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上海市闵行区中医医院点痣多少钱上海市第一人民医院激光去斑多少钱The Duchess of Cambridge has been criticised for her love of Eighties-style sheer hosiery, which has sparked a bit of a following. In the following pictures, Kate looked perfect when it comes to designer frocks, but with almost every single outfit, she is wearing ageing shiny hosiery . 剑桥公爵夫人因为钟爱80年代样式的透明丝袜引发了一些追随者,但也曾遭到批评。下面的照片中,卡特穿着设计师专门设计的连衫裙,看起来非常完美,但是几乎每套套装都与老气的有光泽的丝袜搭配。 The look is said to have an aging effect on the young royal, but everyone from Pippa Middleton to Hayden Panettiere has picked up on the trend. And as the weather in the UK rapidly gets colder, the number of nude tight lovers is only going to increase. 看起来这对年轻的皇室成员造成老化效应,但是从皮帕·米德尔顿到海顿·潘妮蒂尔都重拾这一潮流趋势。随着英国的气温极速变冷,裸色连裤袜追随者也只会越来越多。 So we welcome Debenhams' announcement that it is launching a range of 'invisible hosiery for all skin tones. 因此,Debenhams公司发出的公告广受欢迎,他们宣布将会发布一系列针对任何肤色的隐形丝袜。 The tights will be available in various different shades to ensure that those with olive, Indian, mixed race and black skin will also be able to try out the trend. 这种连裤袜有很多颜色,确保橄榄肤色人种、印度人、混血人种以及拥有黑色肌肤的女士都可以尝试这一趋势。 Debenhams has reduced shine of the leg-wear, meaning that you get the warmth offered by a pair of tights, but none else will notice you have got anything on your legs. Debenhams公司减少了丝袜的光泽,这意味着一双紧身丝袜不仅能够给你提供温暖,而且没有别人会注意到你的腿上穿了东西。 Colours available include olive, bronze and coffee along with fairer skin tones such as beige and honey. They are all available in three sizes and are priced at £3.50 a pair. 丝袜颜色包括橄榄色、青铜色以及咖啡色,还有更贴近肤色的浅褐色和蜂蜜色。这些颜色的丝袜各有三种不同的尺寸,每双3.5英镑。 Debenhams hosiery buyer, Joanna Townsend, said: "Nude hosiery is one of fashion's best kept secrets. It's a woman's weapon to fight the onset of winter, when wearing black opaque tights is just too depressing on a golden autumn's day." Debenhams丝袜买手乔安娜·汤森说:“裸色丝袜是最好的保持时尚的秘密武器。这是女性对抗冬天来临的一个武器,金秋时日穿着黑色不透明的连裤袜太沉闷了。” Traditional "natural" or "nude" tights made darker skin colours appear too light, and their shininess often distortes the natural shape of women's legs. 传统的“自然”或“裸色”丝袜让深肤色的腿显得太亮,这些光泽常使女性自然的腿型变形。 Townsend adds: "Our research identified a huge gap in the market for natural hosiery for darker skin tones." 汤森补充说:“我们的研究发现,市场上针对深肤色的自然丝袜有很大的缺口。” "Our aim is to be invisible when worn, no matter what your skin colour." “我们设计目的,无论您是什么肤色,丝袜穿起来都是隐形的。” /201110/157837上海市闵行区中心医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱 3 Fast and Festive Christmas Wreaths3款喜庆圣诞花环 快速搞定有妙招It doesn#39;t take hours to fashion these Christmas wreaths that welcome visitors to your home in holiday style!如今,制作喜迎宾客的圣诞花环不再需要花费大量时间了!Merry Musical Accent愉悦的音乐之声Invite carolers and neighbors to warm up in a front hall echoing with the joyful sounds of the season.邀请颂歌者与邻居在回响着欢愉的节日颂歌的前厅做好准备。Shiny brass jingle bells, horns, and little toy drums blend with tiny scrolls of sheet music, sprigs of holly, and a festive holiday bow to trim the wreath above and trumpet #39;Happy Holidays#39;!装饰音乐之“环”的材料有:金灿灿的黄铜门铃、号角、小玩具鼓、微型乐谱、冬青树枝以及喜庆的圣诞“结”。音乐之“环”的“宣言”是——“节日快乐”!For the Kitchen 温馨的厨房Red gingham ribbon twirled and tied in a big bow cooks up a hearth-warming country look for this wreath.红色格子布的缎带缠绕在蝴蝶结上,为这款花环平添一份暖意浓浓的乡村味。Silver tea balls and measuring spoons add holiday sparkle and shine. Cinnamon sticks tied with red raffia lend a spicy scent tucked among jolly Christmas cookie cutters. For a fun finishing touch, try penning some whimsical recipe cards for #39;Reindeer Treats,#39; #39;Elf Snacks,#39; and #39;Santa Sugarplums.#39;而银色的茶球(茶包)及量匙又增添了节日的光。红色的酒椰与肉桂棒系在一起,其散发的辛辣之味,在圣诞饼切的“欢快飞舞”下“藏”了起来。至于厨房的布置,若要趣味十足,不妨试试各种搞怪的食谱卡片——如“驯鹿餐”、“精灵点心”或“圣诞老人糖果”等。Powder Room Pretty盥洗室的“小清新”Christmas is a time for memories and surprises in unlikely places. Brighten your guest bath with a seaside theme that combines beachcombing memories with special treasures collected on family vacations.或许,在一些我们不常注意的地方,圣诞节会给我们带来惊喜,并留下美好的回忆。“海滩风格”的客用浴室就是个不错的选择,以举家出游时收集的“珍宝”(贝壳、海星等)为装饰物,搭配海滨生活的美好回忆的圣诞花环真的能让浴室“亮丽”不少呢。We freshened up this wreath with starfish and tiny tulle bags filled with sweet-smelling potpourri , then gave it all a wash of gala gold and red ribbon.之后,要是能在花环上点缀上海星,挂上沁人心脾的香袋(袋中是多种花瓣与香料制成的混合物),涂抹上节日的“金色”,再配上红色的丝带,“浴室花环”或可更加“亮丽”。You could also use seashells, sand dollars, or small pieces of driftwood and beach grass.当然,你还可以使用贝壳、海胆或小块浮木以及水草。 /201212/216515复旦大学附属华东医院祛疤价格费用

上海去痣On Oct. 4, 2011 Apple Inc. unveiled its long-awaited new iPhone 4S, just one day before the death of its co-founder Steve Jobs. The centerpiece of the new device is the ;virtual assistant; feature, Siri, which is designed to comprehend a broad range of instructions in natural language. For example, when asked ;Do I need a raincoat today?; the device will respond, ;It sure looks like rain today.;2011年10月4日,苹果公司发布了大众期待已久的iPhone 4S手机。就在发布会之后的第二天,苹果公司的创始人之一史蒂夫bull;乔布斯与世长辞。这款新手机最出的地方是设计了一位;虚拟助理;,名为Siri。Siri能理解广泛的、用自然的语言表达的指令。比如说,有人问一台iPhone 4S:;我今天需要带雨衣吗?;手机会回答说:;今天看起来是要下雨的样子。;Millions of iPhone 4S users are fascinated with the voice recognition and talking assistant, which can answer questions, make suggestions and get things done for owners, such as calling people, setting reminders, dictating SMS, looking for weather forecasts and stock information, searching maps, etc.这位语音助手问世之后,成百上千万的iPhone 4S手机用户都为之神魂颠倒。它不但可以答疑解惑,而且还会提出建议;无论是拨打电话、提醒日程安排、录入短信、查找天气预报和股票信息,还是搜索地图,只要一声令下,Siri都能够为主人搞定。Some creative iPhone owners have asked Siri questions about almost everything, from the meaning of life, to religion, love and even sex. To their surprise, Siri has given some quite smart answers.某些富有创造力的手机用户向Siri提问了各种五花八门的问题。他们和Siri聊生命的意义、宗教、爱情,甚至聊两性话题。令人惊讶的是,Siri的有些回答相当巧妙。According to Apple Inc., Siri now understands and can speak English, French and German. In 2012, it will support five additional languages, including Chinese.苹果公司宣布,目前Siri只持英、法、德三种语言的语音识别和输出。而到了2012年, Siri的应用将扩展到另外五种语言,其中就包括中文。See some of Siri#39;s most entertaining answers to user questions here.下面请看用户与Siri的各种爆笑问答:About herselfMaster: Who are you?Siri: I#39;m Siri. But enough about me... how can I help you?Master: How old are you?Siri: I#39;m not allowed to answer that question.Master: Where are you from?Siri: Like it says on the box... I was designed by Apple in California.Master: Are you human?Siri: Does it matter?Master: Are you gay?Siri: We were talking about you, not me.Master: What do you look like?Siri: In the cloud, no one cares what you look like.Master: What are you wearing?Siri: Aluminosilicate glass and stainless steel. Nice, huh?Master: Why are you so awesome?Siri: I just am.关于自身主人:你是谁?Siri:我是Siri。有关我的话题就到此为止吧。有什么我能为你效劳的?主人:你多少岁了?Siri:我未获许可回答这个问题。主人:你从哪里来?Siri:就像包装盒上写的;;我来自加利福尼亚,由苹果公司设计。主人:你是人类吗?Siri:是不是又有什么关系?主人:你是同性恋吗?Siri:我们要说的是你,而不是我。主人:你长什么模样?Siri:身在云世界,长相也只是浮云。主人:你身上穿着什么?Siri:硅铝酸盐玻璃面板和不锈钢外套。漂亮吧?主人:你为什么这么给力?Siri:天生如此。 /201202/170271上海市皮肤病医院美容中心 I don#39;t know what causes global warming, but I#39;ve noticed it always gets a lot warmer when I pee.啥是影响全球变暖的原因,偶是不懂滴~不过,每次我在尿尿时,的确感到周围有那么一些变暖了;;内容来自: /201203/174924上海玫瑰医疗整形美容医院做去疤手术价格

上海去老年斑多少钱A blind footballer kicking a cat and call centre workers singing with their mouths full are among the stars of the most controversial adverts of the past 50 years.盲人足球运动员踢猫与呼叫中心人员嘴里塞满东西唱歌被列为过去50年来最受争议的广告。Abortion clinics, the Pope in a hard hat and a naked Sophie Dahl also feature in the first chart of the most complained about promotions of all time.此外,堕胎诊所、戴着安全帽的教皇与裸体的苏菲#8226;达尔也是观众投诉最多的广告。The details are revealed today by industry watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority, which has been criticised for its liberal approach and failure to support complaints from the public.英国产业监管机构广告标准局今日发布了广告细节,这些广告因为尺度太大,而且没有对公众投诉做出回应而受到批评。Five of the ten advertisements that appear in the league table were cleared by the ASA despite the avalanche of complaints they generated.尽管排行榜中的十大广告受到大量投诉,但还是有五个广告获得了广告标准局的批准。The most controversial commercial of the past 50 years is an advert for abortion charity Marie Stopes, which was shown on television in 2010.过去50年里争议最大的商业广告就是2010年电视上播出的一则玛丽#8226;史托帕斯堕胎慈善机构的广告。Critics said that allowing an abortion provider to advertise in this way normalised the procedure, even giving it credibility as a form of contraception.人士说,让堕胎医疗机构用这种方式做广告会让堕胎手术变得更常态化,甚至会让公众相信这是一种避形式。It provoked 1,088 individual complaints, with the figure rising to 4,688 once petitions were taken into account.这则广告引来1088个投诉电话,如果把请愿书也计算在内,投诉就达到了4688个之多。Next in the chart is the advertisement which drew the most individual complaints, not including petitions.排行第二的广告是不包括请愿书在内、个人投诉最多的广告。A total of 1,671 were unhappy about the 2005 promotion for fast food chain KFC, which featured footage of call centre workers singing with their mouths full. Many objected on the basis it could encourage bad manners among children.总共有1671人对2005年肯德基快餐连锁店的这一广告感到不满。在视频中,呼叫中心人员嘴里塞满东西唱歌。许多人反对这一广告,理由是它会怂恿孩子的不礼貌行为。Also in the top ten is a 1995 leaflet issued by the British Safety Council, featuring a picture of the Pope wearing a hard hat with the words: ‘The Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt always wear a condom.’跻身前十的还有1995年英国安全委员会发的传单。传单上教皇头戴安全帽,旁白是:“第十一条戒律:汝须戴安全套。”It was intended to raise awareness of National Condom Week and promote safer sex, but the ASA accepted it was offensive to Roman Catholics.这一广告的本意是在全国避套周唤起人们对安全性行为的意识,宣扬更安全的性生活,但广告标准局承认该广告冒犯了罗马天主教。Since then, however, regulators have cleared the way for condoms to be advertised more prominently, and they can now be promoted on television before the 9pm watershed.不过,从那以后,监管人员就为避套广告扫清了道路,如今避套广告可以在9点前的黄金时段在电视上播出。In 2010, more than 1,300 complained about a TV commercial for the Paddy Power betting giant.2010年,1300多人投诉了一则为公司“帕迪鲍尔”做的电视广告。The footage of a blind football player kicking a cat across a pitch was said to be offensive to blind people and at risk of encouraging animal cruelty.在这段广告视频中,一位盲人足球运动员将一只猫从球场的一头踢到另一头。投诉原因是既不尊重盲人,又鼓励人们虐待动物。 /201206/185390 上海市第七人民医院韩式三点多少钱宝山区人民中医院整形美容科



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