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In recent box office hit Love on the Cloud, Hong Kong star Angelababy goes on a blind date with someone she meets through WeChat. Though the man decides he’ll run away if the woman doesn’t look as expected, he’s shocked to discover she’s prettier than he could ever imagine.在最近的卖座电影《微爱之渐入佳境中,香港女星Angelababy饰演了一位通过微信随意约会的姑娘而片中与她约会的男人(陈赫 饰)本打算如果对方长得不如意就逃跑,不想出现在他面前的姑娘直接美出了他的想象力Obviously, the key to this story is an abnormally pretty face, and few actresses can compete in that department with Angelababy, who has long been described as a beautiful goddess.显然,美出天际的颜值正是此片的重要卖点,而久负“女神”之名的Angelababy来扮演女主角再合适不过Angelababy started her career at age as a model bee going on to star in about movies. a while, all the public knew about the star was that she was beautiful and was dating Huang Xiaoming. However, the 5-year-old has surprised audiences with her “anti-baby” toughness in popular TV show Running Man.岁,Angelababy就开始了模特生涯;随后,她又出演了约部电影小伙伴们对她的认识一度仅限于美貌、以及黄晓明的女友而自从参加了人气爆棚的电视真人秀节目《奔跑吧,兄弟之后,这个5岁姑娘“女汉子”的新形象让观众们刮目相看As the only regular female on the show, the nymph-like Angelababy competes in difficult tasks against male competitors. In one game she’s required to wrestle with men, and in another she must crawl through a pit of mud. She goes all out to complete the missions and score a win, paying little attention to how she appears on the screen. She appears in the show without any makeup on several occasions. Her exaggerated facial expressions and gestures, despite not being becoming of a goddess, endear audiences.作为节目中唯一的常驻女嘉宾, Angelababy却没有像我们预想的一样以花瓶角色出现,而是和男嘉宾一起挑战各种艰难的任务节目中,她曾与男嘉宾角力,曾在泥坑中匍匐为了完成任务、赢得比赛,她拼尽全力,毫不顾忌自己在荧幕上的形象甚至好几次,她都素颜出镜不做女神的她,面部表情夸张、肢体语言丰富,却赢得了观众们的喜爱“Angelababy was a surprise choice our cast. She may have been a sweet cover girl and sexy heroine bee, but now she is a superwoman with guts and responsibility,” Running Man’s chief producer Yu Hangying told Sina.“Angelababy是嘉宾阵容中的惊喜之选之前很多人认为她只是长相甜美、身材性感的女星,但现在看来,她还是个有勇气有担当的女超人”《跑男的总制片人俞杭英如是说In an interview with Tencent Entertainment, the actress revealed she’s actually a tomboy, just as we see on Running Man. Her favorite thing to do outside of work is to stay home and play games like League of Legends, though co-star Chen He said on a Youku talk show that Angelababy is still a total noob.在接受腾讯的采访时,Angelababy称(现实中的)自己其实就像《跑男中一样,是个假小子她工作之余最大的爱好就是宅在家中打《英雄联盟之类的游戏不过,在《微爱中出演男主的陈赫在优酷的脱口秀节目中爆料,Angelababy至今还是个大菜鸟As reality shows have been popular China now a decade, perhaps audiences are more willing to warm up to stars that aren’t otherworldly but instead exhibit genuine character and a down-to-earth personality. Whether she’s simply catering to her audience or being true to herself, one thing is sure — Angelababy’s tough-girl schtick is being well-received by fans.自从十年前真人秀节目在中国走红以来,观众们越来越青睐那些不做作、接地气的明星们不管Angelababy(现在的表现)只是为了迎合观众,还是坚持本色,有一点是毋庸置疑的,那就是她这种女汉子的性格深得粉丝们的心 7

这样的碧昂丝来源:The L.A. Times music blog Vicki周五,两个新闻媒体跟踪碧昂丝到达阿纳海姆Honda中心,在经历了数月的旅途之后,这位巨星终于踏上了南方的土地,开始了自己的世界巡回演出在演出中,她总能带给人惊喜,她可以惊险地悬在一根钢丝上翻筋斗;她也可以向岁的小女孩唱可爱的生日歌;她更会在万人面前屈膝纪念刚刚过世的流行天王杰克逊,这就是碧昂丝Live review: Ann Powers on BeyoncéTwo news items chased (追赶)Beyoncé into the Honda Center in Anaheim on Friday, when she finally brought her latest world tour to the Southland after four months on the road. One had the singer earning the top spot on bes (福布斯)magazine’s “young rich list,” as the highest-earning celebrity(收入最高的名人) under age 30. The other, more gossipy, story involved a rumor that she has banned photographers from shooting her from certain angles during her show, because she sweats too much.Those tidbits (珍闻)– one about Beyoncé’s unique glamor and the other about a common, earthy foible – better summed up the inner divide she’s been exploring in her work than did the frenzied (狂乱的)pizzaz of the concert itself.That’s not to fault the production: It’s fairly astounding(使人震惊的), as both showbiz and an athletic event. more than two hours, Beyoncé led her large dance troupe and all-female big band (a concept to which she’s remained loyal two tours now) through many compulsory arena pop routines and several she herself has invented.She somersaulted(翻筋斗) while suspended in a harness. Thrilling! She sang Happy Birthday to a -year-old. Adorable! She let the crowd take over while singing “Irreplaceable.” Fun! She got on her knees and mourned Michael Jackson. Poignant(令人心碎)! She hit most of her notes too, though sometimes slipping badly in her lower register. And she danced like only Beyoncé can dance, with a combination of power, grace and smarts that fully es Broadway choreography(舞台舞蹈设计) with urban street innovations.The only thing not fully realized was the show’s overarching theme. As in the album this tour supports, “I Am … Sasha Fierce,” Beyoncé meant to represent herself as a split personality, tender and open on the one hand, indomitable(不屈的) and rather scary on the other.But she has chosen the wrong dichotomy(二分法) to represent herself. Since she’s such a superb(卓越的,极好的) competitor, she might have done better with the one that preoccupies gymnasts: the difference between technical and creative genius, between nailing every element of your craft and turning that craft into an art. Or, to connect it to those news flashes previously mentioned and place it in the theatrical realm, the need to deliver both a great physical permance and one that moves the audience emotionally.The love of the game is one of Beyoncé’s great motivators. Like Jay Z, the rapper she wed, she loves to battle, and this show constantly referenced and topped the work of other pop heroines.“Ladies, I’m all about female empowerment,” she announced at one point, sending the crowd into squeals of recognition. Indeed, her production can be seen as a retelling of pop’s history from a feminine viewpoint – and as an argument Beyoncé as the ultimate realization of the female pop dream.She took on young does, big sisters and mother figures alike. The reggae interlude in “Baby Boy” reached toward Rihanna, while the crunk dancing and leather wear of “When I Was a Boy” was very Ciara. Within the show’s overarching(拱形的) science fiction motifs, Beyoncé did the robot better than Lady Gaga.She sang snippets(小段) of songs by Alanis Morissette, Donna Summer, and Sarah McLachlan, and cribbed one famous line from Janet Jackson. The segment of the show celebrating her movie roles focused on her depiction of Etta James in “Cadillac Records” and of a character based on Diana Ross in “Dreamgirls.” And touches of the influence of Beyoncé’s two idols -- Tina Turner and Barbra Streisand -- were everywhere. She even dared to directly challenge pop’s ultimate alpha female, Madonna. During “Ave Maria,” a ballad that uses religious imagery to elevate a romantic connection (rather, well, “like a prayer”), Beyoncé went from wearing a 190s-style white swimsuit to having some troupe members attach an elaborate skirt and veil that made her look like she was wearing an unearthly wedding dress. Do you remember who wore a wedding dress onstage during the MTV Video Awards in 198? Beyoncé does.Every triumph of m and style in her permance underlined the central message of Beyoncé’s music: that self-reliance and self-love provide the only means of survival in a tough world. Many of her hits – including her biggest, like “Single Ladies” and “Irreplaceable” – urge women to reclaim themselves after a man has cheated on them with another woman. Others, like “Freakum Dress,” celebrate showing off. Solidarity (团结)among women is good, Beyoncé’s act says, but it serves the larger project of improving one’s own strengths. This sentiment was mirrored in the stage production: Surrounded by outrageously gifted female musicians and dancers (plus a few male ones, mostly in the background), Beyoncé almost always held the central spotlight, not so much interacting as leading by example.It’s interesting to note that Beyoncé’s career began within a girl group, Destiny’s Child, in which she was also the main focus. In a way, everything she’s done since has extended from that traditional girl-group model, in which the voice of a top girl is amplified by a few much-loved but always lesser sisters.Beyoncé did share the spotlight(聚光灯) briefly with her backup singers, the charming and voluptuous(性感,妖娆) Mamas, and a few band members, including the bassist MC Divinity Roxx and the guitarist Bibi McGill. Her dancers got their turn too, mostly during their leader’s costume changes.Of course, there’s no incongruity (不适宜)in a superstar – even one who preaches sisterhood – commanding center stage. And in Beyoncé’s m of womanism, everyone is advanced when one woman hits her personal best.Keke View:碧昂丝Beyonce Knowles全名Beyonce Giselle Knowles,1981年9月日出生于美国德克萨斯州的休斯敦,与许多著名的Ramp;B歌手一样,天才的Beyonce的歌唱生涯也是从教堂的唱诗班开始的,当时她只有七岁不久,Beyonce和她的表Kelly Rowland结识了Latavia Roberson,组成了三人的演唱组,后来又加上了Letoya Luckett,于是Beyonce的父亲同时也是Kelly Rowland的法定监护人的Mathew Knowles为这些女孩儿们聘请了经纪人,结果,当今歌坛最杰出的女子Ramp;B团体之一的Destiny's Child(命运之子)合唱团宣告成立,这一年是1990年,Beyonce刚满9岁! 77550



  All eyes were on the 3rd Golden Melody Awards–the Chinese equivalent of the Grammys–last Saturday, held at the Taipei Arena in Taiwan.上周六,素有中国格莱美之称的第3届金曲奖在台湾台北小巨蛋举行,成为大家关注的焦点Although some say that the Golden Melody Awards have become stale in recent years, last Saturday night ceremony brought many surprises. Here, weve picked several highlights.尽管近年来一些声音批评金曲奖毫无新意,但当晚的颁奖典礼上却是惊喜不断这里,我们就来回顾当晚的几大亮点Mayday clean sweep五月天独揽众奖The biggest winner of this year Golden Melody Awards was definitely Mayday. The pop band made a clean sweep taking home six of the top honors including best band, best song and best Mandarin album.今年金曲奖的非五月天莫属这流行乐团一首包揽了六大重量级奖项,包括最佳乐团、最佳年度歌曲和最佳国语专辑Our thoughts: The three-year wait Mayday eighth album Second Round was totally worth it.在我们看来:为了五月天的第八张专辑《第二人生,等上三年是绝对值得的The five-member band has long become a legend in the Chinese music world. More importantly, they are an inspiration. Their perseverance and hard work inspire so many artists to keep making music, even under gloomy circumstances in the music industry.这五人的乐队早已成为华语乐坛的一个传奇更重要的是,他们鼓舞着许多人他们坚持不懈和努力拼搏的精神激励着很多艺人在音乐之路上继续前行,即使是在乐坛低迷的时候Their songs also inspire listeners to remain positive.他们的歌曲也使得歌迷们深受鼓舞,始终能保持一颗积极乐观的心S.H.E. steals the showS.H.E.点燃全场It was three-piece girl group S.H.E. who stole the show with its first permance since , when Selina Jen, suffered burn injuries in a filming accident.三人女子组合S.H.E.的再度合体演出成为全场焦点,这也是自年Selina任家萱拍摄事故中被烧伤后该团体的首次亮相The three members each permed their own singles, bee coming together to perm a remix of the group hits Shero and Super Star. Jen was visibly moved as she shed tears during her permance.三人分别演唱了自己的单曲后,再度合演了《Shero和《Super Star在表演过程中,任家萱感动落泪Our thoughts: Yes, it was probably the most touching moment of the night. The three members have been through a lot since their debut in 01, especially in the past two years. So the reunion was memorable the group and its fans.在我们眼中:是的,这可能是当晚最感人的时刻她们三人自01年首次登台以来经历了许多风风雨雨,尤其是在过去两年中所以对于S.H.E.以及她们的粉丝而言,这次重聚令人难忘The -minute permance not only showed off the achievements of the three members solo careers, it also announced something more exciting: S.H.E. is back.分钟的表演不仅展示出三位成员单飞的成就,同时还宣布了一个更加激动人心的消息: S.H.E.回来了Surprising best male artist最佳男歌手爆冷The title of best male artist came as a jaw-dropping surprise. Taiwanese rocker Luantan Ascent beat four better-known rivals–including Eason Chan, last year winner Jay Chou and rising talent Yoga Lin–to be crowned best male singer.最佳男歌手奖项的出炉的确令人颇感意外台湾摇滚歌手乱弹阿翔击败了四位人气颇高的对手-其中包括陈奕迅,去年金曲奖得主周杰伦以及人气急升的选秀歌手林宥嘉,从而拿下最佳男歌手的殊荣Our thoughts: To many, the first reaction must be: who is Luantan Ascent?在我们看来:对许多人而言,第一反应一定是:乱弹阿翔是谁?Luantan Ascent (real name Chen Tai-xiang) is an aboriginal songwriterproducer in Taiwan. He began to step into the spotlight after winning the best original song the film Jump Ashin! at last year Golden Horse Awards.乱弹阿翔(真名陈泰翔)是台湾原住民,集创作与制作于一身去年的金马奖上他凭借《翻滚吧,阿信而获得最佳电影主题曲奖,此后便开始逐渐走进公众视线It clear that the judges here want to give the audience something fresh in this category and encourage Taiwanese aboriginal singers to make mainstream music.很明显, 此次评委们想在这个奖项中给观众带来一些新鲜感,并鼓励台湾原住歌手创作主流音乐Third time is a charm蔡健雅三度封后Singaporean singer-songwriter Tanya Chua bagged the prestigious best female singer award, her third win in this category in six years. Chua has equaled the record of accomplished Taiwanese singers Sarah Chen and Stella Chang, who each have three wins to their names.新加坡创作歌手蔡健雅将极具分量的最佳女歌手奖收入囊中,这是她六年中第三次获得该奖项,平了台湾歌手陈淑桦和张清芳三次封后的最高纪录Our thoughts: Compared with the male category, this award came with no surprise at all–even a little clichéd–because Chua has been nominated seven times best female singer. Her rivals, such as A-Mei Chang and Stefanie Sun were strong enough to beat her.在我们看来:与最佳男歌手奖相比,此奖项算是意料之中,甚至毫无新鲜可言,因为蔡健雅已前后七次获得最佳女歌手的提名她的对手们,如张惠和孙燕姿,也都实力强劲,极有获奖可能However, the judges favored Chua. And this award, according to Chua herself, was partly a tribute to her father, who passed away last year, and to whom Chua album Sing It Out of Love is dedicated.但是, 蔡健雅独获评委们的青睐蔡健雅本人表示,该奖项在一定程度上是对去年离世的父亲致敬,专辑《说到爱正是为了纪念他而制作的 1886

  In a statement posted on their website, they said: "We today announce our plan to go our separate ways after a greatest hits collection this Christmas and a farewell tour next year." 西城男孩在其官网发表声明,“今天我们宣布,在今年圣诞的精选集及明年的告别巡演后,我们将解散” "The decision is entirely amicable and after spending all of our adult life together so far, we want to have a well-earned break and look at new ventures." “这个决定是经过我们友好协商的结果至今我们一起度过了我们的成年生活,我们想要好好休息一下,然后开始新的冒险” "We see the greatest hits collection and the farewell tour as the perfect way to celebrate our incredible career along with our fans. We are really looking ward to getting out on the tour and seeing our fans one last time." “为和歌迷庆祝我们难以置信的职业生涯,我们安排了精选集和告别巡演,这是最完美的方式我们真的很期待开展巡演,最后一次见到我们的歌迷” It continued: "Over the years Westlife has become so much more to us than just a band. Westlife are a family." 声明上说道,“这些年来,Westlife对于我们来说意味着很多Westlife不仅仅只是一组合,它是一个家” "We would like to thank our fans who have been with us on this amazing journey and are part of our family too." “我们想要感谢一路持我们的歌迷,你们也是我们这个家庭的一部分” "We never imagined when we started out in 1998 that years later we would still be recording, touring and having hits together. It has been a dream come true all of us." “1998年当我们出道时我们从没想过年后我们还在录制唱片、巡演以及拥有热门的歌曲对于我们来说,美梦皆已成真” 8There nothing quite like curling up with a good book and visiting your favorite literary characters. Theyre wonderful, lovable, and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside没有什么比拿起一本好书、拜访你最喜欢的书中角色更美妙的了他们如此美妙可爱,让你发自内心感到温暖But with them, come...those other characters. The characters that you loathe. The characters that you know you could like, if they just changed that one thing about themselves. Theyre the characters you just want to smack但随之而来的还有其他一些角色,那些你讨厌的角色你知道,如果这些角色能做出一点改变,你也许会喜欢他们的而面对这些角色,你只想给他们一耳光These characters arent necessarily bad; in fact, many of them are the protagonists of their stories. But good guy or evil witch, these characters are all in severe need of a wake up call, with a healthy side dose of reality这些角色不一定是坏人;事实上许多还是故事的主角但不管是好人还是恶魔,这些角色都急需被现实唤醒Check out our list of famous literary characters wed like to slap. Who would you add to the list?看看我们总结的个欠揍的著名文学作品角色,你还想把谁加上去?Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby杰·盖茨比——《了不起的盖茨比The pitiful, self-centered Daisy Buchanan has been classified decades as one of the worst characters of all time. But perhaps the real problem with the novel was Jay Gatsby himself. The constant pining over someone as terrible as Daisy is exhausting and makes him every bit as (if not more) horrible than Daisy可悲可叹、自我为中心的黛西·布坎南一直被认为是有史以来最讨厌的角色之一但也许这本小说里真正的问题出在杰·盖茨比自己身上苦苦守候像黛西这样糟糕的人让他筋疲力尽,而且让他比黛西还要可怕Amy March, Little Women艾美·马区—— 《小妇人Amy March is the reason youngest children have a terrible reputation. As a little girl, she a collicky, spoiled brat, constantly ruining her older sisters outings. As a young adult, she snobby, uppity and way too obsessed with her nose艾美·马区的存在让所有家庭里最小的孩子都有了坏名声她还是个小女孩时,就是个爱哭的被宠坏的孩子,总是破坏她们的郊游而成年以后,她又势力、傲慢,而且过于着迷于自己的鼻子Miss Havisham, Great Expectations赫维辛——《远大前程Miss Havisham adopts a daughter the sole purpose of using her as a pawn to torment the male species. HOW AWFUL IS THAT?! Plus, that rotting wedding cake must have made her house smell disgusting赫维辛收养了一个女儿,而目的只是利用她作为筹码来折磨男性多可怕呀!另外,那个腐烂的婚礼蛋糕一定让她的房子充满了恶心的味道Romeo Montague, Romeo amp; Juliet罗密欧·蒙太古——《罗密欧与朱丽叶Oh, Romeo. You only knew her four days. Did you really have to kill yourself over a girl that you knew less than a week? Not to mention, she was only , and your romance would be illegal in most countries噢,罗密欧,你认识她只有四天你真的有必要为了一个认识还不到一周的女孩去自杀吗?何况她只有岁,你的罗曼史在大多数国家恐怕是非法的Joffrey Baratheon, A Song of Ice and Fire series乔佛里·拜拉席恩——《冰与火之歌系列小说Simply put, this kid needs a good spanking简单地说,这个孩子需要好好教训一顿The Cat in the Hat, The Cat in the Hat戴帽子的猫——《戴帽子的猫Sure, the Cat seems like a fun guy, until you realize he broke into a home, invited his friends over, trashed the place, and then disappeared without a trace. Also, he speaks in obnoxious rhymes是的,这只猫看上去好像很有意思,直到你意识到他闯入了一个家庭,还邀请他的朋友一起,把这个地方搞得一团糟,然后又消失的无影无踪而且他说话的韵脚也很讨厌Edmund Pevensie, The Chronicles of Narnia艾德蒙·佩文西——《纳尼亚传奇Did Edmund actually know what Turkish Delights tasted like when he sold out his entire family to the White Witch a box? those of you unfamiliar, here a great description of the treat: ;It tasted like soap rolled in plaster dust, or like a lump of Renuzit air freshener: The texture was both waxy and filling-looseningly chewy.;当艾德蒙向白女巫出卖他的整个家庭来换取一盒土耳其软糖的时候,他是否真正知道糖的味道呢?对于不熟悉故事的人,这有一段不错的描述:“这种糖吃起来好像裹了石膏灰的肥皂,又像一块瑞风空气清新剂,感觉又柔软又蓬松难嚼”Harry Potter, Harry Potter series哈利·波特——《哈利波特系列小说Harry Potter is one of the greatest literary characters of our time, but he also one of the most eminently slappable. He constantly not listening to people and breaking rules, then getting into danger breaking said rules. Two hundred points to Gryffindor!哈利·波特是我们这个时代最伟大的文学人物之一,但他也是最欠揍的人物之一他总是不听别人的话,破坏规矩,然后又陷入危险给格兰芬多学院加0分!Willy Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory威利·旺卡——《查理和巧克力工厂Willy Wonka was a confectionary genius (Everlasting Gobstoppers, anyone?). But the factory he manned was an extremely unsafe workplace environment. Children who entered his workplace often went missing unexplainable reasons -- how did no one investigate Mr. Wonka that?!威利·旺卡是一个糖果天才(制造吃不完的石头弹子糖,有人想吃吗?)但是他的工厂是一个极其不安全的工作环境进入他的工厂的孩子们总是无缘无故失踪了怎么没有人调查旺卡先生呢?!Effie Trinket, The Hunger Games series艾菲·纯克特——《饥饿游戏系列小说You cant help but want to shake some sense into Effie Trinket. Her perma-positive attitude when sending children to meet their death is nauseating enough to make you want to send her into the arena你忍不住想要给艾菲·纯克特灌输一点良知她把孩子们送去面临死亡时的积极态度令人恶心,这已经足够让你想要把她送上竞技场了Waldo, Where Waldo?沃尔多——《沃尔多在哪里?Why cant you just be where youre supposed to be, Waldo?你为什么就不能待在你应该在的地方呢,沃尔多?Tom Sawyer, Adventures of Tom Sawyer汤姆·索亚——《汤姆索亚历险记Tom Sawyer is a fence painter, death-faker, genuine American psychopath. We dont know why Huckleberry Finn was friends with him汤姆·索亚是个围栏油漆工,爱装死,是个真正的美国精神病患者我们不明白为什么哈克·贝利和他做朋友Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Peter Rabbit彼得兔——《彼得兔的故事Peter Rabbit mother told him not to go into Mr. McGregor garden. That was THE ONLY RULE. Come to think of it, Peter Rabbit and Harry Potter would get along great彼得兔的妈妈告诉他,不要进入麦格雷戈先生的花园这是唯一的一条规矩考虑到这一点,彼得兔和哈利·波特也许可以友好相处 387The Beijing police have released further details about the arrests of Jaycee Chan, the son of the Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan, and of the Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung on drug-related charges.北京警方公布了房祖名和台湾演员柯震东涉嫌毒品被逮捕的进一步有关细节,房祖名是香港影星成龙的儿子In a statement posted on their official Sina Weibo microblog Monday night, the police said that a Mr. Chan, a Mr. Ko and several other people were arrested last Thursday in the Dongcheng district of Beijing by antinarcotics authorities acting on a tip-off. Both Mr. Chan and Mr. Ko, it said, admitted to using marijuana and both tested positive the drug.警方周一晚在其官方新浪微账号发布的一份声明中表示,禁毒总队在接到群众举报后,于上周四在北京东城区拘捕了一位房某某、一位柯某某以及其他几人声明说,房某某和柯某某都已承认使用了大麻,两人的药物测试均呈阳性Although the police statement does not provide the full names of the suspects, the descriptions match those of Ko Chen-tung, who also goes by the name Kai Ko, and Jaycee Chan, who is also known as Fang Zuming.虽然警方的声明没有给出犯罪嫌疑人的全名,但其中的描述与柯震东和房祖名相符,柯震东原名柯家凯(Kai Ko),房祖名又名陈祖名(Jaycee Chan)According to the police statement, Mr. Chan is being held in criminal detention on suspicion of harboring suspected drug users, while Mr. Ko, who is suspected of only the illegal use of marijuana, is being held in administrative detention. Typically, under criminal detention, the police can hold someone up to 30 days bee deciding whether to pass the case on to prosecutors.Video footage released by China Central Television, the state broadcaster, showed photographs and the full names of the two men, as well as footage of the suspects with pixelated faces being questioned by the police. At one point in the , a police officer holds up a urine sample and asks the man identified in the as Mr. Ko to confirm the positive test result marijuana. Mr. Ko confirms the result.据警方的声明,房祖名因容留他人吸毒罪被刑事拘留,柯震东只是涉嫌非法使用大麻而被行政拘留在通常的刑事拘留情况下,警方可监禁犯罪嫌疑人最多30天,其间要决定是否提起诉讼属于政府的中国中央电视台公布了一段视频,视频显示了这两人的照片和全名,还有犯罪嫌疑人经模糊处理的面孔接受警方讯问的画面视频还在一处显示了一名警察举起一个尿液样本,让被视频称为柯震东的人确认样本的大麻检测结果为阳性柯震东确认了该结果The also shows Mr. Chan at his home showing officers his stash of marijuana. The police said in their statement that they had recovered more than 0 grams of marijuana from Mr. Chan home.视频还显示了房祖名在家中将自己存放的大麻指给警官警方在声明中说,他们在房祖名家中查获0多克大麻Just bee the Beijing police released their statement on Sina Weibo, Mr. Ko management company released a statement confirming previous reports that Mr. Ko, 3, had been detained in Beijing on drug-related charges on Aug. , according to The Beijing News. Also on Monday evening, Jackie Chan management company released a statement to the news media acknowledging the detention of the younger Mr. Chan, 31, and apologizing to society on his behalf, according to Chinese media reports.据《新京报报道,就在北京警方在新浪微发布声明之前,柯震东的经纪人发了一份声明,确认了早些时候的报道,那些报道称3岁的柯震东因涉嫌毒品,已于8月日在北京被拘留另据中国媒体报道,成龙的经纪人也在周一晚对新闻媒体发了一份声明,承认31岁的房祖名被拘留,并代表成龙向社会道歉News of the arrests quickly became a hot topic of gossip, with rumors flying among mainland Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese news media as well as among Chinese Internet users. The Beijing police statement on the Sina Weibo microblog site garnered more than 1,000 comments in less than a day.这两人被逮捕的消息很快成为人们闲谈的热门话题,传言在中国大陆、香港和台湾的新闻媒体上,以及在中国互联网用户中满天飞北京警方在新浪微网站的声明,在不到一天的时间里,已得到.1万多条Mr. Chan and Mr. Ko are just the latest in a growing roster of celebrities who have been caught up this year in an increasingly energetic Chinese government crackdown on illegal drugs.房祖名和柯震东是登上一个不断增长的名人榜的最新两位,这些名人都在今年陷入了中国政府越来越积极的缉毒行动Many observers say the current campaign is one of the harshest in years. Since the beginning of , the Beijing police have adopted a “zero tolerance” approach to illegal drug use under the rubric “All the police and all the people behind drug prohibition.”许多观察者说,当前的行动是在多年来最严厉的一次行动自年开始以来,北京警方在“全警禁毒、全民禁毒”理念的指导下,对非法使用毒品采取了“零容忍”的做法In their statement, the Beijing police said that so far this year, they had uncovered 1,700 drug-related cases in Beijing, up 53. percent from the same period last year, and made 7,800 drug-related arrests, 71.9 percent more than in the same period last year.北京警方在声明中表示,到目前为止,今年他们已在北京查获00多起与毒品有关的案件,比去年同期增长53.%,并逮捕了7,800名涉毒嫌疑人,比去年同期增长71.9%Mr. Chan and his father have reportedly had a strained relationship. Unlike his father, the younger Mr. Chan, who grew up in Los Angeles, has met with little of his father success in the film industry.据报道,房祖名与父亲关系紧张在洛杉矶长大的房祖名在电影业远不如其父亲那样成功In , the elder Mr. Chan reportedly said he had decided to give away his entire multimillion-dollar tune to charity, leaving none his son. ;If he is capable, he can make his own money. If he is not, then he will just be wasting my money,; Channel NewsAsia, of Singapore, ed him as saying.据报道,成龙曾在年表示,他已经决定将自己价值数百万美元的全部财富捐给慈善事业,不留给儿子新加坡的亚洲新闻台(Channel NewsAsia)援引他的话说,“如果他有能力,他可以给自己挣钱如果他没有能力,那他将只是浪费我的钱” 3998


  在9月举行的年MTV音乐电视大奖颁奖礼上,Lady Gaga从痞子阿姆(Eminem,右)手中接过“最佳新人奖”的奖像In September at the MTV Music Video Awards ceremony, Lady Gaga took over "Best New Artist Award" prize from Eminem (Eminem, right). 88186



  Here are the winners of the Ig Nobel Prizes given to scientists, writers, and peacemakers who make silly but thoughtful contributions to the world, or as the Annals of Improbable Research puts it, ;first make people laugh, and then make them think.; I can vouch them making us laugh!以下是年搞笑诺贝尔奖得奖名单,这些奖项被授予那些做出看起来愚蠢却又对世界有深度贡献的科学家、作家、和平缔造者们,或者用主办方《不可思议研究年报的话来说就是奖励那些“乍看起来让人发笑,但是随后发人深省”的研究工作我敢担保,这些发明绝对能使人们大笑!1. The Ig nobel Psychology Prize1. 年搞笑诺贝尔奖之心理学奖To Anita Eerland and Rolf Zwaan [THE NETHERLANDS] and Tulio Guadalupe [PERU, RUSSIA, and THE NETHERLANDS] their study “Leaning to the Left Makes the Eiffel Tower Seem Smaller.;来自荷兰的Anita Eerland和Rolf Zwaan,以及来自秘鲁的Tulio Guadalupe被授予心理学奖,其研究题目是《向左倚靠会让埃菲尔铁塔看上去更小一些. The Ig Nobel Peace Prize. 年搞笑诺贝尔奖之和平奖To SKN Company in Russia exploding old Russian ammion and creating diamonds. Now that recycling!俄罗斯的SKN公司将老旧俄国弹药制作成钻石这就是回收利用!3. The Ig Nobel Accoustics Prize3. 年搞笑诺贝尔奖之声学奖To Japanese creators Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada developing the SpeechJammer, a device that uses delayed auditory feedback to shut up participants in a discussion. This kind of system has been used in speech therapy to reduce stuttering among those with that particular speech disturbance.来自的日本的Kazutaka Kurihara和 Koji Tsukada被授予声学奖,以奖励他们发明的“沉默”——这是一种可以打断人说话的机器,其原理是让说话者听到自己稍有延迟的说话声音,这个装置可以治疗在特定演讲中容易结巴的人. The Ig Nobel Neuroscience Prize. 年搞笑诺贝尔奖之神经科学奖To Craig Bennett, Abigail Baird, Michael Miller, and George Wold demonstrating that brain researchers, using a combination of complicated equipment and simple statistics, can find meaningful brain activity anywhere, even in a dead fish.美国科学家Craig Bennett,Abigail Baird,Michael Miller,和George Wold被授予搞笑神经科学奖,以奖励其在脑科学研究方面的贡献他们的研究显示,利用复杂的设备加上简单的统计学方法,你几乎可以在任何地方得出有意义的脑活动研究结果——甚至是在一条死去的鱼身上也是如此!5. The Ig Nobel Chemistry Prize5. 年搞笑诺贝尔奖之化学奖Andersl#6;v, Sweden was plagued by residents with green hair. Johan Pettersson discovered that there was too much copper in their water.Johan Pettersson被授予搞笑化学奖,以表彰其揭示了瑞典小城Andersl#6;v居民的头发会变绿的原因,因为这里的水中含铜量太大6. The Ig Nobel Prize Literature6. 年搞笑诺贝尔奖之文学奖Believe it or not, this prize went to the US Government General ability Office (GAO) issuing a report that recommended a report about another report of reports recommending reports... or something like that.无论你相信与否,今年的搞笑文学奖被授予美国政府审计总署(GAO),以表彰他们发表的有关如何准备一份报告的报告的报告的报告……7. The Ig Nobel Physics Prize7. 年搞笑诺贝尔奖之物理学奖Youd love to know the balance of ces that shape and move your ponytail, right? That why Joseph Keller, Raymond Goldstein, Patrick Warren and Robin Ball received this igNOMINIOUS prize!Joseph Keller、Raymond Goldstein、Patrick Warren和Robin Ball获此殊荣,他们的研究课题是“人类马尾辫中头发的运动及受力平衡”8. The Ig Nobel Fluid Dynamics Prize8. 年搞笑诺贝尔奖之流体力学奖To Rouslan Krechetnikov and Hans Mayer studying the dynamics of liquid-sloshing, to learn what happens when a person walks while carrying a cup of coffee. Ill give you a hint: it happens between step 7 and .Rouslan Krechetnikov和Hans Mayer对液体的溅出现象进行了研究他们考察的课题是:人们在端着咖啡杯走动时咖啡的溅出情况,给你个提示吧,在你走到第七步至第十步之间,咖啡最容易溅出9. The Ig Nobel Anatomy Prize9. 年搞笑诺贝尔奖之解剖学奖Recognize me?: image via blog.discoverymagazine.com具有荷兰和美国双重国籍的Frans de Waal和另一位美国科学家Jennifer Pokorny获得这一奖项,他们的研究确认黑猩猩可以通过辨认同类的屁股照片来认出不同的个体To Frans de Waal [The Netherlands and USA] and Jennifer Pokorny [USA] discovering that chimpanzees can recognize other chimpanzees from seeing photographs of their rear ends.. 年搞笑诺贝尔奖之医学奖. The Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine毫无疑问,全世界的肠胃病学家都会感谢Emmanuel Ben-Soussan和Michel Antonietti,因为他们的研究给出了医生该如何进行结肠镜检查的推荐,从而让他们的病人发生气体爆炸的可能性降至最低 39

  What better way to light up a romance than with a stroll through the City of Light?有什么比在这个城市的日光下漫步更好的方法来点燃浪漫吗?Three months after their wedding, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively still have honeymoon eyes – and lips – each other.在他们婚礼的三个月后,瑞安#86;雷诺兹和布莱克#86;莱弗利仍然还为彼此保留着蜜月时的眼睛和嘴唇The stunning newlyweds – Reynold, 36, is PEOPLE Sexiest Man Alive and Lively, 5, stars on Gossip Girl – were spotted kissing along the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris on Monday.这对绝配的新婚夫妇——雷诺兹,36岁,是《people年度目前最性感男人,Lively ,5岁,《绯闻女孩的明星——他们被发现周一在巴黎沿着蓬德艺术桥一路在接吻They tied the knot Sept. 9 in what guest Martha Stewart called a ;charming, charming wedding; in a rustic barn in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. ;I think is what a wedding must and should be,; added Stewart.他们9月9日喜结连理,被客人玛莎#86;斯图尔特称为的“迷人的、迷人的婚礼”在南卡罗来纳州的一个乡村谷仓内进行“我认为是一个婚礼必须和应该有的样子,”斯图尔特补充道 936

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