切实的影响。到那时,全球平均气温将上升2摄氏度,问题将开始出现。我当然知道气候科学要复杂得多,但我认为这正是许多非专家型的政策制定者和政治家看待气候挑战的态度。 That view is mistaken. It implies an accuracy in the knowledge of the relationship between carbon concentration and the effect on temperatures that doesn’t yet exist — not least because, as Martin Rees, the former President of the Royal Society puts it, we are conducting an experiment with the earth’s atmosphere which has never been tried before. We don’t know with any degree of certainty that 450ppm will produce an average rise of 2 degrees and we don’t know what the variations around that average figure might be across the world. The case for action is driven by the precautionary principle. But there is another known unknown and that is the extent and nature of the impact in the shorter term — before we get to 450ppm. 这种看法是错误的。它暗含这样一种意思,关于碳浓度与其对气温影响的关系,在我们所了解的知识中存在一种精确性。而实际上还不具有这样的精确性,主要是因为,正如英国皇家学会(Royal Society)前主席马丁#8226;里斯(Martin Rees)所言,我们正在进行一项人类从未尝试过的地球大气实验。我们丝毫无法确定,450ppm的碳浓度是否将造成平均升温2摄氏度,我们也不知道在那个平均值上下世界各地可能出现什么变化。行动的理由是出于预防原则。但是还有另一个“已知的未知”,即在更短时期内(碳浓度达到450ppm之前)气候变化造成的影响的程度和性质。 A new and important study from the National Academy of Sciences in the US focuses on the impact of climate change and weather conditions and explores the vexed question of event attribution. Can we say that a heatwave in Paris — as occurred in the summer of 2003 killing some 3,000 people, and again last year, killing another 700 or floods on the Somerset levels in southwest England as in the winter of 2013/14 are the direct consequence of climate change? Did the wildfires that swept western Russia in the summer of 2010 killing some 56,000 people, according to the independent estimate of the insurance company result from global warming? 美国国家科学院(National Academy of Sciences)一项重要的新研究着眼于气候变化的影响和天气条件,并探索了极端天气事件归因这个棘手难题。我们可以说巴黎的热浪(2003年夏天造成约3000人死亡,去年又造成700人死亡)或者2013/14年冬天英格兰西南部萨默塞特郡的洪水是气候变化的直接后果吗?2010年夏天席卷俄罗斯西部、造成约5.6万人死亡(根据保险公司的独立估算)的野火是由全球变暖引起的吗? Until now, the careful scientific answer has been that there may be a linkage but it cannot be proved. Now, however, the science of event attribution is changing that position. It is beginning to be possible to say that some weather events are directly linked and attributable to climate change. Events such as heatwaves fall within that category. For the moment, cyclones do not and nor do droughts because too many other factors are involved. 一直以来,谨慎的科学回答是:可能有关联,但无法实。然而,如今,极端天气事件归因的科学正在改变这一情形。我们开始可以称一些天气事件与气候变化直接相关,或者是由气候变化造成的。热浪等事件就属于这一类。目前来看,飓风和干旱并不属于这一类,因为它们还牵涉到太多其他因素。 In the view of the authors of the NAS study, to justify attribution requires: 在上述NAS研究报告的作者们看来,明极端天气事件归因需要满足以下几个标准: - a long-term historical track record of data to set the context of any current event -长期的数据跟踪历史记录,为当前所有天气事件建立背景 - the ability to simulate the events accurately in climate models. -能够在气候模型中精确模拟天气事件。 - a position purely influenced by meterological data. -一种只受气象数据影响的状况(position)。 - that there is an understood and robustly simulated physical mechanism that relates a given class of extreme events to long-term anthropogenic climate changes such as global-scale temperature increase or increases in water content of a warmer atmosphere. -存在一个可理解的、可靠模拟的物理机制,将给定级别的极端天气事件与长期人为气候变化——比如全球范围的气温升高或变暖的大气中含水量的增加——联系起来。 For heatwaves these standards can be met. 热浪天气可以满足上述所有标准。 In areas where the standards cannot yet be met more work needs to be done — separating out the different factors involved in producing particular circumstances and showing what if any proportion of the outcome is due to climate change. 但对于还不能满足上述标准的领域,则需要进行更多工作,要分解出造成特定气象的各种有关因素,明结果有多少是气候变化所致。 This is an important advance. We may not yet be at the point of being able to predict the frequency of extreme weather events — that is, we cannot say that there is likely to be a heatwave in Paris at least once every five years but we are close to being able to say that heatwaves are much more frequent than they have been in the past and that the change in frequency is due to a change in the climate. 这是一个重要的进步。我们可能暂时还无法预测极端天气事件的发生频率,也就是说,我们无法肯定巴黎是否至少每隔五年就出现一次热浪,但我们几乎能够肯定热浪比过去更为频繁,而这种频率变化是由于气候变化造成的。 As this linkage becomes more obvious the public demand for action will grow more intense and that in turn will raise a serious political problem. Even politicians who fully accept the risks of climate change cannot change the weather because heatwaves and other current extreme weather conditions are being caused by the change that has aly occurred. Cutting carbon emissions to zero immediately — even if that were practical — would not alter the situation although it could, of course, prevent further deterioration. Equally, countries cannot not isolate themselves. The weather does not recognise political boundaries. In such circumstances the only viable response is adaptation and the development of provision to cope with the increased risks. The approach is sensible but it can be expensive. Taking precautions against the risks of a heatwave is not a simple process. 随着这种关联变得越来越明显,公众将更加强烈地要求采取行动,这反过来将提出一个严重的政治问题。即使是完全同意气候变化风险的政治家也无法改变天气,因为造成热浪以及当前其他极端天气情况的原因,是已经发生的气候变化。就算能将碳排放立即减少到零也无法改变现状,当然,这可以防止情况进一步恶化。同样,各国无法独善其身,天气可不认识领土疆界。在这种情况下,唯一可行的对策就是去适应,以及制定预防措施,以应对不断增加的风险。此方法虽明智,但代价会很高,不过想要防范热浪风险本就不是个简单的过程。 In politics, if a risk cannot easily be removed or managed the temptation is to look for someone to blame. In legal terms this will be translated into the concept of liabilities. If you are a shareholder in an energy business you might like to ask your company’s view of the issue. It would be fascinating to their responses. 政治方面,如果一个风险无法轻易被消除或管控,政治家很可能会寻找一个替罪羊。从法律上讲,这将转换成责任的概念。如果你是一个能源公司的股东,你可能会问公司对此问题的观点,看他们作何反应将是件有趣的事。 /201603/434380

The Yanfang line, Beijing#39;s first driverless subway line connecting the city#39;s southwest suburbs to its central urban district started its first pilot run last Wednesday morning.上周三早上,连接西南郊区和中心市区的燕房线--北京第一条无人驾驶地铁线路--开始第一次试运行。It is also the capital city#39;s first subway line that is fully automatic, and fully equipped with domestic technology. The line is expected to officially open to citizens at the end of next year.这也是首都第一条全自动、全装备国产技术的地铁线路。该地铁线路预计将于明年年底对市民正式开放。The difference between the driverless subway line and the ordinary line is that the driverless technology allows the subway train to automatically complete all running procedures, including traveling, dormancy, awakening, opening and closing train doors, as well as returning, without any operations by drivers.无人驾驶地铁线路和普通线路的区别是,无人驾驶技术让地铁列车不需要驾驶员任何操作、自动完成所有的行驶程序,包括行驶、停车、再启动、打开和关闭车门、以及返回等。A comprehensive control center has been set up for the subway line to remotely control and supervise trains.目前已经为这条地铁线路成立了一个综合管控中心,从而远程控制和监控列车。In the event of an emergency, passengers riding on the subway trains are able to contact the control center through the wireless intercom devices installed on every carriage.在紧急情况下,乘坐地铁列车的乘客可以通过安装在每节车厢里的无线对讲设备与控制中心联系。The camera in the carriage can automatically transmit images back to the control center.车内的摄像头可以自动将图像传回控制中心。A ;black box; has been installed at the bottom of each train and it can activate emergency braking within 1.4 seconds if obstacles that might affect the running of the train have been detected.每列列车底部都安装了一个“黑匣子”,如果检测到可能影响列车运行的障碍物,可以在1.4秒内启动紧急制动。The first Chinese-made driverless subway train opened in Hong Kong on Dec, 28.中国制造的第一辆无人驾驶地铁于12月28日在香港开通。The seven-km line extends the MTR network to the Southern District, allowing the special administrative region#39;s 18 districts to be served by rail.这条7公里长的线路将地铁网络延伸到了南部地区,使得香港特区18个行政分区通过铁路连在了一起。 /201701/487968

It has become something of a family ritual: school successes, new jobs and other milestones are toasted in a splendid local tavern above plates of steak and chips. These outings feel especially indulgent given that we are trying to consume less red meat for both health and environmental reasons.这已经成为了某种家庭仪式:在豪华的地方酒馆里,大家品尝着牛排和薯条,为某位家庭成员的学业成功、新工作和其他各种人生里程碑而举杯共饮。考虑到我们正试着为了健康和环保而减少食用红肉,这种外出庆祝感觉似乎格外放纵。But while guilt-tripped westerners are passing up the fillet steaks — 12 per cent of Britons claim to be vegan or vegetarian, rising to 20 per cent of 16-24 year olds — other countries are happily tucking in. The richer the country gets, the more meat its citizens crave. And now China is turning to biotechnology to keep aspirational appetites sated.但是,尽管满怀愧疚的西方人正在放弃菲力牛排——12%的英国人宣称自己为纯素食者或一般素食者,而16-24岁青年中的素食者比例上升至20%——但其他国家仍在尽情享用着肉类。国家越富裕,其民众就越渴望吃肉。如今中国正借助生物科技来满足其民众不断增长的胃口。BoyaLife, a Chinese biotechnology company, is teaming up with a Korean research company, Sooam Biotech, to clone 1m cattle a year to feed public demand for high-quality beef. The joint venture — no pun intended — has been announced by China’s official Xinhua news agency and promises to make the country a major player in agricultural biotechnology.中国生物技术公司雅(BoyaLife)将与韩国研究公司秀岩生命工学研究院(Sooam Biotech)组建合资企业,每年将生产100万头克隆牛,以满足公众对优质牛肉的需求。中国官方媒体新华社宣布了合资的消息。这家合资企业承诺将使中国成为农业生物科技领域的主要参与者。The prospect of bespoke beef is startling in the light of the forthcoming talks in Paris on climate change, where 138 heads of state will be in attendance. After all, livestock, whether cloned or not, contributes to climate change: the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that the global meat industry belches out 14.5 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, more than all the world’s cars, trucks, ships and planes combined. While some fret over the air miles travelled by shiitake mushrooms, fewer of us make a similarly green reckoning on the meat that we will cook alongside them.在巴黎气候大会(届时将有138位国家元首出席会议)即将召开之际,可能出现定制牛排的前景令人吃惊。毕竟,无论是否利用克隆技术培育,牲畜都是促使气候变化的因素:联合国粮农组织(Food and Agriculture Organisation)估计,全球肉类产业的温室气体排放量占全球排放量的14.5%,超过了世界上所有汽车、卡车、轮船及飞机总排放量所占比例。尽管有人为香菇空运时排放的温室气体而操心,但我们很少有人会对跟香菇搭配的肉类做类似的环保考量。It is not the after-effects of digestion in farm animals, as it is euphemistically put, that blow the highest levels of livestock-associated greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Such emissions comprise 39 per cent of livestock’s gaseous contributions, according to the FAO. A higher proportion, 45 per cent, comes from the production and processing of animal feed. Decomposing manure adds a fragrant 10 per cent; the rest is from the processing and transportation of animal products.与牲畜有关的温室气体排放,最主要的不是(委婉地说)“牲畜消化道产生的气体”。据粮农组织表示,这类“气体”排放占牲畜相关温室气体排放量的39%。占更高比例(45%)的是动物饲料生产和加工过程中产生的排放。粪肥分解产生的“芬芳”气体占据10%的排放量,其他则来自动物产品的加工和运输过程。In a report last year, Chatham House called the livestock industry the “forgotten sector” of climate change. The think-tank believes that a two-degree rise in temperature over the pre-industrial average, above which the effects of climate change become hard to predict, cannot be averted without a change in global meat and dairy consumption.在去年公布的一份报告中,英国皇家国际事务研究所(Chatham House)把畜牧业称为气候变化中“被人遗忘的行业”。这家智库机构认为,如果全球肉类和乳制品食用量不变,我们就无法避免全球气温比工业化前平均水平升高两摄氏度(全球变暖的临界值,高于这个水平,其影响将变得难以预料)。The wider, unspoken cultural message has been that we should go easy on the meat and dairy, and that this is a good idea anyhow because of other issues such as sustainability and food supply. The China-Korea announcement goes against the grain.更广泛、心照不宣的文化方面的讯息是,我们应该节制肉类和奶制品食用。因为可持续性和食品供应等其他问题,无论如何这都是个好主意。而中韩合资建克隆牛工厂的消息却与之背道而驰。It is also a statement of bravura from a region that shows all the makings of a biotechnology superpower. Europe might have produced the first cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep, but in September the EU banned the cloning of farm animals. Meanwhile, eastern nations, unfettered by religious or cultural objections, have raced ahead with attempts to manipulate life.中国已经具备成为生物科技强国的所有必要条件,这个消息也是它对自己高超水平的宣示。欧洲或许培育了全球第一只克隆哺乳动物——多利羊(Dolly),但是欧盟于今年9月开始禁止克隆家畜。与此同时,不受宗教和文化阻力束缚的东方国家迅速推进操纵生命的尝试。Sooam Biotech is headed by Hwang Woo-suk, the South Korean superstar scientist who fell from grace after he was found to have faked some research. Professor Hwang cloned the world’s first dog, Snuppy, a decade ago. He has since cloned 550 puppies, many for grieving pet owners.秀岩生命工学研究所由韩国曾经的科学明星黄禹锡(Hwang Woo-suk)执掌,他在被发现伪造一些研究后名誉扫地。10年前,黄禹锡教授培育出了全球第一只克隆“斯纳皮”(Snuppy)。如今他已克隆了550只,其中很多是应那些悲伤的主人的请求。Other Chinese institutes, notably BGI in Beijing, are making strides in the field of genome editing, which involves rewriting the characteristics of organisms at the level of genes. Its potential to correct genetic defects and introduce enhancements could be transformative.其他中国机构——特别是北京的华大基因(BGI)——在基因组编辑(涉及在基因层面改写生物体的特征)领域取得了很大进展。该技术在纠正基因缺陷及基因优化方面有带来革命性改变的潜力。This is, to China and Korea, exactly what science stands for: to serve the public, to be used without limit to meet the desires of consumers. While the rest of us are being urged to temper our whims to protect the planet’s thermostat, the Chinese are determined to have their steak and eat it.对于中国和韩国来说,这正是科学的意义所在:务公众,被不加限制地用来满足消费者的需求。尽管我们其他人正被督促着为了保护地球的恒定温度而压抑自己的冲动,但是中国人下定决心要生产并享用他们的牛排。 /201512/413485

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