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Last week, the author JK Rowling was in New York on a two-pronged mission. The first part of her crusade was unsurprising: the movie based on her book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opens this month and she and lead actor Eddie Redmayne were in town to promote it.作家J?K?罗琳(JK Rowling)不久前现身纽约,她带着两个任务。第一个任务并不出人意料:根据她的小说《神奇动物在哪里》(Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)改编的电影于10月上映,她和主演埃迪?雷德梅因(Eddie Redmayne)来纽约宣传影片。The second part of Rowling’s sales mission had an unusual twist. Some years ago, the writer set up a charity, Lumos, to fight for the millions of children across the world living in orphanages. And while you might have thought she would be campaigning for funds for these institutions, that is not the case. Instead, Rowling believes that something has gone badly wrong with the way that well-meaning westerners do “charity” — and, in particular, give money to orphanages.罗琳的第二个任务不同寻常。几年前,她成立了一个慈善组织Lumos,致力于帮助全球生活在孤儿院的数百万儿童。你可能会猜,她要为这些孤儿院募捐。事实并非如此。她认为,好心的西方人做“慈善”的方式、特别是给孤儿院捐款是大错特错的。In recent years, aid money has flooded from the US and Europe into orphanages in places such as India, Brazil, Romania and Haiti, often following tragic events highlighted in the media. Rowling estimates, for example, that Americans have given 0m to Haitian orphanages alone since the country was hit by a series of natural disasters. This sounds worthy, and, of course, donations are made with the best of intentions but Rowling insists that they are doing more harm than good.近些年,来自美国和欧洲的援助资金大量涌入印度、巴西、罗马尼亚和海地等国的孤儿院,通常是在媒体大肆报道某起悲惨事件之后。例如,罗琳估计,自从海地遭受一系列自然灾害以来,美国人已向海地孤儿院捐款1亿美元。这听上去很有意义,当然,这些捐款也是出于好心,但罗琳坚持表示,这种做法弊大于利。Orphanages, she argues, are rarely “good” for children: at best, they leave them bereft of family ties; at worst, they promote abuse, neglect and trafficking. Precisely because orphanages have such a mixed track record, governments in the US and Europe have been shutting them down since the 1950s — preferring to place orphans with foster families instead.她认为,孤儿院很少是对儿童“有利的”:往轻了说,它们让孩子与家人断了联系;最坏的是它们会助长虐待儿童、对儿童疏于照顾以及人口贩卖行为。正是因为孤儿院这种有利有弊的情况,美国和欧洲国家的政府自上世纪50年代以来一直在关闭孤儿院,倾向于把孤儿交给收养家庭。But the bitter irony of the aid game today is that even as western governments have been closing orphanages at home, their aid programmes have been encouraging them to flourish in developing countries. Indeed, the more aid that flows into “poor” orphanages, the bigger they become — partly because an entire ecosystem is now directing vulnerable children there. In Cambodia, for example, the population of orphanages jumped 75 per cent between 2005 and 2011 as donor money poured in, according to a UN report. In Haiti, the increase has been even more dramatic, with numbers living in orphanages rising sevenfold, to 32,000.然而,如今有关援助行为的一大讽刺是在西方政府关闭本国的孤儿院时,它们的援助计划却在鼓励孤儿院在发展中国家蓬勃发展。实际上,流入“贫困”孤儿院的援助资金越多,这类孤儿院的规模就变得越大,部分原因是整个体系正将处境悲惨的儿童引导向孤儿院。例如,在柬埔寨,根据联合国(UN)的一份报告,随着捐赠资金的涌入,2005年至2011年孤儿数量大增75%。在海地,增幅更为明显,孤儿院的孤儿数量增长了7倍,达到3.2万人。And the really cruel rub is that many of the eight million children currently living in orphanages are not true orphans at all: studies by Save the Children suggest that about 80 per cent have a living parent. Instead, they are being pushed into institutions because their families are desperately poor — and because the explosion of the aid “business” has created a momentum (and false incentives) all of its own.真正残酷的是,在如今生活在孤儿院里的800万名儿童中,有很多根本不是真正的孤儿。拯救儿童组织(Save the Children)的研究显示,约80%是至少有一方父母在世的。他们被塞进孤儿院的一部分原因是他们的家庭非常贫困,同时援助“事业”的爆炸性发展也起到了推动作用(提供了错误的激励)。“Americans are amazingly generous,” Rowling told a crowd of wealthy New Yorkers, at the premiere of her film at Carnegie Hall. “But please don’t give money to orphanages?.?.?.?and don’t go and volunteer to work at one.” Instead, she wants donations to “community-based” initiatives that help poor families to keep their children or find foster families.罗琳在她的电影在卡内基音乐厅(Carnegie Hall)的首映式上告诉在场的纽约富人们:“美国人非常慷慨。但请不要捐钱给孤儿院了……不要去孤儿院做志愿工作了。”她希望人们捐款给一些“以社区为基础”(community-based)的公益计划,这些计划帮助贫困家庭养育自己的孩子或找到收养家庭。Can this work? Not easily — or rapidly, alas. One reason why western aid has flooded into orphanages in recent years is that these institutions can be monitored. Giving to a “community” is more opaque and diffuse. And the sad reality is that even if all orphanages were closed tomorrow, life would still be grim for many poor children; street life is hellish in places such as India or Brazil.这有用吗?唉,不容易,也不会很快见效。近年西方援助资金大量涌入孤儿院的一个原因是孤儿院可以被监督。捐款给“社区”则不透明且分散。一个令人遗憾的事实是即便所有的孤儿院明天都关闭,对于很多贫困孩子来说,生活仍然是灰暗的;在印度或巴西等国,流浪街头是很可怕的。But Lumos is making some progress: it estimates that 0m of donor funds has aly been redirected away from orphanages. And, if nothing else, Rowling deserves credit for using her pulpit — and Potter fame — to change attitudes.不过Lumos正在取得一些进展:该组织估计,有5亿美元资金的捐赠对象已从孤儿院转向别处。而且,抛开别的不说,罗琳利用她的讲台——以及哈利?波特(Potter)的名声——改变人们的态度也是值得称道的。Indeed, I would argue the lesson needs to be broadened. These days, most Americans take it for granted that philanthropy is a good thing, since giving is baked into popular American culture (and encouraged with tax breaks). But, as with the orphanage issue, there are a host of studies emerging that show how aid can distort economies or concentrate power in the hands of an elite.实际上,我认为孤儿院这种事上的教训适用于更大的范围。如今多数美国人想当然地认为,慈善是好事,因为捐赠已融入美国大众文化(并得到税收优惠的鼓励)。然而,就如孤儿院问题一样,现在有很多研究显示,援助可能会扭曲经济或导致权力集中到精英手中。Don’t get me wrong: I am not trying to stop generosity or philanthropy. But what is needed is a clear evaluation — and debate — about the cost and benefits of the aid business and its current structure. That is hard to do since the topic tends to be so emotive and guilt-laden. But if anyone can succeed, it is Rowling — the woman who taught the world to become passionate about a wizarding orphan but who is now trying to consign orphanages to fairy tales.不要误会我的意思:我并不是要阻止乐善好施之举。但我们需要对援助事业的成本和效益及其目前的结构进行清晰的评估并展开相关辩论。这很难,因为这个话题往往带有很强的感情色而且让人心怀内疚。但如果有人能做到的话,那就是罗琳,她教世人去喜欢一个会魔法的孤儿,她现在正试图将孤儿院封存在童话故事中。 /201702/494586

Police in Nanjing, Jiangsu, arrested three suspects who allegedly traded thousands of tons of medical waste that was later processed into disposable tableware and fake brand-name toys.江苏省南京市警方近日逮捕了3名涉嫌倒卖数千吨医疗废物的嫌疑人。这些医疗废物经转卖后被加工成一次性餐具和仿冒知名品牌的玩具。Nanjing police in August received reports from residents that piles of medical waste were stored at a dump site near Gujia village, including used needles, glass bottles and infusion tubes.南京警方在今年八月接到当地居民举报,他们在顾家村附近的垃圾场发现了医疗废物堆,其中包括了用过的针头、玻璃瓶和输液管。Police found that the 3 suspects had sold more than 3,000 metric tons of medical waste, which they had collected from several hospitals in Nanjing since 2012. They earned more than 40 million yuan from selling the waste.警方发现,自2012年以来这3名嫌疑人从南京市多家医院收购医疗废弃物3000余公吨,并通过倒卖获利超过4000万元。The suspects paid each hospital 800 yuan to 1,000 yuan per month to collect their waste. Then they hired workers to classify the waste, compressed the disposable plastic infusion bags and bottles, and finally smashed them into plastic particles.他们以每月800-1000元的价格回收医院的废弃物,之后雇佣工人对废弃物进行分类,把一次性塑料输液袋和瓶子进行压缩,最终将其粉碎成塑料颗粒。The suspects confessed that the plastic particles were sold to plastic product factories across the country for RMB2,200 to RMB2,800 per metric ton, the police said.警方表示,嫌疑人供认,以每公吨2200-2800元的价格将这些塑料颗粒卖给全国各地的塑料制品厂。;China only allows authorized companies specializing in medical waste to engage in such business,; said a policeman surnamed Qi. ;Trained workers, specialized containers and transportation vehicles are required before medical waste is burned and buried in certain sites.;一名姓齐的警察表示:“我国只允许授权的、专门从事医疗废物的公司从事此类业务。在医疗废物被焚烧和掩埋在某些地点之前,需要训练有素的工人、专门的集装箱和运输车辆。”The 3 suspects have been prosecuted for crimes of environmental pollution.这3名嫌疑人被以环境污染罪提起公诉。 /201612/485664


  Archaeologists have unearthed a pyramid-shaped tomb under a construction site in central China.考古学家在中国中部一建筑工地下出土了一个金字塔形的坟墓。Residents are amazed after the unusual ancient burial site was discovered in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, with one calling it #39;magical#39;.这个独特古墓的发现让郑州市民感到惊奇,有人大呼“神奇”。Further analysis is yet to be carried out to identify how old the tomb is, who the owner was and why it was built in this particular shape.这个古墓的年代,主人以及结构成因还需进一步的分析才能知道。Chinese media have dubbed the tomb the #39;pyramid of Zhengzhou#39;, though the structure is much smaller in size compared to the real pyramids in Egypt.中国媒体将这个坟墓称为“郑州金字塔”,虽然大小完全不及埃及金字塔。 /201703/498780。


  By year#39;s end, mobile payment will be accepted on all public buses in Hangzhou, making the city the first in China to do so and consolidating its reputation as a mobile application pioneer.在今年年底,移动付预计将在杭州市的所有公交车实现,这意味着杭州市将成为中国第一座这么做的城市,也进一步巩固了其作为移动应用覆盖城市的先锋地位。Hangzhou Public Transportation Group, the city#39;s main public transportation service provider, announced last Tuesday that it will have mobile payment terminals in its 5,000 downtown buses by the end of June and in the remaining 3,000 buses in outlying districts by the end of December.作为这座城市公共交通务的主要提供单位,杭州市公共交通集团于本周二宣布,截止到六月底,市内5000多辆巴士都将可以持移动付,剩余的3000多辆郊区线路的巴士将在今年十二月底之前实现。;Mobile payment is accepted and used by Hangzhou#39;s residents in their daily life in areas like shopping, eating, taking a taxi-all except for taking a bus,; said Weng Jun, deputy general manager of the group.交通集团的副总经理翁军表示:“除了不包括坐公交,杭州市民在日常生活中,如逛街、吃饭以及乘出租车时,已经接受并使用移动付了。”Almost 3.9 million passenger trips are made on public buses daily in Hangzhou, and cash accounts for 48 percent of total fare income, about 1.7 million yuan (7,000) a day.在杭州,每天约有390万乘客乘坐公交通勤,每日现金收入约在170万元(约合247000美元)左右,约占总票款收入的48%。;Only a dozen passengers, mainly young people, used the mobile payment every day at first. Gradually, the number grew to 200,; Weng said.翁军表示:“最开始主要是一些年轻乘客每天使用移动付,慢慢的,人数增加到了两百人。”;Passengers can use Alipay and UnionPay flash payment cards on this terminal. ApplePay, SamsungPay, HuaweiPay, MiPay and AndroidPay can be used with smartphones or wearables like watches and electronic bracelets,; said Liu Xiaojie, general manager of public services at Ant Financial.蚂蚁金融公共务部门的总经理刘晓杰表示:“乘客可以使用付宝或银联云闪付付。而智能手机或如手表以及电子手环等佩戴设备上的苹果付、三星付、华为付、小米付以及安卓付也可以使用。”Traditional cash payments and city transport cards will be kept to meet the needs of those who might be unfamiliar with mobile payment, like older riders.传统的现金付以及城市公交卡等则可以继续保留,主要是满足如老年人等不太熟悉手机付的人群的使用需求。The change is not just about a payment revolution, Weng said, since ;it can help us to improve our service;.翁军称,这不仅仅是一场付革命,因为#39;它可以帮助我们提高自身的务。#39; /201705/511784BEIJING — Liu Yiqian, a former taxi driver turned billionaire art collector, confirmed on Tuesday that he was the buyer of the painting of a nude woman by Amedeo Modigliani that sold for 0.4 million at Christie’s New York on Monday night.北京——亿万富翁刘益谦曾经当过出租车司机,现在则是一名艺术收藏家。周二他实,纽约佳士得拍卖行(Christie’s)周一晚以1.704亿美元(约10.8亿元人民币)价格拍出的阿梅代奥·莫迪利亚尼(Amedeo Modigliani)的画作,买主正是自己。Speaking by telephone from Shanghai, the Chinese collector said he planned to bring the work back to the city, where he and his wife have two private museums.这位中国收藏家在上海通过电话表示,他计划把这幅画带回上海。他和妻子在那里有两座私人美术馆。“We are planning to exhibit it for the museum’s fifth anniversary,” he said. “It will be an opportunity for Chinese art lovers to see good artworks without having to leave the country, which is one of the main reasons why we founded the museums.”“我们计划在美术馆成立五周年时展出,”他说。“借此机会让中国的艺术爱好者无需走出国门,就能看到好的作品,这也是我们开办美术馆的主要原因之一。”Bidding by telephone, Mr. Liu was one of six people competing for Modigliani’s 1917-18 canvas, “Nu Couché,” during Monday’s auction. The final hammer price of 0.4 million with fees was well above the previous auction record of .7 million for a work by Modigliani. With Mr. Liu’s winning bid, the painting became the 10th work of art to reach the elite nine-figure club for works sold at auction.本周一共有六人竞拍莫迪利亚尼1917年至1918年的画作《侧卧的裸女》(Nu Couché),刘益谦通过电话参加了竞拍。1.704亿美元的最终成交价,远高于莫迪利亚尼画作之前的拍卖纪录7070万美元。刘益谦此次拍中后,《侧卧的裸女》在“9位数拍卖价精英俱乐部中”排到了第10位。“Modigliani’s works aly have a pretty established value on the market,” Mr. Liu said. “This work is relatively nice compared to his other nude paintings. And his nude paintings have been collected by some of the world’s top museums.”“莫迪利亚尼的作品在市场上已经有了较高的价值,”刘益谦说。“这幅画比他的其他裸体画也更精妙。一些世界一流的美术馆已经收藏了他的裸体画。”Mr. Liu, who made his fortune through stock trading in the 1980s and ’90s, and his wife, Wang Wei, are two of China’s most visible art collectors. Over the years, they have built a vast collection of both traditional and contemporary Chinese art, much of which is displayed in their two museums in Shanghai: the Long Museum Pudong, which opened in 2012; and the Long Museum West Bund, which opened last year.刘益谦在上世纪80、90年代通过炒股赚取了财富。他和妻子王薇堪称中国最知名的两位艺术品藏家。这些年来,他们收藏了大量中国传统和现代艺术作品,其中大部分都陈列在他们位于上海的两座美术馆里,即2012年开幕的龙美术馆浦东馆,和去年开幕的龙美术馆西岸馆。The couple’s collection includes a 15th-century silk hanging, called a thangka, bought by Mr. Liu for million at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong last year. The purchase made headlines when it set the record for a Chinese artwork sold at an international auction.这对夫妻的藏品中,有一幅15世纪的丝绸唐卡,是刘益谦去年以4500万美元的价格在香港佳士得的拍卖会上拍得的。当时创下了中国艺术品在国际拍卖会上的最高成交价,受到了媒体的极大关注。With that purchase, Mr. Liu broke a record he had set months earlier when he paid .3 million at a Sotheby’s sale for a tiny Ming dynasty porcelain cup known as a “chicken cup.” Soon after, he caused an uproar after a photograph that showed him sipping tea from the antique cup sp online.购买唐卡也打破了刘益谦自己在数月之前创下的纪录。那次他以3630万美元的价格在苏富比拍下明代瓷器小件“鸡缸杯”。不久后,他用这只古董杯饮茶的照片被传到网上,引起一片哗然。For both record-setting acquisitions, Mr. Liu reportedly paid with an American Express credit card, earning him many millions of reward points. “Nu Couché” will be the most expensive artwork in the couple’s collection, Mr. Liu said. But when asked whether he planned to pay with the credit card again, Mr. Liu demurred.在那两次创纪录的拍卖中,刘益谦都使用了美国运通(American Express)信用卡付款,获得了数百万奖励积分。刘益谦说,《侧卧的裸女》将是夫妇俩收藏的最昂贵的艺术品。但在被问到是否打算再次用信用卡付款时,刘益谦说不会。“The payment method will be carried out in accordance with Christie’s guidelines,” he said.“付款会按照佳士得的说明进行,”他说。 /201511/409344The reform of the housing registration, or hukou system, has been under way in most regions in China following the State Council#39;s call to establish a unified household registration system for urban and rural residents in a document issued in 2014.继国务院2014年发布一份文件提出建立城乡统一的户口登记制度之后,落户限制(或称户籍制度)改革已经在中国大部分省市开展起来。To date, 29 province-level regions, apart from Beijing and the Tibet autonomous region, have unveiled official plans on the reform of the housing registration system, according to China News Service. The plans have in general phased out the so-called urban and rural hukou and replaced them with more general terms such as residential hukou, family hukou, or collective hukou.据中新网报道,截止目前为止,除北京和西藏自治区外,全国共有29个省份已经出台了户籍制度改革的具体方案。在这些方案中,基本都用更常见的术语如居民户口、家庭户口或者集体户口取代所谓的城市和农村户口。In mega cities such as Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan and Xi#39;an, point-based hukou policies are prevalent. The policies, despite their variance in different places, generally take into account the factors of the legitimacy of a person#39;s job and residence, insurance and a fixed number of years he or she has lived in the city.在上海、成都、武汉和西安这样的特大城市,积分落户政策非常盛行。尽管在不同地方这个政策会有些许差异,但主要都是参考一个人的合法就业、合法住所、社保缴纳以及在该市的连续居住年限。According to the proposals of the State Council, China should fully liberalize household registration in townships and small cities. Some provinces have adopted more relaxed measures. Southwest China#39;s Sichuan province, for instance, extends the application of this policy to big and midsized cities. Guizhou, also in Southwest China, plans to remove the hukou restrictions in midsized cities, as well as in townships and small cities.根据国务院的户籍改革意见,中国要全面放开乡镇和小城市落户限制。一些省份引入了更为宽松的政策。比如中国西南部的四川省,就提出了全面放开大中小城市落户限制;同样在西南部的贵州省,则计划取消中小城市和乡镇的落户限制。According to the State Council, big cities should not require more than five years of social security payment for hukou applicants. The time limit has been shorted in some provinces.另外,根据国务院的意见,大城市不应对户口申请者要求超过5年的社会保险要求。一些省份甚至还缩短了这个年限。Central China#39;s Henan province, for instance, requires two years of payment for the most, while East China#39;s Anhui province, requires a maximum three years of such payment. The Inner Mongolia autonomous region scrapped the requirements on social security payment for Hohhot and Baotou cities to relax local hukou access.比如中部的河南省,将此要求缩短为两年,东部的安徽省要求不得超过3年。而内蒙古自治区的呼和浩特市和包头市取消了城镇社会保险落户的条件,以放宽户口准入条件。 /201605/442581

  Mentally ill patients and those with criminal records, such as those charged with violent acts, actions that endanger public security, serious violation of laws, and traffic offences, are forbidden to register as online car-hailing drivers, according to a new standard jointly issued by car-hailing platform Didi Chuxing and the Share Economy Committee of the Internet Society of China.叫车平台滴滴出行与中国互联网协会分享经济工作委员会日前联合发布的一项新标准明确,精神病患者以及被指控存在暴力行为、危害公众安全行为、严重违法、交通违法等犯罪记录的人员禁止注册为网约车驾驶人员。Various online car-hailing apps are providing more solution for transport. However, due to lack of supervision of drivers, some illegal cases have happened in the car-hailing industry.多家网上叫车应用为交通运输提供了更多的解决方案。不过,由于缺乏对司机的监管,叫车行业发生了一些违法案件。On the evening of May 2, a 24-year-old female teacher in Shenzhen hitched a ride back to school via a mobile car-hailing app. The driver took her to a remote place, and then robbed and killed her.在5月2日夜晚,深圳一名24岁的女性教师通过手机叫车app,做顺风车返回学校。该车司机却将其拉到一个偏远的地方,实施抢劫并杀害了她。Sources from the app#39;s company said the suspect was registered with real ID card, driving license and vehicle license but used falsified license plate on the day he carried out the crime.来自该手机应用的研发公司的消息人士表示,这名嫌疑犯已经通过真实身份、驾驶和车辆许可注册,但是在实施犯罪当天使用的是伪造车牌。The new standard is related to the background check system for hiring car-hailing drivers. The investigations will check the records and canvass opinions of well-known experts and scholars as well as relevant ministries.新标准与雇佣网约车驾驶人员的背景审查体系有关。背景调查将审查犯罪记录并征求知名专家学者以及相关部门的意见。Sources from Didi said the company will strictly follow the standard. When someone registers on the app and applies to be a driver, Didi will immediately check with public security organs.来自滴滴的消息人士称,该公司将严格遵循此标准。当有人在该应用程序上进行注册并申请成为一名司机时,滴滴将会立即与公安机关进行核对。Workers will check the national illegal crime information system, the information system for escaped criminals, the database for drug crime suspects, the public security traffic management platform, and the mental patients information system. People whose names are in these systems will be prevented from becoming drivers on the Didi platform.工作人员将会核查全国违法犯罪信息系统、全国在逃人员信息系统、毒品犯罪嫌疑人数据库、公安交通管理平台和精神病患者信息系统。名字在这些系统中出现的人,将会禁止在滴滴平台上成为司机。 /201607/455795

  Australia moved to block the Abn-plus (.47bn) sale of a controlling stake in the country’s biggest electricity distribution network to two Chinese companies on national security grounds.澳大利亚出于国家安全考虑,决定阻止一笔逾100亿澳元(合74.7亿美元)的、将该国最大电网企业的控股权出售给两家中国企业的交易。The preliminary decision reflects public and political unease over the scale of Chinese investment in critical infrastructure and farm land in Australia — echoed around the globe — that has intensified following the recent election.这一初步决定反映出,在不久前的选举过后,澳民众和政界对中国企业投资澳关键基础设施和农地的规模之大感到不安。中国投资在世界其他地方也引发了这种不安。“In particular, during the review process national security issues were identified in critical power and communications services that Ausgrid provides to businesses and governments,” Scott Morrison, Australia’s treasurer, said on Thursday.澳大利亚财长斯科特#8226;莫里森(Scott Morrison)周四表示:“要特别指出的是,在审查过程中,(当局)认定Ausgrid向企业和政府提供的关键电力与通信务中存在国家安全问题。”“I am, of course, open to consider what the bidders put to me, but at this stage no suitable mitigations have been identified that would, for the proposed transaction structure, appropriately address the identified risks,” he added.他接着说:“当然,我愿意考虑竞标者提交给我的东西,但在现阶段,从提议的交易结构来看,没有看出有哪些合适的措施可妥善化解我们认定的那些风险、缓解我们的担忧。”Mr Morrison insisted to reporters that the government remained positively disposed to foreign investment despite the decision to block the transaction. The stake is being offered by the state government under a 99-year lease莫里森对记者们坚称,尽管决定阻止这笔交易,但澳政府仍对外国投资持欢迎态度。在这笔交易中,州政府是以租让99年的形式出售这些股权的。State Grid Corporation, which is owned by the Chinese government, and Hong Kong-based Cheung Kong Infrastructure, which is backed by tycoon Li ka-shing, have each submitted bids of more than Abn (.47bn) for a 50.4 per cent stake in the New South Wales electricity group Ausgrid. No local bidders took part in a privatisation process that has been thrown into disarray by the decision.国有的中国国家电网公司(State Grid Corporation,简称:国家电网)以及香港大亨李嘉诚(Li ka-shing)控制的长江基建(Cheung Kong Infrastructure),都提交了以逾100亿澳元收购新南威尔士州电力集团Ausgrid 50.4%股权的报价。并无澳本土企业参与这笔已被政府上述决定打乱的私有化交易。In a statement responding to the decision, CKI said: “We believe that the Australian Government must have reasons beyond the obvious which led them to make today’s announcement. The issue is unrelated to CKI.”长江基建在一份回应澳方决定的声明中称:“集团相信澳洲政府今日之公布背后实有难言之隐。个中原因与长江基建无关。”Chinese investment in the US, Europe and Australia has hit record levels, underlining Beijing’s growing importance as a driver of global growth and source of inward investment. But it is prompting scrutiny from regulators, including in Australia where Scott Morrison, treasurer, recently blocked the sale of the vast S Kidman amp; Co cattle farm to a Chinese group.中国在美国、欧洲和澳大利亚的投资已达到创纪录水平,突显出中国作为全球增长驱动力以及外来投资源头的重要性日益上升。但这正引发各国监管机构的密切关注,包括澳大利亚。澳财长莫里森近期还阻止了将大型养牛场基德曼公司(S Kidman amp; Co)出售给一家中资集团的交易。The proposed sale of Ausgrid has drawn sharp criticism from independent politicians, a bigger voice in parliament following July’s knife-edge election that gave the government a single-seat majority. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party and the Nick Xenophon Team, which control seven seats in the Senate, have both publicly opposed the sale of Ausgrid to foreign buyers.Ausgrid这笔拟议中的售股交易还招致独立议员的尖锐批评。由于现政府在7月极其激烈的大选中仅获得超半数1个席位的多数,这些独立议员在议会中拥有了更大的话语权。波琳#8226;汉森(Pauline Hanson)的单一民族党(One Nation party)和谢诺峰团队党(Nick Xenophon Team)都公开反对将Ausgrid出售给外国买家。这两党在参议院合计控制7个席位。“This decision may herald the start of the coalition’s rollback on openness to foreign investment and free trade due to the new political realities in parliament,” said Duncan McDonnell, politics lecturer at Griffith University.格里菲斯大学(Griffith University)政治学讲师邓肯#8226;麦克唐奈(Duncan McDonnell)说:“这一决定或许预示着,鉴于议会的新政治现实,联合政府在向外资开放及自由贸易方面开始出现后退。”The New South Wales government said it was confident another buyer could be found in time for the next state budget to record the proceeds of the transaction. But given the lack of local bidders, the sale process is likely to be delayed and raise less cash.新南威尔士州政府表示,有信心及时找到另一个买家,以便下个州预算案中能录入这笔交易的所得。但由于缺少本土竞标者,出售过程很可能延迟,筹到的现金也不会有那么多。Australia’s business lobby and some politicians are becoming increasingly concerned that foreign investment has become a political football, which risks damaging the economy.澳大利亚商业游说团体及一些政治人士越来越担心,外国投资已变成一个“政治皮球”,那样的话可能会给该国经济造成伤害。 /201608/460455



  Local regulations need to be amended or parents will still face penalties, says population expert专家近日表示,由于地方条例还需要修正,现在生二胎的家长还是会面临相关处罚。Couples who want a second child after the announcement on Thursday that China#39;s ;one-child policy; is ending will have to wait until the appropriate laws are amended, according to experts.根据专家所言,在星期四的独生政策解除的消息公布之后,想要生二胎的夫妻还需等到相关条例修正完成。The launch of the new policy needs to be in accordance with regional population and family planning laws, and the birth of a second child before such regulations are passed into law will be deemed illegal.新政策的出台需要参考地方人口以及计划生育法,在相关法规尘埃落定之前生二胎仍然是不合法的。Jiang Weiping, director of the China Population and Development Research Center, said the necessary measures will be determined by people#39;s congresses or their standing committees in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.中国人口与发展研究中心主人姜卫平表示,必要的举措将会由人民代表大会以及各省、各自治区、各直辖市的常务委员会决定。The people#39;s congress at provincial level or its standing committee will revise local regulations or make new ones, with the support and guidance of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, Jiang said.各省人民代表大会或各省常务委员会将会在国家计生委的持和指导下修改当地法规或者制定新的法规,姜主任说。;The timeline for the operation of the new #39;two-child policy#39; in different regions will determine when the second newborn baby will be able to have a legal identity,; Jiang said..姜主任说:“新的二胎政策在不同地区的执行时间将会决定第二个新生儿什么时候能得到合法身份。”Last year, several regions in China took the lead in introducing a second-child policy. However, parents in 17 provinces and autonomous regions who had a second child before the new local regulations were finalized still faced financial penalties.去年,中国几个地区带头提出了二胎政策,然而,来自17个省和自治区的已经在本地新的二胎政策出台之前就生育二胎的父母仍然面临着经济处罚。After China relaxes its family planning policy, parents who choose to have one child or opt for a second child will no longer get government awards such as a monthly bonus, which varies in different regions.在中国放宽计生政策之后,父母们无论选择只要一个孩子还是要生二胎都不会再得到像每月补贴一样的政府奖励,这一点在不同的地区政策还是不同的。;The number of new births will definitely increase in the coming years and we estimate that the peak will be over 20 million newborn babies,; said Wang Pei#39;an, vice-minister of the National Health and Family Planning Commission.“接下来的几年里新生儿的数量一定会增加,并且我们估计新生婴儿最高峰将会超过2千万。”国家计生委副主任王培安表示。At present, about 60 percent of China#39;s child-bearing women are over 35 years old, which means an increase of #39;elderly#39; mothers will be witnessed in China in the next few years, Wang said in a news release on Friday.现在,大约60%抚养孩子的中国妇女都超过了35岁,这意味着中国的母亲老龄化现象在接下来的几年里将成为现实,王培安在周五报道的新闻中这么说。;It#39;s safe to say that the two-child policy won#39;t bring huge pressure on food security and basic public services, such as health, education and employment,; Wang said. He estimated that another 30 million working people aged between 15 and 59 will be added by 2050. ;It will benefit economic growth in the long term,; Wang added.王培安还说:“保守地说,二胎政策不会给食品安全以及基础公共建设例如卫生,教育和就业等造成太大压力。”他估计在2050年之前,年龄15到59之间的工作人口将会在增加3千万。“这将会对长期经济增长有益。”他补充道。 /201511/407275

  Pandas: cute, but sexually inept and bamboozled bytheir own food requirements, right? Not so. In fact, it is life in captivitythat disrupts the complex rhythm of panda mating behaviour, with itsterritorial scent marking, mating calls and complex social interactions.熊猫:可爱但是被它们自己的食物需求所迷惑,对求偶不上心,对吧?但并非如此,事实上,人工驯养的生活打乱了大熊猫求偶行为的复杂节奏,如在自己的领地做气味标识,发出求偶信号,以及复杂的社交互动。Infant pandas are reared in nurseries, wherededicated staff work non-stop to meet their every need - including massagingtheir stomachs to stimulate their digestion图:熊猫宝宝生活在培育中心里,那里有专门的员工夜以继日的满足它们的各种需求-包括胃部刺激消化。Most pandas born in captivity will spend theirlives there, in China or on loan to zoos abroad. But at Hetaoping fieldstation, within Wolong reserve, in a painstakingly slow process, some pandasare being prepped for a future in the wild. These candidate animals arecarefully selected ? they must be naturally wary of humans.在中国或者租借熊猫的海外动物园里,大多数出生在人工驯养环境中的熊猫会在那里生活一辈子。但是在卧龙自然保护区的核桃坪野外监测站,在煞费苦心的漫长过程中,正准备将一些熊猫在未来回归野外。这些待回归动物是经过精挑细选的吗?它们对人类必须保持着自然地警惕。If pandas are to be released and thrive in thewild, they must be wary of humans. Keepers at the Hetaoping reserve in Wolongtherefore wear black-and-white costumes soaked in panda urine图:如果打算将熊猫放回野外且在野外繁殖,它们就必须要提防人类。因此卧龙核桃坪自然保护区的看守员们穿着在熊猫尿液里浸泡过的黑白熊猫装。Baby pandas are tiny, hairless and incrediblyvulnerable. Captive-born babies are removed to incubators to increase theirchances of survival, where staff bottle-feed them, rock them, burp them andkeep a close eye on errant toddlers ? all the duties of a parent, including thesleepless nights. But the babies selected for a wilder future stay with theirmothers before being moved to fenced-in habitats further up the mountain. Since2006, five have been released (wearing tracking collars) and three are still alive.A handful of others are also being considered for release.熊猫宝宝非常的小,全身无毛并且非常的弱势。在人类驯养环境中,为了提高存活率,出生的熊猫宝宝则被放置在保温箱中,同时有专门的人员用奶瓶喂养,摇晃着它们,密切关注着这群犯错的孩子?所做的这一切就像一位母亲般尽职尽责。在被转移到深山里围起的栖息地之前,这些被选中的未来将回归野外的熊猫宝宝们仍然和它们的妈妈待在一起。从2006年开始,已经有5只大熊猫(佩戴跟踪环)被释放到野外,其中有3只仍然存活。少数的几只也正考虑释放野外。Gestation for baby pandas ranges from three tofive months, and the tiny hairless blind creatures weigh an average of 100g(0.2lb) when they are born图:熊猫期一般3到5个月,这些微小无毛又未睁开眼的生物刚出生时平均重100g。Pandas need large territories: they eat about9kg-18kg (20lb-40lb) of bamboo each day. In fact, bones found in China indicatethat pandas, as we know them, have been around for two million years, and forall that time they thrived and sp throughout southern and eastern China,northern Myanmar and Vietnam. Then came the human population boom, andmillennia of panda behaviour was disrupted in a few years.熊猫在野外需要广阔的活动范围:它们每天吃9kg-18kg的竹子。事实上,在中国发现的骨骼表明,我们所认识的大熊猫已经存在了两百万年了,在这期间,熊猫的繁衍生息遍及中国南部和东部,缅甸和越南北部。接着是人类数量的爆发式的增长,在最近的几年里,熊猫几千年来的习性被人类打乱。The young pandas are weighed and monitored closelyto ensure they are putting on weight. Pandas take around five to seven years toreach full size图:熊猫幼崽的体重被密切监视着,确保它们正在增重。熊猫长到最大体型大约需要花费5-7年的时间。With much of their habitat destroyed, survivorsbecame isolated ? it is estimated that their current mountain habitat in Chinacomprises just 1% of their original range. The 70s saw their nadir ? withestimates of just 800 to 1,000 left in the wild. In 1980, the ChinaConservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda was founded at Wolong.Alongside government protection of their habitat, this has seen numbers in themost recent survey (2014) rise to more than 1,800. However, scientific modelssuggest that global warming could reduce their remaining habitat by 60% in thenext 70 years. Their continued survival is far from a black-and-white issue.随着大量的栖息地被摧毁,幸存下来的大熊猫变得孤立起来?据估计在中国境内熊猫目前的栖息地和原始范围相比只剩下1%了。70年代,熊猫数量达到最低谷,据估计野外只剩下800-1000只。1980年,在卧龙成立了中国大熊猫保护和研究中心。同时在政府对栖息地保护的情况下,根据最近的一次测量统计(2014),野外熊猫数量已经上升到1800只。但是,科学模型显示,全球变暖会在未来的70年内减少60%现存的栖息地。大熊猫持久的生存远不是一个非白即黑的问题。These images have been shortlisted for the NaturalWorld category of the professional competition in the Sony World Photographyawards. Winners will be announced on 20 April. An exhibition of shortlistedwork will run at Somerset House, London from 21 April-7 May. worldphoto.org这些照片入围了索尼全球摄影奖专业赛中的自然类。4月20日将公布冠军得主。摄影展的照片筛选工作将在塞默特宫进行。 /201704/504507

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