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1.The organization structure is the company framework of comunication and authority.组织机构指的就是公司内部信息交流和行使职权的一个框架.What kind of organizational structure does your company have?贵公司有什么样的内部机构?3.What are the branches of Operations?运营部有哪些分部?.Does the organizational structure of a company be easily changed?一个公司的组织机构能轻易改变吗?5.What departments are there in the company?公司都有哪些部门?6.It seems that Operations is a key department providing materials and transportation.运营部好像主要负责提供原料和运输7.Operations is made up of Manufacturing, Materials, Shipping and Distribution etc.运营部是由生产部、材料部、运输与配销部等组成8.It has many divisions such as Customers Service, Advertising, and so on.它由很多部门组成,有部、广告部等9.A reasonable structure means that leaders must decide how to coordinate work activities and efts both vertically and horizontally.合理的内部机构就是领导者必 须决定如何能使工作在纵向和横向两方面都协调.There are Sales Department, ant Department, Warehouse Department and Human Resource Department, etc.有销售部、财务部、货仓部和人力资源部等Dialogue 1对话一A: How do you understand the organizational structure of a company?A: 你对公司的组织机构是如何理解的呢?B: The organizational structure is the company framework of communication and authority.B: 组织机构指的就是公司内部信息交流和行使职权的一个框架A: Is it true that just like a human skeleton that defines their shapes, companies have structures that define theirs?A: 就像骼决定人的体体型一样. 公司的机构决定了它的形式,是吗?B: Yes, you are right.B: 是的,正是如此Dialogue 对话二A: What are the branches of Operations?A: 运营部有哪写分部?B: Operations is made up of Manufacturing, Materials, Shipping and Distribution etc.B: 运营部是由生产部、材料部、 运输与配销部等组成A: It seems that it is a key department providing materials and transportation.A: 运营部好像主要负责提供原料和运输B: Yes, it is.B: 是的,没错 37

Yard sale院子拍卖I have your notice on the wall, so I come to see if there is anything I need.我在墙上看到你贴的广告了,所以我来看看这里有没有什么我需要的东西Well, take your time. There are so many things to sell.慢慢看,这里有很多要卖的东西How much is the desk?这张桌子多少钱?.7美元The goods in the yard sale are really cheap. I will take it.院子拍卖的东西果然便宜,我买这个了 588

Google Partners in China Issue Plea to Web GiantA group of Google Inc.'s partners in China have sent an impassioned plea to the Internet giant, saying their businesses are in jeopardy if Google closes its Chinese search engine and demanding to know how they will be compensated.The letter, viewed by The Wall Street Journal, states Google hasn't given its advertising resellers in China guidance since its announcement in January that it may close its Chinese search site, Google.cn. The letter says the companies have watched their business decline and worry they will be forced out of business if Google withdraws.The message, which listed 27 Google advertising resellers in China, was sent Monday by email to John Liu, who leads Google's sales team and oversees the company's business operations in greater China, according to one of the resellers on the list, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.The letter demands an explanation of how the resellers will be treated if Google has to leave China or shut down Google.cn.The companies have sales staff that focus on selling advertising that runs on Google.'We understand that Google has its own values, but we cannot understand why, until this day, Google has not communicated with us how the matter will be solved,' the letter states.A Google spokeswoman said the company had received the letter and was reviewing it. The letter was also posted on the Web site of China's state-run television broadcaster.The Google reseller said the companies are 'facing operating pressure' due to the uncertainty of Google's status in China, but not all of the resellers had a part in drawing up the letter.'We really hope Google would face up to the problems and try to find ways to solve them,' the reseller said.Google, which has yet to follow through on an announcement in January to stop filtering results on Google.cn, has been in negotiations with Chinese authorities over the extent to which it can continue operating.The saga is being closely watched by Google users in China, which has the most Internet users of any nation and would be dominated almost entirely by easily controlled Chinese companies if Google exits the market. Analysts estimate that Google has tens of millions of users here.Convinced the company would take action on Monday, hundreds of Google users stayed awake the entire night to monitor search results on the Web site for any indication that filters had been lifted.Users swapped analyses of results for keyword queries like '1989 student protest,' a reference to the Tiananmen Square crackdown, because such content is considered politically sensitive in China and is often filtered.Some users published screenshots of Google results that seemed to be uncensored, but it wasn't possible to determine what the causes of those inconsistencies were. As of Tuesday, Google's results were still censored in China.'Many users are wondering why Google is so indecisive and some of them have lost their patience,' said Issac Mao, an independent Chinese-Internet researcher and blogger.Google's standoff with the Chinese government has highlighted the sometimes perilous regulatory web that entangles foreign companies in the country.China operates a licensing system, policed by regulators, that requires all foreign investors to seek approval to conduct business activities within a defined scope.Companies that breach the terms of their license risk being closed down, which is the position in which Google now finds itself having declared it is no longer willing to censor its search results.No area of business in China is more politically sensitive than the Internet, or more heavily regulated. China bars foreign companies from owning an 'Internet content provider' license to provide services in the country. For that, Google needed to partner with a Chinese company, which holds the ICP license from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in order to provide services in China.A Google spokeswoman declined to comment on the status of Google's ICP license, but said licenses are 'generally' due to be renewed this month.Still, it is unclear to what extent the license renewal is influencing Google's decision making, if at all, according to a person familiar with Google's China plans.Google's commercial operations also have to be registered with the Ministry of Commerce. On Tuesday, Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian said Google has two companies registered, but so far the ministry hasn't received any reports regarding an exit of either company.'If the two companies want to exit from China they will have to go through a procedure including reporting to the commerce ministry,' Mr. Yao said, citing China's foreign investment law. He didn't elaborate.Google grapples with a slew of agencies that have a say over the Internet. These include the Ministry of Public Security, which deals with criminal activities on the Web, including political dissent; the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, responsible for broadcasting; and the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party, which ensures that the media adheres to political orthodoxy.For 'anything that has to do with the Internet, you could be facing as many as a half dozen ministries,' said David Wolf, chief executive of Wolf Group Asia, a Beijing-based marketing strategy firm. /201003/99036

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