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想得到的多就永远不要奢望太多智者不会在意他们得不到的东西On Achieving SuccessWe cannot travel every path. Success must be won along one line. We must make our business the one life purpose to which every other must be subordinate.I hate a thing done by halves. If it be right, do it boldly. If it be wrong, leave it undone.The men of history were not perpetually looking into the mirror to make sure of their own size. Absorbed in their work they did it. They did it so well that the wondering world sees them to be great, and labeled them accordingly.To live with a high ideal is a successful life. It is not what one does, but what one tries to do, that makes a man strong.“Eternal vigilance,” it has been said,“is the price of liberty.” With equal truth it may be said,“Unceasing eft is the price of success.” If we do not work with our might, others will; and they will outstrip us in the race, and pluck the prize from our grasp. Success grows less and less dependent on luck and chance. Self-distrust is the cause of most of our failures. The great and indispensable help to success is character. Character is a crystallized habit, the result of training and conviction. Every character is influenced by heredity, environment and education. But these apart, if every man were not to be a great extent the architect of his own character, he would be a fatalist, and irresponsible creature of circumstances. Instead of saying that man is a creature of circumstance, it would be nearer the mark to say that man is the architect of circumstance. From the same materials one man builds palaces, another hovel. Bricks and mortar are mortar and bricks, until the architect can make them something else. The true way to gain much is never to desire to gain too much. Wise men don’t care what they can’t have. 5958三峡仁和医院治疗生殖感染价格My grandparents believed you were either honest or you weren't. There was no in between. They had a simple motto hanging on their living-room wall "Life is like a field of newly fallen snow; where I choose to walk every step will show." They didn't have to talk about it – they demonstrated the motto by the way they lived.They understood instinctively that integrity means having a personal standard of morality and ethics that does not sell out to expediency and that is not relative to the situation at hand. Integrity is an inner standard judging your behavior. Untunately, integrity is in short supply today – and getting scarcer. But it is the real bottom line in every area of society. And it is something we must demand of ourselves.A good test this value is to look at what I call the Integrity Triad, which consists of three key principles 1.Stand firmly your convictions in the face of personal pressure. There's a story told about a surgical nurse's first day on the medical team at a well-known hospital. She was responsible ensuring that all instruments and materials were ed during an abdominal operation. The nurse said to the surgeon, "You've only remove sponges, and we sued . We need to find the last one. ""I removed them all," the doctor declared. "We'll close now.""You can't do that, sir," objected the rookie nurse. "Think of the patient." Smiling, the surgeon lifted his foot and showed the nurse the th sponge."You'll do just fine in this or any other hospital," he told her. When you know you're right, you can't back down..Always give others credit that is rightfully theirs. Don't be afraid of those who might have a better idea or who might even be smarter than you are.David Ogilvy, founder of the advertising firm Ogilvy amp; Mather, made this point clear of his newly appointed office head by sending each a Russian nesting doll with five progressively smaller figures inside. His message was contained in the smallest doll "If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. But if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, Ogilvy amp; Mather will become a company of giants." And that is precisely that the company became – one of the largest and most respected advertising organizations in the world.3.Be honest and open about who you really are. People who lack genuine core values rely on external factors – their looks or status – in order to feel good about themselves. Inevitably they will do everything they can to preserve this faccedil;ade, but they will do every little to develop their inner value and personal growth.So be yourself. Don't engage in a personal cover-up of areas that are unpleasing in your life. When it's tough, do it tough. In other words, face reality and be adult in your responses to life's challenges. 188宜昌治疗生殖器疱疹囊肿医院如何用“ear”倾听声心 -- :01: 来源: 1. givelend an ear to someone 倾听某人的心声(常用以表示同情)例句:He tried to give a sympathetic ear to the patient.他极力怀着同情心倾听患者的叙述. turn a deaf ear 不加理睬、充耳不闻例句:He turned a deaf ear to his mother's chatter.他对母亲的唠唠叨叨听而不闻3. fall on deaf ears 未被理睬、未受重视例句:My advice always seems to fall on deaf ears.我的建议好像总是没人听. talk one's ear off 喋喋不休,絮叨个不停例句:All I wanted was a chance to my book, but my seatmate talked my ear off.我巴不得能有机会看书,但我的同桌却唠唠叨叨地说个不停5. make a pig's ear of 把事情搞得很糟糕例句:He made a pig's ear (out) of repairing my car.他把我的车修得一团糟6. have big ears 耳朵尖、消息灵通;爱打听别人的事例句:He can't help having big ears.他总爱打听别人的事7. all eyes and ears 聚精会神例句:A detective must be all eyes and all ears.一个侦探必须眼观六路,耳听八方8. all ears 洗耳恭听、全神贯注地听例句:Go ahead with your story, I'm all ears.请告诉我你的经历,我将洗耳恭听9. grin from ear to ear 咧着嘴笑、笑逐颜开例句:When he was told that he has won the first prize, he grined from ear to ear.当他被告知自己得了一等奖时,他咧开嘴笑了. play it by ear 随机应变、见机行事例句:In dealing with that unpredictable man, you simply can't follow a prearranged plan. You have to play it by ear.和那个捉摸不定的人打交道,你简直无法预定计划行事,只好随行应变. prick up your ears 竖起耳朵仔细听例句:He pricked up his ears when they mentioned the salary.当他们提到工资时,他立刻注意起来 如何用 ear 倾听各种各样的“钱” -01-7 00::1 来源: 先问一个问题:大家每天都离不开,辛苦得来、痛苦失去的东西是什么?其实这个问题应该有很多,但如果我说是"钱"的话,恐怕没有多少人会表示异议吧说到钱,大家所熟悉的英语中的表达方式最常见的是"money""Money"是一个广义词,既可以指不定数目的钱,也可以表达一个概念比如有"Money makes the mare go.(有钱能使鬼推磨)"的谚语,但除了"money"之外还有哪些常用的表达方式呢?1. cash 现金,现款Of the two events, the cash loss-at this moment-weighed more heavily on him.(在这两起事件中,此时使他心情更沉重的莫过于丢现金这一起了). fund 资金,现款The President also agreed to support congressional move to grant funds to help middle-and- lower income people pay their higher energy bills.(总统也同意国会的动议,资助收入一般和较低者,帮助他们付日益增长的能源费)3. bill 钞票,纸币The newest breed of inhabitants used the Cape Cod heritage not as a symbol of a proud and traditional past but as the symbol of a dollar bill.(新进来的这批居民并不把科得角的遗产看作过去骄傲和传统的象征,而是看作钱的象征). note 纸币He motioned to the notes stacked on the table.(他用手指指堆在桌上的钞票)5. banknote 钞票With an one-million-pound banknote y in hand, Henry was able to get whatever he wanted without paying cash.(由于亨利手中有一张百万英镑的钞票,他不必付现钱,要什么有什么)6. change 零钱Just keep the change.(不用找钱了)7. coin 硬币His ease was suddenly disturbed by a coin flying into his carriage and ringing on the floor.(一枚金币忽然飞了进来,当啷一声落在车厢的地上,把他的安闲给搅扰了)8. dough 钱,现钞The items in the report on her visits to the shop had cost him some dough.(报告中有关她曾多次去商店这一项就花掉他不少钱)9. buck 钱However, in their haste to earn a quick buck, the land and overall environment was greatly suffering.(然而在他们争先恐后地挣这笔不花力气的钱时,这个地方及整个环境都受害非浅)(来源:《英语学习南京师范大学通讯员朱宇清供稿 英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 各种各样 钞票 表达 一个宜昌哪个医院看不孕不育比较好

宜昌前列腺炎多少钱宜昌男科医院地图常用英语900句:寻找住房 Looking A House -01-7 :: 来源: Looking A House 寻找住房6. This house is rent. 此房出租6. It's really a bargain. 租金很便宜618. I want to rent a furnished house. 我想要有家具的房子619. That house is sale. It has central heating. 此房出售,房子里有供暖设备6. What kind of furniture do you like? 你喜欢什么样的家具?61. This is a rather old house. It needs painting. 这房子挺旧的,得刷一下才行6. I want an apartment with two bedrooms and a kitchen.我想要一套有两间卧室和一个厨房的公寓63. The houses downtown are very expensive. 市区的房子很贵6. How much is the rent a month? 每月租金多少?65. I feel at home living here. The landlady is very kind to me.我觉得住在这里象在家里一样房东太太对我很好66. We have a few kitchen things and a dining room set.我们有一些厨房用具和一套餐厅设备67. There's no gas range in the kitchen, but you can use theelectric stove.厨房里没有煤气灶,但你可以用电炉6. There is a shower in the bathroom. 浴室里有淋浴器69. I have a dog, but it's very quiet. 我有一只,不过它很安静630. The room has a big closet. You can put your baggage in it.房间里有一个很大的壁橱,你可以把你的行李放进去 住房 英语 寻找 常用宜昌市男科医生Wealth Success and LoveA woman saw three old men sitting in her front yard. She said, “I don’t think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat. ”“We do not go into a house together. ”they replied. “Why is that?”she wanted to know. One of the old men explained:“His name is Wealth, this is Success, and I am Love. ”Then he added, “Now go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home. ”Then the woman went in and told her husband what was said. Her husband said, “Let’s invite Wealth. Let him come and fill our home with wealth.”His wife disagreed, “My dear, why don’t we invite Success?”Then the daughter made a suggestion:“Would it be better to invite Love?Our home will then be filled with love.”“Let’s take our daughter’s advice. ”said the father. So the woman went out and asked, “Which one of you is Love?Please come in and be our guest. ”Love got up and started walking toward the house. The other two also got up and followed him. Surprised, the lady asked Wealth and Success:“I only invited Love. Why are you coming in?”The old men replied together:“If you had invited Wealth or Success, the other two of us would have stayed out, but since you invited Love, wherever HE goes, we go with him. Wherever there is Love, there is also Wealth and Success.” 9宜昌哪家医院做前列线比较好

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