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Today in History: Tuesday, May28, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月28日,星期二May 28th 1934, a medical miracle that later turns tragic in Ontario, Canada where the Dionne quintuplets are born. Ontario’s provincial government deems the girl’s parents to beyond fit and puts the quints in a specially-built hospital. That’s where the identical sisters become a money-making tourist attraction during the Great Depression. Years later, the three surviving quints sue Ontario’s government and received a 2.8 million dollars settlement.1908, Ian Fleming, the novelist to created fictional British super spy James Bond is born in London.1972, the Duke of Windsor, the only British monarch to voluntarily relinquish the crown dies in Paris at age 77. The former King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in order to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson, an American divorcee.1998, “When I was meditating.” “She was sleeping.” “Right, and she was just a lazy little girl for slept about 18 hours a day.”In California, actor and comedian Phil Hartman is shot to death by his wife Brynn who then kills herself.And 1957, Baseball’s National League approves moving the Brooklyn Dodges to Los Angeles and New York Giants to San Francisco.Today In History, May 28th, Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press. /201305/241782During the second Sino-Japanese war,抗日战争中weapons of mass destruction日军对手无寸铁的中国人民were extensively used against the Chinese.使用了大量的大规模杀伤性武器Rather than taking allied airmen as prisoners of war,日军逮到盟国空军 通常也不作为战俘处置it was common practice to execute them after the Japanese had captured and interrogated them.而是在逮捕和询问后处以死刑During WWII,二战中as the Americans cut off Japanese supply lines,美国人切断了日本的供给线之后staring Japanese soldiers on the remote Pacific islands在遥远太平洋小岛上望眼欲穿的日军survived by committing acts of cannibalism.竟然靠食人生存One of the greatest tragedies was the plight of the comfort women,最大的悲剧莫过于慰安妇的悲惨处境these were young, innocent girls这些年轻天真的少女forced into sexual slavery in Japanese military brothels,in occupied countries.在占领区日军妓院中被逼迫成为性奴隶Hundreds of thousands of comfort women成百上千的慰安妇endured serial rape day and night in the so-called Comfort Stations.在所谓的“舒屋”中日以继夜遭受轮奸They came from China, Korea这里有自中国人 朝鲜人and later from all over the Japanese occupied territories in Asia,后来遍布所有日军抢占的亚洲地区among them Australians as well as Dutch from Indonesia.甚至有来自印尼的澳洲人和荷兰人Eventually,终于some of these women bravely came forward,有些女人站了出来writing about their chromatic experiences将她们不堪的经历写成书in their memoirs.编成回忆录The most well-known of these authors,其中有一位很著名的作者叫Jan Ruff-O#39;Herne简·拉夫·奥赫恩also testified that US House of Representative#39;s Foreign Affairs Committee她对美国众议院外事委员会about her deal as a sex slave,讲述了她作为性奴的经历which started, when, at the age of 19,她年仅19岁时便成了慰安妇she was captured with her family by the Japanese in the Dutch East Indies,她和她的家人是在荷属东印度群岛被日军逮捕的today is Indonesia.荷属东印度群岛便是今天的印度尼西亚As Japan continued to conquer Southeast Asia,当日军的触角继续伸向东南亚the war crimes committed by imperial forces continued to mount,日军罪恶滔天the 1942 Batan death march in the Philippines1942年菲律宾的巴坦屠杀军队was the forceable transfer of an estimated 80,000 Filipino and American prisoners of war.便强行转移了约八十万菲律宾人和美国战俘After the 3 months devastating battle of Batan,三个月的巴坦战役thousands died before their reach to their destination.数以千计的人在达到目的地之前便已丧命It was followed by the 1942 Laha Massacre之后是1942年的拉哈大屠杀of Australian and Dutch civilians,大批澳洲人和荷兰人who were bayoneted and beheaded in cold blood.被冷血的日军刺刀刺死或砍头 Article/201409/329670And I#39;m not in it for fame or money or anything like that.我来这里不是为了什么名或利。I like to win matches.我喜欢赢球。So maximum points shouldn#39;t be a proble.所以,全胜应该不是什么问题。重点词汇: fame 名声例句:His fidelity brought him good fame.他的尽职给他带来了好名声。 Article/201405/295122

It#39;s hard to know if any new obesity drug will ever really work.新的肥胖治疗药物是否有效也很难说As we#39;ve seen in our journey from在我们从营养不良malnutrition to obesity, there have been many false dawns.到肥胖的旅程中 有过许多虚假的曙光From the disastrous effects of pesticides从杀虫剂的毁灭性作用to the collapse of our fibre-deprived colons,到缺乏纤维素的结肠的惨状and the tragic side-effects of some diet drugs.还有减肥药物悲剧性的副作用Unlike the progress medicine其他重大疾病has made in treating other major diseases,都有对症的药物 但对于肥胖症we still don#39;t have a medical solution for obesity.我们依然没有可行的医学方案Fat is sexy, fat is fine,胖就是性感 胖就是漂亮 you#39;ve got yours and I#39;ve got mine.你得到你的 我得到我的Some have decided to embrace what nature has given them.有些人决定接受天生的自我But for those who want to fight但是对于那些想要打败the flab to improve their health, they#39;re left with松弛获得健康的人 留给他们的the timeless mantra of a healthy diet and lots of exercise.则是长期健康饮食及大量运动的咒语If we#39;ve learnt anything from this story,如果说我们从这个故事中学到了什么it#39;s that nutrition is a complicated science.那就是营养学是一门复杂的科学Each new discovery only throws up new questions每个新的发现都会抛出about the relationship我们的饮食与长期健康between what we eat and our long-term health.之间关系的新问题But perhaps that#39;s just the very nature of science itself.不过也许科学本身就是如此 Article/201307/247239

Acne can put a damper on anyone#39;s self-confidence, but these tips will help you cover up your pimples without damaging your skin.粉刺会对任何一个人的自信心造成打击,但是以下建议可以帮助你在不损害皮肤的情况下掩盖粉刺。You Will Need你需要Exfoliator去角质产品Non-greasy moisturizer不含油脂的保湿霜Concealer遮瑕膏Powder美容粉Mirror镜子Make-up sponge化妆海绵Facial mask (optional)面膜(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Exfoliate1.去角质Exfoliate your face prior to using any acne concealer. This will ensure a smooth surface for the make-up.在使用任何粉刺遮瑕膏之前先去角质。这样可以确保面部光滑,有助于化妆。Take a little extra time and use a facial mask with alpha hydroxy. This will further prevent future breakouts.多花一点时间,敷一张含有果酸的面膜。这样可以进一步保障皮肤光滑。Step 2 Apply moisturizer2.涂抹保湿霜Apply a non-greasy moisturizer that inhibits oil production so your skin will not start to feel greasy during the day.使用不含油脂的保湿霜,防止皮肤出油,这样一天之中你的面部都不会感觉到油腻。Step 3 Choose concealer3.选择遮瑕膏Choose a concealer based on your skin color and skin type.根据你的皮肤颜色和皮肤类型选择遮瑕膏。Mineral-based make-ups tend to provide better coverage.含有矿物质的化妆品可以提供更好的遮掩效果。Step 4 Apply concealer4.涂抹遮瑕膏Dab a small amount of concealer onto your face and over your zits using either your clean fingers or a make-up sponge.用干净的手指或化妆棉蘸少量遮瑕膏涂抹在面部和粉刺上。Do not rub it into the skin, but brush over the area with a light dusting of finishing powder.不要用力擦在皮肤上,而是轻轻地刷一层美容粉。Step 5 Look in a mirror5.照镜子Take a quick look in the mirror to make sure the concealer is sp evenly across your skin. Now you can head out to start breaking hearts instead of popping pimples.迅速地照一下镜子,确保遮瑕膏在皮肤上分布均匀。现在你可以不需担心粉刺,自信满满地外出了。Anyone can get acne, and it is estimated that almost 80 percent of 11 to 30 year-olds have had an acne outbreak, making acne the most common skin disease.任何人都有可能长粉刺,据估计,接近80%的11岁至30岁的人曾经长过粉刺,使得粉刺成为最常见的皮肤病。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/233698Today in History: Saturday, March 02, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月2日,星期六On March 2, 1877, Republican Rutherford B. Hayes was declared winner of the 1876 presidential election over Democrat Samuel J. Tilden, even though Tilden had won the popular vote.1877年3月2日,尽管蒂尔登赢得普选的胜利,但最终共和党卢瑟福B.海耶斯击败塞缪尔J·蒂尔登赢得1876年总统大选。1807 Congress outlawed the importation of slaves to the ed States, effective the following year.1807年,国会宣布向美国进口奴隶非法,第二年执行。1836 Texas declared its independence from Mexico.1836年,德州宣布脱离墨西哥独立。1917 Puerto Ricans were granted U.S. Citizenship.1917年,波多黎各人获得美国公民。1939 Roman Catholic Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli was elected pope and took the name Pius XII.1939年,罗马天主教红衣主教Eugenio Pacelli 当选教皇,取名庇护十二世。1962 Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia Warriors scored 100 points in a game against the New York Knicks, an NBA record that still stands.1962年,在费城勇士对阵纽约尼克斯的比赛中张伯伦拿下100分,该项记录仍在NBA保留着。1965 The movie version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ;The Sound of Music; had its world premiere in New York.1965年,罗杰斯和汉默斯坦音乐剧《音乐之声》的电影版在纽约举行了全球首映。1985 The federal government approved a screening test for AIDS that detected antibodies to the virus, allowing possibly contaminated blood to be excluded from the blood supply.1985年,联邦政府同意对艾滋病进行筛选试验,发现艾滋病病毒抗体,并允许可能被污染的血液从血液供应站清除。2004 A series of coordinated blasts in Iraq killed 181 people at shrines in Karbala and Baghdad as thousands of Shiite Muslim pilgrims gathered for a religious festival.2004年,伊拉克数千名什叶派穆斯林朝圣者聚集参加一宗教节日时发生系列协同爆炸事件,致卡尔巴拉和巴格达181人死亡。2008 Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin#39;s hand-picked successor, scored a crushing victory in Russia#39;s presidential election.2008年,弗拉基米尔·普京亲手挑选的继任者德米特里·梅德韦杰夫在俄罗斯大选中取得压倒性胜利。 /201303/227917摄影师菲尔amp;#8226;鲍杰展示了几张罕见的照片,是他拍摄的印度达兰萨拉山区里的人们,以及亚马逊厄瓜多尔地区的丛林。他的这些照片记录是为了能帮助保存这些濒危的文化。 Article/201409/325299

Picnics are a wonderful way to share yummy food in the great outdoors. Ants think so too! You can keep pesky ants away with just a few simple actions.野餐是在户外分享美味食物不错的方法。蚂蚁也是这样认为的!不用担心,只要几个简单的方法,就可以让讨厌的蚂蚁远离你的食物!You Will Need你需要An outdoor insect fogger户外昆虫雾警Soap and water肥皂和水A sponge海绵Garbage cans垃圾罐Detergent or ammonia清洁剂或氨水An outdoor ant and flying insect repellant户外蚂蚁或飞虫驱虫剂Food containers with lids有盖的食品罐Steps步骤Step 1 Use outdoor insect fogger1.使用户外昆虫雾警Set off an outdoor insect fogger in the picnic area. The fogger sps a preventative into the air and onto the surrounding trees, shrubs, and plants.在野餐范围喷洒户外昆虫雾警。雾警可以向空气中和周围的树木,灌木和植物中喷洒预防性的气雾。Carefully and follow the instructions on the fogger#39;s label. A fogger should only be used a few times a year in seasons of high use.认真阅读并遵守雾警包装上的标签。在使用频率较高的季节,一个雾警器只能使用几次。Step 2 Keep area clean2.保持环境清洁Keep the area clean by wiping the table with a soapy sponge and by keeping the area clear of food debris and litter.保持整个范围的干净整洁,用沾有肥皂水的海绵擦桌子,不要在野餐范围丢弃垃圾和食物残渣。Step 3 Empty and wash garbage cans3.清空并清洗垃圾罐Empty garbage cans often and occasionally wash them with detergent or ammonia to deter ants and insects.经常清空垃圾箱,时常用洗涤剂或氨水洗一下,防止蚂蚁和昆虫。Locate your garbage cans at least 50 feet from your picnic table to reduce the chance of an ant attack.将垃圾箱放在距离野餐桌至少50英尺的地方,减少蚂蚁袭击的风险。Step 4 Spray around picnic table4.喷洒驱虫剂Spray the area around the picnic table with an ant and flying insect repellent at least 15 minutes before the planned activity.野餐计划至少15分钟前在野餐桌周围喷洒蚂蚁和飞虫驱虫剂。Step 5 Store food in closed containers5.用密封容器储存食物Store all picnic foods in containers with lids. Keep the food covered when it#39;s not being served. This discourages food smells from attracting pests.将所有野餐食物储存在有盖子的容器中。没有分发享用的时候一定要把食物密封好。这样,食物的味道就不会把昆虫吸引过来。Step 6 Clean up spills immediately6.立即清理Clean up food spills as soon as possible – on the table and on the ground.如果有食物撒出来,尽快清理——无论是餐桌上的还是地面上的。Step 7 Clean area thoroughly after picnic7.野餐后彻底打扫Clean the area thoroughly after your picnic. Wash and rinse the table and dispose of trash appropriately.野餐后彻底清扫整个范围。清洗餐桌,妥善处置垃圾。Did you know? If not sufficiently controlled, Argentine ants threaten to wipe out native species in California.你知道吗?如果没有充分控制,阿根廷蚂蚁将摧毁加利福尼亚所有本土物种。注:音频暂缺视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/230962自上世纪七十年代以来,三維打印已经得到了长足的发展,而斯凯拉-蒂比茨正致力于塑造未来的发展方向——四维打印, 所谓的第四维就是时间. 这种新兴技术将会让我们打印出可以自我重塑或者自我组装的物体。想象一下吧:一个打印出来的立方体在你眼前完成自我折叠,或者一条打印出来的管道可以根据需要自我膨胀或者收缩。 Article/201309/255987

Picking up another tongue can be exciting and empowering. And these days there are more ways than ever to help you do it.学习另外一门语言非常激动人心,动力十足。当今社会,帮助你学习语言的方法越来越多。You Will Need你需要A lesson plan课程计划Commitment约束Immersion置身其中Social networking社交网络Foreign films外国影片A foreign dictionary外语词典Bravery勇敢Slang (optional)俚语(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Find a program1.选择课程Choose a program. Options include instructional CDs or software, online courses, adult-education classes, language-immersion courses, and private tutors.选择一种课程。可以是辅导CD或软件,在线课程,成人教育课程,语言沉浸课程,或者私人家教。Step 2 Put in the time2.付出时间Put in the time. You need to devote at least one hour a day to study.付出时间。你需要每天花费至少一小时的时间来学习。Language students retain more if they study in short but frequent spurts rather than infrequent, extended periods.语言学习者每天学习很短的时间,但是经常学习,取得的效果比学习比较长的时间,但是不能持续取得的效果更好。Step 3 Immerse yourself3.置身其中If possible, spend at least a few months living where the language you#39;re learning is the native tongue; being totally immersed is the best way to pick it up.如果可能的话,花费至少几个月的时间在你所学的语言为母语的地方。完全置身其中是学习一种语言最好的方法。Step 4 Use social networking4.使用社交网络If a sabbatical abroad is out of the question, use online social networking to hone your skills. There are entire web sites devoted to matching up people who want to practice a language with native speakers.如果周期性地出国是不可能的,使用社交网络来提高语言技巧。有许多网站专门为想要学习语言的人与本土语言者搭配。Step 5 Watch foreign films5.观看外国影片Watch foreign films in the language you#39;re studying. It#39;s an entertaining way to get in some extra lessons and learn correct pronunciation.观看你所学的语言的外国影片。通过的方式学习更多知识,学习正确的发音。Watch the movie once without subtitles, and a second time with to see what you missed.第一遍观看没有字幕的版本,第二次再看自己错过了哪些内容。Step 6 Get a dictionary6.购买词典Get a foreign dictionary and memorize the nouns and verbs you#39;ll most likely use -- they#39;re often different from the ones taught in audio recordings and textbooks.购买一本外文词典,记住可能经常使用的名词和动词——他们通常与录音带和课本中教的有所不同。Pick up some slang. It will help you sound like a native.学习一些俚语,这样可以帮助你更像本土居民。Step 7 Be brave7.勇敢Don#39;t be afraid to make mistakes while you#39;re learning. Most people will just be impressed that you#39;re making the effort.学习的过程中不要害怕犯错误。大部分人只会记住你在努力。In one study, people who grew up in bilingual households were able to learn twice as many words from a new language as people who grew up in one-language homes.一项调查发现,在双语环境家庭中长大的孩子学习到的词汇量是在单一语种家庭长大的孩子学到的词汇量的两倍。视频听力由。 Article/201310/261303Experiments have proved what dog owners have always suspected.实验明了主人一直猜想的那样After thousands of years living together,经过几百年人类和的共同生活dogs are attuned to us like no other animal.对人类的适应性是其他动物比不了的New research has taken our understanding of how dogs evolved新的研究让我们理解了是如何进化To a whole new level and getting到达一个新的高度的us closer to exactly what it means to be tame.让我们明白了什么叫驯Now dogs could be about现在可能送给我们的to provide us with the greatest gift of all.最好的礼物When it comes to combating human disease,就是当我们人类与疾病搏斗时dogs could hold many of the answers.可能为我们提供很多线索They#39;re going to help us它们可以帮助我们tackle some of the most dangerous diseases研究一些现代社会中的重大疾病of our time that kill millions of people every year.这些疾病每年让数百万的人失去生命Dr. Elinor Karlsson, a geneticist埃莉诺·卡森教授是at the Brode Institute, harvard, is on the hunt哈佛布洛德研究所的遗传学家 正在探索for gene mutations that could throw light on human diseases.可能引起人类疾病的基因突变I think there#39;s hundreds of我认为有数百种疾病diseases that are in common between dogs and humans.是和人类共有的There#39;s diabetes,比如糖尿病there#39;s various cardiac diseases, there#39;s epilepsy,比如各种心脏病 还有癫痫there#39;s a lot of different cancers - bone cancers,还有很多不同的癌症 骨癌breast cancers, brain tumours.乳腺癌 脑瘤等The narrow gene pool within a dog breed一个品种的之间的基因的差异很小makes it far easier to pinpoint genetic mutations than in humans.使之相比人类更易找到基因突变位置 Article/201303/227916Germany has summoned the British ambassador to its foreign ministry, over claims of spying by the British embassy in Berlin.德国已将英国大使召集至其外交部,就英国驻柏林大使馆所进行的窃听活动进行询问。UK newspaper The Independent has published claims that Britain has been operating a ;covert listening station; in Berlin, with hi-tech equipment mounted on the embassy roof. The report says the equipment could be used to eavesdrop on cell phone and government communications.英国《独立报》上已经有消息称,英国一直在柏林运营一个秘密监听电台,该电台的高科技监听设备被安装在大使馆屋顶上。有报道称该设备可以被用来监听手机和政府通信。German officials told the British Ambassador that tapping communications from a diplomatic mission would be a violation of international law. No further details of the meeting have been made public. The newspaper report follows allegations that US intelligence may have targeted Chancellor Angela Merkel#39;s cell phone. Last week, Berlin summoned the US ambassador over the allegations.德国官员就监听外交使团属于违反国际法行为告知英国大使。除此之外,没有其他会议相关细节公布。《独立报》上还有消息指控美国情报局很有可能对默克尔总理的手机进行了监听。上周,柏林就该指控对美国大使进行了召唤。 Article/201311/263569

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