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重庆宫颈糜烂物理疗法多少钱江北查不孕哪家医院好How do we break down stereotypes about each other?That question has driven a Michigan State University journalism class to create a series of guides to help disassemble the myths and stereotypes about different groups in our country.Bias Busters: Guides to Cultural Competence have been created by students. Theyre a series of questions and answers about African-Americans, East Asian cultures, Native Americans and more.Joe Grimm is the instructor of the Seminar in Journalism class and editor-in-residence in the School of Journalism at Michigan State.;The Bias Busters series is really intended for people who have a sincere interest in other people,; Grimm says. ;It might be somebody they work with, somebody who lives in their apartment building, somebody new to their family, and they have these questions, these very natural, human questions, but they are afraid to ask them because they dont want to sound dumb and they dont want to hurt someones feelings. So we step in and take care of that.;Grimm says one of the core principles the students adhere to when writing these guides is, ;respect for the people we write about and the people were writing for.;;Nobody who s the guide is going to get to a place where the guide says, Oh, well thats a dumb question, or, Thats a racist thing to ask about. We take people as being sincerely interested in the subject, even if maybe the way theyre phrasing the question isnt the best way.;201603/434507重庆药流 Sometimes the biggest finds are the smallest finds.有时候,重大发现源于很小的发现。Researchers examining a segment of siltstone taken fromground along the Beard more glacier in Antarctica foundsomething unexpected. They found a fly.研究人员在南极比尔德莫尔冰川采集回来的一块粉砂岩中意外地发现了苍蝇。Well, not exactly a fly.准确地说,不是苍蝇,They found a fly fossil–its a segment ofthe exoskeleton, the protective shell, of a fly larva.而是苍蝇的化石。一块保护幼虫的外骨骼。While the larvae are still growing, they areprotected by a thin shell.在薄壳的保护下,幼虫还在发育。And where theres larval shell, there are flies.幼虫的蛹壳明了苍蝇的存在。So what are flies doing in Antarctica?那么,苍蝇怎么会在南极呢?Its much too cold there for flies.南极冰冷的气候不适宜苍蝇生长啊!And the closest fly-friendly location, South America,is thousands of miles away.反而,最适宜苍蝇生存的地方—南非,却远在几千里之外。Part of the answer is that the fly fossil is ancient–it was found with a number of other fossilized things that have been dated between three million and seventeen million years old.正解可能是因为这块苍蝇的化石和一起发现的其它化石可以追溯到300万到700万年前了。Itspossible that the fly lived during a period when sea levels were much lower there than they noware.很可能,苍蝇生长的那个时期,海水没有现在那么高,Lower sea levels means wider continents–think of standing on the edge of a beach andhaving the water pull back.这意味着陆地面积更大。想象自己站在海边,浪打回来。And wider continents means its more likely that living things mighttravel across the gap.广阔的陆地面积让生物更有可能跨越于大陆间。Or maybe not. Maybe flies are much older than anyone thought.另种可能是苍蝇在地球上生存的时间比我们想象的还要久远。We know that what we nowcall Antarctica was once connected to both South America and Australia.要知道,现在的南极曾经和南美大陆及澳大利亚大陆是接壤的。But that was aroundeighty million years ago, and flies arent thought to be that old.但这也是8000万年前的事了,那时候,苍蝇已经在地球上了?Whatever the answer is, something in our understanding of the continents, the seas, or flyevolution has to be fixed.不管究竟是什么,我们所认识的大陆、海洋、苍蝇进化的常识之一要得以修正。Thats one of the best things about science–a really big change cancome from the discovery of something really small.这就是科学的妙处,一个小小的发现或许能推翻重大定论。 201410/337824The presidents of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. will meet in Ottawa later this week for the North American Leaders Summit. 加拿大、墨西哥和美国总统将于本周晚些时候在渥太华举行北美领导人峰会。The conference, which is sometimes referred to in the press as the Three Amigos Summit, 该会议有时在媒体上被称作三友峰会,have been held annually since to promote better cooperation under the North American Free Trade Agreement. 自以来每年举行一次,在北美自由贸易协定下促进更好的合作。Usually, the talks are largely symbolic, but this year, after the U.K.s historic Brexit referendum and the rise of Donald Trump, 通常,会谈主要是象征性的,但今年,在英国历史性的退欧公投和唐纳德·特朗普呼声高涨后,they are expected to be much more serious.他们预计会更加严肃对待。译文属。201606/451673重庆人流去哪家最好

重庆做流产手术费用The spotted wing drosophila is a nasty invasive fruit fly thats turning into a nightmare for Michigan berry growers.Blueberries and cherries are major cash crops in the state.Kevin Robson is a horticulture specialist with the Michigan Farm Bureau. He says the fly showed up in Michigan five years ago.Since then, its sp across the state, hitting the berry-growing regions especially hard.;Its going to be an all-hands-on deck approach, and thats whats going to be needed to get this under control,; Robson says, ;I mean, you have growers that have said that next year they might not even grow raspberries because its such a problem, and that would be huge for the state.;Michigan State Universitys participating in a couple of grant-funded projects to control SWD for organic and conventional farmers.Robson says right now, growers are monitoring and spraying their crops more often.But the fruit fly is also frustrating home gardeners, like me.Two weeks ago, I realized my garden was under attack.The worst part about this whole bug situation is that I can take a perfect-looking ripe raspberry — and I mean perfect — break it open, and there are these little maggots munching away.Who would eat this? Im not going to eat this. I dont want this added protein.My husband Adam steps in. He tells me Im overreacting a bit.;Youre very upset about this,; he says, ;Youre monomaniacal about it. You are like Ahab with your white whale of flies.;But I have more bad news for him.;Oh no,; he says. ;Whats your bad news? Can there be more bad news?;Peach trees. Maggots like more than just berries. They got into the peaches too.Adam stomps over to inspect our two peach trees. To my horror, he starts ripping the fruit off.;Theres no good ones,; he says, ;They smell like they couldve been good peaches. Its really sad.;This fruit fly — the spotted wing drosophila — typically only goes after soft-skinned fruit, like cherries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Im told they also love pokeweed.But the flies in my garden are opportunistic. Theyre all over my tomatoes, which have over-ripened and cracked open.My peaches aly had a couple holes in them so they were able to get at those too.How do these invasive flies find their way into fruit?Desperate to save my typically huge and delicious fall raspberry crop, I turn to expert Rufus Isaacs, a professor of entomology at Michigan State University. He works with Michigans berry crops as an extension specialist. MSU has a bunch of great information on their webpage here.Isaacs says Im lucky spotted wing drosophila only hit me this year. They first showed up in west Michigan in 2010.;So the big difference between this new species thats an invasive pest that came in from Asia, and all the species that we have that are here in Michigan aly, is that this one has this egg-laying device that can cut into fruit while its starting to ripen,; Isaacs says.The little eggs hatch as the berries ripen. So when I break open even unripe raspberries, the tiny maggots, or larvae, have aly been making a meal of the berry.;If you dont do anything and you wait until mid-September — where we are now — its very hard to catch up,; Isaacs says.So is there anything we can do about the maggots?Isaacs says the best thing home gardeners can do is to pick their fruit as often as possible — every day, ideally.A couple other tricks include soaking the berries in salt water to draw out the larvae and popping them in the fridge or the freezer to stop the eggs from developing.He says that while eating the larvae and eggs might be gross, it wont harm you.;You know, its personal preference whether you want to do that,; he says.In my garden, picking fruit every day has helped.I dont have the heart to throw away these beauties, so I try not to think too much about the spotted wing drosophila Im sure Im eating with them.And by the way, you dont need to be worried about this if youre buying berries at the store. Commercial growers have to meet a zero tolerance policy for bug infestations in Michigan.201509/400960重庆治愈宫颈糜烂阴道炎要花多少钱 And thats just for supplies every year.这还只是每年的日常出Thats without going above and beyond like you do.不包括像你做的那些一样的额外出So Target is, first of all, Target is being amazing,everything.所以 塔吉特 首先 塔吉特在各方面都很杰出When they heard about the situation, they jumped in.当他们听说这一情况后 立刻伸出援手Target is giving each teacher at Up Academy a 0 Target gift card.塔吉特将赠送UP小学的每位老师一张500美元的塔吉特礼品卡Thanks Target!All right, I wanted to give you something too.谢谢塔吉特 我也要送你一样礼物You love Skittles, dont you?I do, I do. - You love Skittles.你喜欢斯基图虹糖 对吧 是的 -你喜欢斯基图虹糖I dont drink coffee but I eat Skittles.我不喝咖啡 但我爱吃斯基图虹糖I see.Right. Well, I dont know if thats helping you.我懂了 我不知道这个能不能帮到你Um, lets, lets go over here. I have a gift for you.我们去那边看看 我有一份礼物要送给你If you love Skittles.So here. Come over here.要是你喜欢斯基图虹糖 来这边 过来I dont know how long they stay fresh, but that,我不知道它们能保持新鲜多久 但是that is an aquarium full of Skittles.那可是满满一缸的斯基图虹糖And in that Skittles, we also have for you ,000.除了这些糖 我们还要送你25000美元Thank you!Thats a gift from Target.谢谢你 这是塔吉特送你的礼物Thank you for you for your amazing moment.Thank you Target.感谢你的无私付出 谢谢你 塔吉特If you want to know more about Target support of Education,如果大家想要了解更多塔吉特教育援助计划go to our website.Ill be back.请浏览我们的网站 待会回来 /201601/419251重庆哪里治疗妇科最好

重庆引产最好的医院more cases of pregnant women with Zika virus have been confirmed in the ed States. 在美国有更多妇案例确诊感染寨卡病毒。the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued new guidelines for pregnant women who have traveled to countries where the mosquito-borne virus is sping rapidly. 疾病控制和预防中心为前往过蚊传播病毒正迅速蔓延国家的妇女发布新的指导方针。Two pregnant women in Illinois and three people in Florida have been confirmed to have the virus.伊利诺斯州的2名妇和佛罗里达州的3人已经实感染这种病毒。The first case of an infant born in the ed States with microcephaly, has happned and it is developmental defect resulting in a smaller-than-normal head or brain caused by the Zika Virus. 美国已经出现首例头小畸形新生儿,由寨卡病毒引起小于正常头部或大脑的发育缺陷。译文属。201601/423379 重庆爱德华综合医院不孕不育科不孕不育医院重庆

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