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网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:什么风把你吹来了What brings you here? 什么风把你吹来了?这个句子的字面意思是;什么事把你带来?;,表示看见某人时的意外。大都用在许久不见的朋友突然来访时,或可用于他乡遇故知的场合。【范例一】What brings you here? I am on a business trip.什么风把你吹来了?我来出差。【范例二】I havent seen you for ages. What brings you here, today?好久不见。今天什么风把你吹来了?【范例三】Fancy to meet you here! What brings you?真没想到在这儿见到你!什么风把你吹来了?A: Well, what brings you here?什么风把你吹来?B: I came to see my aunt.我来看我姨妈。A: Does she live nearby?她住在这附近?B: Yes. She lives on the next block.是的,她就住在下个街区。 /201205/184811Hi,hi,I have a gift for you你好 嗨 我给你带了份礼物I see theres something in your hand,what is it我看到你拿着东西了 是什么I wrapped it in this beautiful bag that you gave me earlier我把它装在这个漂亮的袋子里 这还是你之前给我的This is a gift for you,open it,ok.Look at that,fantastic这是给你的礼物 你来打开 好 看啊 太棒了Theyre so sweet,This one is,I got this one for you.Thanks Chris这个真贴心 还有这个 这个是给你的 谢谢你 ChrisYeah,youre welcome,you just seem really great in them.thank you不客气 你带着这个看起来很帅 谢谢You know,it has your name on it just in case.I can put it on,I like it,nothing ever把你名字绣在上面只是以防万一 我能带上 我很喜欢 比什么都喜欢It looks really good.Thats great,Im so happy to meet you,We havent met you some time on the show看起来真的很好 太好了 我很开心能见到你 我们好久没在节目上见过了Weve met your wife before,shes been on the show.yes.Anna Fairs,this is his wife,Anna之前我们见过你的妻子 她来过节目 没错 Anna Faris 是他的妻子And I love you in the movie and I love you on the Parks and Recreation我很喜欢你在电影和《公园与游憩》里的表演Youre a very funny guy and youre a charming guy,and also I like you very much你很有意思 也很帅气 我喜欢你还有个原因because on the red carpet of the Emmys,youre wearing my underwear,yes你在艾美奖上走红毯时穿了我旗下品牌的内衣 是啊Coincidently,they stopped to talk to you and you all the same lifted it up and showed youre wearing the他们很凑巧拦住你进行采访 而你一点没犹豫就拉起衣 让我们看到你穿着它Im a heres fan,Dont.Im wearing a,I get some underwear on me right now.really我是这个节目的粉丝 别啊 我穿着呢 我现在就穿着一件 真的 /201611/477722

  Subject:He never put on the dog to show off his money. 迷你对话A: I heard that he is a man of few words and a rough nut to crack.我听说他平时不爱言语,并且不太好说话。B: No, he is a kind person. He never puts on the dog to show off his money.不是,他是个善良的人。他从来不炫耀摆阔气。 地道表达 put on the dog 1. 解词释义Put on the dog的意思是“讲排场,摆阔气”。这是一个随着社会物质财富而逐渐丰富流行起来的习语。它出现于10多年前,因为当时有钱人家的太太喜欢花高价购买宠物,又喜欢抱着它们在客人面前卖弄,所以就有了这个表达方式,带贬义的色比较浓。其英文解释为:to make things extra special or dress formally for a special event。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Franks really putting on the dog for the big party Friday night.Frank在周五晚上的盛大晚会上真的是摆阔气。e.g. They really put on the dog in front of their guests.他们在客人面前摆阔气。e.g. Her friends egged on Mabel to put on the dog to show off.梅布尔的朋友们怂恿她花钱摆阔气。 Ps 1:show off的意思是“炫耀,卖弄”。例如:She did a quick twirl to show off her dress.她轻快地一转身,炫耀自己所穿的衣。Although he wants to make a hit, I think he hasnt got much to show off.虽然他想大出风头, 不过我以为他没有什么可炫耀的。 Ps 2:a rough nut to crack 是个习语,意思是:难以说或影响的人; 难事;难题;难以应付的问题或情况。例如:They say that she is a rough nut to crack.据说她是一个难驯的女人。He is a rough nut to crack, just ignore him.他就是个刺儿头, 别理他! Ps 3:a man of few words是指“很少说话的人,不爱言谈的人”。 /201403/280108

  电影里见过这样的场景,某个人不堪忍受严刑拷打,还不肯出卖他人,最后选择了咬舌自尽。不过您别害怕,我们今天要说的虽然和咬舌头有关,跟自尽就不着边儿了。英语当中bite your tongue这个固定表达法的意思是keep quiet about something,也就是;闭嘴不说;保守秘密;的意思了。小对话:A:Todd, bite your tongue if the boss says something you dont like during the meeting, or you may get fired. 托德, 大会上如果老板说了不中听的话,你要保持沉默,否则可能被解雇的。B:Irsquo;d rather be fired than work in dishonor. 我宁愿被解雇了,也不愿屈辱的工作。更多例句:Yoursquo;d better bite your tongue and not say a word of this to anyone! 你最好保持缄默,而且对任何人一个字也不要说!Sometimes you need to bite your tongue while talking with your supervisor. 当你与上司说话时,有时是要婉转谨慎的。In order to keep peace of your marriage, sometimes you need to bite your tongue. 为了维持婚姻平安无事,有时你要保持沉默,谨慎说话。I cant bite my tongue forever while you try to play it cool. You can hide behind your stories, but dont take me for a fool. 你试图保持冷静,我却不能忍住不说。你可以深藏在你所编织的谎言中,可是别把我当傻瓜。什么时候该说话,什么时候该闭嘴,的确是大学问,大修养。希望我们都尽量避免祸从口出的情况,适时bite our tongues. 好了。本期我们就说到这里吧。 /201203/175934。

  大家好。感谢您继续关注,关注“布朗尼加分”口语课堂。记得鼹鼠的故事里有一集讲一只喜鹊喜欢偷了人类的首饰藏到自己的窝中欣赏,今天我们要听的故事则和一只偷东西的乌鸦有关。只是,这只乌鸦不像喜鹊那么会保存东西。 一起来听个究竟吧。 One day, when Frank Landstrom was playing golf in Clearwater, Florida, something strange happened. His 0 gold bracelet was in his golf cart. All of a sudden, a big crow flew down out of nowhere and grabbed the bracelet. "What in the world?" Frank thought. He watched wide-eyed as the crow made off with his bracelet. Frank was in a bad mood because he was sure the bracelet was gone for good. Later that day, a man named Tom Johnson pulled into a supermarket parking lot 35 miles from Clearwater. Something shiny on the ground caught his eye. He picked it up. It was a gold bracelet! The next morning, Tom saw a story in the newspaper about a crow and a gold bracelet. He put two and two together. Then he got in touch with Frank Landstrom to give the bracelet back. Frank couldn't believe his luck. 一个人正在打高尔夫球,并将自己的金手镯放到车里,这时,一只乌鸦flew down out of nowhere and grabbed the bracelet. Out of nowhere, “突然冒出来, 不知打哪儿来的”,在本文中相当于suddenly and unepectedly,毫无预兆的。例如,《哈利波特与死亡圣器》一书的第一章有这样一句话:The two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart in the narrow, moonlit lane. 在一条洒满月光的狭窄小路上,两个男人凭空出现在了相距几码的地方。Out of nowhere 凭空出现,和我们文中的用法一样。 乌鸦突然从天而降,而且叼走了金手镯,这一过程除了让Frank感叹“What in the world”之外,只能watched wide-eyed。睁大眼睛瞧着,说明非常surprised. 和“what in the world”相呼应。都表示feel so strange and surprised. Frank心情很糟。因为他认为手镯was gone for good,这里good等于ever,gone for ever也就是永远找不回来。 就在同一天,另一个名叫Tom的人,正在pulled into a supermarket parking lot. 这里pulled into a place 可不是拖拽什么东西到某处,而是“drive one’s car into a place”也就是,“开着车进入某处”的意思。本文Tom开车进入的是parking lot。Parking大家都知道意思是“停车”,后面的lot作名词用时有“(作特定用处的)一块地”来讲。那么此处parking lot就是停车场的意思。再来看一个例句,理解lot这一用法。He is looking for an empty lot on which to build his house. 他正在找一块空地盖房子。 停车场的地面上something shiny,一个亮闪闪的东西Caught Tom's eye。 这一部分首先强调一下something shiny的用法。形容词修饰不定代词时要放在后面。比如,somebody nice, something different, anything interesting等等。再来看Catch one's eye这一表达法。现在,我们常常能听到类似“吸引……眼球”“捉住……眼球”来表示取得注意。Catch one’s eye就表示”attract one’s attention” 吸引某人的注意力。再来看一个例子。That antique vase caught my eye and I just had to buy it. 那个古董花瓶着实吸引了我,我必须得买下它。 Tom捡到了一只金手镯,报纸上又说一只乌鸦叼走了一个人的金镯,那么,put two and two together,“根据事实推测”,Tom捡到的就是Frank丢掉的了。Put two and two together, 是figure something out from what one sees,hears and learns. 根据自己看到听到了解到的弄明白事情。比如:John didn't tell me that he loves her , but I put two and two together. 约翰没有告诉我他爱她,但我根据事实看得出来。 调皮的乌鸦,诚实的Tom,先是坏运气,又得好运气的Frank,一起上演了一幕失而能复得的喜剧。好了,本期就到这里,下期再继续和Rose一起听故事,学英语吧。 /201110/159116

  迷你对话A: What had make you so upset?是什么让你这么不安?B: Frank has gone out with Lucy again.Frank又和Lucy出去了。A: What’s wrong with that?那又怎么了?B: Lucy is know as a social butterfly. She has taken many rich men for a ride, you know.众所周知,Lucy是一个交际花,他玩弄了许多有钱人。第一 核心表达【核心短语】a social butterfly【解词释义】butterfly是指“蝴蝶”,现在用来指“轻浮的人,追求享乐的人”。Social butterfly是指“交际花”“很会交际的人”。【典型范例】When Miss Tang arrived home, her parents teased her, Well, our social butterfly is home. 唐回到家里,她父母都打趣她说交际明星回来了。第二、 词海拾贝take for a ride:欺骗人; 用武力带走某人并加以谋害Some day we shall take him for a ride.有一天我会杀掉他。Be careful not to let other people take you for a ride.当心别让别人耍弄了。 /201307/247801迷你对话:A: He has come to life in the end.他终于清醒过来了。B: Oh, thank God. We all felt frightened by the bad new about him.哦,谢天谢地。一听到有关的坏消息,我们都吓坏了。A: Yes. Fortunately, an ambulance passed in the nick of time, and we got him away to hospital.就是,幸亏一辆救护车经过,我们才把你送到医院。B: Right. Unless, who know what will happen.是呀,不然,谁知道会发生什么事情。A: Wish him to be healthy soon. 但愿他赶快好起来。地道表达:in the nick of time解词释义:在18世纪以前人们是通过木签(tally)上的刻痕来记账和计时的。这种刻痕叫做notch,也称作nick。此语原作in the nick,而of time是后面加上去的,先表示“在关键时刻”。此语中可以加very一词用于强调。持范例:The army arrived in the nick of time and the town was saved. 军队适时到达,这座小镇得救了。He got to the station in the nick of time and caught the train. 他及时赶到车站,乘上了火车。 I saw the baby was about to fall off and caught it just in the nick of time. 我看见那个婴儿要跌落了,我恰好把他接住了。The doctor arrived in the nick of time to save the child. 医生正好在紧要关头赶来救这个孩子。词海拾贝:1. come to life:苏醒过来,复苏,有生机,复燃As the door banged, she seemed to come to life again. 当门“砰”地关上的时候,她好像又清醒过来了。Superstitious activities have come to life again recently. 近来, 封建迷信活动又死灰复燃了。Youre very cool with your brother, but with your friends you really come to life. 你对你弟弟冷冰冰的, 但跟朋友在一起倒很活跃。2. in the end:最后,最终Eg. He decided to play along in the end. 他终于决定采取合作的态度。Eg. The bad boy got his just deserts in the end. 这坏孩子最终得到了应有的惩罚。Eg. In the end the husband always gained the affection of his wife. 到后来,丈夫总得获得自己妻子的欢心的。Eg. In the end he had got mixed up in some shady affair. 最后,他卷入了一桩见不得人的勾当。 /201211/207391

  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:管管你自己的事情现代当艺人真不容易,有机会被枕边人出卖,将私隐卖给八卦媒体,更有一些专业仔队偷拍和跟踪。更可怕的是那些路人甲和路人乙在说三道四,对着这群人,可以说句:Mind your own business.(管管你的事情),或者Thats my own business.(这是我的事)、Thats private. / Thats personal.(这是私事)、Stay out of my affairs.(别管我的事)、Dont be nosy.(别好管闲事)。A: How could you leave the party without saying a word? The Morgan family was so unhappy about it. A:你怎么不辞而别离开派对?根家庭对此很不高兴。B: I had my reasons. Dont be so uptight. B:我有我的原因,别这么紧张。A: But what happened? Cant you tell me the whole story? A:但发生什么事?你不可以告诉我吗? B: Please mind your own business. I dont need to report everything back to you.B:请管你自己的事吧,我不需事事向你回报。 /201207/189317


  ;All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.;所有的旅程都有旅行者不知道的目的地。单词:journey 旅程secret 秘密destination 目的地traveler 旅行者unaware 不知道的旅行实用句:Any relatives here?你在这里有亲戚吗? /201603/431814。

  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):First, Michigan Republican legislators proposed phasing out the income tax over a 40-year period, then that was changed to reduce it from 4.25% to 3.9% over four years. This week Michigan Speaker of the House Tom Leonard, R-DeWitt Township brought it up for a vote and in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, it failed.Joe Haveman, a former Republican State Representative who served as Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, and Vicki Barnett, the former mayor of Farmington Hills and a former Democratic legislator, joined Stateside to analyze the weeks political news.Haveman said Leonard wanted to show that a majority of Republicans were in favor of an income tax rollback. Barnett said the bill would have destabilized the entire budget.Pundits have suggested Leonards push for an income tax rollback is motivated by a desire to run for Attorney General. Haveman dismissed that, saying Leonard was just responding to budget realities.;Weve got a budget surplus,; Haveman said. ;We put money in our savings, and weve brought down pension debt. Maybe its time to give a little bit back to the taxpayer. Theres nothing wrong with that.;Barnett pointed to lingering problems with Michigans roads, infrastructure, and public schools as an indication that ;weve balanced the budget on the backs of the infrastructure.;School closings?Earlier recommendations by Governor Snyders School Reform Office indicated 38 schools may close due to low test scores. This week, he released a statement delaying that decision.Barnett said standards required by state laws are not met in this instance. As a result, some schools districts filed lawsuits ;to say a law was passed to deal with this and youve not followed that law.;Haveman said that while the bottom 5% of schools in the state need to be held accountable, closing them without a plan may not be wise.;I think the governor made a good call,; he said.Listen above for the full conversation.201702/494542


  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:坦白从宽中国有句老话:坦白从宽,抗拒从严。英语中,“坦白从宽”相应的俚语表达为;cop a plea;。;Cop a plea;首见于上个世纪40年代。有种说法认为,cop源于拉丁语;capere(抓住);,在俚语中,;cop(抓住、赢得);至今仍为英美两国人所使用.如:The flick has copped four awards.这部电影获得了四项大奖。相应的,;Cop a plea;可理解为“抓住恳请从宽发落的机会”,在俚语中常用来形容“承认有罪以求轻判”。此外,法律文件中,“坦白从宽”更常用;plea bargain;来表达,指“法官同意因被告主动坦白而从轻发落。”例句:The question is whether he will fight to the bitter end to clear his name or cop a plea to try to limit his time in prison. 问题是他是要抗争到底以洗清罪名,还是要主动坦白以求轻判。 /201302/224136

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