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宜昌男科医院泌尿科咨询荆州市人民中妇幼保健医院尿科宜昌不孕不育哪个医院好 The 76-episode drama series ;Legend of Zhen Huan; has had sweeping popularity in the Chinese mainland over the past months, that ;a whole town tunes in to watch when it airs on TV,; Sina.com reported. 据新浪网报道,76集电视连续剧《甄嬛传》在过去的几个月里风靡整个中国大陆,其火爆程度可用“热播期间万人空巷争睹”来形容。 The series is adapted from a novel of the same name by Liu Lianzi, and the story centers on the schemes between Emperor Yongzheng#39;s concubines in the imperial palace during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). 该剧改编自流潋紫所著的同名小说,是一部清朝雍正年间的宫廷情感大戏,主要讲述后宫嫔妃之间的勾心斗角。 The pure and innocent 17-year-old Zhen Huan is chosen for the emperor#39;s harem, and after entering the palace, she finds herself caught in the fierce infighting between the empress and the concubines. Realizing that the palace is actually a cruel and harsh place, Zhen has to learn to survive on her own, sometimes by unscrupulous methods. 剧中女主角甄嬛从一个不谙世事的17岁纯真少女被选秀入宫,不久便发现自己置身于皇后和嫔妃间的激烈争斗之中。她意识到后宫实际上是一个残酷恶劣的地方,必须学会依靠自已生存,有时甚至要不择手段。 With her wits and talents, Zhen fights her way through and wins the emperor#39;s affection, ultimately becoming the most powerful concubine in the imperial palace and ascending to unparalleled glory and wealth. However, she also becomes a woman with few true friends at her side, even after she is rid of all her enemies. 凭借天资聪慧,甄嬛想方设法赢得了皇帝的宠爱,最终成为宫中最有权势的妃子,得到了无与伦比的荣华富贵。然而,此时她却已成了孤家寡人,虽然铲除了所有的敌人,但身边也不复存在真正的朋友。 Directed by Zheng Xiaolong and starring Sun Li and Chen Jianbin, ;Legend of Zhen Huan; has been praised as one of the best historical dramas in the Chinese mainland in recent years. Through the thrilling story, audiences can also learn about ancient Chinese poetry, wardrobes, court etiquettes, and herbal medicine. The show also features many refined dialogues that become trending es among its followers on the internet. 《甄嬛传》由郑晓龙导演,孙俪、陈建斌等主演,播出之后被誉为近年来中国大陆最好的古装剧之一。不但剧情扣人心弦,剧中有关诗词歌赋、装礼仪、中医用药等内容也让观众们大开眼界。剧中不乏经典台词,被网上诸多粉丝津津乐道。 Some viewers have also begun using the story to allude to the present and describe the schemes and trickery between rivals in the palace as ;a treasured book for survival in today#39;s professional world.; Psychological experts disagreed, saying that violent infighting is not a characteristic in modern workplaces. 此外,还有不少职场中人借此剧讽古喻今,把后宫争宠之计当作职场生存宝典。但心理专家认为,血雨腥风并非现代职场本色。 /201205/180789宜昌男健泌尿专科包皮手术怎么样

宜昌市妇保医院前列腺炎多少钱Yum Brands Inc. executives vigorously defended their business in China at an investor conference on Thursday after the stock fell last week on news that the company’s same-store sales there would drop 4% in the fourth quarter, after rising 21% in the year-earlier period.百胜餐饮集团(Yum Brands Inc.)的高管们在周四举行的投资者会议上为其在华业务进行了积极辩护。百胜餐饮上周公布,第四季度其在华同店销售额将下滑4%。消息一出,该公司股票应声下跌。去年同期百胜餐饮的同店销售额大增了21%。The company, which owns KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, blamed the decline, in part, on the softening Chinese economy. GDP growth has slowed in China in recent years, from 10.4% in 2010 to 7.5% this year.Reuters拥有肯德基(KFC)、必胜客(Pizza Hut)和塔可钟(Taco Bell)的百胜餐饮认为,中国经济趋弱是该公司同店销售额增速下滑的原因之一。中国国内生产总值(GDP)的增长近年来有所放缓,已从2010年的10.4%降至今年的7.5%。“But we’ve never whined about the macros,” Yum Chief Executive David Novak told investors. “We think it can be more attributed to our over-estimation of our ability to lap a 21% same-store sales increase in the last year.”百胜餐饮首席执行长诺瓦克(David Novak)对投资者说,但我们从未抱怨过宏观经济。他说,我们认为更多的原因在于我们高估了自己的能力,以为能够超越去年同店销售额增21%的成绩。The last time the company posted negative same-store sales in China was in 2009. Since then, Mr. Novak said, the average annual sales at its restaurants in China went from about .3 million to .8 million and 2,000 new restaurants have been opened.百胜餐饮上一次公布在华同店销售额负增长的情况是在2009年。此后诺瓦克曾说,该公司旗下在华餐厅的年均销售额从约130万美元增至180万美元,并且新开了2,000家餐厅。The company is now estimating mid-single-digit same-store sales growth for China in 2013 and plans to open another 700 restaurants there next year.百胜餐饮目前估计,2013年其在华同店销售额将以中段个位数增长,并且计划明年再开700家餐厅。Yum China executives said that high rent and labor costs in populous cities such as Shanghai have eaten into profits, so they will be focusing more of their growth on so-called “lower-tier” cities across the Mainland.百胜餐饮的高管说,在上海等人口稠密的城市,昂贵的租金和劳动力成本侵蚀了利润空间,所以他们会更加看重内地二三线城市的业务增长。The company said it is boosting its round-the-clock offerings at KFC, it’s biggest chain in China, with expanded breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night and delivery options and more “value” offerings. At its Pizza Hut restaurants, the company is providing free afternoon drink refills, which they say competes head-on with Starbucks SBUX +5.73%. They’re also expanding the Pizza Hut beyond pizza to include broader offerings of both Western and Chinese food. For example, Pizza Huts in China will offer a new sizzling steak and are testing breakfast items.百胜餐饮说,正在大力宣传肯德基24小时不打烊务,包括更为丰富的早午晚餐、深夜配餐和送餐选择以及超值套餐。肯德基是百胜餐饮旗下规模最大的连锁餐厅。另外,该公司旗下的必胜客目前提供下午茶饮品免费续杯活动,说以此与星巴克(Starbucks)展开正面交锋。而且必胜客还在增加菜单品种,除披萨外,还有更多中西餐。例如,中国内地的必胜客餐厅将推出新品铁板牛排,而且在试推早餐。“I believe in our China business model as much today as ever,” Mr. Novak said.诺瓦克说,我对公司在华业务模式一如既往地有信心。 /201212/212951长阳县人民中妇幼保健医院看前列腺炎好吗 The chairman of the Australian radio network at the heart of a hoax call targeting Prince William#39;s pregnant wife has called the apparent suicide of one of the nurses duped by the prank ;truly tragic.;澳大利亚之声谎冒电话询问凯特王妃情,造成牵涉其中的一名护士自杀身亡。澳大利亚广播网络的主席近日对此事做出回应,表示因为恶作剧造成的死亡事件“非常不幸”。;It is too early to know the full details leading to this tragic event and we are anxious to review the results of an investigation,; Southern Cross Austereo#39;s Max Moore-Wilton wrote Sunday in a letter to the head of King Edward VII#39;s Hospital in London。涉案之声属于澳大利亚的南十字星广播集团。该集团主席麦克斯·尔-威尔顿周日在致伦敦德华七世国王医院主席的信中这样写到:“现在还不清楚导致悲剧事件的完整细节,但我们承诺会审查检讨整个事件过程。”The hospital, where a nurse apparently committed suicide after being duped by two DJs from Australian radio station 2DayFM, has condemned the radio station in a strongly worded letter.伦敦德华七世国王医院的一位护士在澳大利亚2DayFM之声的主播恶作剧电话后,疑似因此自杀身亡。事件发生后,医院方面措辞强硬,致信谴责该之声的恶劣行径。The DJs, impersonating Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, called the hospital Tuesday and gained information about the condition of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge -- which they subsequently played on air。周二,该之声的两名主播冒充英国女王伊丽莎白二世和查尔斯王储,致电医生询问凯特王妃的怀近况,后来还将整个对话的音频发布出来。On Friday, the nurse who transferred the call through to the ward, Jacintha Saldanha, was found dead。周五,当时将电话转接入病房的值班护士萨尔达尼亚被发现死在宿舍中。The fallout from Saldanha#39;s death has stretched from Britain to Australia -- with questions being raised about how far is too far in the effort to find out details about Catherine#39;s pregnancy。萨尔达尼亚死亡事件的影响从英国蔓延到了澳大利亚,人们纷纷质疑:媒体通过这样的方式挖掘凯特王妃怀的细节,是不是太过了?The two Australian DJs behind the practical joke, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, have come under fire, with some using the phrase ;blood on your hands; to condemn their actions on the Sydney-based radio station。拨打恶作剧电话的两名澳大利亚主播分别叫梅尔·格雷格和迈克尔·克里斯蒂安,在事件发生后也遭到了民众的谴责。甚至有人用“手上沾满鲜血” 来谴责他们的行为。2DayFM 之声的总部位于悉尼市。The DJs have since apologized, and ;mutually decided; to go off the air for an undetermined period, Rhys Holleran, CEO of the Southern Cross Austereo media group, said Saturday during a news conference。这两名主播也在事件后道歉。澳大利亚南十字星广播集团行政总裁里斯·霍勒伦在周六的新闻发布会上表示,他们会被无限期停职。But he defended the legality of the station#39;s action, saying he was ;very confident that we haven#39;t done anything illegal.;不过他也为之声的行为进行了辩护,表示“相信之声并没有做任何违法的事情。”Prince William and his pregnant wife Kate told how they are #39;deeply saddened#39; by the tragedy. A Palace spokesman said the couple had not made a complaint about the prank call.威廉王子夫妇发表声明,对萨尔达尼亚的死“深表哀悼”。王室发言人还强调,他们没有就恶作剧事件向院方投诉过。 /201212/213320宜昌市第二人民医院男科

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