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赣县人民医院是公立医院还是私立医院赣州市仁济医院是私人医院吗讲解文本:considerate 体贴的,善解人意的consider 考虑,细想He is a charming and considerate man.他是一位非常有魅力且体贴的男士。It is very nice of you to be so considerate.你真好,如此体贴,善解人意。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201606/449770赣州医院打胎 3. Pre-Qualifying for a Loan 3.提前预估贷款资格A: The best way to buy a house is to get pre-qualified, Ms. Anderson. A:买房的最佳方法是通过提前预估,安德森女士。B: Why is that, Mr. Williams?B:为什么是那样,威廉姆斯先生?A: By pre-qualifying, you know beforehand which house you can buy.A:通过提前预估,你事先知道你可以买哪所房子。B: I thought I would look at houses first.B:我想我要先看看房子。A: Thats okay too, but you may be wasting your time.A:那也可以,但你可能会浪费你的时间。B: How so, Mr. Williams?B:怎么说呢,威廉姆斯先生?A: You may find a house you really like, but cant afford it.A:你会发现一个你真的喜欢,但买不起的房子。B: Well, thats when Ill negotiate with the seller.B:好的,那时我会和卖主谈判的。A: Yes, thats true, but by pre-qualifying, youll save time, and effort.A:是的,确实可以,但通过提前预估,你可以节省时间和精力。B: How is that?B:怎么节省?A: You will be able to select a home you know you can afford.A:你可以选一个你能付的起的房子。B: Okay. Then well try it your way. B:好的。那我们按你说的做。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/428824江西省宁都县固村医院在线咨询

蓉江新区人民医院不孕不育科unit 207 舞会邂逅dialogue 英语情景对话A:It seems to me that you are on very good terms with him.A:看起来,你与他的关系特别好。B:We actually met at a dance party. He fell for me.B:实际上我们是在一个舞会上遇到的。他爱上了我。A:He must be all over you the first time he saw you.A:他一定是一眼就被你迷住了。B:He said that I put all other girls in the shade.B:他说(我的魅力)把其他女孩子都给比没了。A:That means he was head over heels in love with you.A:看来,他已深深地爱上你了。B:Well, he indeed likes me.B:嗯,他确实很喜欢我。A:But I think he cant hold a candle to you. I dont think he has ever popped the question.A:但我觉得他比不上你。我想他还没有向你求婚吧。B:No, he is the sort of man who likes to hide his candle under a bushel.B:没有,他是那种隐藏情感含而不露的那种人。 /201509/401201上犹县双溪乡卫生院治疗妇科炎症好吗 Rob has a lot to do to satisfy his boss and his family. Feifei feels sorry for him and allows him to take some me time in the studio. What will Rob do? Find out more in the programme.为了使老板和家人满意,罗布有许多事情要做。菲菲很同情他,于是允许他在演播室中享有一些个人时间。罗布会做什么?请收听本期节目并找出。Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak with me Feifei…菲菲:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目,我是菲菲……Rob: …and me Rob. Hello. But Im afraid I wont be here for long Feifei.罗布:我是罗布,大家好。菲菲,恐怕我不能在这里待太久。Feifei: Why? Whats happened, Rob?菲菲:为什么?罗布,出什么事了?Rob: I have so much to do. I have to write some texts, I am presenting this and two other programmes, and … yes, I have to upload material to our website…罗布:我还有好多事要做。我要写文本,除了这档节目以外,我还有两档节目要主持,而且……我还要把文件上传到官网上……Feifei: Thats a lot to do, and you look stressed.菲菲:你的确有很多事要做,你看上去压力很大。Rob: And its not just that… I have to take my son to school, my cat to the vet, buy my wife a birthday present...罗布:不仅仅是这些,我还要送我儿子上学,把猫送去兽医诊所,给我妻子买生日礼物……Feifei: Rob, you need some me time!菲菲:罗布,你需要些个人时间!Rob: Yes, I do! That would be brilliant! Me time is an expression which means time we have for ourselves to do just what we want. I really do need some me time.罗布:没错,我是需要!要是那样的话就太好了!这个短语指我们可以做自己想做的事情的个人时间。我真的需要些个人时间。Feifei: Lets hear some examples of how to use the expression me time.菲菲:我们来听些例句,看看这个表达方式如何应用。Examples例句Ive just sent my mum to a spa in the countryside. Shes been taking care of the whole family and is really in need of some me time!我刚刚把我妈妈送去乡村的水疗中心了。她一直在照顾全家人,她真的需要些个人时间!A: Oh, six in the morning! Im going to be late for work!A:哦,已经早上六点了!我上班要迟到了!B: Ignore the alarm clock today. Its Sunday! Stay in bed till late and have some me time.B:今天就别管闹钟了。今天是周日!晚点再起床,享受个人时间吧。Feifei: You know, Rob, these examples have inspired me so much that Ill let you to have some me time for the rest of the programme.菲菲:罗布,这些例子对我启发很大,余下的节目我会让你享受个人时间。Rob: Really?!罗布:真的吗?!Feifei: Yes. What do you like to do to relax?菲菲:对。你想怎么放松?Rob: Well… Id like to …罗布:嗯,我想……Feifei: Yes?菲菲:想什么?Rob: What Id like, Id really really like is… to take a nap. And now Im going to do just that. OK. Thanks Feifei. Bye everyone!罗布:我特别想小睡一下。现在我就要这样做。谢谢你,菲菲,各位听众再见!Feifei: Rob? Rob?... Well, lets give Rob some me time. Bye!菲菲:罗布?罗布?嗯,我们给罗布一些个人时间吧。再见! 译文属 /201507/383548瑞金市妇幼保健院妇科怎么样

南康市人民医院医生在线咨询经典句型:Toronto is really a lovely place to visit. 多伦多真是一个参观旅游的好地方。A:Toronto is really a lovely place to visit.甲:多伦多真是一个参观旅游的好地方。B:What attracts you most?乙:什么最吸引你呢?A:The Old Town,the Distillery Historic District,the Financial District and Underground City,everything is so attractive.甲:老城区、古酿酒厂区、金融区以及地下城一切都很有吸引力。 经典句型:Have you been to the Queen Street West? 你去过皇后四街吗? A:Have you been to the Queen Street West?甲:你去过皇后西街吗?B:No. What is that street charming for?乙:没有,皇后西街有什么魅力呢?A:You can find the most fashionable restaurants there.And also you can see the galleries, antique shops and the ballrooms.甲:在那儿你可以看到最时尚的餐厅,还有画廊、古董店和舞厅。 句型讲解:多伦多(Toronto)是加拿大最大的城市,安大略省的省会,全国工业和商业中心。多伦多市地处安大略湖的西北岸,拥有超过250万的人口,是北美洲第五大城市。多伦多位于大多伦多地区(Greater Toronto Area,GTA)的中心地带,是加拿大大湖区一重要港口城市。 /201506/379350 Todd: Now, Phil, youre from England and youre a big football fan.托德:菲尔,你来自英国,你是忠实的足球迷。Phil: Yeah, very much. Definitely. Footballs one of my main passions in life.菲尔:对,我是忠实球迷。绝对是。足球是我的最爱之一。Todd: OK, Im a huge American football fan, and I know American football theres a certain process when you go the game that happens on game day. Can you talk about what happens when you go watch a British match, like a Premiere League match? Like whats the routine from morning to night? Like if youre a fan?托德:好,我是橄榄球的忠实球迷,我知道去现场看橄榄球比赛有一套特定的流程。你能谈谈在英国看足球的情况吗,比如英超比赛?有比赛的那天,球迷从早上到晚上会做些什么?Phil: If its a home game then I guess I leave about two hours before the game. I arrive at the stadium and go the bar and have like a drink of beer before the game, and then Ill always wear my football kit: my shirt and my scarf; and then Ill go the game. Ill find my normal place in the stand, cause I always stand or sit in the same place. Its kind of tradition. Its like my routine, and then for about half-an-hour before the game, the stadium starts to fill up, the supporters start to make a lot of noise and they start to get behind the team and everyone... the adrenalines flowing, and theres a few opposition supporters and its generally kind of banter between the supporters whilst the players are warming up on the pitch.菲尔:如果是主场比赛,我会提前两小时出门。抵达球场后我会去酒吧,在比赛前喝杯啤酒,一般我会穿球衣、戴上球队毛巾这样的足球装备去看比赛;然后就可以进球场了。然后我会进球场在看台上找到我常做的位置,因为通常我会站或坐在同一个地方。这有点像习惯。这些是我一般会做的事情,在比赛开始前半小时,球场会渐渐坐满,球迷开始呐喊,为球队加油,所有人的肾上腺素都开始飙升,球场里也会有一些对方球队的球迷,球员在场上热身时双方球迷会互相开玩笑。Todd: Right, and then what happens like during the game? In British soccer you have a lot of songs, correct?托德:好,那之后比赛进行时会发生什么?英国球迷在比赛期间会唱很多歌,对吧?Phil: Yeah, theres a lot of songs. Generally theyre either supporting the team or insulting the other team or local rivals.菲尔:对,会唱很多歌。一般这些歌曲是为了持主队,或是为了羞辱对方球队。Todd: Right, right. And like how do you know when to sing? Like somebody just bursts out in song or do you have a leader or?托德:好,好。那你们怎么知道什么时候开始唱歌呢?是有人突然开始唱歌,还是你们有领唱的人?Phil: Ive always wondered this. Theres no designated leader but theres always a group that starts song or, there must be someone who does it, but Ive never actually never know who or why, but it just seems that everyone spontaneously starts to sing at the same time and a certain song.菲尔:我也很好奇。并没有预先选好的领唱人,不过会有一些人先开始唱歌,一定会有一些人起头,不过我一直不知道是谁在领头,也不知道为什么他们会领头,不过感觉像是所有人都自发地同时开始唱同一首歌曲。Todd: Now is it always the same songs, or do the team come up with new songs from time to time?托德:那你们是会唱同样的歌,还是球队会不定期地更换新歌?Phil: The team doesnt come up with any of them, the supporters do. Generally theres a set hard core group of songs for each team that you have and then theres occasionally specialty songs. If its a local derby game against someone you really dont like, then theres specialty songs for that game, or a few new ones come up depending on events that have been happening, so maybe one of the players have been in the news recently. Theyll be a song about the player or something.菲尔:球队不会换新歌,这是球迷做的事情。一般每个队都有固定的核心歌曲,偶尔会有一些特别的歌曲。如果是同城德比,而对方球队是你特别讨厌的队,那那场比赛中就会唱特别歌曲,依据所发生的情况,也会唱一些新歌,也许有一名球员正处在新闻焦点,那就会唱一首与那名球员有关的歌。Todd: Thats cool. So you said ;derby;, thats your team?托德:真酷。你刚说德比,那是你持的球队吗?Phil: Derby is the term when a local game... when you play like your rival team, we call it like a local derby in English football.菲尔:德比是指你持的球队与同一个地区的对手队的比赛,这种比赛在英国足球里称为同城德比。Todd: Oh, really?托德:哦,真的吗?Phil: Yeah, yeah, yeah.菲尔:对,对,没错。Todd: Its called a local derby.托德:这称为同城德比。Phil: Derby is also the name of the team, but thats just coincidence.菲尔:德比也是一只球队的名字,不过这只是巧合。Todd: Oh, OK. So, derby means when you play your rival team?托德:哦,好,所以德比是指你持的球队同对手队的比赛?Phil: Yeah, you play a local team, a team thats based near to you. Its called a derby game.菲尔:是你的球队与同一个地区的球队的比赛,同附近球队的比赛。称为德比。Todd: A derby game. And its D-A-R-B-Y?托德:德比。拼写是D-A-R-B-Y吗?Phil: D-E.菲尔:是D-E。Todd: Oh, so its like derby. OK.托德:哦,德比。好。Phil: Yeah.菲尔:对。Todd: Got it.托德:我明白了。Phil: In English, we pronounce it derby, yeah.菲尔:英语中的发音是这样的。Todd: Derby! OK, interesting. OK, sorry... Do you ever go the away games?托德:德比!好,真有意思。好,抱歉……你去看过客场比赛吗?Phil: Yeah. Yeah, I used to travel quite a lot. I once traveled nine hours to an away game.菲尔:去过,我经常去各地看比赛。有一次我坐了九个小时的车去看客场比赛。Todd: Wow!托德:哇!Phil: And my team lost that day. And because we lost, we went down to the league below. I was not very happy on the way home.菲尔:而我持的队在那场比赛中输了。因为球队输了那场比赛,还降了级。我在回家的路上特别不开心。Todd: What a terrible day.托德:真是糟糕的一天。Phil: Yeah, yeah. But we kind of knew we were going to lose because my team was very bad that year and the opposition was a very strong team so its kind of everyones attitude. We expected to lose, so we went there in a party spirit anyway so it wasnt so bad.菲尔:对,不过我们之前已经知道我们会输,因为我持的球队在那年的联赛中踢得非常差,而对手队又是一只非常强的球队,所以所有人都知道会输。我们知道我们会输,所以我们以开派对的心态去看了比赛,所以还不算太糟。Todd: Well, cool. Thanks for talking about the Premiere League.托德:嗯,真酷。谢谢你和我们谈论英超联赛。Phil: Anytime, I love football.菲尔:我随时乐意,我爱足球。 译文属 /201509/397397赣南片区医院妇产科怎样全南县妇幼保健所好不好



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