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太仓市中医医院打胎流产好吗太仓友谊妇科医院做血常规检查Channel 4 News has learnt that Google could be forced to carry a cigarette-box style warning about privacy on its websites. The Internet search giant has amassed a massive database of personal information about its users, including what sites we visit and our online shopping habits, and even what restaurants we locate via Internet maps. An expert panel set up to advise the European Commission believes that Google should seek explicit informed consents before retaining such detailed information. Here’s our technology correspondent Benjamin Cohen. You can make money without doing evil. It’s Google’s famous mission statement. But the world’s biggest search engine is the focus of mounting paranoia over the growing scope of its power over every one of us. This is the lauding Googleplexes, to here that tens of millions of us turn everyday to have our questions answered, find directions, communicate with friends, and be instinct online. In fact, Google increasingly controls almost every aspect of our digital lives. I think there is a different stream of perception and a lot of the reality. And if people felt the same way that, you know, that had been written, I think they would stop using Google, they wouldn’t trust us. But reality is people do trust us and will, and continue to use the service.Indeed, three quarters of us use Google services, more than anywhere else in the world. By monitoring the information we give them when we go online, the company builds up an understanding of its users, which helps them target advertising. If you open up a Google account, you do clearly agree to the company’s privacy policy. But if you don’t, there is no explicit warning about what information is being retained. It could mean that everybody is being spied on, so we are, we are moving into a surveillance society, where all the information on everything we do and say is being collected and passed on. The law is clear: Consent must be given by any appropriate method enabling a freely given specific and informed indication of the user’s wishes, including by ticking a box when visiting an Internet website. In fact, there’s no direct link to the company’s privacy policy on the Google homepage. An independent panel is advising the European Commission on whether Google is complying with European Privacy Regulations. We understand that the company may be required to put up a cigarette-box style privacy warning telling users what information it collects, what it will be used for and for how long it will be kept. These recommendations are also likely to apply to Google’s smaller rivals.200805/39706太仓无痛人流手术的费用是多少 Afghan President Escapes Assassination Attempt 塔利班袭击阿富汗检阅式总统无恙 Afghan President Hamid Karzai has survived an assault by Taliban militants on a military parade in Kabul. At least three people were killed, including a parliament member, and eight others were wounded in the attack.  阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊在咯布尔的一次军事检阅仪式上遭到塔利班武装分子的袭击,他安全脱险,躲过一劫。在袭击中有至少一人被杀,另外还有至少九人受伤,包括两名阿富汗议会议员。Officials and witnesses say the gunfire erupted as the national anthem was ending and guests were about take their seats at the ceremony in central Kabul. 官员们和目击者说, 在咯布尔市中心举行的仪式上,击发生在国歌演奏结束,站立的来宾即将落座的时刻。Hundreds of people, including senior government officials and politicians attending the event were seen ducking for cover as shots rang out.  人们看到,当声大作时,参加仪式的数百名政府高级官员和政治家纷纷弯腰寻找藏身之地。President Hamid Karzai, cabinet ministers, parliamentarians, foreign diplomats as well as military commanders were evacuated from the scene after the gunfire broke out. 在击发生后,总统卡尔扎伊、内阁成员、议会议员、外国外交官和军队指挥官被转移出现场。Mr. Karzai later appeared on the national television to appeal for calm.  事件发生后不久,卡尔扎伊总统出现在电视台上,呼吁人们镇静。The Afghan president described the attackers as enemies of Afghanistan's security and progress. He said that military forces surrounded them quickly and arrested some of the suspects. 卡尔扎伊总统把这次的袭击者形容为是阿富汗安全与进步的敌人。他说,军队很快包围了袭击者,逮捕了几名嫌疑人。Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for carrying the attack, saying Mr. Karzai was their target. A spokesman for the group says three of the six fighters involved in the attack were killed. The rest escaped.  塔利班反叛分子声称对这次袭击负责,并说卡尔扎伊是他们袭击的目标。塔利班组织的一名发言人说,参加袭击的六名武装分子中有三人被杀死,其他人逃走。The assassination attempt came despite unprecedented tight security for the military parade, which marked the fall of the Soviet-backed government to the Afghan mujahideen 16 years ago.  这次军事检阅为的是纪念前苏联持的阿富汗纳吉布拉政府倒台16周年。尽管保安措施前所未有地严密,但是仍然发生了刺杀袭击。A defense ministry spokesman says that all cabinet members and foreign diplomats, including the U.S ambassador to Kabul and the U.S commander of the international forces in Afghanistan, were safe and well.  一名国防部发言人说,所有的议会成员和外交官都平安无事,其中包括美国驻阿富汗大使和驻阿富汗国际安全部队的美军指挥官。President Karzai has survived several assassination attempts since he came to power after U.S-led international coalition and Afghan forces ousted the Taliban from power in late 2001.  自从美国领导的国际安全部队和阿富汗军队在2001年底把塔利班赶下台,卡尔扎伊出任总统以来,他已经躲过了好几次暗杀行动。Taliban insurgents have carried out frequent attacks on local and foreign security forces and have vowed to intensify their attacks this year in a bid to overthrow President Karzai's government and drive foreign forces out of Afghanistan. 塔利班反叛分子频繁向阿富汗部队和国际安全部队发动袭击,并誓言要在今年加强攻势,以推翻卡尔扎伊总统的政府,把外国军队赶出阿富汗。200804/36784太仓友谊妇科预约

太仓哪里做人流最好Back at the explosives lab, examiners use a high-tech instrument called a Raman spectrometer, a device that determines if a package contains explosive material. With the Raman, what we are doing is that we are using, a, a light source to go into the container and actually get a spectrum off of the substance inside the container. There we're actually able to examine a suspected explosive substance without even having to open the container. And that's great for in the laboratory when you don't wanna put yourself at risk any further than you have to. At the federal building in Oklahoma City, no secondary devices are found. But while the nation is horrified at the carnage. The Explosives is quickly searching the wreckage for evidence to be used in a test called: residue analysis. This helps the FBI determine what chemicals fuel the blast. First thing that happens is... is that the part of our unit that does the residue analysis takes the evidence, extracts anything that they can find from there that would help them identify the explosives. Within hours, residue analysis pinpoints a key piece of evidence. There we were fortunate that we actually did find a piece of debris that had some of the ammonium nitrate prills that were still embedded in it. And from those prills, we were able to conclude that it was an ammonium nitrate based explosive. From these findings the FBI concludes that a fertilizer bomb was used in the most deadly terrorist attack on US soil. Now the search for a suspect begins. The challenge for the Explosives is to determine how the massive bomb was brought to the scene. If it's a very large bombing, it's probably gonna be a vehicle. So we wanna try to identify that vehicle as quickly as we can. And here you can see some pieces that we did in a test with a vehicle. And you can just see the extent to which these are mangled by the explosion. Within a short time, investigators located the axle of a truck that was blown nearly 600 feet away from the federal building. From that axle, the bomb technicians who were at the scene were able to very quickly identify it as having come from the bomb vehicle, and then they were able to give that information to other investigators who tracked it back to the rental facility. In less than a day, suspected bomber Timothy McVeigh is taken into custody. But examiners investigating the murder of the New Jersey ad executive are not so lucky. With no sign of a suspect, they focus their attention on the bomb itself and begin a process known as device analysis. When we're doing an analysis of a device, what we were trying to do is simply to identify the components found there, and trying to see if we can figure out how they were put together, how they worked, or in some cases, how they didn't work?Raman spectrometer: a device to analyze the intensity of Raman scattering of monochromatic light (单色光) as a function of frequency of the scattered light; the information obtained is useful for determining molecular structurecarnage: great and usually bloody slaughter or injury (as in battle)mangle: to mutilate or disfigure by battering, hacking, cutting, or tearing200809/50873太仓无痛治子宫肌瘤要多少钱 璜泾镇人民妇幼中心医院预约电话

城厢镇治疗月经不调多少钱Iraqi Offensive Meets With Skepticism in Congress美国议员官员谈论萨德尔下令停战The debate among Americans about the state of the war in Iraq played out on this week's Sunday television interview programs. Democratic and Republican lawmakers and the head of the CIA offered their views on a radical Iraqi Shi'ite cleric's order for his militia to stop fighting against Iraqi government and coalition forces. Authorities in Iraq say they are lifting Baghdad's around-the-clock curfew.  这个星期天的电视访谈节目播放了美国人围绕伊拉克战争局势的辩论。民主党和共和党国会议员以及中央情报局的负责人都发表了他们对伊拉克激进的什叶派教长命令他的战斗人员停止针对伊拉克政府和联军战斗的看法。After six days of fighting in Basra, Baghdad and other mainly Shi'ite areas of Iraq, Moqtada al-Sadr says he is pulling his Mahdi Army fighters off the streets nationwide. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki responded by calling it a step in the right direction. 在巴士拉、巴格达以及伊拉克其它主要的什叶派地区进行了六天的战斗以后,萨德尔说,他命令自己的马赫迪军战斗人员撤离了全国各地的街道。伊拉克总理马利基说,这是朝正确的方向迈出的一步。Here in the ed States, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he's skeptical about the move. 在美国,共和党参议员,来自南卡罗来纳的格雷厄姆说,他对这个行动表示怀疑。"Iran is backing these Shia militias," said Senator Graham. "I don't know how much power al-Sadr has. If he said, 'Stop fighting tomorrow,' I don't know if people would listen. Part of the problem has been that the cease-fire was never fully embraced by the Shia militias, the Mahdi Army in the south. So at the end of the day, Sadr is a minority within the parliament. Politically, he's a minority." “伊朗持着这些什叶派民兵。我不知道萨德尔能有多少力量。如果他说,明天就停止战斗,我不知道别人会不会听。这个问题的一部分是停火方案从来没有被什叶派激进份子、南部的马赫迪军全面执行。所以最终萨德尔在国民议会中只是少数。政治上,他是少数。”Graham and Democratic Senator Jack Reed, both members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, appeared on Fox News Sunday. Both have recently returned from their 11th visit to Iraq. Reed says he also doubts whether al-Sadr's order will have a lasting impact. He says it appears to be a political ploy. 格雷厄姆和来自罗德岛的民主党参议员杰克.里德都是参议院军事委员的成员,他们在福克斯星期天的电视节目中出现,两位参议员最近都刚刚从他们对伊拉克的第11次访问后回国。里德说,他也怀疑萨德尔的命令是否会有持久的影响。他说看来这好像是一个政治手段。 "I think, in the long run, this struggle is going to go on," said Senator Reed. "In fact, the problem is, it could really spin out of control, and that you could have widesp and increased fighting and violence over many months, and it could even pull in the other sectarian communities as they try to exploit this fissure between the Shia communities." “我认为,从长远来看,斗争会持续下去,事实上,问题是,它可能会在今后几个月里发展到无法控制的地步,可能会出现广泛的激烈战斗和暴力行动,甚至其它派系也可能卷进来,这些派系在利用什叶派这次分裂。”But Senator Graham said he believes the Iraqi government's offensive against the militias is necessary, because the militias are directly supported by the Iranian government. 但是格雷厄姆参议员说,他相信伊拉克政府打击激进份子的的进攻是必要的。因为这些激进份子直接得到伊朗政府的持。"We must win this fight," he said. "The militias that we're fighting are backed by Iran, so this is an effort by Iran to destabilize Iraq. I hope we can find a political compromise, but the American military power we've put in in the last year has enormously turned things around politically, economically and militarily. The fight in the south needs to come. It is now upon us, and I hope it can be resolved in a way to stabilize Iraq." “我们必须赢得这次战斗。我们打击的民兵受到伊朗的持,因此这是伊朗准备破坏伊拉克稳定的努力。我希望能找到一个政治折衷方案,但是我们过去一年投入的美国军事力量已经使政治、经济和军事局面产生了巨大的转变。南方的战斗需要进行。现在是我们作出决定的时候了,我希望这可以以某种方式得到解决,稳定伊拉克局势。”Democratic Senator Reed said his Republican colleague was mising the nature of Iran's involvement in supporting the militias. 民主党参议员里德说, 共和党议员格雷厄姆错误地理解了伊朗卷入持萨德尔民兵的本质。"The Iranians have close associations with all the Shia communities, not only Sadr, but also with [Abdul Aziz al-] Hakim," he said. "In fact, just a few weeks ago, [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmedinejad made a very significant visit and was greeted warmly by Prime Minister Maliki. So the notion that this is a fight by American allies against Iranian-inspired elements is not accurate." “伊朗人和所有的什叶派社区都有密切的联系,不仅是萨德尔,还有哈基姆。实际上,就在几个星期前,伊朗总统艾哈麦迪内贾德就进行了一次意义重大的访问,并受到总理马利基的热烈欢迎。因此,说这是美国的盟友针对伊朗持的暴乱份子的战斗,并不是确切的描述。”Senator Chuck Hagel, who has often clashed with his fellow Republicans in the White House about their Iraq policy, did so again Sunday. On CNN Late Edition, Hagel disputed President Bush's recent assertion that the "surge" in US troop strength over the past year has brought peace and stability to Iraq. 哈格尔参议员经常同白宫的其他共和党人在伊拉克政策上产生争执,这样的情形在星期天再次发生。哈格尔在美国有线新闻网的“最新版本”节目中对布什总统的推断提出质疑,布什总统说,去年增派的美军为伊拉克带来和平与稳定。"If, in fact, the surge has calmed things to a point where the President and others are saying, well, they've done a great service and they've achieved some terrific things, why, then, is the Administration talking about keeping more American troops in Iraq for the remainder of this year than we had before the surge," asked Senator Hagel. 哈格尔说,“如果增兵真的把事情平息到布什总统和其他人所说的那种程度,像他们所说的,那些军人完成了伟大的务而且取得了极好的成绩,那么,为什么政府还在讨论要在今年剩下的时间里还要在伊拉克留下比增兵前的数量还要多的美国军队?”The Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, Air Force General Michael Hayden, talked about the Iraqi's offensive in Basra and elsewhere on N's Meet the Press. He said Prime Minister al-Maliki was making a "difficult political decision." 美国中央情报局局长海登将军在全国广播公司的“同媒体见面”节目中谈到了伊拉克人在巴士拉和其他地区进行的战斗。他说,马利基总统正在作出“艰难的政治决定。”"I guess one would say that success is not guaranteed, but when I talked to my analysts on Friday afternoon, they said that based on this effort, they expect the situation in Iraq to be better at the end of what's going on now than it was at the beginning," said Michael Hayden. 海登说,“我想有人会说不能保取得胜利,但是当我在星期五下午同分析家们讨论的时候,他们说,根据现在作出的努力,他们预计伊拉克最终的状况要比开始的状况要好。”The CIA chief told program host Tim Russert about 70 percent of Basra had been controlled by militias, armed gangs and criminal elements, and government control needed to be restored. 海登告诉“同媒体见面”节目的主持人鲁塞斯特,巴士拉的大约70%的地区已经被民兵、武装团伙和犯罪集团控制,政府需要恢复控制。"You just can't have the second major city in the country- economically, the most important city in the country -beyond the control of the government," he said. "And so, although there's a certain sense of disappointment in the fact that violence is increasing, we knew we couldn't get to where we had to be for a modern, democratic Iraqi state without going through this." 海登说,“不能让伊拉克经济上的第2大城市,也是伊拉克最重要的城市脱离政府的管治。所以,尽管暴力增加的事实一定会让人感到失望,我们知道,不经过这些的话,我们不能得到我们期望的现代、民主的伊拉克国家。”General Hayden said the Iraqi government may not have enough combat power to fully gain control of all areas from the militias, and may need Coalition help. He expects the process to take years.  海登将军说,伊拉克政府或许没有足够的战斗力完全掌控被民兵控制的所有地区,他们或许需要联军的帮助,海登估计这个过程需要几年的时间。200803/32852 to double down ------ 加大力度(非正式)英文释义(INFORMAL) To increase ones commitment to a specific idea, strategy, or course of action, although it is uncertain and involves risk.例句Although the giant company was losing money because it hired so many new sales representatives recently, the president decided to double down and recruit even more new sales people.尽管由于这家大公司不久前招聘了很多新的销售代表而亏损,但总裁决定加大力度,还要招聘更多的新销售人员。 /201611/471209浮桥镇人民妇幼中心医院好不好太仓经济开发区治疗宫颈炎多少钱



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