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潼南区去痘坑多少钱自贡打保妥适多少钱The question of this task is这个实验揭示的问题是would you like a smaller reward right now你喜欢立刻就能得到比较小的奖励or would you like the potential还是你会喜欢等到后面of a larger reward later.有可能得到比较大的奖励People who are very reward dependent对奖励依赖感强的人would want a small reward right away.会愿意马上兑现比较小的奖励What would that mean in terms of drinking?那么如果对于饮酒来说意味着什么呢You may find alcohol gives you reward如果你很依赖奖励的作用if youre then very dependent on the reward那么你会发现酒精给了你奖赏you will be more likely to drink.你去喝酒的可能性就比较大None of these children currently have any known predisposition to drinking这些孩子目前都没有任何饮酒的倾向but their brain images但把他们大脑的影像will be linked to detailed genetic and personality tests与详细的基因和人格测试关联起来to try and form a profile of a person who is at risk.试图对一个人是否有酗酒风险形成一个概貌You can#39;t I guess look round corners at this point.我想 你仅凭这点不可能看得很全面-Could you be wrong? -Well yeah sure.-你也可能判断错误对吗 -当然有可能I mean thats why were making studies我的意思是 我们之所以做这个研究because we dont know exactly.就是因为我们不能确切的知道But I think very much will depend on asking the kids但我想这很大程度取决于对这些孩子asking the adolescents in say four years time也就是4年后的青少年的询问once they have actually been exposed to alcohol drinking.一旦他们真正有饮酒的机会时重点解释:1.in terms of 就 ... 而言;在 ... 方面例句:The figures are expressed in terms of a percentage/in percentage terms.那些数字是以百分数表示的。2.dependent on 取决于, 依赖例句:The child is dependent on his parents for support.这个小孩靠他的父母养活。3.at risk 处境危险例句:The disease is sping, and all young children are at risk.疾病正在流行,所有的幼儿都有危险。 Article/201508/393037渝中区妇幼保健医院收费合理吗 There you go.Scoop that out.这样 把这个挖出来The tender coconut seed contains water which will mature into the milk and later into the white flesh or meat.嫰椰树种子富含水分 在种子成熟过程中 这些水分会变成椰汁 最后变成白色的叶肉Delicious.And you#39;ve got all of that water inside.好吃 现在里面的水都归你了A good-sized coconut holds at least a liter of water.一个大椰子 至少含有一升水It contains more electrolytes than a sports drink and more potassium than a banana.它比运动饮料所含的电解质还多 其中钾元素含量比香蕉还要丰富Okay, come on.Next up, I#39;m carving out a camp and diving the depths in this desert-island wilderness.Okay, y for timber.好了 走吧 接下来 我要在此安营扎寨 深入探索这坐无人荒岛 好的 现在来弄点木材吧I#39;m in the Torres Strait in the western Pacific.我现在位于西太平洋的托雷斯海峡Having come ashore on a small island with no resources,之前所在的小岛 资源贫乏I#39;ve crossed shark-infested waters to reach a second, larger island.所以 我穿过鲨鱼出没的海峡 登上这座稍大的岛屿I#39;m now heading into the jungle interior of the island我现在向小岛腹地的密林里进发in the hope of finding more sources of food and water.希望能找到充足的水和食物补给These banana trees hold masses of moisture in them.这些香蕉树干内 蕴含着丰富的水分It#39;s just getting to it, though.只是得想想办法 怎么得到这些水分One way is just to take off a section of bamboo.我们可以找一段像这样的like this, that#39;s hollow Sharpen one end,and put that straight in there.竹子 它是中空的 把一头削尖 插到树里And that will be like a tap then,and let the moisture come out of that.它和水龙头的作用差不多 树干里的水分会从这里流出来In the tropics, it#39;s a constant battle to stave off the slow physical decline caused by dehydration.在热带地区 避免脱水引起 体能下降是一场持久战 Article/201703/500428We waste more water and use more chemicals in our bathrooms than any other place in the house! Here’s how to green yours up.比起家中任何地方,我们在浴室里浪费的水和使用的化学物质都更多!下面是让浴室更加绿色环保的方法。You Will Need你需要Fluorescent light bulbs荧光灯泡Plants植物Low-flow showerhead低流量花洒Food coloring食用色素Natural personal care products天然个人护理产品Low-flow toilet低流量马桶Vinegar醋Baking soda苏打粉Steps步骤STEP 1 Switch your lights1.更换灯泡Swap your regular light bulbs for compact fluorescent lights. Not only do they use up to 90% less energy, they also last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.把常规灯泡换成紧凑型荧光灯。这种灯泡不仅可以节能90%,使用寿命也比白炽灯多十倍。STEP 2 Get a plant2.放置植物Get a plant. They don’t just look nice; according to a study by NASA, they actually clean the air of toxins like acetone and formaldehyde. And they reduce humidity, so you’ll have less mold and mildew.放置一盆植物,不仅更加美观,根据NASA一项研究,还可以净化空气中的毒素,比如丙酮和甲醛。植物还可以降低湿度,从而减少霉菌和真菌。The best plants to rid the air of chemicals include spider plants, rubber tree plants, English ivy, Boston ferns, peace lilies, and any kind of palm.消除空气中化学物质的最好的植物包括吊兰,橡胶树,英国常春藤,波士顿蕨,和平百合,以及任何一种棕榈树。STEP 3 Replace your showerhead3.替换花洒Replace your showerhead. A typical showerhead drops about seven gallons of water every minute, while a low-flow one only gives off about half that.替换花洒。普通花洒每分钟洒落7加仑水,而低流量的花洒水流量只有一半。STEP 4 Check your toilet4.检查马桶A single leaky toilet can waste up to 100 gallons of water a day! To see if yours is leaking, put a few drops of food coloring into the tank, wait 20 minutes, then check if the water in the bowl has changed color.一个易漏水的马桶每天浪费100加仑水!如果要检查自己的马桶是否漏水,向马桶水箱中加入食用色素,等20分钟,然后查看水是否变色。STEP 5 Use natural products5.使用天然产品Use only all natural shampoos, soaps, and conditioners. Not only do they reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that get into your body, they prevent those chemicals from going down the drain and into the groundwater.只用纯天然的洗发水,香皂和和护发素。不仅可以减少身体吸收的有毒化学物质,还可以防止这些化学物质进入下水道,渗入地下水。STEP 6 Swap your toilet6.更换马桶Replace your existing toilet with a low-flow model. While regular toilets can use as much as five to seven gallons of water per flush, new models use less than two.把现在的马桶换成低流量马桶。普通马桶每次冲水使用5至7加仑的水,而新型马桶用水量低于2加仑。Some cities give partial rebates for buying a low-flow toilet.一些城市为购买低流量马桶提供部分退税。STEP 7 Clean the natural way7.天然方法清洁Instead of using toxic cleaners, make your own. White vinegar fights germs, soap scum, mold, mildew, and mineral deposits, while two parts baking soda and one part hot water is great for cleaning tile and grout. Now you’ve created a green sanctuary…不要使用有毒的清洁剂,自己制作。白醋可以消除细菌,肥皂斑,霉菌,真菌和矿物质残留。两份苏打粉和一份热水混合可用于清洁瓷砖和地板。现在,你已经打造出绿色环保的圣所!Low-flow toilets save Americans .3 million every day on their water bills!低流量马桶每天为美国人节约1130万美元的水费! Article/201501/356659重庆祛除眼角肥胖纹

重庆水光针哪家医院好塞斯-戈丁和他的切片面包 Article/201509/398083重庆三峡中心医院减肥瘦身多少钱 In South Australia,there#39;s evidence for what happended.在澳大利亚南部 有这些变化的据to the evolution of life after Earth#39;s long winter.地球经历了漫长的冬季之后生命开始演化Five hours#39; driver out of Adelaide,五小时行程后驶出AdelaidePaleontologist Jim Gilling is travelling to see some of the rarest古生物学家吉姆带我去看世界上最古老and most ancient fossils in the world.和一些最珍稀的化石。We are going to a secret location in the Flinders Ranges.我们要前往弗林德斯区的一处秘密地点It#39;s the place where you can get alook at the very first fossil evidence of complex life on Earth.在那里你可以看见地球最早的复杂生命体的化石据STEWART:The area we are about to visit was once the bottom of sea.我们将要参观的区域从前是海底。600 million years ago,6亿年前he oceans were the only place where life could be found.海洋是能够发现生命的唯一地方But a warmer Earth brought change.温暖的地球带了变化For a billion years, all that the Earth had seen10亿年的时间里 地球只有单细胞微生物was microscopic single-celled creatures.The best they could do was to form these domes of slime,which we call stromatolites.他们最多只能够形成这种圆石 我们称为叠层石。Stromatolites were the Earth#39;s dominant life form.叠层石是地球生命的主要场所Were it not for the violent climatic changes triggered by volcanoes如果不是火山引发了剧烈变化的气候at the end of the snowball era,they might still rule the planet today.终结了冰河世纪 它们还会一直统治着地球Instead, new life forms arose.相反,新的生命形式出现We see a revolutio in the history of life.地球生命史发生了一次革命We see a sudden increase in size and complexity of the single cell creatures单细胞生物在体积和复杂程度方面突然发生变化And soon after, you will find imprints on rocks of the very first large creatures,我们能在岩石上发现之后短时期内出现的最早的大型生物的印记the oldest multi cell creatures, the Ediacaran fossils.我们认为这就是最古老的多细胞生物伊迪卡拉纪化石。 Article/201508/396053重庆脸上的痘疤痘印哪家医院好??

重庆市江津区人民医院门诊怎么样Winter is unquestionably the best season-for skiing,And for full moons.We#39;re luckly enough to have winters,because the earth#39;s plane of rotation is tilted relative to its orbit.This means that when part of the earth is tilted towards the sun,the sun stays in the sky for a longer amount of time each day,and it#39;s warm out.Summer!Of course,six months later when that part of the earth is tilted away from the sun,the sun is lower in the sky and doesn#39;t stay up as long.毫无疑问,冬季是最适合滑雪的季节。还有赏满月。很幸运,我们能有冬天 因为地球自转的平面倾斜于公转轨道。这就是说 当地球某一半偏向太阳时,每天的日照时间更长,地区温度更高。也就是夏天,六个月后,当地球的这部分不偏向太阳时,太阳的高度就会更低,日照时间也并不那么长。This might make winter darker,but you can think of it as bonus time pointing towards interstellar space!And,as I said before,winter has the best full moons.The moon is new when it#39;s on the same side of the earth as the sun,and it doesn#39;t reflect any light on us.This also means the new moon generally mirrors the sun on its journey across the sky it more or less rises and sets with the sun and follows a similar path.这让冬天更黑暗,不过,你可以视其为面向星空地时间更长了!正如我之前说的,冬天的满月最美。当地月在太阳同一侧时出现的是新月。月球不向我们反射任何光线。这也意味着新月在空中划过的轨迹与太阳相近,它差不多与太阳同升同落 轨迹相近。On the other hand,the moon is full when it#39;s on the opposite side of the earth from the sun,its whole face reflecting the sun#39;s light back at us.Because of this opposite position,a full moon is only ever up at night,rising at sunset and setting at sunrise,and it consequently also behaves the way the sun does in the opposite season.另一方面,当地月在太阳异侧时是满月,月球整面地把太阳光线反射到地球。正由于地月异侧,满月只会在晚上出现,黄昏时月出,黎明时月落,它展现出的是太阳在相反季节的运动方式。When a part of the earth is tilted towards the full moon,it#39;s tilted away from the sun-and vice versa,So a summer full moon is like a winter sun,only appearing for a few hours and staying close to the horizon.当地球某一面偏向满月时,它也偏离着太阳,反之亦然。夏季的满月正如冬季的太阳,只出现几个小时,并躲在地平线附近。But a winter full moon is like a summer sun,it#39;s up for a long time and takes a high path through the sky.In the darkest months,the moon,at least when it#39;s full,gives us long,beautifully lit nights.Combined with a quiet,blanket of snow and the shimmering aurora,how can you not love winter?冬天的满月也像是夏季的太阳出现时间长并划过高高的夜空。在寒冰腊月,月球,至少在满月时,给我们带来长长的明月夜。伴着皑皑白雪和闪烁的极光,谁不会爱冬日呢? Article/201503/361152 重庆去除抬头纹重庆无痕双眼皮哪家医院好




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