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Frantic activity at work does not always imply a direction, goal, or purpose beyond the obsession itself. Resist the temptation to take on your boss#39;s addiction to work -- as long as you do your job, they#39;ll respect you for it.疯狂地工作并不总是代表有方向,有目标或目的,有时仅仅是沉迷而已。不要和工作狂老板一起疯狂——只要你完成了自己的工作,他们会尊重你的。You Will Need你需要Personal discipline自律Negotiating skills谈判技巧Anticipation先见之明Genuine concern真诚的关心Your own life自己的生活Steps步骤Step 1 Give and lose1.付出Give up time and peace of mind to outwork the boss if you have a workaholic mentality yourself. This strategy is not likely to earn you appreciation, however -- you#39;ll most likely get used more now that the boss has found a fellow work addict.如果你本人也有工作狂倾向,可以花一点时间和精力帮老板完成一些工作。这种策略或许不会为你赢得赞赏,然而,你肯定会比其他同事更能得到重用。Step 2 Highlight work done2.工作效率Be disciplined and get your work done efficiently. When talking to your employer, emphasize the work you accomplish over the hours spent there. Refuse to let your boss equate those 2 factors.严于律己,高效地完成工作。跟雇主对话的时候,强调你在规定的时间里完成了多少工作。不要让老板同等地看待这两个因素。You may have to get human resources involved if the boss is getting out of hand.如果你见不到老板,可以向人力资源部门反映。Step 3 Set boundaries3.明确界限Set boundaries. Demonstrate your loyalty to the company in other ways, but don#39;t feel you have to keep your boss#39; hours.明确界限。以其他途径向公司表达忠诚,但是不要觉得你必须和老板一样把大量的时间花费在公司。Step 4 Anticipate trouble4.先见之明Anticipate trouble from a pushy workaholic boss and get in the habit of sending regular e-mail progress reports before they ask. Keep them busy with your e-mail updates, and you can have some room and peace as you work.预料到有进取心的工作狂老板会找麻烦,习惯于在他发问之前经常发邮件汇报工作进展。让他们忙于查看你的邮件更新,这样你就有时间和空间来完成自己的工作。Step 5 Ask about personal life5.询问个人生活Ask about the boss#39;s children and family life during moments of conversation between tasks. Get to know them and attempt to find out what makes them relax.在工作任务间隔的聊天时间问一下老板的孩子和家庭生活。了解他们,尝试了解哪些活动可以让他们放松。Remember that nothing you try may work in either changing them or lightening your load. The next step may be a change of jobs.记住,你做的任何事或许都不会改变他们或减轻你的负担。下一步就要更换工作了。Step 6 Get a life6.注重生活Get a life, even if the boss won#39;t. Leave the job at the office so you can remain fresh and attentive with your family,recharge the batteries, and approach the next week refreshed. Don#39;t answer calls or e-mails over the weekend -- keep your work at work!要享受生活,即使老板不想。把工作留在办公室,和家人共聚天伦,给自己充电,精神饱满地迎接下周的工作。周末期间不要回复电话或电子邮件——把工作留给上班时间。The Japanese term for dying from overwork is karoshi, the first case of which was reported in 1969 when a 29-year-old died from a stroke.劳累过度引起猝死的日语单词是karoshi。第一例这种病例报告出现在1969年,一名29岁的年轻人死于中风。视频听力由。 Article/201311/265003。

#39;Mannies#39; On The Rise In New Trends for Child CareFounder of #39;NYC Mannies#39; says male babysitters do job just as well as a female nanny.Families are opting to hire mannies to watch their kids.And I start out first hand about only have to offer.She is the most iconic nanny of all time, but now it#39;s time to say goodbye to Mary Poppins and say hello to manny Poppins.That#39;s what Sophia character Gloria did on a recent episode of modern family. Gloria, we are back.Who are you?I#39;m the new manny.Am I being replaced?So what exactly is a manny, we went straight to the source to find out.A manny is essentially a male nanny, but we brought it to a new level. We call it a big brother, we can it a mentour, we call it a camp counselor.John is the co-founder of NYC Mannies, a New-York city based only-nanny agency with a fleet of 50 or so mannies, that he says do the job just as well as the female nanny most people are used to.I think guys make great curricular, they can be just as caring, they can be just as good with kids, so I don#39;t really like to just put a gender role on it.Many mums agree, especially those with particular active kids that benefit from a more rough and tumble approach to childcare.My personal preference is always young, enthusiastic and energetic, because my daughter,that#39;s what she likes. When it comes to male-babysitter or manny whatever I want to call them, they just try a little harder. It seems, you know, they just make an extra effort to prove that they are awesome.I decided to see how a manny will handle my 19-month old son Jake. His regular nanny Shamon was skeptical but she handed him over to John for an afternoon at an indoor playground. The other nannies and mums raised their eyebrows at first but then quickly came around.I must say he is doing a really good job and Jake is very comfortable with him.And Jake well, he had a great time too.We say goodmorning America.That was close enough.Always got it,right?Pretty close,he is got a future.Yeah, he does. John the owner of NYC mannies told us that he became a manny because he lost his father at a very young age and he thinks it#39;s very important that kids have positive male role models in their lives as well as starting at a young age they can bound with mannies as well as their own female nannies. /201312/266904。

Masked group attacks Russian bank in Kiev蒙面组织袭击基辅的俄罗斯Fighters in East Ukraine staged an anti-government rally on Sunday, but violence came to the capital Kiev, with demonstrations and attacks against Russian targets.东乌克兰的武装分子在上周日发动了反政府集会,但在首都基辅也发生了暴力流血事件,这起袭击事件是有针对性的对俄罗斯的示威。A group of masked people attacked a Russian bank in Kiev, throwing rocks and smashing windows.一群蒙面人袭击了在基辅的一家俄罗斯,他们扔石头并且砸破窗户。Meanwhile, hundreds of activists marched outside a Russian Orthodox Christian monastery.与此同时,数百名活动分子在俄罗斯东正教修道院之外游行。Clashes broke out when police arrived.警方于冲突爆发时及时赶到。The organisers of the march denied any involvement in the attack on the bank.游行的组织者否认与的袭击有任何牵连。It#39;s not clear if the two incidents were linked.目前尚不清楚这两起事件是否存在联系。 Article/201406/307148。

Jon Stewart采访Denis Leary——《火线救援》男主角,脱口秀谐星。这么推广书挺好玩儿,两个人反应都挺机敏。采访结束后Jon Stewart可能会拿着新书到卫生间里度过愉快的45分钟。Denis Leary 可能回到家后,会穿着内衣在家继续闲逛,无所事事 Article/201401/271319。

;His guilt and his descent appear by your account to be the same,; said Elizabeth angrily; ;for I have heard you accuse him of nothing worse than of being the son of Mr. Darcy#39;s steward, and of that, I can assure you, he informed me himself.;伊丽莎白生气地说:“照你的说法,他的过错和他的出身好象是一回事啦,我倒没有听到你说他别的不是,只听到他骂他是达西先生的账房的儿子,老实告诉你,这一点他早已亲自跟我讲过了。”;I beg your pardon,; replied Miss Bingley, turning away with a sneer. ;Excuse my interference. -- It was kindly meant.;“对不起,请原谅我好管闲事;不过我是出于一片好意。”彬格莱说完这话,冷笑了一下,便走开了。;Insolent girl!; said Elizabeth to herself. -- ;You are much mistaken if you expect to influence me by such a paltry attack as this. I see nothing in it but your own wilful ignorance and the malice of Mr. Darcy.; She then sought her eldest sister, who had undertaken to make inquiries on the same subject of Bingley. Jane met her with a smile of such sweet complacency, a glow of such happy expression, as sufficiently marked how well she was satisfied with the occurrences of the evening. -- Elizabeth instantly her feelings, and at that moment solicitude for Wickham, resentment against his enemies and every thing else gave way before the hope of Jane#39;s being in the fairest way for happiness.“无礼的小妞儿!”伊丽莎白自言自语地说。“你可转错了念头啦,你以为这样卑鄙地攻击人家一下,就影响了我对人家的看法吗?你这种攻击,倒叫我看穿了你自己的顽固无知和达西先生的阴险。”她接着便去找她自己的,因为也向彬格莱问起过这件事。只见吉英满脸堆笑,容光焕发,这足以说明当天晚会上的种种情景使她多么满意。伊丽莎白顿时就看出了她的心情;于是顷刻之间就把她自己对于韦翰的想念、对于他仇人们的怨愤,以及其他种种感觉,都打消了,一心只希望吉英能够顺利走上幸福的道路。;I want to know,; said she, with a countenance no less smiling than her sister#39;s, ;what you have learnt about Mr. Wickham. But perhaps you have been too pleasantly engaged to think of any third person, in which case you may be sure of my pardon.;她也和同样满面堆笑地说道:“我想问问你,你不没有听到什么有关韦翰先生的事?也许你太高兴了,想不到第三个人身上去吧;果真是那样的话,我一定可以谅解你的。”;No,; replied Jane, ;I have not forgotten him; but I have nothing satisfactory to tell you. Mr. Bingley does not know the whole of his history, and is quite ignorant of the circumstances which have principally offended Mr. Darcy; but he will vouch for the good conduct, the probity and honour of his friend, and is perfectly convinced that Mr. Wickham has deserved much less attention from Mr. Darcy than he has received; and I am sorry to say that by his account as well as his sister#39;s, Mr. Wickham is by no means a respectable young man. I am afraid he has been very imprudent, and has deserved to lose Mr. Darcy#39;s regard.;“没有的事,”吉英回答道,“我并没有忘记他,可惜我没有什么满意的消息可以告诉你。彬格莱先生并不了解他的全部底细,至于他主要在哪些方面得罪了达西先生,彬格莱先生更是一无所知;不过他可以担保他自己的朋友品行良好,诚实正派,他并且以为达西先生过去对待韦翰先生已经好得过分了。说来遗憾,从他的话和她的话来看韦翰先生决不是一个正派的青年。我怕他果真是太莽撞,也难怪达西先生不去理睬他。”;Mr. Bingley does not know Mr. Wickham himself?;“难道彬格莱先生自己不认识韦翰先生吗?”;No; he never saw him till the other morning at Meryton.;“不认识,那天上午在麦里屯他还是初次和他见面。”;This account then is what he has received from Mr. Darcy. I am perfectly satisfied. But what does he say of the living?;“那么,他这番话是从达西先生那儿听来的啦。我满意极了。关于那个牧师的职位的问题,他是怎么说的?”;He does not exactly recollect the circumstances, though he has heard them from Mr. Darcy more than once, but he believes that it was left to him conditionally only.;“他只不过听达西先生说起过几次,详细情况他可记不清了,可是他相信,那个职位虽然规定了是给韦翰先生的,可也是有条件的。”;I have not a doubt of Mr. Bingley#39;s sincerity,; said Elizabeth warmly; ;but you must excuse my not being convinced by assurances only. Mr. Bingley#39;s defence of his friend was a very able one I dare say, but since he is unacquainted with several parts of the story, and has learnt the rest from that friend himself, I shall venture still to think of both gentlemen as I did before.;伊丽莎白激动地说:“彬格莱先生当然是个诚实君子喽,可是请你原谅,光凭几句话并不能叫我信。彬格莱先生袒护他自己朋友的那些话,也许说得很有力;不过,他既然弄不清这件事的某些情节,而且另外一些情节又是听他朋友自己说的,那么,我还是不愿意改变我原来对他们两位先生的看法。”。