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2020年01月18日 02:30:55 | 作者:咨询网 | 来源:新华社
Hi, everybody.大家好。A few weeks ago, we launched an important new part of the Affordable Care Act.我们开始实施一项事关全美国人的《平价医保法》。Its called the Marketplace. 我们称之为医保市场。And for Americans without health insurance, and Americans who buy insurance on their own because they cant get it at work, its a very big deal.对于没有医疗保险的人,以及由于无法经工作单位而只能自己购买医疗保险的人来说,这是一件大事。If youre one of those people, the Affordable Care Act makes you part of a big group plan for the first time. 如果你是这些人中的一份子,《平价医保法》将让你第一次成为这一宏大保障计划的参与者。The Marketplace is where you can apply and shop for affordable new health insurance choices. 医保市场可以让大家申请并购买到价格合理的新的医疗保险。It gathers insurers under one system to compete for your business. 它将保险商集中到统一体系下参与竞争,为大家提供务。And that choice and competition have actually helped bring prices down.多样的选择和竞争可以真正把价格降下来。Ultimately, the easiest way to buy insurance in this Marketplace will be a new website, HealthCare.gov. 最终,在医保市场最方便的购买保险的方式就是通过HealthCare.gov网购。But as you may have heard, the site isnt working the way its supposed to yet. 但如同大家已经知道的一样,这个网站还没有像大家期望的一样正常运转。Thats frustrating for all of us who have worked so hard to make sure everyone who needs it gets health care. 这让所有努力为有需求的人争取医疗保险的包括我在内的所有人感到沮丧。And its especially frustrating for the Americans whove been trying to get covered. 所有希望得到医疗保障的人们则尤为失望。The site has been visited more than 20 million times so far. 到目前为止网站的访问量已经超过2千万次。Nearly 700,000 people have applied for coverage aly. 近70万人提出了医保申请。That proves just how much demand there is for these new quality, affordable health care choices. 这也从侧面说明了大家对这种新的高质量的、平价的医疗保险的需求有多强烈。And thats why, in the coming weeks, we are going to get it working as smoothly as its supposed to. 因此,未来几个星期,我们要努力让网站像当初设计的一样正常运行。Weve got people working overtime, 24/7, to boost capacity and address these problems, every single day.而我们也一直在增加人手,每周7天小时,每天24小时不停的工作,提高网站的连接数并解决每个问题,每天如此。But even as we improve the website, remember that the website isnt the only way to apply for coverage under these new plans. 但就在我们努力改进网站的同时,大家也别忘了网站并不是唯一的申请新的医疗保险的方式。Weve updated HealthCare.gov to offer more information about enrolling over the phone, by mail, or in person with a specially-trained navigator who can help answer your questions. 我们已经在HearthCare.gov上更新了大量信息,大家可以通过电话、email以及通过特别培训的引导员解答大家的疑问,帮助大家完成注册。Just call 1-800-318-2596 or visit LocalHelp.HealthCare.gov. 大家拨打1-800-318-2596或访问LocalHelp.HearthCare.gov就可以了。Dont worry-these plans will not sell out.大家不用担心这项计划的执行期限。Were only a few weeks into a six-month open enrollment period, and everyone who wants insurance through the Marketplace will get it.我们有6个月的开放注册期,这才刚刚开始几个星期,所有需要医保的人都可以在医保市场各取所需。Some people have poked fun at me this week for sounding like an insurance salesman. And thats okay. 这个星期有些人取笑我,说我的演讲听起来像是一个保险推销员。这也没什么。Id still be out there championing this law even if the website were perfect. 即便是网站完美运转了我依然会作为该法的捍卫者守护在这里。Ill never stop fighting to help more hardworking Americans know the economic security of health care. 我永远不会停下为辛勤工作的美国人民争取医疗保险保障的努力。Thats something we should all want.这是我们都希望得到的东西。Thats why its also interesting to see Republicans in Congress expressing so much concern that people are having trouble buying health insurance through the new website-especially considering theyve spent the last few years so obsessed with denying those same people access to health insurance that they just shut down the government and threatened default over it.因此,国会的共和党人对人们在新网站上购买医保时遇到了很多麻烦表示了深切的关怀,这听起来实在是有意思,正是他们在过去的几年里执着地抵制同样的人们得到医疗保险,并以此为要挟关闭政府并造成债务违约。As Ive said many times before, Im willing to work with anyone, on any idea, whos actually willing to make this law perform better. 正如我以前多次说过的,我愿意跟任何人、就任何建议进行合作,只要这个人真正想让这部法律更好得到贯彻执行。But its well past the time for folks to stop rooting for its failure. 但正是这些人在过去的时间里一直谋求推翻这部法律。Because hardworking, middle-class families are rooting for its success.而辛勤工作的中产家庭的持保了这一法案获得了通过。The Affordable Care Act gives people whove been stuck with sky-high premiums because of preexisting conditions the chance to get affordable insurance for the first time.《平价医保法》让那些被漫天要价的保险费吓退的有既往病史的人们第一次有机会获得平价医疗保险。This law means that women can finally buy coverage that doesnt charge them higher premiums than men for the same care.这部法律让妇女最终可以与男性一样,在购买同等保险项目时不用付更多的保费。And everyone who aly has health insurance, whether through your employer, Medicare, or Medicaid, will keep the benefits and protections this law has aly put in place. 对于所有已经拥有医疗保险的人来说,无论是通过雇主、医保基金还是医疗互助基金得到的,都能继续保留现有的福利和保障,这一点在该法中已经得到确认。Three million more young adults have health insurance on their parents plans because of the Affordable Care Act. 300多万年轻人将因《平价医保法》的实施继续享受其父母的医保。More than six million people on Medicare have saved an average of ,000 on their prescription medicine because of the Affordable Care Act.600多万已经参保的人将因《平价医保法》每年在处方药上节约1000美元。Last year, more than 8 million Americans received half a billion dollars in refunds from their insurers because of the Affordable Care Act. 去年,有800多万美国人因《平价医保法》从保险商那里得到了5000万的红利。And for tens of millions of women, preventive care like mammograms and birth control are free because of the Affordable Care Act.对于1000多万妇女来说,像乳房扫描检查和生育控制之类的预防保健务也因《平价医保法》成为免费项目了。Thats all part of this law, and its here to stay.这就是该法要做的,实事就是这样。We did not fight so hard for this reform for so many years just to build a website. 我们为了这次改革付出了这么多努力,花了这么多年的时间,不是仅仅为了建个网站。We did it to free millions of American families from the awful fear that one illness or injury-to yourself or your child-might cost you everything youd worked so hard to build. 我们这么做,是要让数百万美国家庭摆脱在家人得病或受伤时的恐慌,因为之前,不管是你还是你的孩子得病,都会消耗掉你辛辛苦苦挣到的所有财产。We did it to cement the principle that in this country, the security of health care is not a privilege for a fortunate few, but a right for every one of us to enjoy. 我们这么做,是要在这个国家牢固树立这样的理念,医疗保险的保障不是少数富裕人士享有的特权,而是每个人都应该享受的普遍权益。We have aly delivered on part of that promise, and we will not rest until the work is done.我们已经初步实现了这一承诺,在所有工作完成之前我们不会停歇。Thank you, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。 201311/262950I gave this talk at Facebook not so long ago在脸谱不久前我给to about 100 employees,大约100名员工做这个演讲。and a couple hours later, there was a young woman who works there几小时后,在脸谱工作的一个年轻女性sitting outside my little desk,坐到我小桌子旁边,and she wanted to talk to me.她想和我谈谈。I said, okay, and she sat down, and we talked.我说,好,她坐了下来,我们谈了起来。And she said, ;I learned something today.她说,“我今天学了一些东西。I learned that I need to keep my hand up.;我知道我需要举起我的手。”I said, ;What do you mean?;我说,“你指什么啊?”She said, ;Well, youre giving this talk,她说,“你在讲这个话时,and you said you were going to take two more questions.你说你将会回答2个以上问题。And I had my hand up with lots of other people, and you took two more questions.我和其他一些人举起手,你回答了2个以上问题。And I put my hand down, and I noticed all the women put their hand down,我把手放下来,我注意到所有女性都把手放下来,and then you took more questions,然后你又回答了很多问题,only from the men.;仅有男性参与。”And I thought to myself,我自己想了一下,wow, if its me -- who cares about this, obviously --如果换成是我,谁会在乎这个,明显地giving this talk --做这次演讲,and during this talk, I cant even notice在这演讲中,我甚至没注意到that the mens hands are still raised,男人们的手是不是还一直举着,and the womens hands are still raised,女人们的手是不是还一直举着,how good are we我们到底有多出色,as managers of our companies and our organizations当我们作为公司和组织的经理人的时候,at seeing that the men are reaching for opportunities以及当我们作为少数,与男性竞争more than women?争取机会的时候?Weve got to get women to sit at the table.我们得让女性坐到桌子边上。Message number two:第二条:make your partner a real partner.让你的伴侣成为一个真正的合作伙伴。Ive become convinced that weve made more progress in the workforce我已经确信我们在职场than we have in the home.比起我们在家庭中起了更大的作用。The data shows this very clearly.数据也很清楚地表明这点。If a woman and a man work full-time如果一个女性和一个男性同时全职and have a child,并有一个小孩,the woman does twice the amount of housework the man does,女性比起男性要做两倍多家务活儿,and the woman does three times女性比起男性做了三倍多the amount of childcare the man does.照顾婴儿的事。So shes got three jobs or two jobs,所以她有了2份,3份工作,and hes got one.而他只有一份。Who do you think drops out when someone needs to be home more?当有人必须在家多干活时,谁应该留下来?The causes of this are really complicated,这个的理由实在太复杂,and I dont have time to go into them.我没有时间来讲它们。And I dont think Sunday football-watching但我也不认为周日看美式足球and general laziness is the cause.和日常的懒惰是理由。I think the cause is more complicated.我认为理由是更加复杂化的。I think, as a society,我认为,作为一个社会,we put more pressure on our boys to succeed我们总是更希望男孩子们成功,than we do on our girls.对女孩子则压力小些。I know men that stay home我知道有居家男人and work in the home to support wives with careers,呆在家里做内务持职场妻子and its hard.这很难。When I go to the Mommy-and-Me stuff当我去“妈咪和我”的培训课时,and I see the father there,我看到那里的父亲,I notice that the other mommies我留意到其他妈咪dont play with him.不愿和他相处。And thats a problem,这是个问题,because we have to make it as important a job,因为我们得把内务变成一个重要的工作because its the hardest job in the world to work inside the home,因为它是世界上最难的工作-居家工作for people of both genders,无论男人女人,if were going to even things out and let women stay in the workforce.我们只有平分了这些事,女性才可能留在职场。Studies show that households with equal earning研究表明夫妻收入相等、and equal responsibility且夫妻分担责任相当的家庭also have half the divorce rate.也有50%的离婚率。And if that wasnt good enough motivation for everyone out there,如果这数据并不那么鼓舞人,they also have more --还有更多的how shall I say this on this stage? --在这个讲台我该怎么讲呢?they know each other more in the biblical sense as well.夫妻双方对于彼此的了解,不仅是做爱这么简单。201509/397722Let me tell you about Saima.我要告诉你们赛玛的故事。She lives in a small village outside Lahore, Pakistan.她住在拉合尔市外的一个小村子,在巴基斯坦。And at the time, she was miserable.她当时悲惨到家了。She was beaten every single day每一天by her husband, who was unemployed.她都被她失业的丈夫殴打。He was kind of a gambler type -- and unemployable, therefore --她丈夫类似赌徒,没有了工作,and took his frustrations out on her.所以拿她出气。Well, when she had her second daughter,当她生了第二个女儿后,her mother in-law told her son,她婆婆对她丈夫说,;I think youd better get a second wife.“我觉得你该娶第二个妻子了。Saimas not going to produce you a son.;赛玛生不了儿子。”This is when she had her second daughter.当时她刚生下二女儿。At the time, there was那个时候,a microlending group in the village村子里有小额贷款项目,that gave her a 65-dollar loan.给了她65美金的贷款。Saima took that money,赛玛用这笔钱,and she started an embroidery business.开始做刺绣生意。The merchants liked her embroidery; it sold very well,商人们很喜欢她的刺绣;卖得很好,and they kept asking for more.不停地向她进货。And when she couldnt produce enough,她没办法生产那么多,she hired other women in the village.于是她雇佣村子里其她妇女。Pretty soon she had 30 women in the village很快她的刺绣生意就雇佣了working for her embroidery business.30个村子里的女人。And then,接着,when she had to transport all of the embroidery goods她必须把刺绣品from the village to the marketplace,从村子运到市场去,she needed someone to help her do the transport,她需要有人帮她运输,so she hired her husband.于是她雇佣了她丈夫。So now theyre in it together.现在他们一起干。He does the transportation and distribution,他负责运输和送货,and she does the production and sourcing.她负责生产和采购材料。And now they have a third daughter,他们又有了第三个女儿,and the daughters, all of them, are being tutored in education三个女儿都接受了教育,because Saima knows whats really important.因为赛玛知道最重要的是什么。Which brings me to the final element, which is education.也就是我要说的最后一点,教育。Larry Summers, when he was chief economist at the World Bank,拉里·萨默斯,世界首席经济学家,once said that, ;It may well be曾说过,that the highest return on investment“世界上最高回报的投资,in the developing world就是发展中国家的is in girls education.;女童教育。”201510/402967You can take your phone, take a 你可以用手机拍段视频share it on YouTube with a few clicks and share it with the world 轻松点击几下就能发到YouTube上 同世界分享Take a picture, put a filter on it, share it with everyone you know 拍张照 加个滤镜 然后同所有认识的人分享all while listening to your music thats in the cloud 同时发些音乐到云里同大家分享In fact, you guys could be doing this right now 实际上 你们现在就可以这样做So instead of saying not to do that 我不阻止你们那样做if you are doing it, just say something nice about my talk 如果你要这样做 请给我的演讲说点好话JHU 2014 Hashtag JHU 2014And its not just the web 不只有互联网是这样genomics, nanotechnology, bioinformatics, health medicine 还有基因组学 纳米技术 生物信息 医药卫生all parts of society 社会的方方面面都是如此You will have opportunities you cannot even imagine right now 你可以获得你甚至想都想不到的机遇So heres the one thing you could choose to remember 你们也可以选择记住这一点Its those opportunities, the ones that make you believe in the future 这些让你相信未来的机遇those will be the best ones 就是最好的机遇those are the ones that can change your life 就是能够改变你的生活and those are the ones that can change the world 并改变世界的机遇So now I want to talk about YouTube 下面我要讲YouTubeDo you guys use YouTube? 你们使用YouTube吗I want to talk about how I first discovered it 我要讲讲我最开始是怎么发现它的and then almost lost it 最后又是怎么几乎失去它的Its a story about recognizing an opportunity 这个故事涉及到辨别机遇but also about facing failure 也涉及到面对失败I know its hard to believe, but in 2004 there was no YouTube 我知道这很难以置信 但在2004年确实没有YouTubeand on the Internet was rare 因特网上的视频也很少We were trying to figure out the right strategy for Google 我们正在寻找谷歌在to be in the online business 网络视频方面的正确路线Were trying lots of different things and nothing was getting traction 我们进行了很多尝试 但都没有奏效And one day, we decided we would allow users to upload their s to Google 有一天 我们决定允许用户上传自己的视频给谷歌We didnt tell users what would happen to their s 我们没有告诉用户 他们的视频会怎么样And we had no ideas what users would send to us 我们也不知道用户会上传什么视频It was an experiment in every sense 这只是一次实验201512/413810

Thank you very much for that warm welcome. Now I guess Im going to have to give a speech. I came today to give you a status report on whats going on and to try and fill you in on some of the steps were taking to get Apple healthy again. As you know, Im the Chairman and CEO of a company called Pixar. Thank you. And I like a lot of other people here are pulling together, to help Apple get healthy again. And I am extraordinarily confident that that is going to happen. Now, when I started to get involved, a lot of people gave me advice, and some of the most popular advice was, ;Apple has become irrelevant.; There was a great one that was, ;Apple cant execute anything.; And another one was, ;The Apple culture is anarchy. No one could manage it.; Youve all these things in the press. After four weeks, here is what I found quite the opposite of these things, actually. Apples not as relevant as it used to be everywhere, but in some incredibly important market segments its extraordinarily relevant. I want to share some of that with you today. Apple is executing wonderfully on many of the wrong things. The ability of the organization to execute is really high, though. Ive met some extraordinary people at Apple. Theres a lot of great people at Apple. Theyre doing some of the wrong things because the plan has been wrong. And lastly, what I found rather than anarchy, I found people that cant wait to fell into line behind a good strategy. There just hasnt been one.非常感谢你们的热情欢迎。现在我就要开始我的演讲了。我今天来,是为了向大家作苹果的现状报告,讲述我们为恢复苹果往日的辉煌而采取的一些措施。正如你们所知,我是皮克斯公司的董事长兼首席执行官——谢谢。我和在座的其他人一样,也在不遗余力地让苹果重获生机,并且我对此深信不疑。当我刚开始参与这件事的时候,很多人给了我建议,其中最普遍的说法就是“苹果已经过时了”;还有甚者,认为“苹果完全没有执行力”;另外还提到说“苹果的企业文化很混乱,已无可救药”。这些说法你们肯定都在新闻里读到过。然而四个星期之后,我发现事实完全相反。虽然苹果可能已没有先前那种无处不在的影响力,但在一些核心的市场领域,它仍然占据着举足轻重的地位。今天我就想和你们分享一下这些优势。苹果的组织和执行力真的很强,可惜对象有误。苹果公司有很多强人,我也见过不少,可他们都在做徒劳无功的事情,因为方案本身就是错的。最后一点,苹果并不是混乱无章的,如果有英明的决策,那些优秀的人才都会迫不及待地追随。只是这决策还有待出炉。201407/309105

Hello, Mustangs! (Applause.) Fantastic. Well, everybody have a seat. Have a seat. Thank you, Leah, for the great introduction. Give Leah a big round of applause. Yay! (Applause.) Meeting young people like Leah just makes me inspired. It’s a good way to start the week. And all of the students here who are discovering and exploring new ideas is one of the reasons I love visiting schools like Bladensburg High. And so I just want to congratulate all of you for the great work that you’re doing.I brought a couple of folks here who are helping to facilitate some of the programs here. My new Deputy Secretary of Labor, Chris Lu, is here. Give him a big round of applause. (Applause.) And some of the biggest champions for education in Prince George’s County are here, including your Governor, Martin O’Malley. (Applause.) County Executive Rushern Baker. (Applause.) Mayor Walter James. (Applause.) Superintendent Kevin Maxwell. (Applause.) Your biggest fans in Congress, Donna Edwards and Steny Hoyer. (Applause.) We are proud of all of them, and we’re proud of you. All of you remind me, all these young people here, that young people today are working on cooler stuff than they were when I was in high school. In classrooms across the country, students just like the students here, they’re working hard, they’re setting their sights high. And we’ve got to do everything we can to make sure that all of you have a chance to succeed. And that’s why your outstanding principal, Aisha Mahoney, is working so hard at this school. (Applause.) That’s why Governor O’Malley has been working so hard to repair old schools and build new ones across the state of Maryland. And that’s why I’m here today. Because last year, we launched a national competition to redesign America’s high schools for the 21st century -- the 21st century economy. And I’m proud to say that your hard work here has paid off, because one of the winners is Prince George’s County. (Applause.) Good job. That’s right, you guys have done great. (Applause.)Now, let me tell you why this is so important. Many of the young people here, you’ve grown up in the midst of one of the worst economic crises of our lifetimes. And it’s been hard and it’s been painful. There are a lot of families that lost their homes, lost jobs; a lot of families that are still hurting out there. But the work that we’ve done, the groundwork that we’ve laid, has created a situation where we’re moving in the right direction. Our businesses have created almost 9 million new jobs over the last four years. Our high school graduation rate is the highest on record. Dropout rates are going down; among Latinos, the dropout rate has been cut in half since 2000. (Applause.) More young people are earning college degrees than ever before. We’ve been bringing troops home from two wars. More than 7 million Americans have now signed up for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act. (Applause.) So we’ve been making progress, but we’ve got more work to do to make sure that every one of these young people, that everybody who is willing to work hard has the chance to get ahead. We’ve got to make sure that our economy works for everybody, not just a few. We’ve got to make sure opportunity exists for all people. No matter who you are, no matter where you started out, you’ve got to have confidence that if you work hard and take responsibility, you can make it.And that’s the chance that this country gave me. It’s the chance that this country gave Michelle. And that’s why we’re working so hard for what we call an opportunity agenda -- one that gives everybody a shot. And there are four simple goals: We want to create new jobs. We want to make sure that people have the skills to fill those jobs. We want to make sure every young person has a world-class education. And we want to make sure that we reward hard work with things like health care you can count on and wages you can live on.And Maryland and Governor O’Malley have been working alongside us on these issues, and I want to give a special shout-out to the Maryland legislature because, because of Governor O’Malley’s leadership, you are helping to make sure that we are raising more people’s wages with your push to raise your minimum wage right here in Maryland. (Applause.) We’re very proud to see that happen. And I hope Governor O’Malley is going to sign it into law soon. Give Maryland a raise. (Applause.) That’s good work.But the main focus here is guaranteeing every young person has access to a world-class education. Every single student. Now, that starts before high school. We’ve got to start at the youngest ages by making sure we’ve got high-quality preschool and other early learning programs for every young child in America. (Applause.) It makes a difference.We’ve got to make sure that every student has access to the world’s information and the world’s best technology, and that’s why we’re moving forward with an initiative we call ConnectED to finally connect 99 percent of America’s students to high-speed Internet in the next few years. (Applause.) It means that we’ve got to rein in college costs -- because I want to make sure that Leah, when she goes to school, she’s not burdened with too much debt. (Applause.) And we’ve got to make it easier to repay student loans -- because none of the young people here should be denied a higher education just because your family has trouble affording it. And a world-class education means preparing every young person with the skills they need for college, for a career, and for a lifetime of citizenship.So what we did was we launched a new competition, backed by America’s Departments of Education and Labor, to start redesigning some of our high schools. We call it Youth CareerConnect. And we’re offering 0 million in new grants to help schools and local partners develop and test new curricula and models for success. We want to invest in your future.You guys are all coming up in an age where you’re not going to be able to compete with people across town for good jobs -- you’re going to be competing with the rest of the world. Young people in India and China, they’re all interested in trying to figure out how they get a foothold in this world economy. That’s who you’re competing against. Now, I’m confident you can match or exceed anything they do, but we don’t do it by just resting on what we’ve done before. We’ve got to out-work and out-innovate and out-hustle everybody else. We’ve got to think about new ways of doing things.201502/359433

Thank you very much非常感谢大家Thank you谢谢Thank you, President Powers 谢谢鲍尔斯校长Provost Fenves, Deans members of the faculty, family and friends 芬维斯教务长 各位主任 教职成员 家属和朋友and most importantly, the class of 2014 最重要的 当然还有2014届毕业生It is indeed an honor for me to be here tonight 今晚能够来到这里 着实令我感到非常荣幸Its been almost 37 years to the day that I graduated from UT 我从德克萨斯大学毕业已经有37年了I remember a lot of things about that day 对于毕业那天 我记忆犹新I remember I had throbbing headache from a party the night before 我记得 由于前一晚的派对 我有些搏动性头痛I remember I had a serious girlfriend, whom I later married 我记得我有一位严肃交往的女友 也就是我后来的妻子thats important to remember by the way 记住这个显然很重要and I remember that I was getting commissioned in the Navy that day 我还记得 那天我将赴海军役But of all the things I remember 在所有这些记忆中I dont have a clue who the commencement speaker was that evening 我却不记得当晚毕业典礼的演讲者是谁了and I certainly dont remember anything they said 演讲者说了什么我就更不记得了So acknowledging that fact if I cant make this commencement speech memorable 这让我认识到 就算我不能把毕业典礼演讲讲得让人难忘I will at least try to make it short 至少我也该讲得简洁一些The Universitys slogan is ;What starts here changes the world; 这所大学的口号是 ;从这里开始 改变世界;Ive got to admit I kinda like it 我不得不承认 我很喜欢这一口号;What starts here changes the world; ;从这里开始 改变世界;Tonight there are more than 8,000 students graduating from UT 今天 有八千多学生将从德大毕业That great paragon of analytical rigor Ask.Com Ask.我进行过严谨的分析研究 Com说says that the average American will meet 10,000 people in their life time一个美国人一生中平均会碰到一万个人10,000 people. Thats a lot of folks 一万人 相当之多201601/423989

Nor is the question before us whether the market is a force for good or ill. Its power to generate wealth and expand freedom is unmatched, but this crisis has reminded us that without a watchful eye, the market can spin out of control-a nation cannot proper long when it favors only the prosperous. The success of our economy has always depended not just on the size of our Gross Domestic Product, but on the reach of our prosperity-on our ability to extend opportunity to every willing heart-not out of charity, but because it is the surest route to our common good.我们提出的问题也不在于市场力量是替天行道还是为虎作伥。市场在生成财富和传播自由方面具有无与伦比的力量,但这场危机提醒我们:没有严格的监督,市场就会失控——如果一个国家仅仅施惠于富裕者,其富裕便不能持久。我们经济的成功从来不是仅仅依赖国内总产值的规模,而且还依赖繁荣的普及,即为每一位愿意致富的人提供机会的能力——不是通过施舍,因为这才是最可靠的共同富裕之路。As for our common defense, we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals. Our Founding Fathers, faced with perils that we can scarcely imagine, drafted a charter to assure the rule of law and the rights of man, a charter expanded by the blood of generations. Those ideals still light the world, and we will not give them up for expediences sake. And so to all the other peoples and governments who are watching today, from the grandest capitals to the small village where my father was born: know that America is a friend of each nation and every man, woman, and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity, and we are y to lead once more.至于我们的共同防御,我们决不接受安全与理念不可两全的荒谬论点。建国先贤面对我们难以想象的险恶局面,起草了一部保障法律原则和人权的宪章,一部子孙后代以自己的鲜血使之更加完美的宪章。今天,这些理念仍然照耀着世界,我们不会为一时之利而弃之。因此,对于今天正在观看此情此景的其他各国人民和政府,从最繁华的首都到我父亲出生的小村庄,我们希望他们了解:凡追求和平与尊严的国家以及每一位男人、妇女和儿童,美国是你们的朋友。我们已经做好准备,再一次走在前面。201406/303424

And yet theres a proposal, of course, to build a pipeline to take huge tankers, 10 times the size of the Exxon Valdez,然而,其中一项提案是-当然-建造输油管供应比Exxon Valdez大10倍的巨型油轮装载原油,through some of the most difficult to navigate waters in the world,通过世上某些最难航行的水域,where only just a few years ago,仅仅几年前,a B.C. ferry ran aground.卑诗公司的渡轮才在此搁浅。When one of these tar sands tankers,若其中一艘沥青砂油轮,carrying the dirtiest oil, 10 times as much as the Exxon Valdez,装载容量为 Exxon Valdez油轮10倍的脏油,eventually hits a rock and goes down,最后撞上岩石沉没,were going to have one of the worst ecological disasters this planet has ever seen.将导致史上最严重的生态灾难。And here we have the plan out to 2030.这是预定于2030年完成的计划。What theyre proposing is an almost four-times increase in production,提案内容是使脏油产量提高将近四倍,and that would industrialize an area the size of Florida.这将使面积相当于佛罗里达州的区域工业化。In doing so, well be removing a large part of our greatest carbon sink and replacing it with the most high greenhouse gas emission oil in the future.这种做法将使我们失去大部分碳汇使它成为温室气体排放量最大的油类产地。The world does not need any more tar mines.世上不需要更多油砂矿。The world does not need any more pipelines to wed our addiction to fossil fuels.世上不需要更多输油管满足我们对化石燃料的依赖。And the world certainly does not need the largest toxic impoundments to grow and multiply and further threaten the downstream communities.世上当然不需要与日俱增的大型毒性蓄水池进一步威胁下游小区。And lets face it, we all live downstream in an era of global warming and climate change.让我们面对这个事实:我们都活在污染下游在全球暖化及气候变迁时代。What we need, is we all need to act to ensure that Canada respects the massive amounts of freshwater that we hold in this country.我们需要的是-大家都必须采取行动确保加拿大珍惜国内庞大的淡水资源。We need to ensure that these wetlands and forests that are our best and greatest and most critical defense against global warming are protected,我们必须保护这些湿地和森林,它是对抗全球暖化最佳、最有利最重要的防线,and we are not releasing that carbon bomb into the atmosphere.我们不能将这枚碳弹释放到大气中。 201511/409708

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