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Boys Discover Two-Headed Turtle 五个男孩发现一双头龟The newest resident of White River Bait amp; Tackle has twice the appetite of the others — it’s a turtle with two heads. Charles Newby, 7, one of the five boys who found the pint-sized painted turtle and took it to the bait store. “I’ve lived here a long time, and I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” said Chris Amstutz, proprietor of the store. A bait shop is a virtual candy store for a turtle. Amy Amstutz, Chris’s daughter, promptly whipped up a meal for the two-headed hatchling. “My dad pried each mouth open, and I fed it part of a worm,” she explained. “I told dad we probably just needed to feed one head since it’s going to the same stomach.” (美,27日)白河鱼饵鱼具店里新来的一位客人的胃口是其它客人的两倍--它就是长着两个脑袋的一只海龟。查尔斯-牛柏,五个发现这只小巧玲珑、颜色鲜艳的海龟的男孩之一,将海龟送进了这个鱼饵店。“我在这里住了很多年,从来没碰到过这种事,” 店主科里斯-艾穆司图茨说。鱼饵店对海龟来说就象是小孩子的糖果店。爱米-艾穆司图茨,科里斯的女儿,很快就给它准备好饭了。“爸爸把它的嘴一个一个地撬开,我喂给它半条虫子,” 她解释说,“我告诉爸爸也许我们喂它的一个脑袋就行啦,因为它们会通向同一个胃的。” Article/200803/31541。

  • “So, does your dad know you’ve got the car?” said Harry, guessing the answer.“那你们把车开出来,你爸爸知道吗?”其实哈利已经猜到了实情。“Er, no,” said Ron, “he had to work tonight.“哦,不知道,”罗恩说,“他今晚加班。Hopefully we’ll be able to get it back in the garage without Mum noticing we flew it.”但愿我们能悄悄把车开进车库,不让我妈妈发现。”“What does your dad do at the Ministry of Magic, anyway?”“你爸爸在魔法部做什么工作?”“He works in the most boring department,” said Ron.“他在一个最无聊的部门,”罗恩说,“The Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office.”“禁止滥用麻瓜物品司。”“The what?”“什么?”“It’s all to do with bewitching things that are Muggle-made, you know, in case they end up back in a Muggle shop or house.“就是禁止对麻瓜制造的东西施用魔法,怕它们万一又回到麻瓜的商店或家里。Like, last year, some old witch died and her tea set was sold to an antiques shop.就像去年,有一个老巫婆死了,她的茶具被卖到一个古董店,This Muggle woman bought it, took it home, and tried to serve her friends tea in it.一位女麻瓜买下了这套茶具,回家请朋友喝茶,It was a nightmare — Dad was working overtime for weeks.”真是一场噩梦——爸爸连着加了好几个星期的班。”“What happened?”“怎么回事?”“The teapot went berserk and squirted boiling tea all over the place and one man ended up in the hospital with the sugar tongs clamped to his nose.“茶壶突然发起疯来,滚烫的茶水四处乱喷,一个男的住进了医院,夹方糖的钳子钳住了他的鼻子。Dad was going frantic — it’s only him and an old warlock called Perkins in the office — and they had to do Memory Charms and all sorts of stuff to cover it up —”爸爸忙得不可开交,司里只有他和一个叫珀金斯的老巫师。他们不得不用遗忘魔咒和各种办法来把它掩盖过去……”“But your dad — this car —”“可你爸爸……这车子……”Fred laughed. “Yeah, Dad’s crazy about everything to do with Muggles; our shed’s full of Muggle stuff.弗雷德笑了。“是啊,爸爸迷上了和麻瓜有关的一切,我们的棚里堆满了麻瓜的东西。He takes it apart, puts spells on it, and puts it back together again.他把它们拆开,施上魔法,再重新组装起来。If he raided our house he’d have to put himself under arrest.如果他到我家抄查,他只好逮捕自己。It drives Mum mad.”妈妈为这都快急疯了。”“That’s the main road,” said George, peering down through the windshield.“那是大路,”乔治透过挡风玻璃望着下面,说道,“We’ll be there in ten minutes. . . . Just as well, it’s getting light. . . .”“我们十分钟就能到那儿……还好,天快亮了……” /201205/184790。
  • 有声名著之儿子与情人 Chapter16 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见 Article/200809/47932。
  • But they did not sleep. They waited and they listened. In the end Mr White got up to get a candle because the dark made him more afraid.他们睡不着。他们在等、在听。最终,怀特先生还是起床点了一枝蜡烛,因为黑夜使他们更害怕。He began to go downstairs, but suddenly he heard a noise at the front door.He stopped,and he listened. He could not move.Then the noise came again.他开始下楼,突然,他听到前门有声音。他停住了,仔细地听。他没有动。接着,声音又响了起来,This time he ran.He ran upstairs,back into the bedroom and he closed the door behind him. But again the noise came.这次他跑上了楼,回到了卧室,关紧了他身后的门,但声音又传来了。#39;What#39;s that?#39; Mrs White cried, and she sat up in bed.;那是什么?;怀特太太叫着从床上坐了起来。#39;Nothing! GO to sleep again!#39; her husband answered.;什么也没有,睡觉吧!;她丈夫告诉她。But Mrs White listened;and the noise came again.#39;It#39;s Herbert! It#39;s Herbert! she cried.#39;I#39;m going to open the door for him.#39;但怀特太太听到声音又响了起来。;是赫伯特,是赫伯特!我要去给他开门。;她说。And she got out of bed and ran to the door of the bedroom.Mr White got there first and stopped her.她起床跑向卧室的门,但怀特先生抢先挡住了她。#39;No!#39; he cried.#39;Think!#39;;不要这样,要好好想一想。;他叫道。#39;But it#39;s my boy! It#39;s Herbert,#39; she answered.;但他是我的孩子!他是赫伯特。;她说。#39;No!Don#39;t go!Don#39;t;#39;her husband cried again.;不,千万不要去;;;他丈夫又叫了起来。But Mrs White did not listen to him. She opened the bed room door and ran from the room.#39;I#39;m coming, Herbert. I#39;m coming!#39; she called.但怀特太太并不听他的,她打开卧室的门并从房间里跑了出来。;我来了,赫伯特,我来了。;她喊道。Mr White ran after her.#39;Stop!#39;he cried.#39;Remember, Herbert died in the machinery!You don#39;t want to see him!#39;怀特先生跟在她后面跑,;站住,别忘了赫伯特是死在机器里!你并不想看到他!;For a minute Mrs White stopped and looked at her husband, but then the noise came again and she began to run downstairs.怀特太太停下来看了他的丈夫一会儿,这时,声音又响了起来,她又开始向楼下跑。#39;Help me! Help me!#39; she called to her husband.;帮帮我,帮帮我!;她叫她的丈夫。But Mr White did not move.#39;The paw!#39; he thought.#39;Where#39;s the monkey#39;s paw?#39;但怀特先生没有动。他想到了猴爪。;猴爪,猴爪放在哪儿了?;He ran back into the bedroom.#39;Quick!#39;he thought. #39;Where is it?#39;At first he could not find it in the dark.Ah! There it was! He had it!他跑回卧室。他心里在想,;快,猴爪在哪儿?;开始,在黑暗中他找不着,它在哪儿,他终于拿到了猴爪!Just at that minute he heard his wife downstairs.就在这时,他听到了楼下妻子的声音。#39;Wait! Wait, Herbert! I#39;m coming!#39; she cried. She began to open the front door.;等一等,赫伯特,我来啦!;她喊着,并开始开前面的门。At the same time Mr White took the monkey#39;s paw in his right hand and he made his third wish.与此同时,怀特先生把猴爪放在右手里开始许第三个愿。Mrs White gave a long unhappy cry and her husband ran down to her. She stood by the open door. Very afraid,Old Mr White looked out into the dark.怀特太太发出一声长长的失望的叫声,她丈夫跑下楼找她,她正站在打开的门旁。老怀特先生看着外面黑漆漆的夜,非常恐惧。The road was dark and quiet;and there was nobody there.马路很暗且静,一个人影也没有。 Article/201204/176858。
  • PART ONE - LIFE AT GATESHEADCHAPTER ONEThe FightIt hit me and I fell, cutting my head on the door. I was in great pain, and suddenly for the first time in my life, I was so angry that forgot my fear of John Reed."You [-----1-----], cruel boy!" I shouted at him. "Why did you hit me? I haven't done anything to you. You don't even those books, anyway. You are nothing but a stupid pig! You are as bad as a [-----2-----]!""What! What!" he screamed. "How dare you say these things to me? Do you hear this, sisters? I'll tell Mamma, but first..."He ran to attack me, but now he was fighting with an angry girl. In those moments I really thought he was as bad as a murderer. I felt the blood running down my face, and the pain gave me strength. I [-----3-----] him as hard as I could, kicking and biting. My strength surprised him, and he shouted for help. His sisters ran and told their mother. She called Bessie and Miss Abbott, her maid. They pulled us apart and I heard them say,"What a wild little animal! She attacked Master John!"Mrs. Reed said calmly, "Take her away to the red room and lock her in there." And so they took me upstairs.Vocabulary Focusas……as 和……一样,例如:She is as beautiful as an angel.(她像天使一样美丽。)填空 :1.awful2.murderer3.foughtArticle/200903/65089。
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