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French lawmakers are debating a proposal by President Francois Hollande to extend the state of emergency for three months following last weeks deadly attacks in Paris.法国议会星期四辩论奥朗德总统提出的建议,将巴黎上星期致命恐怖袭击事件后的紧急状态延长三个月。French authorities are not sure if the Belgian-born terror suspect, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was one of the people inside an apartment stormed Wednesday in a seven-hour raid by French police.法国当局尚不清楚,比利时出生的恐怖分子嫌疑人阿巴乌德,是否在星期三法国警小时突袭中被逮捕人之中。Paris Prosecutor, Francois Molins, said: ;Currently, the identities of those arrested in the flat have not been confirmed. But I can say, Abdelhamid Abaaoud and Salah Abdeslam were not among the eight being arrested.;巴黎检察官莫林斯说,“目前在公寓楼中被捕的人的身份还没有确认,但是我可以说,阿巴乌德和阿布达斯兰不在其中。”The French prosecutor said at least two people were killed during the raid.莫林斯说,至少两人在突袭中被打死。Shortly after Wednesdays siege ended, French President Francois Hollande told a group of the countrys mayors that the government will help better supply local police with equipment and firearms.在星期三的突袭结束后不久,法国总统奥朗德对法国的一些市长说,政府将向地方警察提供更新的装备和武器。Hollande is scheduled to discuss ways to intensify the campaign targeting IS with U.S. President Barack Obama next week in Washington, and is to meet November 26 with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.奥朗德计划下星期在华盛顿同奥巴马总统举行磋商,讨论强化打击伊斯兰国战役的措施。奥朗德还将16日在莫斯科会晤俄罗斯总统普京。来 /201511/411304

Tax refunds for foreigners海外游客享退税As the State Council introduced nationwide tax refund policy in January became operational this week, tourists from foreign countries and those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who have lived on the Chinese mainland for no more than 183 days will be eligible for a rebate of 11% on consumer goods.国务月份引入的全国性退税政策于本周得以实施,自此,在中国大陆连续居住不超过183天的外国游客和港澳台旅客可得到消费品金额11%的退税。The minimum purchase to qualify for a tax refund is RMB500 at any one store in a day.据悉,退税的最低标准是同一日在同一退税商店购买的物品达到500元人民币。According to experts, the biggest problem the policy faces is that most foreign tourists do not come to China to buy well-known brands.专家表示,此政策执行的最大困难在于大多数外国游客到中国的初衷并非是购买名牌产品。来 /201506/380418

Taiwan’s governing party has called a special congress to consider dropping its unpopular presidential candidate just three months before an election that will set the tone for relations with Beijing.台湾执政党举行一个特别会议,以考虑更换其人气不高的总统候选人。三个月后台湾就将举行大选,这场选举将为台海两岸关系确定基调。In a rare race between two female leading contenders, Hung Hsiu-chu, a straight-talking legislator from the ruling Kuomintang or Nationalist party, has fallen 20 percentage points behind the frontrunner, opposition politician Tsai Ing-wen.在少见的两位女候选人对垒的竞选中,直话直说的国民党立法委员洪秀Hung Hsiu-chu)目前在民调中落后领先者、反对党政界人士蔡英Tsai Ing-wen) 20个百分点。The KMT, which has ruled Taiwan for much of the period since it fled mainland China after losing the civil war with the Communists in 1949, decided yesterday it would hold the extraordinary meeting to “gather consensus and unite for victory在内战中被共产党打败的国民党,在1949年逃离中国大陆以来的大部分时间里统治着台湾。该党昨日决定举行特别会议,以求“凝聚共识、团结胜选”。Beijing regards Taiwan as a renegade province. A victory for the opposition Democratic Progress party would strain relations with mainland China because Ms Tsai’s DPP takes a more strident position than the KMT on Taiwan’s independence.北京方面认为台湾是一个叛离省什?反对党民进党如果赢得选举上台,将使台湾与大陆的关系趋向紧张,因为蔡英文的民进党在台湾独立问题上立场比国民党更强硬。The KMT was trounced in local elections last year, as voters voiced frustration over the high cost of living and Taiwan’s economic dependency on mainland China.国民党在去年的地方选举中一败涂地,选民们发泄了他们对生活费用高和台湾在经济上依赖中国大陆的不满。Eric Chu, KMT chairman and mayor of New Taipei, said in a speech that for the legislative elections, which will be held at the same time as the presidential contest in January, were concerned about the effect Ms Hung was having on the party’s popularity.国民党主席、新北市市长朱立Eric Chu)在一次演讲中表示,立委选举(将与总统大选一起在明年1月举行)的多名候选人担心洪秀柱对党的民意持率产生的影响。“As the party chairman, I must honestly report to Ms Hung that during this time, many of us who are running for the 2016 legislature are facing difficulties,he said.“身为党主席,我必须诚恳、完整地向洪秀柱报告,尤其是这段期间,很多2016年立委参选同志面临困境,”他表示。He also criticised Ms Hung for being too close to China, saying her views on cross-strait relations “deviate from mainstream public opinion他还批评洪秀柱过于接近中国,称她对两岸关系的看法“与台湾主流民意有所偏离”。Mr Chu has been touted by analysts as a possible replacement for Ms Hung, despite having declined to stand as the party’s presidential candidate before her formal selection in July.分析人士认为,朱立伦可能取代洪秀柱,成为国民党提名的总统候选人,尽管他在今月洪秀柱被正式选定之前拒绝竞选总统。Ms Hung, who is vice-president of the legislature, defended her stance, telling reporters “my campaign is to help our country find the right path, to help find a way out, a way to live and survive身为台湾立法院副院长的洪秀柱捍卫了自己的立场,她告诉记者,“参选是要替国家确立正确道路,替台湾找出路、活路”。Asked how she felt about her possible removal from the presidential race, she said: “I blame myself for not clearing things up. I stress again that we haven’t done enough communication. We will continue our work.”在被问及对于她可能被取消提名资格有什么感想时,洪秀柱表示:“怪我自己,很多话没有说得很清楚,我一再强调,沟通做得不够,我们将继续努力。”J Michael Cole of Thinking Taiwan, a think-tank backed by Ms Tsai’s foundation, said a victory for the DPP would send a strong signal to Beijing after eight years of rule by a KMT legislature.得到蔡英文的小英教育基金会持的智库——想想论Thinking Taiwan)的寇谧将(J Michael Cole)表示,在国民党统年后,民进党胜选将向北京发出一个强大信号。“After eight years of substantially closer relations, the fact that the public might vote out the KMT is quite significant,he said. “It speaks volumes about the red lines that Taiwanese have drawn... how far a government can go in relations with China.“经年密切得多的关系后,公众可能在选举中把国民党赶下台这一点相当重大,”他说。“这充分说明了台湾人画出的红线……决定政府在与中国的关系上可以走多远。”来 /201510/402731

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