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  • #39;The dough rests for 20 minutes, and we start on the filling面团放20分钟,我们开始做馅儿#39;smoked tofu and shiitake mushrooms, finely diced.熏豆腐和香菇,切成小块#39;We#39;re also adding rice noodles,chopped carrot and coriander.#39;我们还可以加入米粉,切碎的胡萝卜和香菜She#39;s got here a mixture of yellow bean paste她放入黄色豆沙混合物and also tian mian jiang,以及甜面酱which is that wheat flour paste, to bind it together.甜面酱是小麦面粉糊,然后搅拌#39;Tian mian jiang is the sauce used in Peking duck pancakes甜面酱是北京烤鸭薄饼的调料#39;and is similar to hoisin sauce.#39;和海鲜酱类似We#39;re adding a little dark soy sauce. The light soy sauce is saltier,加入少许老抽,酱油是咸的the dark soy sauce adds a bit more texture and colour.老抽增添了更多的质地和色I remember us cooking with my grandmother, making dumplings.我还记得我们和祖母一起做饭,包饺子It#39;s such a social occasion, actually,那样一个社交场合,实际上but I was too small to really learn at such a young age但我年龄太小而难以真正学到but I could hear the sound of this chopping但是还记得这种切菜的声音and then her and my great-aunt sitting round,然后她和我姑奶奶围坐在一起they used to gossip and talk about the neighbour next door.她们会家长里短的闲谈,诉说邻里之事It#39;s wonderful.很美妙With all this modernisation going on, especially here in Beijing,随着现代化的不断推进,尤其是在北京to what extent is this still being done in homes?有多少仍然会在家里做It is being done in homes still but less and less, I#39;d say.我认为这些还会在家里做,但会越来越少It#39;s time-consuming, especially if you want to do them right.很费时间,尤其是你要想都做对You make everything from scratch.所有事你都要重头开始做Now it#39;s onto the dumpling skins.现在开始做饺子皮The hollowed bit in your palm at the centre makes that mound, that shape.用你手心把它压成土堆那种形状It#39;s kind of fat in the middle and sloping on the side.中间厚两边薄The rolling pin never leaves the board.擀面杖一直贴着砧板You#39;re just doing this repetitive motion with this hand你只需要用手一直重复动作and turning with the other hand.并用另一只手转动饺子皮To judge whether you#39;ve made a really good dumpling skin,要判断是否制作出一张好的饺子皮you know in the Imperial Courts, if you made the skin really thin你知道在宫廷里,如果你把皮做的够薄that you could still a newspaper behind it,你还可以在它后面阅读报纸you knew you had the perfect thinness of skin.这样你就有了一张完美无缺,薄若蝉翼的饺子皮Next we fill and seal the dumplings.接下来,我们要包馅儿并把皮捏在一起封好At Chinese New Year, it#39;s the tradition to hide coins inside在中国农历新年,有一种将硬币包入饺子的传统and the one who finds them is blessed with good fortune.发现的人则是有福之人This is the easy way. You just press and seal it.这是最简单的方式,你只需要按住并封口即可You want a smooth circle on one side and the pleats on the other side你需要一侧有平滑的弧线,另一侧则是褶皱边and a good dumpling is one that sits down and doesn#39;t tip over.一个好的饺子的标志是立而不动We#39;re cooking the dumplings two ways,烹饪饺子有两种方式the first is simply boiling for 15 minutes.第一种是煮15分钟The second is pan seared,my favourite.第二种则是香煎,我最喜欢的方式This is great because this creates steam这很棒,因为会产生蒸汽and because of the steam, it#39;s crispy on the bottom.而正因为蒸汽,让底端变得香脆And it cooks with the steam.和蒸汽一起烹调So you want to fill the water所以需要加水about two-thirds the way to the dumpling top.直到淹没饺子大约三分之二的高度To get a delicious crispy bottom on your dumpling, add a ladle of oil.为了得到底部香脆可口的饺子,加一勺油With ginger and Sichuan pepper.加入生姜和花椒Fragrant oil. Fragrant oil.香油 香油Wow! Beautiful.哇,真漂亮That looks so good.看起来不错You don#39;t understand what that means to me right there, looking at it.你不知道那些饺子对我意味着什么,看看吧It#39;s like home. It#39;s like home.就像家里一样 就像家里一样If the dumpling skin is too thick,it#39;s too chewy.如果饺子皮很厚,吃起来就很有嚼劲If it#39;s too thin,the dumpling will break.如果太薄,饺子将会破损These look spot on. Oh...这些看起来刚刚好The classic way to eat dumplings in the north,北方吃饺子的经典方法is dipped in wheat flour vinegar and chilli oil.是蘸上小麦粉醋和辣椒油And actually Beijingers also like raw pieces of garlic.事实上北京人也喜欢大蒜切片They munch on those.用力咀嚼Do you guys want some of that?I don#39;t plan to kiss anyone tonight.你们想要一些吗?今晚我不打算亲吻任何人了I might as well.我可以吃Wow!哇I can taste the sweetness of the carrot我尝到了胡萝卜的甜味and the texture of that smoked tofu.和熏豆腐的质感It#39;s so delicate and moist.如此细腻滋润Sensational!让人感动!Mmm. Mmm.恩,恩This is masterful.大师级作品Hands down, she#39;s dumpling master of Beijing.毫无疑问,她是北京的饺子宗师 Article/201506/380090。
  • Phil Currie seemed to have proved his case. But he hadn#39;t.Philip Currie似乎已经明了他的理论。不,还没有Although he was convinced, his fellow paleontologists still weren#39;t sure.虽然他自己深信不疑,他的同僚对此却不敢确信If we just found one site with large predatory dinosaurs,如果只是找到一个地方,有许多大型掠食恐龙found as a group with multiple individuals of different age sizes was buried together, that could be a fluke, could be a chance.找到一群大大小小的恐龙被埋在一起,这可能只是侥幸,或者说是巧合The evidence right now is a little bit equivocal. It#39;s not definite. It#39;s a little circumstantial.当前的据仍然有些令人怀疑。它不是很明确的据,可能只是偶然情况Despite all his efforts, Currie#39;s case was not yet proven.虽然Currie付出了很多努力,他的观点仍然没有得到实He now needed a second site to convince his colleagues that the first dig wasn#39;t a fluke,他现在需要找到第二个地点,使他的同僚们相信第一个挖掘点并非偶然that large meat-eating dinosaurs really were pack hunters.以及大型食肉恐龙真的是集体狩猎者And then he got some unexpected news.后来,他得到了一个意外的消息Patagonia, the land which had harbored the bones of Argentinosaurus and Giganotosaurus, had yielded one further treasure.巴塔哥尼亚不仅埋藏着阿根廷龙和南方巨兽龙的骨骼化石,还将展示更惊人的秘密Phil Currie#39;s colleague, Rodolfo Coria, had made a new discovery.Philip Currie的同事Rodolfo Coria有了一项新的发现We came here by first time because a local farmer called us because of some fossils that he had found.我们到这里是因为一位当地农民给我们打了电话说他找到了一些化石And we were very lucky, because looking in the slope of this hill, we found this bone.我们很幸运,因为当我们在这个山坡上搜索时,我们找到了这块骨骼 Article/201612/485194。
  • 你有没有觉得美国人说can和 can#39;t的发音简直就是一样的。你以为他说可以,其实他说不可以。以为不可以,但又可以。实在让人抓狂!先安慰大家一下,因为原来英国也觉得米国人的发音很confusing!快看今天的节目,Jenny请英国帅哥Zack演示英国口音的Can和Can#39;t; Jason则要为美国人的发音道歉,还要教我们一些超实用的方法区分美国人到底在说Can还是Can#39;t! 如果觉得我们的节目还不错,请大家顺手帮我们转发,让更多人知道我们哦! Article/201507/387039。
  • These repel each other这些会相互排斥And their repulsion causes the polymer which starts out wound together它们的排斥会让最开始缠绕在一起的聚合物to unwind, swell, and stretch解开缠绕,膨胀拉伸The crosslinks which connect the polymer chains together将聚合物链连在一起的交联prevent them from breaking apart in the water会阻止它们在水中断开And the fake snow that#39;s created is the same snow they use in Hollywood movie sets好莱坞电影中用到的也正是这些人造雪Now let#39;s watch Dr. Dolhun and Arielle下面再看Dolhun士和Arielleturn this same polymer into something totally different another将这种聚合物转变为完全不同的东西OK, so I#39;ve got another beaker she#39;s holding这里她拿着另外一个烧杯I#39;m gonna pour some water in it我将把水倒进去and observe看好了Turn it over, Arielle把它倒过来 ArielleYou don#39;t have to hold your hand under the whole杯口不需要用手堵着That#39;s the same polymer这是相同的聚合物Only this time只不过这次the polymer is not as crosslinked as the first one聚合物没有像第一种那样交联在一起It#39;s more of the straight chain polymer它更多的是一种直链聚合物and it can absorb many more times its weight in water它能吸收比自己重量大很多的水分You#39;ll recognize this. This is the diaper polymer这个你们应该知道,尿布中用的就是这种聚合物You know now, right?你们现在知道了,对吧So Dr. Dolhun uses the same polymerDolhun士使用了相同聚合物with a different amount of crosslinking唯一不同的是交联数量The sodium polyacrylate that makes diaper gel has fewer crosslinks用于制造尿布的聚丙烯酸钠,交联较少and therefore can absorb more water因此能够比than the sodium polyacrylate that turned into snow造雪用的聚丙烯酸钠吸收更多水Overall, this polymer can absorb up to 800 times its own weight in distilled water这种聚合物能够吸收多达800倍自身重量的蒸馏水and about 30 times its own weight in urine以及大约30倍自身重量的尿液It#39;s the main ingredient in baby diapers它是婴儿尿布的主要成分used to keep the baby dry用于帮婴儿保持干爽Hope you enjoyed the and I#39;ll see you next time但愿大家喜欢这个视频,下次再见 Article/201501/356957。
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