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英语口语1+1:The bigger they are, the harder they fall【1+1英文】Angela: "Those guys thought they would never lose. But we finally beat them. And look at them crying now." Andy: "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."【1+1中文】安吉拉:那些家伙认为他们用于不会输掉,但最终我们打败了他们,现在看看他们怎么哭吧!安 迪:个头越大,摔得越重。【1+1】The word harder has two meanings here. First, it is harder (more difficult) to beat them; and second, when they lose they go down harder (more painfully).中文意思:个头越大,摔得越重。 /200605/6999They were just as concerned about housing the dead as the living.而他们对地宫的关注 绝不逊于生前的寓所The mausoleum at Maes Howe, a couple of miles from Skara Brae,在斯卡拉布雷数英里外的麦豪石室seems no more than a swelling on the grassy landscape.看上去不过是青草间一处隆起地块This is, as it were, a British pyramid and in keeping with our taste for understatement,其实它堪称不列颠之金字塔 其含蓄与我们的审美情趣不谋而合it reserves all its impact for the interior.将所有华美尽藏于室内Imagine them open once more.试想将这墓穴再次打开A detail from a village given the job of pulling back the stone seals,一个村民受雇 进入将石门封死lugging the body through the low opening in the earth.匍匐穿进这条深入的地洞Up 36 feet of narrow, tight-fitting passageway,一条长达三十六英尺狭窄lit only once a year by the rays of the winter solstice.并只有在每年冬至才会沐浴日光的通道A death canal, constriction, smelling of the underworld.一条紧窄并弥漫着阴森气息的冥界之路Finally the passageway opens up to this stupendous,high-vaulted masonry chamber.最终 这条通道将我们引向了这巨大的 穹窿形石室Some tombs would have been elaborately decorated with carvings in the form of circles or spirals,一些装饰华美的陵墓 被雕刻上圆圈或是螺旋的形状like waves or the breeze-pushed clouds.犹如波浪 又如清风掠过的云海一般Others would have had neat little stone stores or cubicles where the bodies would be laid out on shelves.另一些则附有精巧的小型石室 便于死者的遗体存放于搁架之上 /201606/450806TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201608/457823China#39;s illegal ivory trade is dying.中国的非法象牙贸易正在消亡。And that#39;s fantastic news for Africa#39;s waning elephant population.这对于非洲日渐衰弱的大象种群来说是个好消息。According to a new report from conservation group Save the Elephants, the price of ivory in China has dropped from about 2,100 dollars per kilogram in 2014 to 730 dollars per kilogram in 2017.根据拯救大象保护组织的一份新报告,中国象牙的价格已从2014年的每公斤2100美元下降到2017年的730美元。On top of that, the report says every single one of China#39;s ivory factories will be shut down by April 1. And all retail outlets in the country will close by the end of the year.此外,报告称中国在4月1日前将关闭每家象牙工厂。全国所有零售店年底前将关闭。Save the Elephants is crediting these big steps to an economic slowdown, growing public awareness and the government#39;s commitment to put a stop to the trade.拯救大象将这些重大举措归功于经济增长的放缓、越来越强的公众意识和政府停止贸易的承诺。China#39;s ivory market is one of the biggest in the world. And conservationists hope its decline will help end the widesp poaching of African elephants for tusks.中国的象牙市场是世界上最大的。自然资源保护主义者希望贸易的减少有助于结束为了获得象牙对非洲大象的普遍偷猎。According to the World Wildlife Fund, 3 million to 5 million elephants lived in Africa in the early part of the 20th century. Today, the country#39;s elephant population has plummeted to about 415,000.根据世界野生动物基金会的数据,二十世纪早期非洲有300万到500万头大象。现在该国的大象数量已锐减至约415,000头。But China still has a long way to go to protect other vulnerable species. Loopholes and exceptions allow the country to traffic parts from other wild animals, including tigers and rhinos.但是,在保护其它濒危物种上中国仍然有很长的路要走。法律上的漏洞和例外使其非法买卖其它野生动物,包括老虎和犀牛。译文属。 Article/201704/501735

This has my nerves tingling and all my senses working overtime,even my sense of smell.神经高度紧张 所有感官都高度集中起来 甚至连嗅觉都变得很灵敏The whole place just stinks of rotting pigeon carcass and all of these droppings,整个地方散发着一股腐烂死鸽子的恶臭 还有鸟粪的臭味although there are a couple of old shells here. It#39;s a good sign.这里有些蛋壳的碎片 是个好迹象You know, normally, in the wild, pigeons only breed once a year when there#39;s good food source around,一般说来 野生鸽子一年只繁殖一次 当有丰富食物来源时 but in the city, where there#39;s more food,they#39;ll breed up to six times a year.尤其是在城市 有更充足的食物 它们一年繁殖将会多达六次So there#39;s a good chance of finding some eggs along here.所以完全有可能在这里找到一些鸽子蛋Wild pigeons nest in cliff tops,and their urban cousins also choose high, inaccessible locations.野生鸽子将巢筑于山崖顶部 所以城里的鸽子也会在高处筑巢And this is about as inaccessible as it gets.Bad place to fall. Let#39;s take it steady here.而这里就是一个难以达到的高度 掉下去可就惨了 在这儿要保持平稳A fall from this height would mean certain death,but there#39;s a nest.从这儿掉下去必死无疑 但是 这种地方才有鸽子筑巢There#39;s some eggs in this one.Here you go.这个巢里有鸽子蛋 快拍You know, and all bird eggs are fine just to eat raw as long as they don#39;t smell rotten when you open them.That#39;s gonna be fine.打开的时候没有闻到异味的话 所有的鸟蛋都可以生吃的 这个没问题Nutritious meal on the go.Time now to head back down to ground level, but not too fast.Almost went straight off the edge of this.营养补充完毕 继续上路 该回到地面去了 但不要操之过急 差点直接掉下去 Article/201610/470608

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/466632

Depression is often misunderstood in the public.抑郁症常常被大家误解Sometimes people think that people with depression are weak, or lazy,有时人们认为有抑郁症的人只是累了或者想发懒而已when in actuality um people with depression are struggling with a very complex illness that has biological, psychological, and social causes and consequences.当他们正在跟一种很复杂的疾病做抗争时候 抑郁症之所以复杂是因为 它是生理 心理 和社会等综合因素所引起的疾病Depression is extremely common, it affects one in four women, and about one in five or six men.抑郁症极为常见 四分之一的女性以及五或六分之一的男性都在忍受着抑郁症的煎熬And those who don’t experience depression themselves often have a friend, or a family member who are experiencing it.正常人常常也会有某个朋友或家庭成员正因其困扰The most commonly experienced symptoms of depression are sad mood, and lack of pleasure.抑郁症最常见的症状包括情绪低落 缺少快乐People often note sleep changes and energy changes.人们通常会注意到睡眠习惯和日常精力的变化And almost everybody I’ve ever interviewed, which would be over two thousand people with depression, all experienced the feelings of worthlessness.在我采访过的超过两千名抑郁症患者中 几乎每个人都有过无价值感Almost every single one.几乎每个人都这样Depression is an invisible illness, it is not one that you can see just by looking at somebody.抑郁症是一种看不见的疾病 它并非凭观察他人就能察觉Normal sadness can occur in response to life events. Depression, at least in its later stages, tends to be disconnected from life events.日常琐事可能让人产生正常的悲伤而抑郁症至少在其后期阶段往往已和日常无关So, depression and sadness share the sadness, but depression is so much more than just sadness.因此 抑郁症和悲伤都会觉得伤心 但抑郁症要复杂得多And, as a matter of fact, some people think the worst part of depression is not experiencing pleasure.其实 一些人认为抑郁症最糟糕的是体会不到快乐There is a numbness in how sometimes when people have severe depression feel.当人们有严重抑郁的感觉的时候,甚至会出现肢体麻木的现象“Pull yourself up by the bootstraps. You should get yourself out of this.”“你得自力更生,你应该离开这里。” 或者像这样:Or,things like, “Your life is great, what do you have to be depressed about?”“你的日子过得不错,还有什么好抑郁的呢?”Depression is definitely not related to someone’s character, or moral shortcomings.抑郁症绝对不会和某人性格或精神上的弱点有关联And it is really interesting to think that if medication can help people who have these illnesses, how could it really be about their morality?可笑的一点是如果药物能治疗这种疾病 又怎么能说得抑郁症是他精神方面所导致的呢?Depression can affect every aspect of a person’s life. It can affect their job performance, their family relationships, their divorce rates are higher,抑郁症能够影响人生活的方方面面 例如工作表现 家庭关系等 他们的离婚率也比常人要高it can affect their parenting abilities. And depression is one of the leading causes of economic burden of any diseases.它可以影响生育能力 抑郁症也是能给人们带来经济负担的主要疾病之一。People are often surprised to hear that it costs more to the society than cancer or heart disease.人们总是很惊讶地发现它比癌症或心脏病的花费还要高If depression goes untreated, it could turn out a variety of different ways. It could be that people stay at the same sort of negative如果不接受治疗 抑郁症会向多种方式转变 也许保持一直以来的消极状态level that they’ve been, or sometimes it can get much worse. So, it can with each passing或者可能恶化 所以 随着病情的进展depression, some people feel worse and worse, so that they might approximately about twenty有人觉得越来越糟糕 而大约百分之二十的患病人群percent of people, I believe, with major depression end up making some form of suicide attempt.我相信 会有某种形式的自杀企图So, the question is how do we get people to feel better so that they can think better,那么 问题在于我们怎样做才能让他们感觉更好 从而更好地思考or vice versa? How do we get them to think differently so that they can feel differently?反之亦然 我们怎样才能使他们转换想法从而有不同的感受Usually people come at depression with one form of treatment or the other.通常患有抑郁症的人会采用一种或多种方式治疗They will either go and get medication, or they’ll go and get psychotherapy, or they will do nothing.他们会用药物 或者接受心理治疗 或者什么也不做In fact, the data supports that the best treatment for depression is a combination of medication and psychotherapy.事实上 有数据显示治疗抑郁症最好的方法是将两者结合的疗法There’s lots of strategies that people can use in order to feel bette让他们感觉更好的方法有很多Improving their sleep and sleep hygiene, exercising thirty minutes a day,提高他们的睡眠质量 每天进行三十分钟体育锻炼um particularly aerobic exercise seems to be very effective for people with depression.尤其是有氧运动对于抑郁症人群非常有效And for the social piece, I’d really recommend to try and develop more social engagement with people在社交方面 我建议他们试着建立更多的社交关系because again I think that is one way that people can actually help themselves to feel better.因为我觉得这是一种真正可以帮助自身感觉更好的方法The good news is that depression is a very treatable illness.幸运是抑郁症是一种极易治愈的疾病The majority of people who get care, particularly if they can get care early, will end up doing very well.大多数接受治疗的患者 尤其是早期就开始治疗的 最后都得到了很好的治疗效果 Article/201706/512355

You#39;re finally meeting his family of eight over a home-cooked meal big enough for 30...when you need to bake a keister casserole.你终于在一顿足以喂饱三十个人的家常大餐上见到他一家八口...这时你却必须去烧一锅屁屁炖菜。Hi, uh, where is the restroom?嗨,呃,洗手间在哪呢?Uh, it#39;s right behind you.呃,就在你后面。Right behind me? Oh, that is convenient!就在我后面?噢,还真方便!Now, what do you do?现在,你要怎么做?He#39;s really hot. Most of the time I get real big trolls. I need you. Help me out!他真的很性感。我之前大部分都是遇到大丑男。我需要你。帮我个忙!Oh my gosh. What did I do? What did I eat? Oh, no!!我的老天。我做了什么?我吃了什么?喔,不!After you answer Mother Nature#39;s booty call, you fill the air with synthetic citrus,在你回应大自然之母对屁股的召唤后,你在空气中喷满人工合成的柑橘味,hoping the scent of last night#39;s burrito won#39;t follow you back to the table.盼望昨晚墨西哥卷饼的气味不会跟着你回到餐桌。That was a bad choice. They#39;re gonna know my secrets.那是个糟透的选择。他们会知道我的秘密。And they#39;re gonna hate me, and I#39;m never gonna find love. Maybe more, maybe more, oh, maybe more.而且他们会讨厌我,然后我就再也找不到爱了。也许再多点,也许再多点,噢,也许再多点。Oh, come on. Come on. And everyone#39;s gonna be married with kids, and I#39;m gonna be a lone lady with cats!噢,来吧。来吧。所有人都会结婚生小孩,但我会变成一个只有猫咪作伴的孤单老女人!Smells like...diaper gravy! Smells like, uh... It#39;s got some fruit notes. Is...is it shitrus?!闻起来像...尿布卤汁!闻起来像,呃...有点水果味。这...这是屎味柑橘吗?!I can taste it! It#39;s atomic!我可以尝得到!这臭味有原子弹的威力!It#39;s...it#39;s stinging! It#39;s stinging! It#39;s...burning! My eyes... It#39;s in my eyes. She ruined my dinner!好...刺!好刺!它在...燃烧!我的眼睛... 在我的眼睛里。她毁了我的晚餐!Oh, this is really important. I better take this. Excuse me.噢,这真的很重要。我最好接一下这通电话。容我离开一下。You tuck that turtlehead back in its shell and toot, scoot, and boogie to the backyard.你缩回便意,然后一边发出噗噗噗的声响,快步疾走到后院。You pop a squat and push it. P-p-push it real good. And just when you think you#39;ve gotten away with your rectal ruse...你蹲下解放并使力推挤。推、推、推得极为卖力。而正当你以为没人发现你直肠耍的小花招时...Please! Please...I-I won#39;t tell if you don#39;t tell. No deal!拜托!求你了...我--如果你不说出去我就不会说。门儿都没有!Why? Why can#39;t you be a nice grandma that bakes pies and knits sweaters?为什么?为什么你不能是一个烤派和织毛衣的好奶奶?Please excuse me.请容我离开一下。Before you pass the chocolate delights, you spritz the bowl with Poo-Pourri.在你端出巧克力美食前,你把Poo-Pourri喷在马桶里。Nice. Whew! That was a good one, but it smells good, too. You did so good.赞。唷呼!那个不错喔,而且闻起来也很不错。你做得真好。I just pooped, and it smells fabulous. Yeah! Bring it down, bring it down...downtown I did, right?! Yeah! Yeah!我刚拉屎,它超好闻。耶!就是这样、就是这样...我做到了,对吧?!耶!耶!All they#39;ll be able to smell is an appetizing blend of natural essential oils.他们能闻到的只有刺激食欲的天然精油混合香味。Oh, that#39;s heavenly. I don#39;t remember putting a lemon meringue pie in the oven.噢,那真是太美好了。我不记得有在烤箱里放柠檬蛋白派啊。Whatever that smell is, I wanna eat it right now with my mouth.不管那是什么味道,我想要现在就吃掉它,此时此刻,用我的嘴。It smells like sunshine! And Froot Loops! Very nice blend.闻起来像阳光!还有色麦片圈圈!非常棒的交融。Marry this one, man. I mean, she poops pies. Am I right? Just like me! Just like you!娶这女人回家吧,兄弟。我的意思是,她便出派耶。我说对了吗?就像我!就像你!Winner, winner, burrito dinner.赢家、赢家,厕所的赢家。Control the ;shituation; with Poo-Pourri-the Before-You-Go Toilet Spray that creates a film on the water#39;s surface that actually traps odor before it begins.用Poo-Pourri掌控“屎况”--它是会在水面上制造一层薄膜的“事前”厕所喷雾,那层薄膜在气味开始发散前就能确实抑制臭气。If your poo stinks, click here to get your Poo-Pourri today at poopourri.com.如果你的便便散发恶臭,今天就点击这里前往poopourri.com取得你的Poo-Pourri。Poo-Pourri. When the glasses clink, don#39;t ruin the party with a stink.Poo-Pourri。当大家举杯欢庆时,别让臭臭坏了派对兴致。 Article/201704/502406

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