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Watch out where you#39;re ting.And these are gonna be edible.小心脚下 这些都能吃 You don#39;t want to eat them raw.Really, you want to cook shellfish and try and keep them alive for something to eat later.你不会想生吃的 真的 你肯定会想吃熟的 那就要先养着 待会儿再吃I#39;m gonna keep them safe in my backpack.It#39;s a little tiddler.我就准备先养在我背包里 这是个小鱼儿Always collect as much as you can.一定要尽量多抓点Survival#39;s about making the most of what you come across.要生存下来就要尽量 利用遇到的东西Guatemala has some of the longest and largest caves in central America.危地马拉有中美洲 最大最长的洞穴Most of them are totally unexplored.其中大部分都未经勘探I#39;m gonna light the torch with my flint.我要用打火石点燃火把Very slippy on these rocks, just watch this out.这些石头非常滑 小心点Over millions of years, water#39;s worn the rock away,making these tunnels and caverns.经过水流几百万年的冲刷侵蚀 这里才形成了这些溶洞It just shows how powerful it can be.这正彰显了其巨大的威力Hey, listen.At least something lives down here.快听 竟然还有小东西生活在这下面The mayans used to think that caves like this were the gateways to the underworld.玛雅人一直认为这样的洞穴 是通往地下世界的门户They called it ;Shivova;,it means ;place of fear;他们称之为;Shivova; 意思是敬畏之地One of the big dangers is going into caves like this is not being able to find your way out again.很危险的一件事就是 进这样的洞之后 可能会再也找不到出路If I#39;ve learned anything about survival,you#39;ve always got to have an escape plan.所以逃生的秘诀就是 一定要制定一个逃脱计划And you know, a shape like this,it looks very unnatural.So if you have got to retreat,you#39;ve got some markers to follow.这样的形状 看起来很不寻常 所以万一要往回撤 得有一些标记引路 Article/201609/465438。

新英语900句视频版 第35课:最近有没有看到龙 文本如下:LESSON 1第1课ALI: Hello, Mr. Vegetable Man. Do you remember me? My name is Ali.您好!卖菜的先生,还记得我吗?我叫埃利。MR YAMAMOT:Yes, Ali. I remember you.记得!埃利。ALI: I met you when you were going to the Japanese Garden. Did you have a good time?您到日本花园去的时候我见到过您。那次玩得好吗?MR YAMAMOTOI: Yes, thank you, Ali. Is this your mother, Ali?很好!谢谢你,埃利。这是你母亲吗?ALI: Yes, it is. Mommy, I told you about this man.对,是我妈妈。妈妈,他就是我跟你说过的那个人。MRS NIKZAD: His name is Mr. Yamamoto, Ali. Be polite.他是亚玛莫托先生,埃利。要有礼貌。ALI: How do you know his name, Mommy?您怎么知道他的名字,妈妈?MRS NIKZAD: Because many of my friends have told me about him and his excellent shop. It#39;s nice to meet you, Mr. Yamamoto. Our name is Nikzad.许多朋友都和我谈起过他和他极好的商店。真高兴见到您,亚玛莫托先生。我们姓尼克撒德。MR MAMOT:How do you do, Mrs. Nikzad?Your son helped me find my way around the Fair.您好,尼克撒德太太。您的儿子在览会上给我带过路。ALI: Are you famous, Mr. Yamamoto? How come?亚玛莫托先生,您一定很有名吧?怎么出的名?MR YAMAMOT:Because I have lived in this neighborhood a long time.因为我在这附近住了很长时间了。ALI: But that isn#39;t enough, is it?但这并能说明问题呀,对吗?MR. YAMAMOT:You have to answer that question for yourself.那你只好自己回答这个问题了。LESSON 2第2课ALI: No. You have to do something special to be famous. You have to kill a dragon.不,您一定做过什么特别出名的事。您一定杀了一条龙。MR. YAMAMOT:I#39;ve never done that. I have seen many and fought with a few. But to my knowledge I haven#39;t killed any yet.我从来没杀过龙。我见的很多,也和人争吵过,但在我的记忆里,还没杀过什么东西。CUSTOMER: Excuse me, do you have any lettuce?劳驾,您这儿有莴巨吗?ALI: Wow, have you ever ... ?噢,您……?Mrs. NIKZAD: Mr. Yamamoto is a busy man. Perhaps Ali, we have aly taken too much of his time.亚玛莫托先生是个忙人。埃利,大概,我们已经打扰了好长时间了。MR. YAMAMOT:[to the customer]I#39;ll be with you in a moment.[对顾客]我马上就给您拿。[to Ali and his mother] Not at all, Mrs. Nikzad. If I don#39;t have enough time, it is because I am old, not because I am busy.[对埃利和他的母亲]没关系,尼克撒德太太。如果说我的时间不够,那是因为我老了,可不是因为我忙呀!ALI: I don#39;t understand.我不明白。MRS NIKZAD: Mr. Yamamoto is very wise. When have lived a little longer, you will understand.亚玛莫托先生说的很对,等你再长大点儿,就会明白的。ALI: I want to understand now.我现在就想知道。MR. YAMAMOT:Then you must visit me again.那你就再来找我。ALI: Can I? I mean, may I?我能来吗?我是说,我可以来吗? /200809/47748。

Sites like these where many plant-eating dinosaurs have been killed in an accident像这种植食恐龙集体死于意外的地点lead paleontologists to believe these herbivores were living together in herds when they died together.使得古生物学家相信,这些植食动物直到死前都是群居生活With plant-eating dinosaurs, it#39;s very frequent to find groups of animals preserved together in the rocks.对于植食恐龙来说,成批的骨骼一起埋葬于岩石中是很常见的现象Because they#39;re all associated together closely, and they#39;re mixed ages together,因为它们都亲密无间,大大小小都聚在一起that#39;s good evidence they were living together as a herd.这些据都能充分说明,它们是群居生活的Bone beds containing herds of plant-eating dinosaurs are common.植食恐龙的骨骼化石群是很常见的But there was no such convincing evidence that large meat-eating dinosaurs lived and died in groups.但是并没有类似的据能明大型食肉恐龙也是同生共死In the case of the early fossil finds of meat-eating dinosaurs,根据早期发现的食肉恐龙化石they sort of reinforce this idea of meat-eaters as solitary hunters.他们更加确信了大型食肉恐龙独自狩猎的观点People had only found individual specimens of each of the species.人们每次只能找到某种恐龙的一具标本They never found a group of assemblages, they never found a bunch of individuals together.他们从来没有发现过一群食肉恐龙,或是聚在一起的食肉恐龙All of the evidence indicated these predators lived and died as solitary hunters.所有据都显示,这些掠食动物是孤独的猎手And if they were solitary hunters, no single carnivore, however big,倘若它们真是独自狩猎,单凭一只食肉恐龙,无论它有多大would have gone for a prey as huge as the giant herbivore, Argentinosaurus.也不可能将巨大的植食恐龙--阿根廷龙变成它的腹中之物It looks like the tantalizing idea of a clash of the titans down in Patagonia was doomed.看来调足人们胃口的巴塔哥尼亚,巨兽之争纯粹只是天方夜谭Or so most paleontologists thought.至少大部分古生物学家是这么想的 Article/201611/480940。

TED演讲视频:激烈抨击心理骗局持无神论的传奇人物詹姆斯·兰迪在演讲的开头现场吞了顺势疗法的安眠药,其剂量足以致命,随后他对无理性的信仰进行了18分钟的猛烈控诉,他向全世界的灵媒师挑战:只要明你的把戏真实有据,我给你一百万美元。 Article/201704/502804。

英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第32课:作决定Making decisions[00:06.90]466. I'm anxious to know what your decision is.[00:10.17]我急于想知道你的决定。[00:13.45]467. I'm confident you've made the right choice.[00:16.78]我相信你已经作了正确的选择。[00:20.11]468. I want to persuade you to change your mind.[00:23.72]我想说你改变主意。[00:27.32]469. Will you accept my advice.[00:30.80]你愿意接受我的劝告吗?[00:34.27]470. What have you decided?[00:36.91]你是怎么决定的?[00:39.55]471. I've definitely decided to go to California.[00:44.07]我已肯定要去加利福尼亚州。[00:48.59]472. He didn't want to say anything to influence my decision.[00:52.77]他不想说什么来影响我的决定。[00:56.95]473. She refuses to make up her mind.[01:00.83]她拒绝做出决定。[01:04.71]474. I assume you've decided against buying a new car.[01:09.09]我想你已经决定不买新汽车了。[01:13.48]475. It took him a long time to make up his mind.[01:18.01]他用了很长时间才打定主意。[01:22.55]476. You can go whenever you wish.[01:25.83]什么时候走,随你便。[01:29.10]477. We're willing to accept your plan.[01:33.23]我们乐意采纳你的计划。[01:37.36]478. He knows it's inconvenient, but he wants to go anyway.[01:41.09]他知道这不太方便。但不管怎么样他还是要去。[01:44.83]479. According to Mr. Green, this is a complicated problem.[01:50.75]据格林先生认为,这是一个复杂问题。[01:56.66]480. She insists that it doesn't make any difference to her.[02:00.53]她坚持说,这对她无所谓。 /200604/6125。

But it always survives.It#39;s,I suppose it#39;s Bear-proof.不过最后总是幸免遇难 我想这就是;贝尔定律;吧This tiny camera enables me to get some extraordinary shots when it#39;s just too dangerous to risk the crew.这个微型摄像机可以在 摄制人员无法冒险跟随我时 拍摄到惊人的画面It#39;s not always just the terrain that#39;s difficult, though.有时候不仅地势险恶Often, it#39;s the creatures and the climate.天气与周遭生物也是我们的一大威胁Just had to evacuate another of the crew with heatstroke.又有一位中暑的组员 需要疏散In my quest to show you how to survive in the wild,I#39;ve visited dozens of different environments.在荒野求生的探索中 我去过许多不同的地方What all these locations share is that they#39;re tough on the mind and the body.其共同之处就是 它们是对精神和身体的双重考验In places like these,illness, extreme temperature,and the nastiest bugs on the planet are all out to get you.在这样的环境中 疾病 极端温度 还有地球上最讨厌的虫子都会找你麻烦Acclimatization is a tricky thing.It is quite a shock to the body.适应环境是个棘手的事情 对身体的打击也很大If you#39;re in the military,they give you a week, normally the acclimatization period.如果你在军队 通常会有一周 适应期Not this team.You know, you get a couple of days,and then that#39;s it. You#39;ll get into it.这队伍显然不同 你只有几天时间 时间一到 你必须进入自然Most of the local hazards I face,my crew face, too.我在当地遇到的绝大多数危险 我的组员也会遇到Forgeting covering pants to spans,bloody, bloody, bloody cactus.忘记给裤子加防护了 该死的仙人掌Dealing with the nightmare of mosquitos.Ohh, man, these mosquitos.Just relentless here.还要对付如噩梦一般的蚊子 天呐 这群蚊子 在这没完没了了To getting attacked by blood-sucking leeches.Oh, well, I#39;m getting hammered by these things.被吸血水蛭攻击 我被它们吸血了 Article/201610/475008。

By the summer of 1349, the plague had sp to the furthest corners of England, Wales and Scotland.到了1349年夏天 疫情迅速蔓延 至英格兰 威尔士和苏格兰的每个角落Now it travelled across the sea to Ireland.如今 它远渡重洋来到爱尔兰According to John Clynn,a Franciscan friar writing at Kilkenny,14,000 had perished in Dublin alone.根据约翰·克林 圣芳济修会苦修士在基尔肯尼的记录 都柏林一地就有一万四千人死亡Since the beginning of the world,it has been unheard of for so many people to die in such a short time.自开天辟地以来 从未听闻过 在如此短时间内有如此众多的人死亡This pestilence was so contagious that those who touched the dead or the sick were immediately infected themselves.这种瘟疫的传染性如此强烈 以至于任何接触过死者或病患的人 都会立即被感染I, seeing these many ills and that the whole world is encompassed by evil,我见了那么多的病痛 整个世界已被魔鬼包围waiting among the dead for death to come,have committed to writing what I truly have heard and examined,我在死者和将死之人之间穿梭写作 立志记录下 我的这些所见所闻and I leave parchment for continuing this work if, perchance, any man survive,我还留了一些羊皮纸来继续这项工作 如果 有人侥幸存活and any of the race of Adam escape this pestilence and carry on the work which I have begun.任何能逃过这次瘟疫的亚当族裔 可以继续这项我所开始的工作At this point, another hand has written,;Here it seems the author died.;行文至此 另一种笔迹写道 看来作者死了When the survivors recovered from the first brutal shock of the Black Death,they asked, inevitably,;Why us? Why now?;当幸存者们 从第一波黑死病的狂潮中逃过一劫 他们不可避免地发出疑问 ;为什么是我们 为什么是现在; /201611/478030。

He smiled from ear to ear when he received this birthday gift.当他收到这生日礼物时笑得合不拢嘴。当中的smile from ear to ear是指因开心而笑得合不拢嘴,也可用grin from ear to ear。He grinned from ear to ear when his father gave him a new bike.当他父亲送给他一辆新自行车时他笑得合不拢嘴。 /200802/27383。

英语口语1+1:The kitchen sink【1+1英文】Angela: "Every time we go camping my wife packs everything but the kitchen sink."【1+1中文】安吉拉:每次我们去野营的时候,我妻子几乎想把所有的东西都搬着。【1+1】When we we are deciding what to bring with us, we try to take everything possible. But some things, like the kitchen sink, are just not convenient.中文意思:几乎所有的东西。 /200605/7002。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201608/460631。