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襄阳看男科哪家正规南漳县看男科好吗演讲文本The former US president Bill Clinton's speech in Hong Kong (1998) Bill Clinton:Thank you very much, thank you.Thank you very much to Executive Tung,Mrs.Tung, members of your goverment and citizens of Hong Kong. Hillary and I and our delegation including several members of the ed States Congress, and members of our cabinet and other Americans are all delighted to be here tonight. Hong Kong is a world symbol of trade,enterprise,freedom and global interdependence. Visitors come here for fashion and food.The world consumes your electronics products and your movies. And every American, who has ever wanted to travel anywhere ,has wanted to come to Hong Kong.This is, it is true,the first visit to Hong Kong of a President and a fortuitous one for me that I can come and wish all of you a happy anniversary.But it is not my first trip to Hong Kong.My wife and I have both been here in our previous lives,or as we say when we are back home, back when we had a life. I want you to know that the ed States considers Hong Kong vital to the future not only of China and Asia, but of the ed States and the world as well. Our ties must grow stronger and they will. And this present financial crisis too, will pass, if we work together with discipline and vision to lift the fortunes of our neighbors. Believe me there is no one in America who is not eagerly awaiting the resumption of real growth and stability in the Asian economy and we are prepared to do whatever we can to support it.We also appreciate what China and Hong Kong have done and the price that has been paid to stablize the situation. So let us look forward to the future,with all its vitality and all its unpredictable events. Some will be difficult but most will be very good if,as I said to President Jiang,we stay on the right side of history.200603/5041襄阳尿血的早期特征 亲,你们想拥有一口流利的英语口语吗?你们想像世界名人一样拥有敏锐的智慧、滔滔不绝的口才吗?在这里,大家不但可以聆听抑扬顿挫的英文,而且还可以学习到名人的过人之处,相信会受益匪浅的!听,他们来了......163316(G;H;ajI1dB!hFcU[Upf4vny8FyulvkOFor better or for worse, your generation has been appointed by history to deal with those problems and to lead America toward a new age. You have the chance never before afforded to any people in any age. You can help build a society where the demands of morality, and the needs of the spirit, can be realized in the life of the Nation.So, will you join in the battle to give every citizen the full equality which God enjoins and the law requires, whatever his belief, or race, or the color of his skin?Will you join in the battle to give every citizen an escape from the crushing weight of poverty?Will you join in the battle to make it possible for all nations to live in enduring peace -- as neighbors and not as mortal enemies?Will you join in the battle to build the Great Society, to prove that our material progress is only the foundation on which we will build a richer life of mind and spirit?WS1@9qzLW6.0cz(2*+1p;8FrY+MmK#Dj!uy]!xWV^m(Mm]V[hQqCFrP6p)%a165842襄阳东风医院治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好

襄阳妇幼保健院包皮手术怎么样Much time has passed since Jefferson arrived for his inauguration.杰斐逊就任总统的那个年代离我们已经很远了。The years and changes accumulate.时光飞逝,美国发生了翻天覆地的变化。But the themes of this day he would know: our nations grand story of courage and its simple dream of dignity.但是有一点他肯定能够预知,即我们这个时代的主题仍然是:我们国家无畏向前的恢宏故事和它追求尊严的纯朴梦想。We are not this storys author, who fills time and eternity with his purpose.我们不是这个故事的作者,是杰斐逊作者本人的伟大理想穿越时空,并通过我们每天的努力在变为现实。Yet his purpose is achieved in our duty, and our duty is fulfilled in service to one another.我们正在通过大家的努力在履行着各自的职责。Never tiring, never yielding, never finishing, we renew that purpose today, to make our country more just and generous, to affirm the dignity of our lives and every life.带着永不疲惫、永不气馁、永不完竭的信念,今天我们重树这样的目标:使我们的国家变得更加公正、更加慷慨,去验我们每个人和所有人生命的尊严。This work continues. This story goes on. And an angel still rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm.这项工作必须继续下去。这个故事必须延续下去。上帝会驾驭我们航行的。God bless you all, and God bless America.愿上帝保佑大家!愿上帝保佑美国!03/438255襄阳阳痿早泄专治医院 Statement by the President Upon Departure from Crawford, Texas   THE PRESIDENT: Laura and I want to wish everybody a happy Mother's Day. It's just a special day to give thanks to our Moms; appreciate the hard work that Moms do. And I understand that for some, however, Mother's Day is a sad day for those who lost their lives in Oklahoma and Missouri and Georgia because of the tornadoes, are wondering whether or not tomorrow will be a bright and hopeful day. We send our prayers to those who lost their lives, the families of those who lost their lives. And the federal government will be moving hard to help. I'll be in touch with the governors to offer all the federal assistance we can.   This Mother's Day weekend was awfully special for Laura and me. Our little girl, Jenna, married a really good guy, Henry Hager. The wedding was spectacular. It's just -- it's all we could have hoped for. The weather cooperated nicely; just as the vows were exchanged the sun set over our lake and it was just a special day and a wonderful day and we're mighty blessed.   Anyway, thank you all. 200806/41591襄阳包皮切割要多少钱

襄樊铁路中心医院治疗男性不育多少钱[Nextpage视频演讲]The President honors the New Orleans Saints for their Super Bowl victory and speaks of the role the team has played in helping New Orleans recover from the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. The President also speaks of the work to cap the BP oil spill and of the Administration’s commitment to help the area and its fisheries recover.Download mp4 (100MB) | mp3 (10MB) [Nextpage文本]THE PRESIDENT: Well, welcome, everybody. Please have a seat, have a seat. It is wonderful to see all of you. Welcome, and congratulations to the Super Bowl Champions -– the New Orleans Saints. (Applause.) I want to start by recognizing some folks in my administration who are big fans of this team -- Lisa Jackson -- (applause) -- from the EPA; Secretary Donovan from HUD; -- (applause) -- Craig Fugate from FEMA. (Applause.) We’ve got a few very proud members of Congress with us –- Senator Mary Landrieu -- (applause) -- and Representative Steve Scalise are in the house. (Applause.) Congratulations to the owner, Tom Benson, who has led this team through times that would test anybody; and General Manager Mickey Loomis, for building this extraordinary championship squad.Congratulations to your outstanding head coach, Sean Payton, who’s done just great work. (Applause.) I must point out Sean is a Chicago guy. (Laughter.) I'm just saying. (Laughter.) By way of Naperville. You’ve got to be tough to be a Chicago guy. I make some tough decisions every day, but I never decided on an onside kick in the second half of the Super Bowl. (Applause.) That took some guts. Were you okay with that? Did he check off with you? (Laughter.) I'm glad that thing went all right. (Laughter.)Coach Payton led this team to a remarkable season: 13-0 start, a franchise record for wins; a heck of an overtime win in the NFC Championship. And then after falling behind in the Super Bowl, with the onside kick, huge second half; Tracy Porter’s interception guaranteeing that the Lombardi Trophy would go to the city of New Orleans for the very first time. It was an unbelievable moment. (Applause.) I want to congratulate the Super Bowl MVP, your quarterback, your captain -- Drew Brees. (Applause.) I have to say all of us were very excited after the game -- all my wife wanted to talk about was Baylen, that little boy sitting with Drew, and everybody going, “Awww,” (laughter) -- which, I'm just saying, you made a lot of fans then. (Laughter.) Drew and his wife, Brittany, are expecting their second child in October. So, congratulations to you both. (Applause.) Drew threw six touchdowns in the opening weekend, making it pretty clear that the Saints were coming to play. And over the course of the season, he set a new NFL record for accuracy, completing more than 70 percent of his passes. I have a few staffers who were thrilled to have Drew on their fantasy team. (Laughter.) So they are grateful for that.And by the way, this is not Drew’s first time to the White House. Last year, we filmed a PSA some of you may have seen, encouraging America’s youth to get 60 minutes of physical activity every day. He tossed me a nice tight spiral that I then lateraled to a kid on DeMarcus Ware’s shoulders. I also want to point out I beat Troy Polamalu over the middle on that throw. (Laughter.) You remember. (Laughter.) I'm not sure he was going top speed, but -- (laughter.)Finally, Drew has agreed to serve as co-chair of the new President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. And I want to thank all the players who put on a clinic earlier this morning with children from the Boys and Girls Club as part of the Let’s Move and the NFL’s Play60 program. So, thank you very much, guys, for participating in that. (Applause.)So this was an unbelievable season. After decades of frustration, the Saints finally won the big one. The “ain’ts” and the “sad sacks” gave way to the “Who Dats.” Local musicians even gave a jazz funeral to retire the “ain’ts” nickname. But I think we all know that this season meant far more than that to the City of New Orleans -– and to all Americans, really. Look, I’m a Bears fan. I’m not going to lie. (Laughter.) But this was a big win for the country -- not just for New Orleans -- because five years ago, this team played its entire season on the road. It didn’t have a home field. The Superdome had been ruined by Hurricane Katrina. The heartbreaking tragedies that unfolded there when it was used as a shelter from that terrible storm lingered all too fresh in a lot of people’s minds.And back then, people didn’t even know if the team was coming back. People didn’t know if the city was coming back. Not only did the team come back -– it took its city’s hands and helped its city back on its feet. This team took the hopes and the dreams of a shattered city and placed them squarely on its shoulders. And so these guys became more than leaders in the locker room -– they became leaders of an entire region. And the victory parade that we saw earlier this year made one thing perfectly clear, that New Orleans and the New Orleans Saints are here to stay.So plenty of cities carry their sports teams through a tough season. It’s a rare thing when a sports team carries a city through tough times. And that’s why there’s such a deep bond between this organization and the city. I’m not sure there’s any other city that feels that same way right now. And that's not just for what the Saints have done on the field, but what they’ve done off it to see that the city keeps rising.In fact, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently said that every team in professional sports should use the Saints as a model for how to interact with their community.This entire team has worked with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild neighborhoods in New Orleans. Many of these guys and the coaches and the players run foundations to help children in need. All of them are off to Walter Reed later this morning to spend some time with wounded warriors who served our country.And obviously the Gulf region has spent the last few months besieged by yet another crisis. But last week we received the news that we had hoped for. Yesterday, we learned that a procedure to prevent any more oil from spilling with a cement plug appears to have succeeded. And the final steps will be taken later in August when the relief well is completed. But what is clear is that the battle to stop the oil from flowing into the Gulf is just about over.Our work goes on, though. I made a commitment to the people of the Gulf Coast that I would stand by them not just until the well was closed but until they recovered from the damage that’s been done. And that’s a commitment my administration is going to keep.So with the ongoing reopening of Gulf fisheries, we’re excited that fishermen can go back to work and Americans can confidently and safely enjoy Gulf seafood once again. We’re certainly going to enjoy it here at the White House. In fact, we had some yesterday.While they’re here today, several Saints players are going to spend some time teaching our staff their favorite Gulf seafood recipes. So who’s cooking? (Laughter.) Which one -- it’s you back there? All right. (Laughter and applause.) And Sam Kass, the White House -- he’s very excited, he’s very excited. And after weeks of hearing about food from our response teams down in the Gulf, I can tell you that our staff is excited about the 30-foot po’ boy we’re serving at lunch today. (Laughter.)But let me just say in closing, we are very proud of this team, and we are very proud of the owner of this team, because it required a great commitment on your part to help pull this team and this city along. And so there is a heartfelt congratulations not just from those of us here in the White House, but I think all across America. These are big guys with big hearts, and shoulders big enough to carry the hopes and dreams of an entire city with them. So with that, congratulations to all of you -- the New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl Champions. Congratulations. (Applause.) END 9:29 A.M. EDT[Nextpage相关报道]【相关中文报道】本周一,美国总统巴拉克-奥巴马在白宫接见了超级碗冠军新奥尔良圣徒队。 伴随着乐队演奏的“圣徒进行曲”,球队成员在球迷的欢呼和呐喊声中走进白宫。球队老板汤姆-本森挥舞着他的拳头,金黄色的超级碗钻戒在空中闪耀。 奥巴马在东厅的仪式上对球队、球队老板以及教练进行了祝贺。他说在卡特里娜飓风的破坏之后球队撑起了“一个离破碎了的城市的希望和梦想” 奥巴马表示圣徒队的超级碗胜利对新奥尔良和整个国家意义重大。他指出在卡特里娜飓风之后,圣徒队必须在客场打整个赛季,因为他们的主场超级圆顶体育场在风暴中被毁坏了。“那时人们甚至不知道球队是否还会回来。人们甚至不知道这座城市是否还会回来,”奥巴马说。 现在,总统表示,圣徒明他们的球队和这座城市还在这里。超级碗MVP德鲁-布里斯将一件圣徒队的44号球衣赠与了这位第44任美国总统。 布里斯在之前拜访白宫的时候拍摄了一则公益广告以鼓励孩子们每天锻炼60分钟。球队上午在华盛顿与“男孩和女孩俱乐部”的孩子们打球,之后他们在沃尔特-里德陆军医疗中心慰问了受伤的士兵和他们的家人。 奥巴马的讲话结束后,他与球队全体成员共进午餐,午餐前,球员们站在东厅的露天看台上和与他们握手的总统拍照留念。之后,圣徒在同样的“圣徒进行曲”中以同样的方式离开了白宫。 (本段文字来源:NFL中国官网)201008/110973 But no president, no Congress, no government, can undertake this mission alone.任何总统、任何国会、任何政府都不能单独完成这一使命。My fellow Americans, you, too, must play your part in our renewal.同胞们,在我国复兴的过程中,你们也必须发挥作用。I challenge a new generation of young Americans to a season of service; to act on your idealism by helping troubled children, keeping company with those in need, reconnecting our torn communities.我向新一代美国年轻人挑战,要求你们投入这一奉献的季节,按照你们的理想主义行动起来,使不幸的儿童得到帮助,使贫困的人们得到关怀,使四分五裂的社区恢复联系。There is so much to be done; enough indeed for millions of others who are still young in spirit to give of themselves in service, too.要做的事情很多,确实够多的,以至几百万在精神上仍然年轻的人也可作出奉献。In serving, we recognize a simple but powerful truth, we need each other.在奉献过程中,我们认识到相互需要这一简单而又强大的真理。And we must care for one another.我们必须相互关心。Today, we do more than celebrate America; we rededicate ourselves to the very idea of America.今天,我们不仅是在赞颂美国,我们再一次把自己奉献给美国的理想。An idea born in revolution and renewed through two centuries of challenge.这个理想在革命中诞生,在两个世纪的挑战中更新;这个理想经受了认识的考验,An idea tempered by the knowledge that, but for fate we, the fortunate and the unfortunate, might have been each other.大家认识到,若不是命运的安排,幸运者或不幸者有可能互换位置;An idea ennobled by the faith that our nation can summon from its myriad diversity the deepest measure of unity.这个理想由于一种信念而变得崇高,即我国能够从纷繁的多佯性中实现最深刻的统一性,An idea infused with the conviction that Americas long heroic journey must go forever upward.这个理想洋溢着一种信:美国漫长而英勇的旅程必将永远继续。And so, my fellow Americans, at the edge of the 21st century, let us begin with energy and hope, with faith and discipline, and let us work until our work is done.同胞们,在我恻即将跨入21世纪之际,让我们以旺盛的精力和满腔的希望,以坚定的信心和 严明的纪律开始工作,直到把工作完成。The scripture says, ;And let us not be weary in well-doing, for in due season, we shall reap, if we faint not.;《圣经》说:;我们行善,不可丧志,若不灰心,到了时候,就要收成。;From this joyful mountaintop of celebration, we hear a call to service in the valley.在这个欢乐的山巅,我们听见山谷里传来了要我们作出奉献的召唤。We have heard the trumpets.我们听到了号角声。We have changed the guard.我们已经换岗。And now, each in our way, and with Gods help, we must answer the call.现在,我们必须以各自的方式,在上帝的帮助下响应这一召唤。Thank you, and God bless you all.谢谢大家 上帝保佑你们。03/438230襄阳市东方医院包皮手术多少钱襄樊泌尿外科是那个



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