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Japan, Philippines agree to discuss defense equipment transfer日本菲律宾同意就军售展开讨论Philippine President Benigno Aquino’s wild talk likening China to Nazi Germany is not helping his country’s recent claims in the South China Sea.菲律宾总统贝尼尼奥·阿基诺妄言,将中国比作纳粹德国,此举不会对他最近在中国南海的主张有任何作用。As a politician, his badmouthing will only further tarnish his own credibility and disgrace his country.作为一个政治家,恶意诋毁只会进一步损害自己的信誉,羞辱自己的国家。Aquino, on his sixth visit to Japan in five years, drew similarities between China’s island building in the South China Sea and Nazi Germany’s expansionist moves before World War II.阿基诺在他五年内的第六次访日期间,将中国在南海的岛礁建设同二战前纳粹德国的扩张相提并论;What if somebody said stop to Hitler at that point in time, or to Germany at that time?; he asked at a news conference in Tokyo on Wednesday.“如果有人能够在当时阻止希特勒或者德国呢?”周三,他在东京的新闻发布会问道。This is not the first time Aquino has made a fool of himself through such rhetoric.这已经不是阿基诺第一次通过这样的言论使自己蒙羞。In fact, of all the countries in Asia today, it is the one that is playing host to him this week to which his expansionist remark is most apposite.事实上,当今所有的亚洲国家,只有本周他所访问的日本最符合他所说的扩张言论。Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been keen on expanding the sphere of Japan’s so-called Self-Defense Forces, having a cozy chin-wag with Aquino in their attempts to seize territory from China in the East and South China seas.日本首相安倍晋三一直想要扩大日本自卫队所谓的范围,并同阿基诺媾合,企图侵犯中国东海和南海领海主权。Historians and scholars around the world have to continue trying to teach Aquino and Abe the true facts of the past.全世界历史学家和专家学者需要继续努力,让阿基诺和安倍认清历史。Manila’s dispute with China over isles in the South China Sea and Tokyo’s feud with China over the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea have apparently drawn the two countries closer.显然,中国同菲律宾在中国南海的争议,以及中国同日本因钓鱼岛问题的不和,拉近了这两个国家的关系。Coveting maritime territory it is not entitled to, Manila has been begging military support from countries, including the ed States and Japan, and Aquino’s visit to Japan this time is reportedly focused on defense and security ties.菲律宾觊觎不属于自己的领海,现在已经开始乞求别国的军事持,包括美国和日本。据报道,阿基诺此次访日主要商讨国防和安全等议题。Against the backdrop of the international community increasing its pressure on Abe to abandon his repulsive historical revisionism, Aquino’s voluntary embrace with Abe who keeps denying WWII Japanese atrocities against other Asians, the Filipinos included, will only tarnish him with the same brush.安倍晋三背弃历史真相,不承认二战中对亚洲包括菲律宾等其他国家的暴行,遭到国际社会一致对其施加的压力,而阿基诺却违背国际舆论,自愿与安倍抱团,只能使自己同样蒙羞。Both Abe and Aquino should beware: Time has proved and will continue to prove that those going against the trend of history will sooner or later run into a stone wall.安倍晋三和阿基诺应该当心:时间已明并将继续明,那些违背历史潮流的人,迟早会无路可走。来 /201506/379329Talks aimed at reaching an 11th-hour deal between Greek ministers and their bailout creditors collapsed on Sunday evening after a new economic reform proposal submitted by Athens was deemed inadequate to continue negotiations.上周日晚,由希腊政府提交的经济改革新方案被视为不宜继续讨论下去,双方谈判走向破裂。这一谈判的目的,是为了促成希腊各部长及其纾困债权国之间达成最后一刻协议。The breakdown is the clearest sign yet that differences between the two sides may be too wide to breach, increasing the possibility that Athens will not secure the 7.2bn in bailout aid it needs to avoid defaulting on its debts including a 1.5bn loan repayment due to the International Monetary Fund in just two weeks.此次谈判的破裂释放了迄今最明确的信号,表明双方之间的分歧可能无法弥合,希腊政府无法最终落2亿欧元纾困援助的可能性大大增加。而这笔资金是希腊政府要避免出现债务违约所亟需的,其中还包括须在两周内向国际货币基金组IMF)偿还的一5亿欧元的贷款。Greek negotiators, including Nikos Pappas, aide-de-camp to Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, left the headquarters of the European Commission only 45 minutes after entering the building for what were characterised as a “last tryby one of the eurozone officials involved in the talks.包括希腊总理亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)副手尼科#8226;帕帕Nikos Pappas)在内的希腊谈判人员,在进入欧盟委员会(European Commission)总部大楼仅仅45分钟后就离开了这一建筑。参与磋商的一位欧元区官员形容他们的行为是“最后努力”。A commission spokesman said there remained a “significant gapbetween the two sides, amounting to up to 2bn per year, and there was no longer time to reach a “positive assessmentof Greek efforts before a high-stakes meeting of eurozone finance ministers on Thursday.欧盟委员会一名发言人表示,双方之间依然存在“巨大分歧”,涉及金额总计为最高每0亿欧元。此外,这位发言人还表示,在周四召开欧元区财长重要会议之前,已没有时间对希腊的努力做出“积极评价”了。“While some progress was made, the talks did not succeed,said the spokesman. “On this basis, further discussion will now have to take place in the eurogroup.”这名发言人表示:“尽管取得了一定进展,这一磋商并未取得成功。在此基础上,欧元区集团必须开展进一步磋商。”That eurogroup meeting is seen by many officials as the last chance for Athens to secure a deal on an agreed list of the economic reforms its creditors are demanding in order to release the 7.2bn aid tranche before Greece’s EU bailout runs out at the end of the month.许多官员认为,欧元区财长会议是希腊政府与债权国达成经济改革协议的最后机会,这样才能在针对希腊的欧盟纾困计划月底到期前,发放72亿欧元的援助资金。Asked as he exited the commission headquarters whether the break-off in talks was a bad sign, Mr Pappas told the Financial Times: “We will see.”在离开欧盟委员会总部时,帕帕斯被问及这次谈判破裂是不是一个不好的信号。他告诉英国《金融时报》:“这个问题还有待观察。”Without the endorsement of Greece’s trio of bailout monitors the commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank the prospects of an amicable agreement on Thursday is remote, raising the prospect eurozone negotiators may resort to the “take it or leave itstrategy used on Cyprus at a eurogroup meeting two years ago.如果希腊得不到三个主要纾困监管机构(欧盟委员会、IMF及欧洲央ECB))的背书,周四达成友好协议的可能性将十分渺茫。这一局面令人们猜测,欧元区谈判人员可能会采取两年前在一次欧元区集团会议上对塞浦路斯采取过的策略——“要么接受,要么放弃”。On that occasion, an ECB representative warned that without a deal, the central bank would be forced to cut all emergency funding to Cypriot banks essentially laying waste the country’s financial system. There have been similar pressures on the ECB in the past week to take the same stance with Athens.当时,一名欧洲央行代表警告说,如果达不成协议,该行将被迫削减塞浦路斯各发放的紧急援助资金——此举实质上会导致该国金融体系瘫痪。就在上周,欧洲央行也曾遭遇类似压力,要求该行对希腊政府采取类似立场。One senior official involved in the talks said there could still be a compromise on Thursday if Greek negotiators “go back to Athens and say: ‘Oh shit, we have to do somethingBut the official acknowledged such a U-turn was unlikely.一名参与谈判的高官表示,如果希腊谈判人员“能够对雅典方面说:‘天哪,我们得做点什么’”,双方仍有可能在周四达成妥协。不过这名官员承认,这种一百八十度的大转弯不太可能发生。来 /201506/380850

Israeli authorities reported a Palestinian stabbing attack Monday near a market in central Jerusalem, a day after a series of incidents in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.以色列当局说,星期一在耶路撒冷中部的一个集市发生巴勒斯坦人持刀行凶事件。一天前,约旦河西岸以色列控制区发生了一系列袭击事件。Police said Mondays attack involved two women with scissors stabbing a man before they were shot by a police officer.警方说,在周一的袭击中,两名妇女用剪刀袭击一名男子后被警察击毙。On Sunday, the military said a Palestinian stabbed a 21-year-old woman multiple times in the head and chest before nearby soldiers shot him dead.军方说,星期天,一名巴勒斯坦人持刀多次捅向一1岁女子的头部和胸部,后来被附近的士兵开击毙。In an earlier attack, the military said a woman pulled out a knife at a military base entrance and began approaching civilians. A local West Bank settler said he veered his vehicle off the road and struck the woman. A soldier then fired at her and killed her.以色列军方说,在先前发生的一起袭击事件中,一名妇女在一个军事基地的入口处拔出匕首刺向平民。约旦河西岸的一位定居者说,他把车开离道路撞向这位妇女。之后,一个士兵开将这名妇女击毙。The eight week surge in street violence has challenged Israels security system and alarmed the ed States, whose Secretary of State John Kerry is due to visit the region this week.连续八周街头暴力的不断升级,不仅给以色列的安全系统构成挑战,同时也引发美国关注。克里国务卿定于本周访问这个地区。来 /201511/411634

As European leaders threatened yet tougher sanctions to punish Russia for its aggressive policies in Ukraine on Monday, Vladimir Putin was thousands of miles away in oil rich east Siberia making friendly with a visiting Chinese official.就在欧洲领导人周一威胁要以更严厉的制裁措施惩罚俄罗斯在乌克兰的激进政策时,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)却远在数千英里之外,在富含石油的东西伯利亚亲切会见一位来访的中国官员。“On the whole we are very careful about allowing our foreign partners in, but of course for our Chinese friends there are no limits,Russia’s president said.普京在会见时表示:“一般而言,我们对于外国合作方的进入持非常谨慎的态度,不过对于中国朋友当然没有任何限制。”China is emerging as the winner in the Ukraine crisis even as Russia’s relations with the US and the European Union go from bad to worse. It has secured a huge gas deal with Gazprom and is making strides towards greater involvement in the Russian oil and gas production.尽管俄罗斯与欧美的关系正进一步恶化,中国在乌克兰危机中的赢家地位却日益清晰。中国已与俄罗斯天然气工业股份公Gazprom)达成巨额天然气交易,目前正加快介入俄罗斯的石油和天然气生产。After holding out for better terms for most of a decade, Gazprom finally signed a 30 year contract with China in May that is unofficially valued at 0bn, locks the two countries into a long term gas partnership and should help ease Russian dependence on European gas markets.在将近十年的讨价还价之后,Gazprom最终在5月与中国签署了一份时效为30年的合同。这份合同的非官方估价高000亿美元,它锁定了中俄两国的天然气长期伙伴关系,并帮助俄罗斯减少了对欧洲天然气市场的依赖。Putin met Zhang Gaoli, Chinese deputy premier, in the remote Siberian city of Yakutsk on Monday to oversee the launch of the construction of a 3,000km gas pipeline that will transport up to 38bn cubic meters a year of Russian gas to China starting in 2019. The two men also discussed economic co-operation that at a time when Russia is facing isolation from the west will strengthen the strategic alliance between the two nations.周一,普京在偏远的西伯利亚城市雅库茨克会见了中国副总理张高丽,两人参加了一000公里长天然气管道的开工仪式。从2019年开始,这条天然气管道每年将把总计380亿立方米的俄罗斯天然气送往中国。除此以外,两人还探讨了中俄间的经济合作。在俄罗斯面临西方孤立之际,这种经济合作将强化两国间的同盟关系。Russia has until recently been wary of allowing China access to its oil and gas fields, but the Ukraine crisis is helping break down its resistance. While in Russia, Zhang met with Alexei Miller the head of Gazprom and Rosneft’s president Igor Sechin to discuss opportunities for Chinese firms.一直到最近,对于让中国开采其油气田,俄罗斯始终非常警惕。然而,乌克兰危机削弱了这种阻力。在俄罗斯访问时,张高丽还会晤了Gazprom首席执行官阿列克#8226;米勒(Alexei Miller)和俄罗斯石油公司(Rosneft)首席执行官伊戈尔#8226;谢钦(Igor Sechin),探讨了与中国公司的合作机会。Barred from global capital markets by western sanctions, Rosneft is at risk of failing to boost oil production to meet its trading commitments including a pledge made last year to triple oil deliveries to China.在西方制裁下,Rosneft无法进入全球资本市场,面临无法提升石油产量以及完不成合同的风险。这其中也包括该公司去年对中国的一项承诺:将对华石油出口扩大两倍。Sechin proposed to Zhang that Chinese companies buy an equity stake in Rosneft’s huge Vankor development in northern Russia that feeds oil into a pipeline to China.谢钦向张高丽提议,中国企业可以买入Rosneft旗下一个极大油田Vankor的股什?该油田位于俄罗斯北部,出产的石油被送入一条通向中国的输油管道。Although the deal has yet to be negotiated, Putin gave his blessing on Monday telling Zhang that the “state supported such plansand “we welcome your participation.Vankor was one of Russia’s most prospective oil projects, he said.虽然这一交易还有待磋商,但普京已在周一表达了他对该交易的持。他告诉张高丽“俄罗斯政府持此类计划”,又提到“我们十分欢迎你们的参与”。他还说,Vankor是俄罗斯最有前景的石油项目之一。So far China has trod a fine line in the Ukraine crisis in an effort not to take sides. China abstained in a vote on a ed Nations Security Council draft resolution that would have condemned the referendum in Ukraine’s Crimea in March that paved the way for Russia to annex the Black Sea peninsular. However, Chinese officials have not publicly recognized Crimea as part of Russia.到目前为止,中国一直在乌克兰危机中十分小心地走钢丝,努力不去选边站。今月,中国曾在联合国安理会(ed Nations Security Council)对一份决议草案投下弃权票。那份决议草案的内容是谴责乌克兰克里米亚举行的公投,那次公投为俄罗斯吞并克里米亚这个黑海半岛铺平了道路。虽然如此,中国官方却一直没有公开承认克里米亚是俄罗斯的一部分。The US has tried to persuade China to join western governments imposing sanctions to punish Russia for grabbing Crimea and supporting pro-Moscow separatists in south east Ukraine.美国一直试图劝说中国加入西方阵营,对俄罗斯实施制裁,以惩罚俄罗斯吞并克里米亚及持乌克兰东南部亲俄分裂分子的行为。Zhang reassured Putin that would not be happening. “I want to stress that the Chinese side is categorically against US and western sanctions against Russia, against color revolutions and against attempts to restrain Russia’s development,he said according to comments posted on the Kremlin website.访问期间,张高丽向普京保,中国不会制裁俄罗斯。根据克里姆林宫网站上发布的消息,张高丽说:“我想要强调一点,中方坚决反对美国和西方制裁俄罗斯,反对颜色革命,反对种种妨碍俄罗斯发展的企图。”“The strategic co-operation between us is long term, solid and stable. We must withstand any test,he was ed as adding.报道还引述张高丽道:“中俄战略合作是持久的、坚实的、稳定的。我们必须承受住任何考验。”来 /201409/325623

Russia’s ambassador to the UK was summoned to the Foreign Office on Thursday after two Russian bombers disrupted civilian air traffic over the English Channel. The RAF scrambled fighters to intercept them.The incident is the latest increasingly tense brush with Russian aircraft in the skies above Britain and other Nato-countriesborders.It was also one of the most serious around British airspace so far, according to Whitehall officials. Russia’s ambassador, Alexander Yakovenko was last summoned by the Foreign Office in July over an incident involving the expulsion of a diplomat. He has not been called to account for increased Russian aerial activity by Britain before.The two huge Russian Tu-95 bombers, known by fighter pilots as bears, flew across one of the busiest civilian flightpaths in Europe and had their transponders turned off, meaning that they could only be detected by radar and would have been invisible on regular air traffic control systems.The UK’s air traffic controller, Nats, was forced to re-route commercial flights as a result. The decision was a “precautionary measure,a government official said.The bombers whose distinctive outline once made them one of the most recognisable symbols of the cold war were initially intercepted by Norwegian fighters after taking off from Russia. They flew south from Norway over the North Sea towards UK airspace, continuing down the Channel and then along France’s Atlantic coast.Nato countries saw a threefold increase in provocative Russian activity in the skies last year. In Britain, RAF fighters have had to be scrambled once a month on average since tensions with Moscow began to rise.Jock Lowe, a former head of flight operations at British Airways, said the incident over the Channel this week was a marked departure from the tactics of the Soviet air force at the height of the cold war.In the 1970s and 1980s, Tu-95 long-range bombers would test UK air defence over the North Sea, often performing dummy bombing runs but they did not come as far south as the Channel.Despite a bulked-up Nato fighter mission in the Baltic and countries such as the UK being on a state of high alert for Russian incursions, the Kremlin has shown little indication that it will scale back its activities.President Vladimir Putin reinstated long-range patrols of nuclear-capable bombers in 2007 and has significantly increased the regularity and scale of their manoeuvres of late.两架俄罗斯轰炸机干扰英吉利海峡上空的民用航空交通后,英国外交部于周四召见俄罗斯驻英国大使。此前英国皇家空RAF)命令战斗机紧急起飞对俄军机予以拦截。因俄罗斯飞机在英国以及其他北约(Nato)国家边境上空的擦,地区局势越发紧张,此次事件是最新的一例。英国政府官员称,这也是迄今为止在英国领空附近发生的最严重事件之一。俄罗斯大使亚历山大#8226;雅科文科(Alexander Yakovenko)上一次被英国外交部召见是在去月,起因是一起驱逐外交官事件。此前他并未被要求就俄罗斯空中活动增多做出解释。这两架巨型俄罗斯图-95(Tu-95)轰炸机(北约战斗机飞行员称其为“熊”)飞越欧洲最繁忙的民用航空线路之一并关闭了应答器,这意味着,它们只能被雷达监测到,但不显示在常规空中交通管制系统中。英国空管机构Nats被迫因此更改民用航空航班的线路。一政府官员表示,这一决定是一种“预防措施”。这两架轰炸机的外形独特,曾是冷战时期最容易识别的标志之一。这两架轰炸机从俄罗斯起飞后,起初遭到挪威战斗机的拦截,然后它们从挪威向南飞行,越过北海飞向英国领空,并继续飞向英吉利海峡,沿法国大西洋海岸飞行。去年,俄罗斯在北约国家上空的挑衅行为增加了3倍。自从与俄罗斯紧张关系开始加剧以来,英国皇家空军战斗机不得不平均每月紧急起飞一次。英国航British Airways)前飞行任务主管乔#8226;罗威(Jock Lowe)表示,本周发生在英吉利海峡上空的事件与前苏联空军在冷战白热化时期的策略明显不同。上世纪70年代0年代,图-95远程轰炸机会在北海上空测试英国的空中防御,通常是进行模拟轰炸飞行,但从未飞到像英吉利海峡这么靠南的地区。尽管北约战斗机对俄罗斯入侵高度警惕,在巴尔干半岛和英国等国的任务增加,但俄罗斯几乎没有将减少此类活动的迹象。俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)007年恢复了可携带核弹头的轰炸机的远程巡航,而且最近大大增加了此类巡航的频率和规模Sri Lanka’s controversial investment ties with China are set to continue amid a broader push to attract foreign capital if the country’s current government prevails in Monday’s parliamentary election, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe says.斯里兰卡总理拉尼尔维克勒马辛Ranil Wickremesinghe)表示,如果斯里兰卡现政府在周一的议会选举中获胜,将展开更大的努力吸引外资,斯里兰卡与中国之间备受争议的投资关系将延续下去。The island nation’s reliance on infrastructure funding from Beijing has caused alarm in both India and the west, where it is viewed as a sign of creeping Chinese influence throughout south Asia.这个岛国对中方基建资金的依赖,已引起印度和西方国家的警觉。在印度和西方看来,这种现象表明中国在悄悄扩大对整个南亚的影响力。But Mr Wickramasinghe, a leader viewed as pro-western by most analysts, told the Financial Times that his centre-right ed National party would continue to seek Chinese funds if it retained power.但被多数分析人士视为亲西方领导人的维克勒马辛哈向英国《金融时报》表示,如果他所在的中右翼统一国民ed National)能够继续掌权,该党将继续寻求获得中国的资金。“We have told the Chinese, the Japanese and everyone else that all loans must be on competitive terms,he said. “But if there are other [new] investment projects...琠栀攀 Chinese or anyone else are free to come in, on terms set down by us.”他说:“我们已告诉中国人、日本人及其他所有人,一切贷款都须建立在竞争性条件基础上。不过,如果有其他(新的)投资项目……中国人或其他所有人都可按照我们定下的条件来投资。”Sri Lanka heads to the polls on Monday in a closely fought contest pitting Mr Wickramasinghe and his coalition ally President Matripala Sirisena against Mahinda Rajapaksa, the country’s former president and architect of its closer ties with China. The results are expected on Tuesday.周一,斯里兰卡将举行选举。这是一场势均力敌的较量,其中一方是维克勒马辛哈及其联合政府的盟友、斯里兰卡总统迈特里帕拉缠里塞Maithripala Sirisena),另一方是斯里兰卡前总统马欣达拉贾帕克萨(Mahinda Rajapaksa)。拉贾帕克萨也是斯中更密切关系的构建者。大选的结果预计将于周二公布。A number of large Chinese-backed projects remain either half-finished or on hold, after a spate of reviews and anti-corruption investigations following Mr Rajapaksa’s defeat in presidential elections in January.目前,斯里兰卡多个由中国投资的大型项目依然处于半完工或停工状态。今月拉贾帕克萨在总统选举中失败后,这些项目曾遭遇一系列审核和反腐调查。In particular, work on the .4bn Colombo Port City property development a Dubai-style island being built on reclaimed land off the coast of the capital has been suspended since March.特别值得一提的是,月以来,价4亿美元的科伦坡港口城(Colombo Port City)地产开发项目一直处于停工状态。该项目位于斯里兰卡首都科伦坡海岸附近,是一个迪拜风格的填海造出的岛屿。Mr Wickramasinghe said the project was now “dependenton an environmental review but he also noted that he had backed a similar scheme during his previous term as prime minister between 2001 and 2004.维克勒马辛哈表示,该项目的命运现在“取决于”环评结果。但他也指出,他上次001年至2004年担任总理时,曾持过类似的计划。Two other senior government officials told the FT they did not expect the Port City to be scrapped. “It will go ahead in some form,one said.另两位政府高官告诉英囀?金融时报》,他们预计港口城项目不会被取消。其中一名官员表示:“该项目会以某种方式向前推进。”Big new Chinese-backed projects could include a large dockyard in the island’s south as well as elements of Mr Wickramasinghe’s plan to turn Colombo and its surrounding region into a “megapolis中国投资的新大型项目,可能包括斯里兰卡南部的一个大型船厂,以及维克勒马辛哈“大都市”计划涵盖的项目。维克勒马辛哈打算将科伦坡及其周边地区打造成一个“大都市”。The megapolis scheme includes a raft of urban transit, property and logistics projects, all areas in which Chinese state companies have successfully won contracts in other Asian countries.“大都市”计划包含一系列城市交通、房地产及物流项目——在所有这些领域,中国国企都曾在亚洲其他国家成功赢得过合同。If, as many analysts expect, he returns as prime minister following Mondays poll, Mr Wickramasinghe said he would strike trade agreements with China and India as part of attempts to persuade global companies to establish new export-focused facilities in the country to target Asia’s two largest emerging markets.维克勒马辛哈表示,如果他(像许多分析师预期的那样)在周一大选后得以连任总理,他将与中国和印度达成贸易协议。维克勒马辛哈试图借助这些贸易协议来说全球企业在斯里兰卡建立新的出口导向型工厂,面向亚洲这两个最大的新兴市场出口。来 /201508/393754John Kerry is to visit Moscow today for the first time since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, which left relations between the US and Russia at a post-cold war low.约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)将于今日访问俄罗斯,这是自乌克兰危机致使美俄关系降至冷战后低点以来的第一次。The US secretary of state is to visit the Black Sea resort of Sochi and meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin and foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, the state department said, adding that the two sides would discuss the Ukraine crisis, Syria and Iran.美国国务院称,美国国务卿将访问黑海度假胜地索契,会晤俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)和外交部长谢尔盖#8226;拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov),双方将讨论乌克兰危机、叙利亚以及伊朗问题。“This trip is part of our ongoing effort to maintain direct lines of communication with senior Russian officials and to ensure US views are clearly conveyed,the state department said.美国国务院称,“此次出访是我们持续努力与俄罗斯高级官员保持直接沟通、并确保美国的观点被清晰传达的一部分。”For Moscow, Mr Kerry’s visit marks a diplomatic victory as it allows the Russian government to argue that Russia plays too important a role on the international stage to be isolated by the west.对莫斯科方面来说,克里的访问标志着一个外交胜利,因为这让俄罗斯政府辩称,俄罗斯在国际舞台上扮演的角色过于重要,西方不应对其孤立。Mr Kerry’s visit to Moscow comes just days after Russia’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war in Europe, which the US and most of its western allies had boycotted. While Mr Kerry and Mr Lavrov have met elsewhere and kept in frequent phone contact over the past two years, he has not visited Moscow since May 2013.在克里访俄的几天前,俄罗斯刚刚庆祝了欧洲二战胜利70周年,而美国及其主要西方盟友抵制了这场纪念活动。尽管过去两年间克里和拉夫罗夫在其他地方有过会面并经常保持电话沟通,但他013月以来未访问过莫斯科。Ahead of the visit by Mr Kerry, the Russian foreign ministry blamed Washington for bringing about a “collapsein bilateral relations between the two countries through the US policy of isolation against Moscow and repeated a long list of complaints against the US including Nato expansion and US accusations against Russia over its role in the war in Ukraine.在克里访俄前,俄罗斯外交部指责华盛顿方面对俄实施孤立政策,致使双边关系“崩溃”,并重复了对美国的一长串抱怨,其中包括北约(NATO)扩张以及美国就俄罗斯在乌克兰战争中的角色提出的指控。But it added that Russia continued to co-operate with the US in areas where this was in line with Russian national interests and served the task of safeguarding global security.但俄罗斯外交部补充称,俄罗斯在符合国家利益、并且有利于维护全球安全的领域继续与美国合作。来 /201505/374637

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