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Develop the roll of film冲洗胶卷Can you develop the roll of film?你能冲洗胶卷吗?Sure.当然How long does it take?要多久?6 hours. If you are in a hurry, we can develop it in 3 hours.6个小时,如果您很急的话,我们可以3小时冲洗出来There is no need. I will come back tomorrow.不必了,我明天来取 55Babysitting Service托婴务Good evening,sir. What can I do you?晚上好,先生,我能帮您忙吗?We are going to have a party tonight, would you please look after our bal tonight?我们晚上要参加个聚会,你能帮我们照看孩子吗?Well,we have baby-sitting selvice. We will take good care of your baby.我们这里有托婴务,我们会好好照看您孩子的That good.太好了Please fill out the table.请填写这张表 358588

1.We need a little more time to think about it.1.我们还需要再考虑一下.What do you recommend?.你建议吃什么?3.Which would you say is the best?3.你说哪一种最好?.Can you tell me their different features?.你可以告诉我每种菜的特色吗?5.Which do you prefer, Chinese food or Western food?5.您喜欢中餐还是西餐?6.I would recommend lamb chops.6.我推荐羊排7.The fish here is very delicious.7.这里的鱼做得非常可口8.These are the best of our restaurant.8.这些是我们餐馆的招牌菜9.What the specialty of this place?9.这里的招牌菜是什么?50.Id like to have some local specialties.50.我想吃一些有地方特色的菜51.This place is noted steaks.51.这里以牛排闻名5.What today special?5.今天的特价菜是什么?53.What do you have today supper?53.今天晚餐你们供应什么菜色?5.We have all kinds of Western food at your choice.5.我们有各式西餐供您挑选55.What can be served very quickly? I have only 30 minutes.55.哪一种上菜比较快?我只有30分钟56.Are there any foods you dont like to eat?56.有没有您不吃的食物?57.Im allergic to seafood.57.我对海鲜过敏58.Do you have typical Chinese food?58.你们有地道的中国菜吗?59.What kind of Chinese food do you serve?59.你们供应那些中国菜?60.Will you recommend some French dishes?60.请帮我们介绍几样法国菜好吗?61.Could you fix me something light?61.你可以帮我准备清淡一点的菜吗?6.Do you have vegetarian dishes?6.你们有没有素菜?63.Do you have set meals?63.你们有没有套餐?6.What is the difference between this and this?6.这个和这个有什么不同?65.What did they order? I would like to order the same thing.65.请问他们点的是什么?我要点一样的66.Ill have this and this.66.我要这个和这个67.Would you like an appetizer?67.您要不要来点开胃菜?68.What the soup of the day?68.今天有什么汤?69.Id like a bowl of tomato soup, please.69.请给我来碗西红柿汤70.I think Ill have a vegetable salad.70.我要一份蔬菜沙拉71.What kind of dressing do you want on your salad?71.您的沙拉要配什么酱?7.What would you like to have a main dish?7.您主菜想吃什么?73.We have ham, steak, roast beef, and fried chicken today.73.我们今天供应火腿、牛排、烤牛肉和炸鸡7.Lobsters, crabs and prawns are being served today.7.今天有龙虾、蟹和明虾75.Do you have lobsters?75.你们有龙虾吗?76.How do you like your steak?76.牛排要几分熟的?77.Medium-well, please.77.七分熟78.I prefer it well-done, please.78.我喜欢吃全熟的79.Would you like more side dishes?79.您要再来一点附餐吗?80.What comes with the steak?80.牛排的附餐是什么? 399559Money Exchange第四章 兑换外币Part 1 Vocabulary第一部分 词汇1.currencymoney exchange1.外币兑换.dollar.美元3.1 dollar3.美元1元.half dollar50 cents.美元50分5.quarter5 cents5.美元5分6.dime cents6.美元十分7.nickel5 cents7.美元5分8.penny1cent8.美元1分9.euro9.欧元.euro cent.欧分.exchange rate.汇率.small change.换小钞.sign.签名.traveler check.旅行票.ATMAutomatic Teller Machine.自动提款机 387795

Key Sentences(重点句子)1.What a breathtaking sight!多么神奇的景色啊!.On your right is Tiandu Feng,one of the three main peaks of Huangshan and also the steepest.在你们的右边是黄山三大主峰之一的天都峰,也是最陡的一座山峰3.It is 1,8 meters high.它的高度是1,8米.On the way up,you can see a cliff called Jiyu Bei.往上去,你们会看到一道被称作“鲫鱼背”的悬崖5.He said the cliff was called Jiyu Bei,which means Carp Backbone.他说那座悬崖叫作“鲫鱼背”,意思就是鲫鱼的脊背6.On your left is Lianhua Feng,or the Lotus Flower Peak,at a height of 1,860 meters.在你们的左边是莲花峰,高度是1,860米7.It is the highest peak of Huangshan.它是黄山的最高峰8.At its summit is a rock only about six meters across.峰顶是一块仅仅6米见方的岩石9.Famous pine tree such as the“Flying Dragon” and the“Twin Dragons”are found there.在莲花峰,还能看到一些名闻遐迩的松树,如“飞龙松”和“双龙松”50.That sounds very exciting.听起来真带劲!51.Shall we climb up the highest peak first, Sam?萨姆,我们先去登最高峰好吗?5.Please return here by ∶30, will you?请您在点半之前回到这儿,好吗? 389A: Hello, Sir. What can I do you today?您好,先生我今天能为您做些什么吗?B: I need to find a new way of getting my insurance.我需要找一种新的买保险的方式A: Weve just started a new business at this bank,Bank-Insurance Link.我们刚刚开始了一项新的业务,叫做;银保通;B: Could you give me some more details about that?你能给我一些更详细的介绍吗?A: Certainly. It could really benefit someone like you. Besides insurance you, you can also get more or less dividends from the insurance company.当然可以它可以真正让像您一样的人受益除了保险之外,您还可以从保险公司或多或少地得到一些分红B: That sounds great. More dividends if I want to purchase them!这听起来好极了如果我以后想购买这些保险的话,还可以拿到更多的红利!A: There are two different types that we are offering at the moment, Dividend Deposit and Dividend Participated Deposit.我们目前提供有两种不同的类型,红利存款和分红派息存款B: Ill go through the materials that you have given me and return shortly. Thanks.我要仔细看一下你给我的材料,一会儿就回来谢谢 3

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