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"I can always tell a graduate class from an undergraduate class," observed the instructor in one of my graduate engineering courses at California State University in Los Angeles. "When I say, 'Good afternoon,' the undergraduates respond, 'Good afternoon." But the graduate students just write it down."“研究生班和本科生很容易就能区别开来,”在洛杉矶加利福利亚州立大学给我们研究生上工程学课的老师如此说。“我说‘下午好’,本科生们回答说‘下午好’。研究生们则把我说的话记在笔记本上。”内容来自: /201105/135774。

Easter Day(复活节) A Sunday between March 22 and April 25The meaning of many different customs observed during Easter Sunday have been buried with time. Their origins lie in pre-Christian religions and Christianity. All in some way or another are a "salute to spring," marking re-birth. The white Easter lily has come to capture the glory of the holiday. The word "Easter" is named after Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring. A festival was held in her honor every year at the vernal equinox (春分).People celebrate the holiday according to their beliefs and their religious denominations (命名). Christians commemorate Good Friday as the day that Jesus Christ died and Easter Sunday as the day that He was resurrected (复活). Protestant settlers brought the custom of a sunrise service, a religious gathering at dawn, to the ed States.This year Easter will be celebrated on Sunday April 11, 2004. On Easter Sunday children wake up to find that the Easter Bunny has left them baskets of candy. He has also hidden the eggs that they decorated earlier that week. Children hunt for the eggs all around the house. Neighborhoods and organizations hold Easter egg hunts, and the child who finds the most eggs wins a prize.The Easter Bunny is a rabbit-spirit. Long ago, he was called the" Easter Hare." Hares and rabbits have frequent multiple births so they became a symbol of fertility. The custom of an Easter egg hunt began because children believed that hares laid eggs in the grass. The Romans believed that "All life comes from an egg." Christians consider eggs to be "the seed of life" and so they are symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.Why we dye, or color, and decorate eggs is not certain. In ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Persia eggs were dyed for spring festivals. In medieval Europe, beautifully decorated eggs were given as gifts. /200904/67040。

You can look amazing without spending lots of money on your wardrobe. Simply try these 10 tricks:你不必花很多钱充实衣柜也可以光照人。试试下面十条简便的小诀窍:1. Shop seasonal sales. Make seasonal purchases--winter coats, leather jackets, bathing suits, even summer dresses--at the end of the season. You'll get major discounts, and you'll be stocked up for next year.购买换季减价商品。在即将换季的时候去购买衣物,如:冬天的外套、皮夹克、游泳衣、甚至是夏装。你会享受到较大的折扣,而且你也可以为来年备一些衣物。 /200912/92950。

1. If you think he is a good man, think again.  如果你认为他是好人,那你就大错特错了。 /201103/129509。

Break up can be tough. Sometimes, it#39;s even hard for both sides—after all, breaking up is not easy to do. It hurts to throw away your story with someone—all the good memories and the dreams and plans you two had for the future. Mending a broken heart takes time and patience. But you must face the fact that your heart is broken. It doesn#39;t matter if you wish things could be different or if you even regret something you did. It doesn#39;t matter if you think you shouldn#39;t have become that involved with that person or if you#39;re angry and looking for revenge. The fact is: Your heart is broken! This relationship advice can help.浪漫的关系可能会恶化,甚至可能最终以分手糟糕地结束。在这个“悲伤的结局”中最坏的事是,至少一人会心碎。渡过分手可能是困难的。有时,这甚至对双方都是困难的——毕竟,分手不是件容易做到的事。忘记你与某人的故事令人伤心——所有你们的美好回忆、梦想和计划。修补一颗破碎的心需要时间和耐心。但是你必须面对的事实是,你的心碎了。如果你想那本可不同,或者后悔你做过的某些事,没关系。如果你认为你根本不该与那个人发生关系,或者生气和想要复仇,没关系。事实是: 你的心碎了! 以下关系建议可以帮助你。Even if the only thing you want to do is win your partner back - and by the way, if you#39;re interested in doing this then I strongly recommend The Magic of Making Up - when a relationship is truly over, it#39;s time to begin the healing process.即使你唯一想做的事情就是赢得你的伴侣回来—顺便说一下,如果你有兴趣做这个的话我强烈推荐 The Magic of Making Up 这本书—如果一个关系确实结束了,是时候开始治愈了。So now what? Are you going to sit and cry for the rest of your life or do you intend to do something? Was that ending your fault or are you not the one to blame? Is there something you can do to fix it? Is there something you should stop and think about so you can act in a better way the next time #39;round? Is mending a broken heart even possible? Of course it is! Getting over a break up is possible. There are many things you can do to heal a broken heart! And the best thing is: It all depends on you! Here#39;s how to forget someone in 8 steps.那现在怎么办呢?你要在你的余生坐在地上哭泣,还是做些别的事情?这是你的错,还是你没错?有没有什么事,值得你停下来想想,可以修复它?有没有什么事,值得你停下来想想,可以亡羊补牢?有没有可能,修补一颗破碎的心?当然可能!越过分手这道坎是可能的。你可以做许多事来治愈一颗破碎的心!最重要的事是:这完全取决于你!下面是如何忘记某人的八个步骤:Step 1Cry out everything you have to cry about! When we get hurt, it#39;s normal (and good) to cry. Don#39;t ever think you#39;re being weak for crying and don#39;t feel embarrassed because of it! It#39;s normal and it#39;s good! When you cry, you let go of part of your anger and hurt so you can feel less heavy. You can lock yourself in a room, if you want to, and put on some sad music...but let yourself feel the pain and cry so you can let it go. The main thing here is: Get rid of the pain! Just let her go!第一步哭出你想诉说的一切! 当我们受伤时,哭泣是正常的(也是好的)。永远不要觉得哭泣让你显得弱小,或者觉得尴尬,因为哭泣是正常的,哭泣是正确的!在你哭泣的时候,你部分的愤怒和伤害感会消失,因此你可以觉得不那么消沉。你可以把自己锁在一个房间里,如果你想,还可以听一些悲伤的音乐…但当你悲伤时,哭出来,以让悲伤消失!重要的一点是:摆脱痛苦!让痛苦离开!Step 2Get busy!When you#39;re trying to get someone out of your head, you need to put other things inside of it. In other words...get busy! It doesn#39;t matter how, you just need to get distracted. Go to a movie, watch a play, travel. It doesn#39;t matter what are you going to do—the important thing is to find something to do. Find a hobby, find something you enjoy doing, something to keep your mind busy. If your mind is busy, it doesn#39;t have time or space to think about the person you#39;re trying to forget.第二步忙碌起来!当你试图让别人从你的脑子离开,你需要把别的东西放进在里面。换句话说,……忙碌起来!途径不重要,关键是要分心。看电影、看话剧、旅行。你打算做什么都没关系——重要的是找些事情做。找一个爱好,找一些你喜欢做的事情,让你的大脑忙起来。当你的脑子忙起来,你的大脑就会没有时间和空间来思考试图忘记的人。Step 3Spend some time with your friends. Friends are always great to have in this kind of situation! Friends can make you feel good about yourself and get you distracted very easily. They will certainly make you laugh and make you see that you#39;re way more important than you think! The only warning is: Ask them not to talk about the person you#39;re trying to forget. If they start bringing the topic up in every conversation, you won#39;t be able to forget, and instead of making you laugh, they#39;re going to make you cry. So be honest and ask them not to talk about it!第三步多花些时间与你的朋友在一起。 在这种情形下,与一些朋友在一起总是最好的!朋友可以让你对自我感觉良好,让你容易分心。他们肯定会让你发笑,让你觉得你自己远远更重要!唯一的警告是:要求他们不要谈论你正试图忘记的那个人。如果他们的每段对话里都有那个人,你就会很难忘记,这不会让你笑,而会让你哭。所以要诚实,并要求他们不要谈论它! /201207/189141。